Since Jan 5, 2005

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Well, let's try this puppy & see how she goes. Name's Mike, 55 as of this writing, and the wife & I live WAY out in the sticks.
Great hunting & fishing, though they're talking about reducing the season on liberals. Seems we just about hunted 'em out.
Don't know why, cause the meat ain't no good & they smell up real bad in just a few hours after killing.
Plus they ain't much sport; real dumb they are.
But you gotta do what you can to enchance the enviroment, so I plug me a few during the season, then fire up the ol' backhoe and bury the carcases real deep.

(sheese, that's corney. Well, it's late and I just wanted to stick something up here. Take care you all and may God bless you. -Mike-

Two liberals on a stroll through the countryside:
One day these two liberals decided to take a stroll through the countryside.
So they packed up a picnic basket with french wine and Brie and had their chauffeur drive them out to a likely spot.
They got out of their limo and proceeded to stroll, until they came upon a set of tracks.
They bent down to investigate.
One liberal thought they might be bear tracks. The other liberal thought they might be deer tracks.
The conversation was interrupted when they were both struck by a train . . ..

Q: How many liberals does it take to shingle a roof?
A: It depends on how thin you slice ‘em.