Victoria Delsoul
Since Feb 5, 2000

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Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again.
~ Ronald Reagan

Day by day we are building for eternity... Every gentle word, every generous thought,
every unselfish deed will become a pillar of eternal beauty in the life to come.
~ Rebecca Springer

To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.
For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?
~ Cicero

American, Catholic, Pro-life, Patriot, Conservative, Republican.

Our constitutional right to free speech hinges on the idea that a free, self-governing society cannot function effectively if the free flow and exchange of ideas is hindered in any way. If political speech can be silenced, it will be silenced by individuals who seek power at all cost, and by those who seek to promote one ideology at the expense of all others.

The First Amendment also includes the right to freedom of association, so likeminded individuals can gather and work towards realizing their political goals. That’s what we do here, in these electronic forums that weren’t even part of the public discussion 15 or 20 years ago. We support the candidates who we believe can best represent our values in the House, the Senate, and in the Presidency. Only then can we advance towards the many goals of our conservative agenda: a tough posture in the war on terror, a tough policy on crime, fiscally conservative policies like cutting taxes, real educational reform, and seating constitutional orignalist judges on our courts in the mold of Justices Scalia, Alito, and Roberts.

On September 29, 2011, Rush Limbaugh said the following on his radio show: (Excerpt)

Another story here, this one from Gallup. "Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012." This is bad news for the President. "The Democrats' net enthusiasm now trails Republicans' net enthusiasm." The way Gallup writes this, the Democrat net enthusiasm is plus one. The Republican net enthusiasm is plus 28. So there's a 27 percentage point advantage in enthusiasm, voter enthusiasm for the Republicans. "Given that President Obama's job approval rating continues to hover around 40% and that he appears vulnerable in the general election, it is not surprising that Democrats are currently less enthusiastic than Republicans about voting in 2012."

I've been trying to give you reasons why I'm right in speculating how bad it really is for Obama. Their internal polling shows his approval numbers and his re-elect numbers, they're far worse than what is being reported by the news media polling unit. And I think the fact that he's saying and doing the things he's doing in the campaign, the class warfare business trying to shore up the base, yesterday showing up at a Washington high school with nothing but black students in the frame sitting behind him. That's never been done before. It's always been a diverse group, mostly white students sitting behind him. Now, because the Congressional Black Caucasians are not happy with Obama, he's got to shore that up.

Now you've got this voter enthusiasm thing. And this is Gallup and the regime would tend to believe this. So what we've seen is the New York Times and a number of other State-Controlled Media outlets, worried that Obama is taking their ideology with him down the tubes. And they don't want their ideology going down. They don't want socialism, Marxism, liberalism being discredited here. And if they have to jettison Obama in order to save the ideology, they'll do that. Obama is failing his own party right now.

But they're going after him here on this and ABC is taking the lead and others are picking it up. Very slowly, but it's starting to happen. And I think a major reason why is that the State-Controlled Media and the Congressional Black Caucasians are really laying into Obama. They don't want him moving to the center. They want him out there on the left edge. They want him defending and promoting the ideology. They don't want him doing anything that waters it down.

They are convinced that it will win. They're convinced that if he moves to the center he will lose, and they want an Obama re-election to be a triumph of their ideology. It's a warning shot, actually, is what this is. It says, "Barack, there's going to be more of this unless you stay true to the cause."

Conservative enthusiasm is high, as opposed to Democrats' enthusiasm, and conservatives are hungry and eager to choose and support a conservative candidate who can beat Obama. Obama is beatable if we have the right person to can take the fight to him. The problem is aligning oneself with someone who hasn’t been fully vetted and is as inexperienced as Obama was before he was elected to the Presidency.

I’m not looking for perfection. No candidate is perfect, I’m looking for someone who is honest, and who is willing to address his or her weakness and work on them without deceiving their way through tough questions. I’d much prefer a candidate who is honest about his or her deficiencies but is willing to strengthen their positions for the good of the nation. I’m afraid of those who look perfect and speak really well, as we often find out later that they aren’t what they seemed to be.

2012 is nearing and the right Republican candidate can win the presidential election. The goal is defeating Obama and his communist ideas, which are embodied in the Obama presidency. Obama is the defender of the liberal status quo and is leading us on a path to national economic disaster. His agenda to redistribute wealth at a time when the economic system is depressed is designed to limit the growth of the economy even further. We want a strong conservative candidate who presents and advocates our conservative principles with a simple, powerful, and resonant message of less government, lower taxes, stronger national security, and preserving our individual freedoms and liberties.

Victoria Delsoul

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I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.
~ John Steinbeck

To be to prefer the familiar to the unknown, to prefer the tried to the untried, fact to mystery, the actual to the possible, the limited to the unbounded, the near to the distant, the sufficient to the superabundant, the convenient to the perfect, present laughter to utopian bliss. ~ Michael Oakeshott

Whatever women do they must do twice as well to be thought of as half as good.
Luckily, this is not difficult.
~ Charlotte Whitton

Whether we are talking about pain suffered by unborn children, or about late-term abortions, or about infanticide, we inevitably focus on the humanity of the unborn child. Each of these issues is a potential rallying point for the sanctity of life ethic. Once we as a nation rally around any one of these issues to affirm the sanctity of life, we will see the importance of affirming this principle across the board.
~ Ronald Reagan

Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.
The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things:
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear,
Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear
The sound of wings.

How can life grant us boon of living, compensate
For dull gray ugliness and pregnant hate
Unless we dare the soul's dominion?
Each time we make a choice, we pay
With courage to behold the restless day,
And count it fair.

"Courage" ~ Amelia Earhart

Many people would sooner die than think; In fact, they do so.
~ Bertrand Russell

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us,
but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Unhappy is the man, though he rule the world,
who doesn't consider himself supremely blessed.
~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca

We cannot escape our destiny, nor should we try to do so. The leadership of the free world was thrust upon us two centuries ago in that little hall of Philadelphia. In the days following World War II, when the economic strength and power of America was all that stood between the world and the return to the dark ages, Pope Pius XII said, "The American people have a great genius for splendid and unselfish actions. Into the hands of America God has placed the destinies of an afflicted mankind."

"The Shining City Upon A Hill" ~ Ronald Reagan

A dissenting minority feels free only when it can impose its will on the majority:
what it abominates most is the dissent of the majority
~ Eric Hoffer

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