Since Sep 8, 2011

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The members of a little farm town called ‘Granger’ wanted a brief biography of our family for their museum, so here it is in part: (I was born and raised on my parents a sheep ranch. Everybody else was giving noble roots of their parents so here is mine.)
‘I close my eyes for a moment and the moment is gone. We were the remnants of the Great Depression, with no indication of our orgination. We had no family tree, fancy degree or pedigree; -just dust in the wind blowing in from only God knows where. I still remember the songs and curses of Basque sheepherders, the bells and bleats from herds of sheep, barking sheep dogs and snorting packhorses, followed by burly brown bears and howeling coyotes. We drifted on dust and wind swept trails trodden by sheep of bygone years, seeking paradise in mountains medows on high, like ghost herders chasing phantom sheep in the sky........
We were poor, raising sheep, but our spirits were rich and free, self-reliant and independent, foreign to all the political correct nonsense of today........
We were just dust in the wind blowing in and blowing away. We were just dust in the wind from yesterday.