Since Aug 21, 2008

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Until February 2008, I was conservative on the issue of abortion, guns, and affirmative action; undecided about capital punishment, illegal immigration, and the Iraq war; and liberal about everything else. Despite the fact that I was not liberal on some issues, I identified proudly as a liberal. I thought conservatives were racists bigots, was in favor of Gore winning in 2000, thought Bush stole the election, voted for Kerry, was devastated when Bush one and promised myself that I would move to Canada when I get the chance, was ecstatic when the Democrats got the majority in 2006, etc., etc. etc.
And then one day in February, by the hand of God, I started to read Ann Coulter, fully expecting to find hateful words that only could be surpassed in their bigotry and evilness by Hitler. Instead, I found myself reading the words of a brilliant, virtuous, talented, and witty woman, whom I give (besides God, of course)100% of the credit for my conservatism.
My only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner, but better later than never, right. =)