Walter Scott Hudson
Since Apr 19, 2004

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Born a Jehovah’s Witness, Walter left the religion when he became an adult and was eventually called to biblical Christianity. He has a diverse (some might say chaotic) background. He served as an actor and artistic intern with Skits Outreach Services straight out of high school, forgoing post-secondary education until recent years. In the late 1990’s, he worked as a intern for KDWB-FM in Minneapolis and briefly provided on-air talent for KJCK-FM in Junction City, KS. The vast majority of his professional experience comes from the security industry, where he has worked in various roles and environments, including supervisory and administrative positions. He has an Associate degree in Information Technology and is pursuing his Bachelor in the same field. Walter was an inaugural blogger at in 2004, and has recently resumed writing there under the rechristened Fightin Words blog, and hosts a podcast under the same name.