Since Nov 8, 2001

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I'd like to say about
myself? Only that I moved
recently from a Conservatives worst
nightmare, Seattle, Wa, to a Conservative's
second worst nightmare, Los Angeles, Ca. You might
ask, How do you put up with it? What's your secret to living
a happy
life in
those pit's
of despair?

My answer
to such
is simple,



Date: (Unknown)

To: Everyone else

From: Those who have vanished

Re: The truth about what happened

This is to tell you exactly what is in-
volved in the sudden disappearance
of people around the world.

It's as simple as this:

We who belong to Christ were called into
the air above the planet in the rapture.

Yes, that kooky, ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky,
fly-away event that Tim LaHaye and other
preachers of what you've thought of as fantasy
have been proclaiming could happen at any
moment did, in fact, happen.

You are hearing, or will soon hear,
every conceivable explanation of what
caused this astonishing disappearance.

Here are our guesses as to some of those explanations:

* It was some sort of quantum evolutionary leap,
which will ultimately be great for mankind.

*It was a mass abduction by extraterrestrials--an outgrowth of
the singular abductions that have been reported over the years.

* It was a natural, scientifically explainable cosmic interaction
that some human physiologies could resist, and others couldn’t.

*It was a supernatural movement into a higher form for
those who disappeared –an ascension to godhood.

* It was punishment from the great cosmog-
onical mind, removing the evil from the world.

Don't believe any of these or other explanations.

To find out the absolute truth about what the mass vanishing actually involves,
read in the Bible 1 Corinthians 15: 51-55 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

Also read John 14:1-3 to find out where we who vanished are presently located.

Now that we are gone and our leaving has everything to do with your immed-
iate future—the following will happen in order very similar to that listed here.

These and other events will occur over the next seven years.

Total chaos will rule for a time.
(Lk. 21: 25)

Governments will get control
through sometimes-harsh methods.
(Rev. 17: 12-13)

One world government will come together.
(Ps. 2: 1-3)

A one-world church will form.
(Rev. Ch. 17)

A world leader from Europe will step to
the forefront and take charge of the peace process.
(Dan. 9: 26-27)

Israeli government and Israel’s enemies will sign
an agreement of peace that ensures peace and safety.
(Dan. 9: 27; Isa. 28: 18; 1 Thes. 5: 3)

Peace will not last, as a coalition of
nations--led by Russia--will invade the Middle East.
(Ezek. 38: 1-12)

God, himself, will destroy all
but one-sixth of the invader forces.
(Ezek. 39: 1-5)

Much of the world will be hit
by the deadly effects of the invasion.
This will possibly include chemical, biological
and nuclear aftereffects.
(Ezek. 39:6-7; 11-16)

The world leader will solidify his power
following the Russian-led coalition’s destruction.
(Dan. 8: 23-25; 11: 36-39)

Two Old-Testament-type prophets will come on the world
scene and preach about Christ while condemning the world’s evil.
(Rev. 11: 3-6)

Meanwhile, God will put His protection upon
144,000 Jews who have converted to Christianity
so that they can begin to preach God’s
saving message to the people of the Tribulation.
(Rev. 7: 3-8)

At the same time, God will allow
strong delusion to come over all who
heard the Gospel before the Rapture, but,
fully understanding the offer of salvation,
refused to accept Christ. These will believe
Antichrist’s and Satan’s, lies.
(2 Thes. 2: 11-12)

Antichrist, after months of trying, will finally
murder the two Old-Testament-type
prophets. But they will come back to life and be
taken into Heaven while the world watches.
(Rev. 11: 11-12)

Antichrist will receive a sup-
posedly deadly head wound.
(Rev. 13: 3)

He will appear to resurrect from the dead,
being then possessed by Satan.
(13: 3-4)

Antichrist will stand in the Temple on Mount Moriah
in Jerusalem. He will claim to be God, and demand worship.
(2 Thes. 2: 3-4)

The false prophet will direct all worship to Antichrist,
and will erect an image of him.
(Rev. 13:11-17)

Antichrist’s regime will institute a computer mark
and numbers system. It will be both
to control the world’s populations, and to cause
all to worship Antichrist, whose number in
all of this is 666.
(Rev. 13: 16-18)

Those who refuse to accept Antichrist’s mark
will be murdered. Beheading will apparently
be the regime’s chosen method of offing
these “traitors.”
(Rev. 13: 15; 20: 4)

Antichrist will begin a systematic genocide against
the Jewish race that will make Hitler’s
Holocaust look mild by comparison.
(Rev. Ch. 12)

He and the false prophet will also
have all the new believers they can find,
rounded up, tortured, then murdered.
(Jhn. 16: 2; Rev. 13: 8)

While Antichrist hunts down and murders people
by the millions, God’s judgments will begin
to fall directly on the rebellious people
of Planet Earth.
(Rev. 6: 17)

Millions upon millions will die while God’s
wrath pours out in a series of
three types of judgments, each consisting of
seven specific judgments, for a total of 21 judgments.
(Rev. Chpts 6through 18)

When all is said and done,
more than one-half, possibly as
much as two-thirds, of all human
life on Earth will die of the plagues.
(Rev. 6: 8; 8: 8; 9: 18)

God will prepare, and the Jewish remnant
will flee to, a hiding place, probably
Petra, the ancient city carved in the rose red-
colored rocks of the Jordanian wilderness.
(Rev. 12: 6, 14)

Antichrist and his forces, led by Satan,
will pursue the Jewish people and try
to murder them, but the pursuing forces will
be swallowed up by the Earth.
(Rev. 12: 15-16)

While the Jewish and many of the Gentile
people still alive remain safely protected, God’s
wrath will fall in greater force.
(Rev. 16: 1)

The sun will go partly dark, while
at the same time heating up to seven
times hotter than normal.
(Rev. 16: 8-11)

A great object will fall into the
ocean from space. Its impact will kill life
in the sea, and most likely will
destroy coastal areas with tidal waves.
(Rev. 8: 8-9)

Another asteroid or other mass from space
will strike Earth and will poison much
of the planet’s fresh water sources.
(Rev. 8: 10-11)

Great, unprecedented earthquakes will happen
simultaneously all over the Earth.
(Matt. 24: 7; Rev. 16: 18)

People will be so frightened they will
have heart attacks, just from the things
they see are yet to come.
(Lk. 21: 26)

A supernatural plague of huge insect-like
creatures will be released from the abyss,
and they will sting all who have the
mark of the Beast. Men and women
will try to commit suicide because of
their great pain from the stings and
bites of these demonic creatures.
(Rev. 9: 3-6)

God will then move in the minds
of all military forces on Earth to
gather in the valley of Jezreel, the
plains of Esdraelon, near the ancient city
of Megiddo. This is Armageddon.
(Joel 3: 14; Rev. 16: 16)

The “Kings of the
East,” a huge army
out of the Orient
numbering more than 200
million troops, will invade
to make war with
Antichrist’s and the
other world’s forces.
(Rev. 9: 15-16; 16: 12)

Jesus said of this
time, that if He
didn’t come back, everyone
and everything would die
because of the fighting
about to take place.
(Matt. 24: 22; Mark 13: 20)

Jesus will return with
the armies of Heaven.
His armies consist of
the mighty angels and
Jesus’ Church, which will
have been raptured at
least seven years earlier.
(Rev. 19: 11-14)

Antichrist’s armies and
all others will try to
prevent Christ’s return.
(Rev. 19: 19)

Jesus will simply speak,
and all armies on
Earth will be rendered
helpless, most killed.
(19: 15-18)

You have only one
chance to survive: accept
Jesus Christ as Savior
(Read John, chapter 3).
This will involve refusing
to take Antichrist’s mark
when it is instituted.

If you accept the mark, you are eternally doomed.

Note to those not
appointed to God’s wrath
(1 Thes. 5:9-11):
Perhaps you should pass
this memorandum to your
lost family and friends
before you vanish. Then,
post it on your refrigerator.