Since Apr 24, 2005

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Conservative independent blogger in a blue state. I share my views on current events from this perspective. I believe in supporting the troops AND the war in Iraq. I am a strong supporter of President Bush and believe he will go down in history as one of this country’s greatest leaders.

I strongly support efforts to secure our Country’s borders and call on the government to defend this Nation’s language and culture. I feel that the professional politicians in this Country are sacrificing more and more of our National sovereignty in an effort to sway potential voters and the time has come for the citizens of this great Nation to stand up and make their voices heard. Through blogs, the internet, talk radio and other open forums we have more avenues than ever to convey the message to our politicians that we want to see a return to our conservative roots and restore the values our society once held dear.

I post at Town Hall http://conservative-thoughts.townhall.com/ and on Blog City http://conservative-thoughts.blog-city.com.