Since Jun 10, 2001

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I'm out of here mostly now -- I'm surfing the net looking for some real conservatives. Someone seems to have revoked the posting privileges of many of the old "regulars" in here; FR hasn't been the same since the posts started disappearing after Bush was elected, and the 9-11 WTC, Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania terrorist attacks. (I voted for Bush, but some of you Bush posters are really scary).

If you want all the liberal-slanted news as fast as it comes off the liberal AP wire, without all the hassles and idiot replies by some of the Free Republic negative posters who now seem to dominate in here, hang out where I do now: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/index.htm

And if anyone knows of a good conservative computer chat room (i.e., IRC Microsoft Windows "Help" room), please let me know. No JAVA chats please! Oh, I have XP Pro with SP1 and Media Player 9.0, and DirectX 9.0b, and a new 3.06 GHz H-T P4 CPU, and it's been 100% perfect from day one :)

Sorry for the sarcasm, but living 6 years under Gray-out Red Davis' mafia Marxist regime in CA does this to a person. I've turned into Michael Savage! I'm still waiting for Arnold to drop the auto registration triple-tax and the drivers licenses for illegal aliens. But not holding my breath after the $2 billion+ wildfires. Gray Davis withheld air fire-bombers for the first 24 hours allowing 2,000 homes to burn in San Diego city. He should be arrested. And I've been a member a lot longer than it shows above (about 5 years longer).

San Diego, CA

Update! Arnold won and revoked the 300% increase in auto registration (license plates). That saved us about $600.00 as we have 2 vehicles (Z-28 and Grand AM), a Coleman RV trailer, and a custom-built red horse trailer (which we pull in style with a red Z-28). Oh, he also revoked illegal alien drivers' licenses! :)

We love you Arnold!!! (Just bought your T3 DVD :)