Zavien Doombringer
Since Feb 4, 2003

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Currently re-enlisted in the USA National Guard (VA) - 25U Commo SSG B btry 1/111 FA 116 BN. another 6 to go!Prior Air Force Enlistee, Dover AFB, 83-85, Eglin AFB, 85-86, Clark AB 86-89, Dover AFB 89-91 (Reserves) Aircraft Environmental Systems Technician, Electrician, Crew Chief, 2 years With General Dynamics on the Navy Top Gun program at Oceana NAS. 5 years for American Airlines as a Ramp Ape. I am now an IT for the Navy Exchange; as well as a Revolutionary War/1812 ReEnactor - Member of the Isle of Wight County Militia, Virginia State Navy 1780/1812, HMS Otter Crew, 7th Virginia Regiment Continental Line, 2nd Virginia Regiment (Ft. Norfolk 1812). Also a Husband of over 30 years to a very beautiful/caring/intelligent woman, 4 beautiful kids, , but formost a

Viking Kittie

Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. - Davy Crockett

While the idiotic liberals scheme and plot

They slither and lurk, & then think “Why not”

Be a fake FReeper. What could be sweeter?

I’ll tell you troll; Zavien Doombringer’s ZOT!

- Penned by OnTheDress 13June2003

Remember me?

by Zavien Doombringer


I was the document that was written by men, whose hearts were true to God.

I was the guarantor of rights that were sacred to all man kind.

I was the standard for which freemen and women were able to hold to and be guided.

This standard is to limit the boundaries of government

I have been stepped on, spindled, mutilated and forgotten.

Each day I feel the attacks, the stabs, the pulling away of my meaning and words.

I have been left to wither, die a slow death, only to be replaced.

I ask, please remember me, for I am certain to be forgotten


- The United States Constitution