Since Oct 4, 2003

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My main focus is military support.
I have great respect for anyone who served, (except the Veteran’s for Peace... traitors ).
I spend most of my free time gathering supplies and mailing care packages to deployed troops. My ‘hometown heroes’ are the DC Chapter. I have the deepest respect and admiration for all of these fine people. The best of the best!
I have been an organizer of military support rallies , protests against New Jersey Peace Action and political conferences. I worked very long hours with Security Moms for Bush to help President Bush get re-elected...no regrets. I am less involved in politics these days.
I served in the USAF for 4 years at Travis AFB, Ca. I’m married to a Marine (Infantry 3/2) since forever. We have boy/girl twins. I recently joined AMVETS Post 30 in Nutley NJ.
My father was a WW II China Marine, My father in law , WWII Army Captain,served on the African front. He recieved 2 purple hearts ( real ones, not the Kerry kind) .My mother in law was a USO singer/dancer at Camp Pickett, VA. A great romantic story behind their courtship.
My posting name “zoomie” comes from a nickname I got in the Air Force. Who knows what it means?