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  • Funding for Chesapeake Bay

    03/13/2019 7:15:21 PM PDT · by Jamestown1630 · 38 replies
    I believe that I've found the first thing that President Trump is reportedly doing, with which I disagree. When the Europeans came to what they decided to call 'America', the Chesapeake Bay was an incredibly fertile food source. After the Industrial Revolution, the bay gradually declined, until in the 1970s, farmers there told me that the bay grasses - essential to the lives of all the fish and shellfish life - were mostly gone. The Chesapeake Bay Program has done a great deal of good and has achieved progress in helping to bring the Bay back. Mr. Trump, please don't...
  • Here's How Today's 'Bomb Cyclone' Formed On The Central Plains.

    03/13/2019 1:24:31 PM PDT · by CARTOUCHE · 36 replies
    Forbes ^ | 03/13/2019 | Dennis Mersereau
    Blizzard conditions are rocking communities in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming today as an intense low-pressure system rapidly strengthens on the central Plains. The storm became a “bomb cyclone,” a scary-sounding term that refers to how quickly the storm intensified. The low will be responsible for a variety of foul weather across the country over the next couple of days. The WPC's surface analysis for the central Plains at 10:00 AM CDT March 13, 2019.NOAA/WPC The low-pressure system over southeastern Colorado had a minimum central pressure of 970 millibars as of the WPC’s surface analysis at 10:00 AM CDT, which is...
  • DuBois column - Ranching on the Border

    03/04/2019 6:56:08 AM PST · by cowpoke · 13 replies
    New Mexico Stockman ^ | 3/4/2019 | Frank DuBois
    Ranching on the Border The U.S. border with Mexico is just under 2,000 miles. Look at a land ownership map of New Mexico and Arizona and you will see that much of that land is federally owned, which automatically involves federal lands ranchers in the many border issues currently being discussed. What is it really like to ranch on this border today? In a recent interview Russell Johnson, a fourth-generation rancher from near Columbus, New Mexico explained the problems he has experienced: ° People have broken into buildings and homes ° Cattle theft is a big issue since much...
  • ‘Green New Deal’ Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Says UN ‘Right to Food’ Expert

    03/01/2019 9:24:23 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 23 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | March 1, 2019 | 4:43 AM EST | Patrick Goodenough
    The Democrats’ “Green New Deal” proposal is praiseworthy but does not go far enough, the U.N.’s “right to food” expert said in an article posted Friday — one day after she was accused of ignoring the severe food crisis in Venezuela. Hilal Elver, a U.S.-based Turkish academic appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) in 2014 as “special rapporteur on the right to food,” said the Democratic initiative would be the first major U.S. effort “to address the threat of climate change as dynamic, multi-dimensional, and ubiquitous, and for that alone, it deserves praise.” However, she added that the...
  • AOC explains why ‘farting cows’ were considered in Green New Deal

    02/22/2019 9:04:43 AM PST · by conservative98 · 73 replies
    NY Post ^ | 2/22/19 | Yaron Steinbuch
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent plenty of air time explaining “farting cows,” as she defended her so-called Green New Deal on the premiere of Showtime’s “Desus & Mero.” According to an initial outline of the measure, the freshman Democrat and Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said they “set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” The language was later changed to “emissions from cows.” On Thursday night, comedy duo Desus Nice and The Kid Mero asked Ocasio-Cortez...
  • World's biggest bee found alive

    02/21/2019 5:27:21 PM PST · by DUMBGRUNT · 57 replies
    BBC ^ | 21 Feb 2018 | Helen Briggs
    The giant bee - which is as long as an adult's thumb - was found on a little-explored Indonesian island. "It was absolutely breathtaking to see this 'flying bulldog' of an insect that we weren't sure existed anymore, to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild," There are currently no legal protections around its trade.
  • Our Hawaii Trip, Part 2

    02/16/2019 5:34:20 PM PST · by blueunicorn6 · 16 replies
    The Happy Wanderer | Saturday | blueunicorn6
    Comes the time on your flight to Hawaii where they ask you that all important question. “Is it faster by bus or by Schenectady?” No. A good question, though. “Are you trying to bring fruit into Hawaii?” There are a lot of things that I worry about. Like, “I wonder if the dogs ate the dog sitter?” “If Joy Behar talked in a forest, and no one was there, would a tree fall over from the stupid?” “How do chickens kiss?” You know, big important stuff. I have never worried about being called a “mule” for the big fruit cartels,...
  • Democrat's Green New Deal Wants to Eliminate "Farting Cows"

    02/11/2019 7:16:44 AM PST · by cowpoke · 17 replies
    Drovers Journal ^ | 2/8/2019 | Wyatt Bechtel
    A proposed set of legislative goals released by a pair of Democratic freshmen members of Congress mentions getting fewer emissions from “farting cows,” but they want to work with farmers, too. The Green New Deal was released on Feb. 7 by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and aims to eliminate greenhouse gas emission while revamping the U.S. economy...While the legislation doesn’t have much more in details about the role agriculture will play in this effort, a FAQ sheet released with the Green New Deal does paint a different picture. In a section of the FAQ sheet...
  • Our Hawaii Vacation

    02/09/2019 5:15:32 PM PST · by blueunicorn6 · 61 replies
    A Wandering Star | Saturday | blueunicorn6
    We decided (by “We” I mean my wife) that we should celebrate our Son’s big achievement. He got out of bed before noon. No. He graduated. I know. We were all kind of surprised. We needed an appropriate reward, but Miss Oregon was already taken, so we thought a trip would be nice. Yeah. A good trip. A trip to the big luau. That’s right. Seattle. Turns out the whole city was booked up. They were having a coffee stirrers convention or something. You know, I applied for one of those, what do they call them, bannisters, job. You know....stirring...
  • CBS’s Coverage On Waffle House’s “Secret Language” Has Us Wondering What Planet They Came From

    02/04/2019 2:40:10 PM PST · by Red Badger · 69 replies ^ | February 3, 2019 | Ashley (Kimber)
    The BRAVE souls over at CBS decided to venture over to the scary part of America where people eat grits instead of avocado toast. The cannot BELIEVE what they discovered. Tomorrow Did you know Waffle House has its own language? For instance “smothered” means with onions, and “covered” means topped with cheese Luke Burbank checks out the house that rules grits, hash browns and, of course, waffles — CBS Sunday Morning 🌞 (@CBSSunday) February 2, 2019 WOWOWOWOW. SHOCKING. THIS IS HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES. SO INTERESTING. SO RAW! SO …So pretentious. I mean, is this news to...
  • The Accidental Invention of Bubble Wrap

    01/29/2019 2:40:35 PM PST · by Red Badger · 49 replies ^ | January 23, 2019 | By David Kindy
    Two inventors turned a failed experiment into an irresistibly poppable product that revolutionized the shipping industry. ==================================================================== By David Kindy January 23, 2019 When a very young Howard Fielding carefully cradled his father’s unusual invention, he had no idea that his next action would make him a trendsetter. In his hands was a plastic sheet with air-filled bumps across it. As he fingered the funny-feeling film, he couldn’t resist the temptation: he started popping the bubbles—just like much of the rest of the world has been doing ever since. And so Fielding, who was about 5 years old at...
  • Doctors ask that you please not put parsley in your vagina

    01/21/2019 4:27:55 AM PST · by servo1969 · 42 replies
    New York Post ^ | 1-21-2019 | Miranda Larbi
    In a recent article by Marie Claire on how to bring on periods, the author said that the herb is a natural emmenagogue – meaning that it can stimulate or increase menstrual flow. While that is true, there’s a massive difference between sprinkling a bit of parsley over your pasta and shoving a bunch into your vagina. Marie Claire said: “Parsley can help to soften the cervix and level out hormonal imbalances that could be delaying your cycle, helping your period come faster.” “If you’re struggling to find a dish based on parsley, don’t panic – the most effective forms...
  • The World’s Most Popular Coffee Species Are Going Extinct, Study Says

    01/17/2019 5:32:47 AM PST · by Bloody Sam Roberts · 37 replies ^ | 1/16/2019 | Stephanie Valera
    Coffee lovers, here’s one more reason to savor that morning cup o’ joe. Research shows 60 percent of coffee species found in the wild could soon go extinct. In a new study published in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday, researchers at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens say factors putting the future of coffee at risk include climate change, deforestation, droughts, and plant diseases. According to the study, a collaboration between scientists from the UK and Ethiopia, out of 124 types of wild coffee, 75 are at risk of extinction. About 35 of the 124 species grow in areas with no...
  • Recode Daily: The bizarre story of the most popular photo on Instagram: An egg

    01/15/2019 10:45:49 AM PST · by Red Badger · 20 replies ^ | Jan 15, 2019, 8:56am EST | By Recode Staff
    A picture of a brown speckled egg is officially more popular than every other picture ever posted to Instagram. The photo was posted just 10 days ago, but the Instagram account that posted the egg picture, @world_record_egg, inexplicably has 4.5 million followers despite posting just this one — yes one — photo. The account’s owner is still anonymous but appears to be sitting on a gold mine. It seems possible that @world_record_egg will sell a sponsored post to a brand hoping to ride the bizarre popularity wave that the egg has created over the past 24 hours to get in...
  • Industry wary of alternatives tries to protect a word: meat

    01/13/2019 6:31:48 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 11 replies
    Associated Press ^ | January 12, 2018 | Grant Schulte
    More than four months after Missouri became the first U.S. state to regulate the term “meat” on product labels, Nebraska’s powerful farm groups are pushing for similar protection from veggie burgers, tofu dogs and other items that look and taste like real meat. Nebraska lawmakers will consider a bill this year defining meat as “any edible portion of any livestock or poultry, carcass, or part thereof” and excluding “lab-grown or insect or plant-based food products.” It would make it a crime to advertise or sell something “as meat that is not derived from poultry or livestock.” Similar measures aimed at...
  • Saturday Smile

    01/12/2019 4:52:32 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 13 replies
    email | 1/12/2019 | unknown
    A blonde city girl named Amy marries a Colorado rancher. One morning, on his way out to check on the cows, the rancher says to Amy, "The insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows, so I drove a nail into the 2x4 just above the cow's stall in the barn. Please show him where the cow is when he gets here, OK?" The rancher leaves for the fields. After a while, the artificial insemination man arrives and knocks on the front door. “I came to inseminate the cow,” he said. Amy takes him down to the...
  • Seniors going to Seed

    01/08/2019 9:18:12 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 8 replies
    email from a friend | 1/8/2019 | unknown
    Two little old ladies, Gladys & Evelyn, were sitting on a park bench outside the local town hall where a flower show was in progress. The short one, Gladys, leaned over and said, 'Life is so boring. We never have any fun anymore. For $10.00 I'd take my clothes off and streak through that stupid, boring flower show! ''You're on!' said Evelyn, holding up a $10.00 bill. So Gladys slowly fumbled her way out of her clothes. She grabbed a dried flower from a nearby display and held it between her teeth. Then, completely naked, streaked (as fast as an...
  • Farmers risk loss of federal payments, loans, from shutdown

    12/28/2018 10:16:12 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 13 replies
    Associated Press ^ | December 28, 2018 | Juliet Linderman
    The end of 2018 seemed to signal good things to come for America’s farmers. Fresh off the passage of the farm bill, which reauthorized agriculture, conservation and safety net programs, the Agriculture Department last week announced a second round of direct payments to growers hardest hit by President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Then parts of the government shut down. The USDA in a statement issued last week assured farmers that checks would continue to go out during the first week of the shutdown. But direct payments for farmers who haven’t certified production, as well as farm loans and...
  • What Chewed-Up Gum Reveals About Life in the Stone Age [DNA]

    12/19/2018 1:49:47 PM PST · by Red Badger · 29 replies ^ | Dec 14, 2018 | Sarah Zhang
    Chewed tar is an unexpectedly great source of ancient DNA. No one today quite understands how they did it, but people in the Stone Age could turn ribbons of birch bark into sticky, black tar. They used this tar to make tools, fixing arrowheads onto arrows and blades onto axes. And they chewed it, as evidenced by teeth marks in some lumps. These unassuming lumps of chewed birch-bark tar turn out to be an extraordinary source of ancient DNA. This month, two separate research groups posted preprints describing DNA from the tar in Stone Age Scandinavia. The two papers have...
  • These 10 Clean Eats Will Unclog and Protect Your Arteries

    12/18/2018 11:02:40 AM PST · by Red Badger · 178 replies ^ | December 17, 2018 Updated: December 17, 2018 | By Tiffany La Forge, Healthline
    Avocados are a delicious, rich fruit and a great way to treat your heart—and your taste buds. (Lisa Fotios/Pexels) ========================================================= Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. An estimated 44 million U.S. women are affected by cardiovascular disease, causing 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year. One of the most common forms of heart disease is coronary artery disease which occurs when a buildup of plaque narrows artery walls and restricts proper blood flow to the heart and can lead to a heart attack. Coronary artery disease can be treated or prevented through...