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  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 113 ( a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/12/2020 4:48:14 AM PDT · by impimp · 57 replies ^ | 12 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. A Flubro mentioned this yesterday. I guess this cheap steroid, which acts as an anti inflammatory agent in the lungs, is good at treating CV, which harms people by causing an inflammatory response in the lungs. As treatments improve the death rate will continue to drop. A declaration that the epidemic is over must be coming soon. An infectious disease needs to be above a minimum threshold death rate to be called an epidemic. And we are already below that threshold.
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 112 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/11/2020 4:57:22 AM PDT · by impimp · 28 replies ^ | 12 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. Red state ďconservativesĒ are panicking now that cases are going up in Texas and other southern states. These ďconservativesĒ have a loose appreciation and understanding of liberty and freedom. To reiterate - itís just the flu, bro. - We have four months until the election and this CV hoax started four months ago. The number of CV deaths per day will be extremely low by Election Day. You (Republican politicians) want to be on the right side of this issue in early November. Look at the projections and recognize that people will be clamoring for...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 110 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/08/2020 5:11:22 AM PDT · by impimp · 22 replies ^ | 8 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. The cases of death with CV (not from CV) are going up in some states and going down in other states. Seems like states like Texas may see a few weeks of elevated deaths while the overall USA daily death count might level off too. You test enough people you will eventually be able show CV death increases. The media pounced on the increase in cases and they will find a way to pounce on any negative death news, wherever it is. - Sounds like there is pressure from all sides to have kids return...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 107 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/06/2020 5:00:51 AM PDT · by impimp · 22 replies ^ | 7 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. The 7 day moving average number of daily CV deaths in the USA has been dropping for over 2 months. Texasí 7 day moving average of daily deaths is still under its early May number. Panic should be over now (really never should have started). - Hospitalizations are only up because people with elective hip replacement surgeries are showing up as CV hospitalizations. Numbers are false. The media will get more and more desperate to get us to panic about Coronavirus. Eventually their claims will get so nonsensical that even a good percentage of...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 106 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/05/2020 4:28:40 AM PDT · by impimp · 71 replies ^ | 5 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. Louis Farrakhan is the voice of reason when it comes to Corona. See link below: - One of the many reasons the left wants a CV lockdown is to suppress Christianity. Every time a Mass or Church Service is prevented they are filled with the joy Satan receives when a baby is aborted. - As a young (middle aged) Flubro I live my life with zero fear of what CV can do to me and my family. They need to let us Flubros and Flubras live freely. Again, thanks and respect to Antifa and...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 105 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/04/2020 5:24:13 AM PDT · by impimp · 29 replies ^ | 4 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. Happy 4th! We live in the land of liberty and freedom! - Galveston Beach closed this weekend in order to prevent Corona. I was willing to take the 500 dollar fine but I couldnít even access the beach as the gates were locked by my house. Keeping people from swimming and exercising in the ocean will surely save millions from Corona! - I keep hearing more from/about the Fearmoms. They donít want school to start back. They keep their kids in the house because the Corona is outside. The Fearmoms vote and many of them...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 104 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/03/2020 4:33:45 AM PDT · by impimp · 12 replies ^ | 3 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. What is happening in Texas!? Are masks really mandatory? I had to wear a mask when I went to buy a few things last night in Galveston. My understanding is that I need to wear a mask in public if social distancing is not possible, or I get fined. Governor Abbott even banned protests that donít have masks and social distancing. He is every bit as bad as the lefty Governors right now. At least the lefty Governors donít fine protests. - The concept of communal health and socialized health is seen in Canada. Everything...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 103 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/02/2020 4:11:38 AM PDT · by impimp · 24 replies ^ | 3 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. In Texas we have over 5 times the daily new CV cases that we had in early May. But in early May we were having more daily deaths than we have now. A similar pattern is playing out in Florida and California. Keep an eye on the deaths and not on the cases. Normally you could say cases are a leading indicator of deaths. But in this case we have double counting of cases and we have a much younger population infected. We should thank the now infected BLM and Antifa protestors for doing their...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 102 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    07/01/2020 4:56:00 AM PDT · by impimp · 33 replies ^ | 1 July 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. If we were to make the United States a country with perpetual lockdown then we could achieve lower numbers of CV infections and deaths. The R would be lower for our society and we would see less Covid, less influenza, and less of every virus. Is this going to be the new goal - the eradication of all viruses? There is an excellent chance that attempts will be made to make social distancing permanent, for the ďgreater goodĒ of the United States. After all, they will say, freedoms need boundaries and it is important to...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 101 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    06/30/2020 5:19:04 AM PDT · by impimp · 29 replies ^ | 30 June 2020 | Impimp
    Itís just the flu, bro. The mediaís desperate attempt to increase fear about CV, at the same time as the death rate is plummeting, is like an attention seeking child throwing a temper tantrum. One would think the media cares about its credibility a little bit. They canít continue much longer, I assume. Maybe they have a couple more months of tantrums. They canít possibly make it to November. Stalin said that a million deaths is a statistic but one death is a tragedy. Along those lines there are now stupid stories of twenty somethings who got sick with CV...
  • Flubros and Flubras! Day 100 (a place for Flubros and Flubras)

    06/29/2020 5:16:06 AM PDT · by impimp · 27 replies ^ | 29 June 2020 | Impimp
    tís just the flu, bro. A hundred days of us fighting lockdown tyranny for a flu. Hopefully we win soon. Or is it a lifelong battle? - Fear porn is everywhere. Fortunately we know better. Deaths are low and they will remain low. I saw a graph (canít find source) that should infections going down or being steady in all age groups and going up for ages 20-29. This is actually one good thing to come out of the BLM protests. It has been my position all along that young people should live without fear and help build herd immunity....