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  • What if we behaved as leftists behave?

    04/17/2019 9:57:51 PM PDT · by vannrox · 17 replies
    WND Editorial ^ | 18APR19 | Erik Rush
    They label their opponents as racists – one of the most odious things a person can be thought of in America – with absolutely no substantiation for the charge, and they do it unceasingly. When words fail, they violently attack those with whom they disagree. Indeed, they routinely countenance violence yet, in passive-aggressive stance, bleat like helpless, wretched victims when their opponents take the offensive, or even suggest taking the offensive. In the workplace, they take improper liberties with their subordinates and engage in fraud in order to get their children into high-profile universities. Their captains of industry conspire to...
  • How A Progressive Government Will 'Disappear' America

    03/24/2019 8:53:06 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 12 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/24/19 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
    Academia has filled the heads of their students with pipe dreams of Marxism and communism, where everyone's problems will be solved by the benevolent government. Katie Hopkins warned Americans about the dangers of unrestricted Islamic immigration and described in frank detail how it has affected the U.K. and Europe, contributing to a social decline and an inimical atmosphere. Thanks to Barack Obama’s eight-year Islamophobic presidency, unrestricted immigration has spread to the United States. Michael Savage, the conservative talk show host, was banned from the U.K. for alleged hate speech which offended Islam. Few advocated on his behalf to protect his...
  • American School Lunch Is Becoming More Diverse, Like It Was in the 1910s

    03/23/2019 5:31:11 AM PDT · by vannrox · 33 replies
    Atas Obscura ^ | March 21, 2019 | by Reina Gattuso
    The cafeteria program started in immigrant communities. by Reina GattusoMarch 21, 2019 American School Lunch Is Becoming More Diverse, Like It Was in the 1910s Boys eating school lunch in New York City, 1919. NYPL/Public DomainAlana Dao couldn’t figure out which was worse: going to school with a lunch box full of hummus, or pulling out Chinese pork floss buns in front of her classmates. In the 1990s, Sugar Land, Texas, was a steak and potatoes kind of place. In contrast, Dao’s parents were Buddhist vegetarians from China, who prepared traditional foods such as Cantonese eggs and meatless staples such...
  • What Will It Take for the Congressional Progressive Caucus to Win? [BARF]

    03/21/2019 2:39:43 PM PDT · by Jyotishi · 9 replies
    Splinter ^ | March 19, 2019 | Paul Blest
    All of a sudden, its popular to be progressive. The unexpectedly competitive Democratic primary of 2016, pitting Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, quickly became a battle of "progressives" versus "progressives who get things done." And in the Democrats search for identity following Clintons soul-crushing general election loss to Donald Trump, Democratic candidates at all levels throughout the 2018 election cycle wore the progressive badge, even if their definition of "progressive" was sometimes rather ambiguous. Now, theres a Democratic majority in Congress, and along with it a diverse class of new lawmakers proposing an agenda which is resolutely radical by the...
  • Maryville man accused of dipping testicles in customer's salsa

    02/28/2019 10:01:41 AM PST · by Gamecock · 75 replies
    WKRN ^ | 2/27/2019
    <p>MARYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A Tennessee man was jailed on felony charges after appearing to dip his testicles into a container of salsa that a customer had ordered online.</p> <p>The delivery driver allegedly recorded it and posted a video online, saying "This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive."</p>
  • Judge tosses kids climate case in Pennsylvania

    02/26/2019 5:12:23 AM PST · by vannrox · 18 replies
    Watts up with that? ^ | February 22, 2019 | By Dana Drugmand
    A federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a climate lawsuit brought by an environmental organization and two children against the federal government. The lawsuit, Clean Air Council v. United States, claimed that Trump administration rollbacks of environmental regulations and other “anti-science” decisions violate Constitutional rights and the public trust.  In dismissing the claims on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond scoffed at what he interpreted as a request that he “supervise any actions the President and his appointees take that might touch on ‘the environment.’”  Beyond ruling on this case, however, Diamond went further to rebuke U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken for her ruling in Juliana v....
  • 2020 Democrats’ progressive gamble is about to get real (remake the economy)

    02/23/2019 4:41:06 PM PST · by Libloather · 14 replies
    Politico ^ | 2/23/19 | ADAM CANCRYN
    Democrats’ embrace of sweeping progressive ideas like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal is about to get its first reality check on Capitol Hill — as both parties make huge bets about which message will sway voters in 2020. For liberal Democrats, proposals to provide universal health care, combat climate change and create a fairer economy represent the kind of bold agenda they will need to unseat President Donald Trump, a candidate unafraid to make his own brash moves on trade and immigration. But Republicans are seizing on the same proposals to paint Democrats as socialist radicals, while...
  • Blue State Blues: Trump Is the Most ‘Progressive’ President Ever for Blacks, Gays, Jews

    02/22/2019 5:49:11 AM PST · by KC_Lion · 10 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 22 Feb 20195 | Joel E. Pollack
    President Donald Trump has achieved more concrete progress for blacks, gays, and Jews than any other American president.That claim is sure to be disputed, if not mocked, by those for whom grievance and identity politics are a profession or a psychological crutch.Yet it remains true — and was thrown into sharp relief this week, as the Jussie Smollett case turned from one of the most horrific attacks in recent memory to the worst hate crime hoax in history.There are two reasons the media, Hollywood, and the Democratic political elite believed Smollett’s claims.First, he belongs to several victim categories: black, gay,...
  • Prosecutor: Actor gave detailed instructions for fake attack

    02/21/2019 1:38:24 PM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 39 replies
    WRALTV-AP ^ | 2/21/19 | Don Babwin
    HICAGO — "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett gave detailed instructions to two brothers who helped him stage a racist, anti-gay attack on himself, including giving them specific slurs to yell, telling them to shout "MAGA country" and pointing out a surveillance camera that he thought would record the beating, a prosecutor said Thursday. Police said Smollett planned the hoax because he was unhappy with his salary and wanted to promote his career. Before the attack, he also sent a letter that threatened him to the Chicago studio where "Empire" is shot, police said. Smollett, who is black and gay, turned himself...
  • Here Are The Most Shocking Proposals From Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal"

    02/07/2019 7:02:36 PM PST · by vannrox · 93 replies
    Americans for Tax Reform ^ | 8FEB19 | Authored by Michael Palicz via Americans for Tax Reform
    This morning, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released an overview of her “Green New Deal” which threatens "a massive transformation of our society." Below are the details of the proposal: Rebuild every single building in the U.S. “Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.” Will end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years. The Green New Deal is “a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.” Plans to ban nuclear energy within 10 years if possible. “It’s unclear...
  • Colorado Senate Passes Bill Nixing Electoral College in Favor of Popular Vote

    02/04/2019 11:50:59 PM PST · by vannrox · 98 replies
    Above Top Secret ^ | 4FEB19 | Editorial staff
    They're going for the gold. Democrats have started dropping their marbles. Now we have the Colorado Senate passing a bill to direct their Electoral College delegates to vote for the winner of the National popular vote in Presidential elections !!!!! It's all part of the efforts called "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact" and it's blasting off like a rocket. Probably unConstitutional but they'll do it anyway and wait for the SCOTUS to decide as they continue the anti-American onslaught of corrupt BS. Democrats definitely have some screws coming loose as the mental cases mount up in popularity 🤣 Colorado Senate...
  • This is the origin of the okay sign as a white supremacist signal

    02/04/2019 11:35:03 PM PST · by vannrox · 29 replies
    Eat Grewl Dog ^ | 4FEB19 | Editorial staff
    This is the origin of the okay sign as a white supremacist signalIt is a 4chan hoax that the left took hook line and sinkerNext time you hear a news report about some right wing group flashing this symbolBear in mind that they are saying “Okay”
  • American anarchist 'John Galton' shot dead in Acapulco

    02/04/2019 3:52:56 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 71 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 2/3/2019 | Amy Guthrie
    MEXICO CITY — An American anarchist who went by the name John Galton was shot dead at his home in the Mexican resort of Acapulco, sending shivers through a tightknit anti-establishment community of expatriates that organizes events in the violence-torn retreat with seminars on topics such as how to make money via cryptocurrencies. A woman describing herself as John’s partner, Lily, said via social media that she saw the gunmen go straight for John and his friend Jason Henza, 43. Henza made it to a private hospital with bullet wounds in an armpit, leg and hand. The hospital said he...
  • Give Me My Yellow Vest [Social Justice Warrior Day at Elite DC HS] [ed]

    01/30/2019 11:10:19 AM PST · by C19fan · 4 replies
    American Conservartive ^ | January 30, 2019 | Rod Dreher
    A reader who is, shall we say, intimately familiar with elite prep schools in the imperial capital, draws my attention to this web page for the “Colloquium for the Common Good,” a day of activism education at St. Stephen’s St. Agnes, an Episcopal school in Alexandria, Va. Here’s the current tuition rate: So, what kind of activism does the Ruling Class consider it proper for its children to embrace? What initiatives count as working for the “common good,” according to the Ruling Class? Check out the very revealing Colloquium. It is like reading a menu at Social Justice Warrior Day...

    01/29/2019 3:26:51 AM PST · by vannrox · 56 replies
    Bob Lonsberry ^ | 24JAN19 | Bob Lonsberry
    IS SOCIAL MEDIA HATE SPEECH? receive columns by email Vincent Vetromile is a 19-year-old Eagle Scout who likes guns. His Twitter account shows that he follows the president and the vice president, is a Christian, and likes Fox News. His profile picture is of a 1776 patriot in tricorn hat in front of a Betsy Ross flag, with an AR15 in his hands. He’s got a Gadsden flag at the house. He’s an all-American kid. Who was arrested over the weekend for, according to the police, wanting to travel across the state and kill a bunch of people living at...
  • OMG... it all makes sense now.

    01/27/2019 2:10:05 AM PST · by vannrox · 68 replies
    ATS ^ | 27JAN19 | Editorial staff
    Like many Trump supporters, I was extremely disappointed earlier when Trump seemingly caved to the DNC about the border wall issue. I have also internally questioned his actions concerning the State of the Union address... he can give this address from anywhere, the Senate chamber, the Oval Office, the southern border, heck, he could give it on Twitter if he wanted to. The State of the Union is Constitutionally mandated, although the Constitution is unclear on where it can be given or even when it must be given... the exact wording is "from time to time." January 29th in the...
  • A Letter to a Liberal Friend

    01/26/2019 12:52:22 AM PST · by vannrox · 8 replies
    Cascade Free Zone ^ | 12MAR18 | xeroxero
    Dear Darb, The problem with your politics, more than anything else, is that you are supporting gun banners. You *ARE* supporting gun banners, the Democratic party are gun banners, and Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkley are gun banners, and the lesbian Gov. of Oregon is a gun banner. Earl Blummenauer, your Representative, is a gun banner. These are all people you have voted for, repeatedly, in Oregon, where you live. This is a huge problem for me. The current focus of the gun-banning crowd is “ban the AR-15, ban high capacity magazines. ban Semi-Autos” This isn’t academic for me, you...
  • Resisting the Deep State Coup

    01/26/2019 12:48:18 AM PST · by vannrox · 8 replies
    Cascade Free Zone ^ | 26DEC18 | xeroxero
    In my previous essay I provided a broad outline of the deep state coup that is underway, centered in the Office of Special Counsel Mueller and his Russia investigation, with help from the FBI and DOJ, principally, and other deep state players. The next move on their side, which we can easily anticipate, is the indictment of Donald Trump and/or his immediate family members. We will also see a continuing push for impeachment, if not based on Mueller indictments then based on some other pretext, no matter how implausible. Perhaps Trump’s supposed sexual harassment of someone in the past, perhaps...
  • What is Resistance?

    01/26/2019 12:44:58 AM PST · by vannrox · 2 replies
    Cascade Free Zone ^ | 4DEC18 | xeroxero
    As a person of Polish heritage with a deep appreciation of the bravery and heroics of the Polish Home Army and associated groups during WW2 it’s been irritating to watch the American Left pick up the term “Resistance” and take it as their own. Real resistance has a cost. Real resistance is, by definition, an act of desperation by a conquered people. Keith Olbermann ranting on cable TV is not resistance. SIRUS-XM’s “Progress” rebranding itself “Home of the Resistance” is merely pathetic LARPing. For all the fake-fear that the Left claims to feel since Trump won a year ago, the...
  • Some things that need to be changed for America to be the “Land of the Free” again.

    01/21/2019 3:47:10 AM PST · by vannrox · 12 replies
    Metallicman ^ | 21JAN19 | editorial staff
    There are many things that a person can do to improve themselves. In my case, I could lose some weight, and eat better. I could be kinder to people, and stop reading the news so much. I could spend more time with friends and family, and I could spend more time in nature. I think that if I did those things, I would be a better person. It’s not just me. I look around the world and see all kinds of things that could be improved with a modest amount of effort. The key here is the word “modest”. For...