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  • Big, bold, immediate action needed to stimulate and jumpstart jobs and the economy for the short-term and beyond?

    05/28/2020 3:07:34 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 33 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Pelosi wants to spend $3 trillion. McConnell says no more than $1 trillion. But, of course, both want to expand federal power and bureaucracy to pick the winners and losers while they dole it out. And there's no way they can keep it under $3 trillion, much less $1 trillion. Ok, if it's worth doing it should be big, bold, immediate and without growing the bureaucracy and without allowing government to pick the winners and losers. I've seen suggestions that we should have a payroll tax holiday until the end of the year. That would be a good start and...
  • DemoncRAT vs. DimmercRAT

    05/24/2020 12:38:46 PM PDT · by MastMan · 5 replies
    Vanity | 5/24/2020 | MaStMaN
  • Memorial Day

    05/23/2020 8:04:40 AM PDT · by Peter W. Kessler · 30 replies
    Myself | 5/23/2020 | Peter W. Kessler
    Just a few thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend
  • YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and Cosplayer Wanderlust Luca Accused Of Racism Over Starfire Cosplay

    05/14/2020 5:40:22 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 30 replies
    YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and cosplayer Wanderlust Luca were accused of being racists over a Starfire cosplay. Wanderlust Luca, a self-described amateur cosplayer from the Netherlands recently shared her Starfire cosplay to Instagram. In her first post she wrote, “Starfire from Teen Titans. This cosplay is a little different from most of my League cosplays. Hope you like me cosplaying something else.” Starfire YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and Cosplayer Wanderlust Luca Accused Of Racism Over Starfire Cosplay John F. Trent May 13, 2020 Cosplay Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on...
  • California State employees to take a 10% pay cut

    05/14/2020 9:21:28 AM PDT · by MeganC · 35 replies
    Several sources ^ | 5.14.2020 | MeganC
    I'm hearing on email and on the web that California State government employees are going to take a 10% pay cut and perhaps be forced to take two unpaid days off every month. No talk at all of cutting aid for illegals or cutting any other vote-buying social programs.
  • Magical Herd Immunity

    05/14/2020 5:29:07 AM PDT · by GLH3IL · 21 replies
    Facebook blog ^ | 05/13/2020 | Jennifer L Katsen, MD, MSc, MSc
    Conclusion: as the epidemic whirls on, the effective HIT drops dynamically, down-- at the end-- to only 10%. And-- for everyone worried about whether or not effective first wave suppression has just left everyone vulnerable, and implies a nearly-as-big second wave once distancing is reduced: the model nicely predicts that removing the "highly susceptibles" from the population in the first wave makes the second wave likely rather muted.
  • Analysis of Virginia COVID-19 Data

    05/13/2020 9:15:13 AM PDT · by JHL · 10 replies
    The Virginia Department of Health recently added more detailed demographic and outbreak data to its Coronavirus data website. The website only reports numbers, not percentages; but by doing a little simple math, interesting facts present themselves: Statistics for Long-term Care Facilities (e.g. Nursing Homes): 58.8% of all deaths in Virginia were associated with Long-term care facilities. Contracting the virus in a long-term care facility is not an automatic death sentence: 85.6% of patients who contract the virus in a long-term care facility survive. This is contrary to the perception we are given, that outbreaks in a nursing home inevitably result...

    05/09/2020 10:59:37 AM PDT · by Hostage · 19 replies
    Free Republic ^ | May 9, 2020 | Mean Old Hostage
    Ten Days ago, Anthony Fauci released 'INTERIM' results of his remdesivir clinical trial and touted its promising TREATMENT effect as "HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT". This sentence is 100% accurate as to what Anthony Fauci said and did but only an experienced clinical trial expert would see there are three gaping information toxins in the sentence that cast deep suspicion and they are in CAPS. I explain below. The President barely mentioned remdiesvir in a subsequent task force meeting but he mentioned it. This was before the President discovered Fauci had diverted millions of US funds to the Wuhan Lab (possibly illegally). Lately...
  • How Can This Be Happening?

    05/04/2020 9:01:38 PM PDT · by Barnacle · 299 replies
    May 4, 2020 | Barnacle
    Most of us have been in lockdown for about six weeks. The objective was to flatten the curve and reduce the total number of victims of COVID-19. Well, the curve has been flattened indeed, but how is it six-weeks later there are 25,375 new cases in a single day? With all the laws and policies implemented to knock out this virus, I expected we’d be on the last leg of the downward curve by now. But, instead of a peak and decline, we’ve had three peaks and shallow valleys between them. If people are staying at home, practicing social distancing,...
  • Is it possible to make anonymous campaign contributions?

    04/29/2020 12:55:50 PM PDT · by bobk333 · 22 replies
    Bob | Bob
    Does anyone know if it is possible to donate to Donald Trump’s campaign, the Republican Party, Republican candidates or associated PACs anonymously? If I donate under a certain amount (e.g. $200) do I have to make all my info public? Do they check if it is fake info? It is sad that we have to do this, but The Left has become so brutal, we are forced to do it. Donations to Trump and the Republican Party would skyrocket if they allowed supporters to donate anonymously.
  • Replicating Covid variants in culture without BSL4 protections.

    04/21/2020 1:31:04 PM PDT · by neverevergiveup · 18 replies
    Osong Public Health Res Perspect ^ | 4/21/2020 | nevergiveup
    Virus isolation The virus was isolated from nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal samples from putative COVID-19 patients. Oropharyngeal samples were diluted with viral transfer medium containing nasopharyngeal swabs and antibiotics (Nystadin, penicillin-streptomycin 1:1 dilution) at 1:4 ratio and incubated for 1 hour at 4°C, before being inoculated onto Vero cells. Inoculated Vero cells were cultured at 37°C, 5% CO2 in 1× Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium (DMEM) supplemented with 2% fetal bovine serum and penicillin-streptomycin. Virus replication and isolation were confirmed through cytopathic effects, gene detection, and electron microscopy. Viral culture of SARS-CoV-2 was conducted in a biosafety Level-3 facility according to laboratory...
  • Google Chrome blocking access to Free Republic (Vanity)

    04/17/2020 9:36:49 PM PDT · by Java4Jay · 43 replies
    I'm getting black screen with message NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  • CARES ACT shuttering grocery stores

    04/16/2020 11:48:52 AM PDT · by Freeze923 · 123 replies
    Vanity | 4/16/20 | Freeze
    I own a grocery store in Northern Michigan. Or I did until today. 80% of my staff just quit because the CARES Act pays them more for sitting at home than to come into work. I pay them on average $600-700 per week. The CARES ACT will give them 80% of that (regular Michigan unemployment 480-560) plus an additional $600 through the cares act. So $1100 to sit at home or $600 to come to work. But if they quit they don't get unemployment right? Wrong the CARES ACT says if the employee is uncomfortable working because of the Covid-virus...
  • Anybody Remember Radio Host Chuck Harder and What He Warned about China Trade?

    04/15/2020 7:30:05 PM PDT · by cradle of freedom · 43 replies
    Does anybody remember listening to Chuck Harder on the radio? Chuck was a prophet warning about the dangers of trade with China the WTO, NAFTA. He had a small program that broadcast to small radio stations. He was so concerned about being co-opted by big business that he would not even have advertisers because advertisers would try to censor his programs. His source of income was from listener donations and books sold by his guests. God bless you Chuck wherever you are, whether in this world or the next.
  • Fake Media has adopted an anthem

    04/13/2020 4:52:02 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 17 replies
    Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” | 7thOf7th
    I see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore, I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by, dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a line of cars and they're all painted black With flowers and my love both never to come back I see people turn their heads and quickly look away Like a newborn baby, it just happens everyday I look inside myself and see my heart is black I see my red door and must have it painted...
  • If Biden Is Still the Nominee After Labor Day

    04/11/2020 10:59:33 AM PDT · by IFly4Him · 37 replies
    CATO ^ | 10/7/2002 | Robert A. Levy
    Biden may still be the nominee after the Dem convention but what if his medical issues become too much to dismiss after Labor Day? The Trump campaign needs to be prepared to defend state laws. Remember the NJ Senate Election in 2002.
  • What does the U.S. face without CV19 mitigation?

    04/09/2020 4:53:59 PM PDT · by nagant · 49 replies
    Country Tot Cases Cases/1M Pop Tot Deaths Deaths/1M Pop Deaths/Cases Spain 152,446 3,261 15,238 326 10.0% Italy 143,626 2,375 18,279 302 12.7% France 117,749 1,804 12,210 187 10.4% USA 462,391 1,397 16,454 50 3.6% Germany 116,801 1,394 2,451 29 2.1% UK 65,077 959 7,978 118 12.3% Iran 66,220 788 4,110 49 6.2% World 1,593,515 204 95,047 12.2 6.0% S. Korea 10,423 203 204 4 2.0% Data source:
  • COVID-19: The Security Implications.. By Victor J. Massad [aka massadvj]

    04/07/2020 6:26:56 AM PDT · by mystery-ak · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | April 7, 2020 | By Victor J. Massad [aka massadvj]
    Assuming that the explanations coming from the Chinese government have no credibility, the true origins of COVID-19 are not yet known. This has encouraged a great deal of online idle speculation, including conspiracy theories ranging in terms of Chinese deception from low to high: (1) tainted "wet market" bat meat; (2) tainted "wet market" bat meat originating from the Wuhan Institute of Virology; (3) a laboratory accident, (4) an intentionally concealed laboratory accident; (5) a bioterror attack by a rogue individual; and (6) intentional bioterror attack by a belligerent regime.
  • COVID-19 Update - April 7th

    04/07/2020 2:35:20 AM PDT · by DoughtyOne · 46 replies
    My own workup | 04/07/2020 | DoughtyOne
    PING LIST Some of you have asked to be placed on the COVID-19 Update Ping List. Those who ask are placed on the list before the next Update is posted. If a person has expressed an appreciation for the data I'm presenting, I have added that person to the Ping List. Some folks don't like to be on ping lists, and I'd like to remind you that I don't mind if you would rather I remove your name from the list Others, ask away, you're only an easy request away from being on the list COVID-19 Update As of 04/06/2020...
  • COVID-19 Update - 04/06/2020

    04/06/2020 2:12:01 AM PDT · by DoughtyOne · 48 replies
    My own workup | DoughtyOne
    Please FReep Mail me regarding the ping list for these reports. Thanks. COVID-19 Update As of 04/05/2020 23:17 PDST (taken at 23:59) Good morning everyone. Thank you for dropping in to check out this Update. Links to other resources: Near the bottom of this post. Commentary3: Interesting Tid-bits (hopefully) Waking Up Daily to the Same Pandemic There is a certain Groundhog Day (the movie) feel to the situation we are in as this pandemic has it's way in our nation. We experience the bad news one day, go to sleep, and then wake up seemingly starting it all over again,...