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  • Bush withdraws Kavanaugh nomination, remembers he is no longer President

    09/19/2018 5:13:47 PM PDT · by keat · 15 replies
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • VANITY - Have you ever wondered: How long has this been going on...?

    09/19/2018 11:30:47 AM PDT · by ManHunter · 59 replies
    Manhunter | 9 SEP 2018 | Manhunter
    I've thought about this long and hard and have even started several posts on the subject, but never completed them. Several pundits and casual observers have stated, "If Trump had not won, we'd have never known about the unmasking, illegal surveillance and the illegal collusion between the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNC, etc., to influence the 2016 election. The very first time I heard that I thought, "That being the case, how many times has this happened in the past? Just how deep does the corruption go and for how long?" Operations the likes of the one that's unfolding before our...
  • Best Buy censoring FR.

    09/18/2018 6:06:51 PM PDT · by Leo Carpathian · 59 replies
    Self | 9/18/2018 | Self
    <p>Recently I spent some time at NJ Best Buy store waiting for service at cell phone department. Loged to their Network and internet access. Loaded FReerepublic page, when trying to load second page, my access got blocked with message about "innapropriet" content. That was it! Looks like communist fingers are getting long.</p>
  • vanity - FORD is a NO-SHOW

    09/18/2018 5:18:28 PM PDT · by offduty · 88 replies
    Fox News | Vanity
    Ford will not appear.
  • Ford will no testify until the FBI investigates

    09/18/2018 5:14:32 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 151 replies
    Fox News | Sept 18,201& | Hojczyk.
    Ford will not testify until the FBI investigates
  • vanity - Is the current photo of Christine Blasey Ford Current?

    09/18/2018 4:54:26 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 74 replies
    Folks, is that photo we see posted of Christine Blasey Ford current or not so current. Thus far, I have only witnessed two photos of Ms. Ford, one, when she a young teenage lady and one taken when it appears she was a bit older. The other day, when I googled her Facebook page to see what she looked like, asking to see images of her, a sight flashed up on screen and then immediately disappeared. I tried a few times to re-enter my inquiry with no luck. For some reason, IMHO, I am beginning to believe that forces out...
  • vanity - Why is Christine Blasey Sexually Harassing Candidate Kavenaugh?

    09/18/2018 11:38:58 AM PDT · by Chickensoup · 29 replies
    9.18.18 | chickensoup
    Why is Christine Blasey Sexually Harassing Candidate Kavenaugh?
  • Would it be an issue if Brett Kavanaugh got in a fight instead of an alleged sexual assault?

    09/18/2018 11:24:54 AM PDT · by guitar Josh · 20 replies
    What if there was no alleged sexual assault at age 16 or 17, but instead a real, verifiable fight between Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, and let's say Kavanaugh pounded the snot out of Judge. Judge went home with 2 black eyes, a bloody nose, split lip and loose teeth. Would there be anyone who would say that should stop him from sitting on the Supreme Court?
  • Dr. Ford's Polygraph Test

    09/18/2018 5:05:22 AM PDT · by ladyL · 107 replies
    I feel compelled to get something off my chest this morning about a profession I hold in high regard. I am a retired polygraph examiner and administered several thousand polygraph examinations during my career. I also was a Director and instructor of a national Polygraph School. The fact that Dr. Ford took a polygraph test and was said to have passed means nothing to me. Can a polygraph test be beat? sure can. Actually the polygraph can't be beat the polygraph examiner can. As in a critical medical diagnosis, a second opinion is necessary for professional efficacy so too...
  • BREAKING NEWS: Russian Aircraft Downed.. Israelis Set Plane Up..Right To "Adequate Response"

    09/18/2018 4:49:56 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 53 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 9/18/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has expressed his outrage to Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman after 15 Russian servicemen died when their plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses during a sudden Israeli air attack. Russia's Defense Ministry says 4 Israeli F-16's used the larger Russian IL-20 plane as a decoy for their attack on the northern Syria city of Latakia. Russia says it reserves the right to an "adequate response"....
  • Sen. Grassley must call one witness this week to vindicate Brett Kavanaugh (VANITY)

    09/17/2018 7:46:43 AM PDT · by Alberta's Child · 48 replies
    Self | 9/17/2018 | Alberta's Child
    Sen. Charles Grassley, chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that is scheduled to vote on the suddenly "controversial" nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, only has to call one witness to address the public allegation that has been made against Kavanaugh by a California woman who claimed he assaulted her when they were both in high school. The witness is U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), ranking Democrat on the same Judiciary Committee. 1. She allegedly received a letter related to this allegation 2-3 months ago. 2. She never mentioned it in Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. 3. If...
  • The Newest, Lowest Bar for SCOTUS Candidates: Factual Doubts, Ancient Actions, and Suspicious Timing

    09/17/2018 5:46:22 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 83 replies
    Original Content | 9/16/2018 | By Laz A. Mataz
    American politics have been roiled in the last 48 hours by a last-minute attempt by Democrats and political operatives to sink Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the United States Supreme Court. After all public and private hearings were over, Sen. Feinstein revealed a letter she had in her possession since July of this year, accusing Judge Kavanaugh of some teenage, high-school groping of a girl at a party. This girl, now a woman in her 50’s, has come forward and is willing to testify before the confirmation vote. Any reasonable person, not motivated by sheer partisan politics, might wonder about the...
  • [2017] America Has a Monopoly Problem—and It’s Huge

    09/16/2018 8:58:27 PM PDT · by MagillaX · 42 replies
    the nation ^ | October 23, 2017 | Joseph E. Stiglitz
    The Nobel Prize winner argues that an economy dominated by large corporations has failed the many and enriched the few There is much to be concerned about in America today: a growing political and economic divide, slowing growth, decreasing life expectancy, an epidemic of diseases of despair. The unhappiness that is apparent has taken an ugly turn, with an increase in protectionism and nativism. Trump’s diagnosis, which blames outsiders, is wrong, as are the prescriptions that follow. This is an edited version of his talk delivered at "Does America Have a Monopoly Problem," co-hosted by the Roosevelt Institute and the...
  • vanity DOJ/FBI will not investigate Judge Brett Kavanaugh for sexual allegations,

    09/16/2018 6:02:44 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 62 replies
    Senator Dianne Feinstein turned over the letter she received claiming sexual abuse allegations against Judge, Brett Kavanaugh to the DOJ/FBI rquested an investigation into this matter be launched by the FBi. The FBI has stated it will not investigate this matter, as Judge, Kavanaugh has been investigated numerous times in his legal and political career by the DOJ/FBI and found to be squeaky clean. The DOJ/FBI forwarded this communication to the White House for executive review. So...much for that. The DOJ/FBI has looked closely at Kavanaugh many times and, does not want to get another black eye like it now...
  • Where is the list of 3,000 Puerto Rican deaths? [Vanity]

    09/16/2018 9:29:50 AM PDT · by Reno89519 · 56 replies
    Freerepublic ^ | September 17, 2018 | Self
    Okay, the media and GWU Research says 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of the Trump administration 2017 hurricane response. Fine, where is the list? Has anyone seen a list of these 3,000 victims? Names, dates, locations, and cause of death?

    09/15/2018 10:30:43 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 32 replies
    Are the higher-ups at the GOP really worried the whole state of Texas turns against Cruz? I don't get it. All Beto has going for him is the pretty boy looks. Cruz will handly beat him in the 3 debates IF HE WANTS TO. So Cruz lays down in the first 2. Big money for Beto starts pouring in from all over-it already has. Then he destroys him in the 3rd debate 3 weeks b4 the election. Trump then parachutes into ATT stadium to 'save' him and the rest is history. DNC goes broke fighting a losing battle. That's the...
  • Search engine bias - Anyone else notice?

    09/15/2018 6:13:49 AM PDT · by Dogrobber · 40 replies
    self post | 20180915 | Dogrobber
    Today I ran searches for information about the scandal in the Catholic Church. I specifically wanted news related to Italian newspaper reports which hinted that Pope Benedict's dossier on the Gay mafia within the Church was going to be made public. I got little or nothing on the mainline search engines - Google returning only generalized references to the scandal from Legacy media. I used DuckDuckGo and found sites from alternative Traditional Catholic online sources (ChurchMilitant -OnePeterFive) listed right off on the first page. It seems that search algorithms defer. At the risk of asking a stupid question when I...
  • Can a lesbian feminist ever win the presidency in the future?

    09/13/2018 7:48:10 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 65 replies
    Guava Cheese Puff | September 13, 2018 | Guava Cheese Puff
    Serious question here. We know that the Democratic Party is the identity politics party. They like to pander to women, black, Latino, millennial, gay, white women, etc. They nominated and elected the first black man (Barack Obama). They nominated the first woman (Hillary Clinton), but failed. They'll try to run a woman or a Latino candidate, potentially. However, do you see Democrats nominating a lesbian feminist, and could that person win the presidency in the future, especially since the Left controls the media, academia, etc.?
  • vanity Cuomo slaughters Cynthia Nixon in NY Governor primary election

    09/13/2018 6:09:50 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 89 replies
    Insane lunatic, NY Governor, Cuomo, politically slaughters supreme Nutcase Cynthia. You do not want to know the's hilarious!!!
  • Here's How to Build the "WALL" Without Shutting Down The Government!

    09/11/2018 8:04:00 PM PDT · by hapnHal · 27 replies
    11 Sept 18 | hapnHAL
    President Trump Build That WALL.... and here's how to do It !! During WW II the government issued "WAR BONDS" to finance military operations and other expenditures in the time of war. The government took in Billions of dollars from private citizens, so why can't the government issue "WALL BONDS" to build a wall to keep illegals and drugs out of America? This is a suggestion, and is posted for your consideration. Also, it is suggested that any money raised from the "WALL BONDS" fund should be used exclusively for building the wall. Please, let's get a "WALL BOND" fund...