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  • Why did the North want to end slavery?

    08/12/2020 2:31:56 PM PDT · by Jonty30 · 23 replies
    I think we can agree that it had nothing to do with caring about the slaves. I was thinking that 4 million sudden extra bodies in the poor southern economy would have the same effect as high immigration, keeping the wages of the poorest workers suppressed and it would keep the South from developing economically, while the North would benefit from their ownership of Southern industries. Does that sound about right or am I wrong on this?
  • Biden/Harris debut today at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. millions of Americans will be tuned in across the country, Oops....Sorry, Hundreds will be tuned in!!!

    08/12/2020 7:15:00 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 40 replies
    Democrat Party, 2020 POTUS/VP Candidates will debut for the first time this afternoon at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Millions of thrilled and motivated American voters will be tuned in across the nation hanging on every word spoken. sorry, correction, hundreds of bored American voters will be tuned in across the country!!!
  • US Senator Tammy Duckworth May Have Torpedoed Her VIce Presidential Prospects

    08/02/2020 7:59:27 AM PDT · by PBRCat · 70 replies
    August 2, 2020 | Self
    US Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) made another clumsy television appearance today. On "Fox News Sunday," Duckworth struggled to speak grammatical English and made several more bizarre statements. Duckworth continues to insist that Russia is paying bounties to members of the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan despite the fact that numerous US intelligence agencies have dismissed the claims as being uncorroborated. Duckworth also alleged that the Department of Homeland Security is kidnapping ("mostly peaceful") protesters off the streets of Portland, Oregon where the US Court House is under attack. Duckworth doubled down on stupid by stating that universal background...
  • In all this chaos and distraction where do we stand with the races for the House and Senate? Does anyone know?

    08/11/2020 11:11:40 AM PDT · by Openurmind · 40 replies
    8/11/2020 | Myself
    I have been trying to search around all this chaos and purposeful distraction to find out where we stand with the House and Senate races. It is fairly elusive and yet so important to know right now going into this election. If the left keeps the House and wins the Senate we are right back in trouble again after the election even if Trump wins. They will indeed somehow remove Trump from office and impose a whole bunch of totalitarian laws. We will have gained nothing. Anyone have sources to some detailed study and information about these races so that...
  • Violence and destruction in US cities - what is the end game?

    08/11/2020 9:27:55 AM PDT · by bill andersen · 27 replies
    8/11/20 | self
    With the continuation of violence and destruction in major cities I propose there is an end game. It is the buying up of urban real estate at rock bottom prices and installing new controlling authorities As people flee the violence and destruction in major cities it is logical to expect urban real estate prices to quickly sink. I believe there is a lot of money sitting on the sidelines waiting for prices to bottom. For example the looting in Chicago's Miracle Mile will cause businesses and residents to flee because the police can not or will not protect them. There...
  • Female Controllere Tactical A

    08/10/2020 4:13:49 PM PDT · by pfflier · 48 replies
    Yesterday a group of us discussed our prior military experiences, we had never met before and it was informal employment seminar for my business. I exclusively hire vets and being one, I know we are all capable of embellishing our careers with war stories. Amazingly, not one guy claimed to be a SEAL or Green Beret but, one woman in the group claimed that she was a former USAF Enlisted Tactical Air Controller. It just didn't smell right and I asked about her training. She said Keesler AFB. She couldn't "find" her DD 214. I told her I could go...
  • What is

    08/10/2020 7:13:15 AM PDT · by cymbeline · 7 replies
    drudgereport ^ | 8/10/20 | cymbeline
    Drudgereport linked to this site for an article on Fox News stating that its ratings are very good. The site doesn't say anything about who's running the site, and the no source or author is given for the article. Why does this site exist? You can google dnyuz and get a little information on it but not a lot.
  • cleaning up the judicerary

    08/09/2020 8:27:12 PM PDT · by PCPOET7 · 23 replies
    if we ever got a 2/3 majority on the senate, could we impeach all of the non supream court judges who have ruled on cases using political expediency to get a desired outcome that is counter to judicial law.
  • I have been seeing those nice Jean Shaheen tv ads. Should people re-elect her. :>D

    08/09/2020 6:09:06 PM PDT · by cradle of freedom · 45 replies
    I live in Massachusetts but lately I have been seeing those lovely Jean Shaheen ads. It is making me actually consider moving to New Hampshire so I too can vote for Jean. She just seems like everybody's nicest next door neighbor or you child's favorite teacher. In all her ads she certainly sounds like she has all the answers and really cares about the people. What would you suggest? Is she really as smart and nice as she seems? Signed, Thinking about moving.
  • Reminder: AG Barr on Mark Levin show today at 8:00 PM EDT on Fox News.

    08/09/2020 1:50:45 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 43 replies
    August 9, 2020 | self
    Thread from 3 days ago: AG William Barr to sit down with Fox News host Mark Levin on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ - The hourlong interview will air Sunday night
  • Can I Sue Twitter in small claims court?

    08/08/2020 9:23:19 PM PDT · by hardspunned · 22 replies
    Vanity | 8/9/20 | Me (vanity)
    I’ve had two experiences in Kentucky Small Claims Court over the last 24 months. 5/3 Bank and Home Depot attempted to bully me into accepting shoddy workmanship and a bait and switch loan snafu. I sued both in small claims for the maximum of $2500. Before I could plead my case for damages both settled out of court for $1500 and $1300 along with making right the original problems. Perhaps they would have prevailed before the judge but would have lost due to expense of defending themselves. If Twitter sells ads to conservative businesses, then limits the ads’ exposure by...
  • Biden has chosen V.P pick. Per Fox News

    08/08/2020 9:07:50 AM PDT · by unixfox · 246 replies
    Fox News | 8/8/20
    Nothing but a report as of now.
  • Justified/Vanity

    08/08/2020 9:01:05 AM PDT · by Allen In Texas Hill Country · 28 replies
    Just started the fourth season of Justified. Really good show. A couple weeks back I remembered Miami Vice and did a search to see if it was available. Yup. So a couple of times I would watch an episode or two of Justified and then an episode of Miami Vice. Gotta stop doing that. After watching Justified it makes Miami Vice kinda sloowww. But then Miami Vice is from 36 years ago. But I'll watch it after I'm done with Justified.
  • Covid deaths as percentage of all deaths close to none epidemic levels

    08/07/2020 3:07:26 PM PDT · by RobyOnekanobee · 29 replies
    Seems me are getting better and better news realative to covid.
  • How I see the election unfolding, Am I wrong? - (Chit Chad Thread Post)

    08/07/2020 11:04:16 AM PDT · by GulfMan · 79 replies
    I’m voting for Trump again this time and am very happy with him as our President. However, I feel he is going to lose the election albeit illegally. There is no way we can overcome the combination of the coming mail-in voter fraud and accompanying ballot harvesting that will occur in old folks homes, both facilitated by democrat operatives. That said, the vote tally likely won’t matter in the end anyway. Why is this? Due to the mail-in voting debacle the results of the election won’t be known for weeks and probably in reality months. The counting of votes will...
  • How to get Joe Biden out of the basement

    08/07/2020 7:04:10 AM PDT · by bort · 18 replies
    August 7, 2020 | Vanity
    There is an easy way to get Joe Biden out of his basement and in front of the national press or, better, to have an early debate with Trump....
  • Just did the US Census

    08/06/2020 9:06:08 PM PDT · by mrsmith · 65 replies
    census ^ | 8/7 2020 | me
    Did the Census online. Very easy. Yeah, if you're not a conspiracy nut you should do the census for many, many reasons.
  • Ok at this point what is everyone's 2020 Election Prediction(s)...

    08/06/2020 10:23:15 AM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 84 replies
    06 Aug 2020 | US Navy Vet
    I HOPE it's Trump in a LANDSLIDE! Other races(US House/Senate) up in the air.
  • The commander's wife

    08/05/2020 5:32:18 PM PDT · by Mrs. Warrior · 27 replies
    After nearly a decade of enlisted service my husband became a commissioned officer, soon I found out what it meant for women to wear their husbands rank. We got to our first assignment and I was invited to the officers wives club. They were trying to get me to be a snob. I enjoyed my friendship with the enlisted wives and I was not going to be snobby. The colonels wife started to treat me rudely. She started to call me “that country girl”. She started to have fund raising events and was leaving me out. At the next get...
  • The best explanation of Drudge by biographer Matthew Lysiak

    08/05/2020 2:00:04 PM PDT · by MountainWalker · 25 replies
    Me | 8/5/2020 | Me
    This is a summary of the great interview of Drudge biographer Matthew Lysiak on the free Derek Hunter podcast which you should subscribe and listen to. -Yes, Drudge is a homosexual -Trump 2016 campaign and Drudge worked hand in glove on communications. -On election night, Kushner and Bannon were starting to finger point. He called them morons and to sit and watch, that Trump was going to run the table including Pennsylvania. On his leftward tilt: -He was never a conservative but a libertarian opportunist. Breitbart, his earliest editor, was a true conservative. -Drudge spiked many stories about Jeremiah Wright...