Since Apr 5, 1999

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Greetings from Union County, NC. It's the fastest growing county in percentage terms in NC, transitioning from rural to exurban, being on the SE fringe of the Charlotte metro area. Union County has become dependably Republican, but how conservative is it? A debate for another place and time.

Pics of my new house (well, not so new anymore), deep in the woods and overlooking a small unnamed lake, completed in May, 2010 after taking approximately forever, follow.

Front door, front facade, library ("glass box"), exterior stairs to deck, bridge from 2nd floor to deck on top of garage:

From the lake side (February, 2010, still under construction). Master BR suite bottom left; 2 upstairs bedrooms top left; kitchen bottom center (through covered porch); balcony/future pool table location top center (through covered deck); 2-story see-through living room on right:

View of lake from 2nd floor (April, 2010; seeded area now weeping lovegrass -- 18" high, no mowing):

In the "Low Country" (Charleston, Savannah, and vicinity), it is a tradition to paint porch ceilings and the undersides of eaves light blue, as this was thought to ward off "haints" (evil spirits). Though I'm a couple of hundred miles from there, it struck me as a good idea, and I decided to bring it inside, too, to the sloping ceiling above the living room and balcony. I had intended to use "Carolina Blue," in commemoration of my alma mater, so as to ward off not only haints, but Dukies, but it turned out to be too dark, so I had the Carolina Blue diluted 2:1 with white. View from living room to kitchen, stairs to balcony, and garage (through glass):

View of living room and rear patio from balcony:

January, 2011, after snow; note Dylan, my dog, standing, front paws on railing, at far right on the garage roof deck:

Garage roof deck in snow:

Two pics of my Weimaraners, Stella (left in first pic; rear in second) and Dylan. One is from a line of show champions, and one is a rescue from a puppy mill. Which is which?

Finally, a doe munching my shrubbery. Taken from inside my library, through the glass, looking uphill toward the road, June 30, 2011, 1:30 PM. I note the time of day, because it is common to see deer lurking here at dawn or dusk; broad daylight, not so much. This doe, however, a frequent visitor, seems fearless. The dogs were inside with me, raising hell, and the doe looked at them, decided they posed no threat, and resumed grazing.