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WE'RE ALL BIRTHERS NOW: The Long-Form Obama Birth Certificate DOES NOT EXIST
Reaganite Republican ^ | January 26, 2011 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on 01/26/2011 5:57:29 AM PST by Reaganite Republican

Hawai'i election official's sworn affadavit: 
"No Obama birth certificate exists"

ALL Americans who support our nation's Constitution and election laws must now ask: WHERE IS IT? As the Obama birth certificate controversy drags-on, any unbiased observer could tell you that events are strengthening the birthers' case by the day... not the other way around.

Oczam's razor theory dictates that if they can't find it... there must not be one. This would also provide the most viable explanation for why Obama has spent almost $2M fighting the claims in court. And to since it's a principle requirement for presidential eligibility... would someone please tell me WHY the burden of proof is on us

How'd this guy even get a passport without a long-form birth certificate, anyway...

"During the course of my employment," Adams swears in the affidavit (viewable in full as part 1 and part 2), "I became aware that many requests were being made to the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division, the Hawaii Office of Elections, and the Hawaii Department of Health from around the country to obtain a copy of then-Senator Barack Obama's long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate." 

As he inquired about the birth certificate, he says, his supervisors told him that the records were not on file at the Hawaii Department of Health. "Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division told me on multiple occasions that no Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Senator Obama in the Hawaii Department of Health," Adams' affidavit reads, "and there was no record that any such document had ever been on file in the Hawaii Department of Health or any other branch or department of the Hawaii government." 

Tim Adams
Tim Adams, former senior elections clerk for Honolulu In a recorded telephone interview, Adams told WND that it was common knowledge among election officials where he worked that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate could be found at the Hawaii Department of Health. "My supervisor came and told me, 'Of course, there's no birth certificate. What? You stupid,'" Adams said. "She usually spoke well, but in saying this she reverted to a Hawaiian dialect. I really didn't know how to respond to that. She said it and just walked off. She was quite a powerful lady." 

Moreover, Adams was told that neither Queens Memorial Hospital nor Kapi'olani Medical Center had any records of Obama's birth at their medical facilities: "Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division further told me on multiple occasions that Hawaii State government officials had made inquires about Sen. Obama's birth records to officials at Queens Medical Center and Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu and that neither hospital had any record of Senator Obama having been born there, even though Governor Abercrombie is now asserting and various Hawaii government officials continue to assert Barack Obama Jr. was born at Kapi'olani Medical Center on Aug. 4, 1961." 

"We called the two hospitals in Honolulu: Queens and Kapi'olani," Adams stressed. "Neither of them have any records that Barack Obama was born there."

The debate has been recently been amplified by Hawaii's weird hippy Governor Neil Abercrombie -a far-Left freak who was previously a member of the US House Progressive Caucus and a personal friend and college classmate of both of Obama's parents. Abercrombie  made an ill-advised claim during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign that he would soon put a rest to all this, stating he was on a  "mission" to "quell" the birthers- as the polemic has "implications for 2012 that we simply cannot have."

But there is no Obama birth certificate... there never was.  So now he's hiding behind Hawaii's state AG, who says there is a privacy law that prohibits Abercrombie from doing as he promised (unless Obama gave him permission, of course):

State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual’s birth documentation without the person’s consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday.

“There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,” said Dela Cruz. 

“Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president.” 

Conspirators! That's rich- but condescension and slander coming from nervous Dems does little to re-assure thinking persons that this man is acutally qualified to be US President: on the contrary, this defensive, diversionary behavior speaks volumes. Clearly those propping up this Trojan Horse of a president have nothing left but mocking the inquisitors- but as Margaret Thatcher once said: "... if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left." And indeed they do not-

Delving a little farther back, Obama even admitted himself that he wasn't qualified for the presidency in the 2004 Keyes-Obama Senate campaign debate, but the video of this was scrubbed from YouTube, according to Good Ole Boy at RealAmericanPolitics

Keyes caught him off guard... and Obama spilled:

I watched the entire first and second debates.  I distinctly remember that I had never heard of Obama; my interest was in seeing what Keyes said about the pro-life issue and school vouchers.

At one point in the second debate, Keyes, accused Obama saying, “You are not even a natural born citizen!”
To which Obama immediately replied, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.”

At the end of the airing of the second debate, the C-Span host noted, as he read from a single sheet of paper, placed before him, that the Obama Campaign had contacted them and requested them to point out to their viewers that Obama’s response here should not be understood as a denial that he is a natural born citizen, only that Keyes’ accusation had nothing to do with the qualifications of office of a U.S. Senator...

Today... with even Chris Matthews saying "why not just put it out?"- I unapologetically throw my hat in with the birthers... time to cough it up or step-down, Barry. Even is some obscure court ruling keeps Obama in office... this man must not be allowed to run for re-election in 2012. 

And when the day comes when we remove this tumor from the neck of the American eagle... Obama and his accomplices must be punished harshly for not just violation of oath, but the myriad crimes committed in covering-up lack of qualification for US president, up to and including perjury. And that means the entire Obama campaign team, lawyers, and most of the DNC... you're all going to pay dearly for this one.

Get on the stick, GOP congressman... 
where's the subpoenas? 

The survival of American democracy demands justice- and so do we.
Moonbattery   Real American Politics   Weasel Zippers   
WND   SadHill   Wikipedia   Post and Mail

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To: Rashputin
the rest of us need to move to Texas and help start a new Republic there.

From a Texas native (some of my ancestors were born here during the Republic), Texas is not where you were born but is a State of Mind, Heart and Attitude. Goes something like this: "Leave us alone to live our lives in peace and we will get along fine, if that is not satisfactory, we will deal with it."

41 posted on 01/26/2011 6:48:59 AM PST by Texas Fossil (Government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one.)
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To: Conservative Vermont Vet

Lying about who his real father is just as bad as no long form IMO except that he will get mad props from hiss base for his sad story...we saw the same mindset during the OJ trial...where everyone knew he was guilty but getting over on the oppressive establishment was the real issue...get ready for the ojification of the presidency...

42 posted on 01/26/2011 6:50:05 AM PST by databoss
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To: Apple Pan Dowdy

Yup. His grandmother said she was an eyewitness to his birth in Kenya. But what does she know?

43 posted on 01/26/2011 6:50:05 AM PST by ClearCase_guy
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To: Reaganite Republican

It’s only 10 dollars.

44 posted on 01/26/2011 6:52:22 AM PST by Danae (Anailnathrach ortha bhais is beatha do cheal deanaimha)
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To: FrankR


45 posted on 01/26/2011 6:52:32 AM PST by screaminsunshine (Surfers Rule)
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To: Rashputin
“Yeah, he probably has the best birth certificate anyone can forge by now.”

After all the scrutiny the COLB has had, I don't think Obama would dare present a forgery. Can you say “prison” if caught? I don't think it is possible to produce a forgery that can't be shown to be one.

46 posted on 01/26/2011 6:54:58 AM PST by faucetman (Just the facts ma'am, just the facts)
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To: Reaganite Republican

There is no viable explanation to spend $2M to avoid releasing a $50 document... is there

Especially when the job pays less than a million a year.

47 posted on 01/26/2011 6:55:17 AM PST by rfreedom4u ("A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.")
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To: Conan the Conservative

Of course we can’t get proof yet, hard to prove a negative when being stonewalled

Obama’s own 2004 admission and Abercrombie’s very public FAIL speak volumes, tho...

48 posted on 01/26/2011 7:00:17 AM PST by Reaganite Republican
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To: Reaganite Republican


49 posted on 01/26/2011 7:02:16 AM PST by tutstar
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To: faucetman
"I don't think it is possible to produce a forgery that can't be shown to be one."

You're absolutely wrong about that. With access to the same type of equipment a document was originally created on there is no way to determine whether or not you're dealing with a forged document. And trust me, there several little enclaves of expert forgers working for the Federal government, experts who make it a point to have stocks of paper and equipment from any time frame all the way back to at least WWI.


50 posted on 01/26/2011 7:02:36 AM PST by Rashputin (Barry is totally insane and being kept medicated and on golf courses to hide the fact)
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To: fella

NO President Biden, but that’s what kept me away from the issue initially... I’d rather wait to 2012

BUT- Biden won’t be in office either, the whole Obama team would be NULL and VOID- elected under fraudulent conditions

PRESIDENT BUSH would return until new elections could be held... IMO

51 posted on 01/26/2011 7:02:44 AM PST by Reaganite Republican
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To: Reaganite Republican
The question should be when will he be removed from office?
What should become of those in elected office who knew he was not eligible and remained quiet about it?
52 posted on 01/26/2011 7:03:12 AM PST by drypowder
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To: Ballygrl

If this is just a set-up by O, a ruse — and then the big presentation of his birth certificate — then it doesn’t say much for the man, when Col.Larkin is sitting in a prison.

53 posted on 01/26/2011 7:05:06 AM PST by Exit148 (Founder and active member of The Loose Change Club. An easy way to save for Freepathons!)
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To: Reaganite Republican
Ich Bin Ein Birther!
54 posted on 01/26/2011 7:05:59 AM PST by broken_arrow1 (I regret that I have but one life to give for my country - Nathan Hale "Patriot")
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To: rfreedom4u

It’s not the salary that matters to him. It is the destruction of the United States of America and the destruction of American Exceptionalism.
It is reparations- not money, of course, quoting BO, because, “money isn’t enough.”
It is being George Soros piss bucket boy. It is taking a page from his possible true father, Frank Marshall, the unionista and stealing from business owners and dictating how they will do business.
It is payback for this non-African American who has ridden the coattails of American slaves solely on the color of his skin when he has no skin in the game- unless you count his white American half.

He is a fraud. She is a fraud. And they both hate white people.

55 posted on 01/26/2011 7:07:24 AM PST by Cowgirl of Justice
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To: Reaganite Republican
Americas first affirmative action president is running out of dark corners to hide in.

Can we charge him foro the free Government housing he lied to get into after
he's impeached and imprisoned?

56 posted on 01/26/2011 7:09:22 AM PST by MaxMax
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To: Conservative Vermont Vet

Look into Dr. Toru Nishigaya. He was Assistant Chief of Staff at the hospital in the 50s and was involved in Lolo’s immigration case in the 60s.

I can’t find much on him other than he appears to have been a prominent physician. He is dead.

His involvement for Ann is a little weird...but it might have just been Toots calling in a favor.

It’s pretty clear in those papers that Lolo didn’t want to go back to Indonesia..tried to do an end run around the CIA hacked them off enough that East West center made a notation about it...

and forced Lolo out of the country to participate in the coup.

57 posted on 01/26/2011 7:09:32 AM PST by RummyChick
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To: Conan the Conservative
The fact that he has sworn that someone told him something is not proof.

No, but the fact that HI's GOVERNOR (using all the powers of the office at his disposal) still can't find it either gives the 'someone told him something' affidavit a lot more weight than it would normally carry.

When you add the above to contradictory statements from previous HI officials (Example: Ex-Gov. Lingle claiming she had seen it and 'locked it in a safe' BS in 2009. Okay so if she was telling the truth, why can't the successive Governor access that safe?) plus an obviously now proven forgery of that online COLB (which can't be real since it has now been proven that there is NOTHING in HI's records to even generate that COLB). There is more than enough circumstantial evidence going on that warrants an investigation. Not investigating and continuing to sweep this gorilla under the rug does even more damage to credibility.

My response to the WH and their ridiculous 'rational men' statement is simply: "Hey White House, rational men don't hide every single circumstance of their past unless they are hiding something big."

Its time for subpoena's. CONGRESS ARE YOU LISTENING?????

58 posted on 01/26/2011 7:10:54 AM PST by conservativegramma
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To: Padams
Obviously, the new strategy is for the Dems and media to say that Obama does not have a birth certificate so he can’t show it.

If true, this is the most idiotic and stupid strategery I have ever personally witnessed. To now claim there is "NO" bc makes the online COLB they posted a proven FORGERY. That's a felony offense.

But hey if we're going to play along with this new and improved 'strategy' - let the investigations begin regarding perjury and forgery of that posted COLB. We can start with Gibbs since he admitted to posting it.


59 posted on 01/26/2011 7:15:37 AM PST by conservativegramma
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To: Reaganite Republican
Breaking news: AP is reporting that the BC was cardboard file storage box in one of the White House bedrooms!

< /sarc >

60 posted on 01/26/2011 7:17:34 AM PST by Lou L (The Senate without a fillibuster is just a 100-member version of the House.)
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