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Some of You Tea Party Folk Think Rick Perry’s the Answer?
C4P ^ | August 28, 2011 | Marc America

Posted on 08/28/2011 10:01:59 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan

If you’re a Tea Party member, or you have significant sympathies with them, I’d caution you against climbing aboard Rick Perry’s TransTexasCatastrophe. The Media is doing everything possible to paint this guy as a bronc-busting, cattle-roping, Texan, but in truth, there are more than a few things you ought to know about him. He’s no friend to individual rights, except in an election season, and he’s not really the trend-setter he’d have you believe. His record on jobs isn’t actually so swift as he’d have you believe, and he’s got less in common with the average Texan than he does with the Wall Street types with whom he prefers to consort. He’s no friend of Main Street, and he’s certainly no friend to real entrepreneurs, and for all his posturing as one of us, he isn’t, and it’s been quite plain. Those of you from outside Texas can be forgiven for mistaking Perry for a conservative. It’s assumed because he’s a Republican, and he’s from Texas, he must be. Let me now explain a bit of why this isn’t the case.

Friday I heard the increasingly estimable Mark Davis claim that you shouldn’t mind that Perry converted from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party because, as he points out, Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat too. Of course, this is a lie by omission, because what Davis doesn’t mention is that it was a long stretch of years between Reagan’s conversion and his arrival in California electoral politics. This isn’t the case with Rick Perry. He was Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Manager in 1988, and following the loss, immediately reversed course and ran as a Republican. I don’t know about you, but despite Davis’ rather disingenuous interpretation of Reagan’s conversion, painting it as just alike, I’m inclined to believe he left some details out intentionally.

Rick Perry has been a regular guest on Davis’ show on WBAP in the D/FW area for years, and to consider Davis anything like an objective or unbiased voice in this stretches all credulity. Frankly, I hope Limbaugh finds somebody else to be a regular fill in, because Davis is clearly in the tank for Perry, and it runs against Limbaugh’s general premise that he will take no position in a Republican primary, except in general terms on behalf of conservatism.

You may have heard some of Perry’s more recent statements about conditions along the Texas border with Mexico, and you might be inclined to believe Mr. Perry thinks more should be done. He even tried to repair his credibility on the issue by being broadcast on a live feed from a base of operations near the border for an interview on Greta Van Susteren’s show. If you believe that stage-managed bit of theater, I’m inclined to let you know right now that he’s relatively no more conservative in real terms than George Bush, which is to say on the matter of his statist, globalist reflexes, he’s no conservative at all. I’d hate it if anybody else broke the news to you, because I believe bad news is best delivered by a friend. Check out the following video for where Rick Perry really stands on issues of the border:

I realize there’s a tendency to overstate things in the name of supporting one’s position, but it’s really no exaggeration to suggest that Perry isn’t really very close in his thinking to Tea Party Members, not when measured against what he’s been saying since October 2010, but in what he has said all along throughout his career. He’s taken money and support from La Raza, ACORN, and other groups that advocate spending tax-payer dollars for dubious programs and projects.

He’s also a crony-capitalist. If you’re like me, that’s simply something you can’t abide. I love the free market, but Governor Perry’s revolving door between his staff and corporate boardrooms is a well-established phenomenon, and frankly, if you buy into his nonsense, he’s going to wind up exploiting your good intentions too. Companies like Merck and Cintra are more his style, and his staff has reflected this over the years of his gubernatorial reign.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Gardasil flap, and likely been willing to dismiss it as a fluke. That would be a serious and potentially tragic mistake. The most ridiculously egregious thing he may have done in his tenure as Governor of Texas was the proposed TransTexas Corridor. You may have heard of it, but may not have any details, so let me expound on that for a moment or two. This was the project that first enlightened me to Perry’s big government answers to all things. The upshot is this: It was to be a vast network of toll roads, but more, it would have included some form of light and heavy rail, pipelines, and all manner of things. On the surface, this might sound attractive, but as with any such project, the devil lies in the details.

The plan included 4400 linear miles of a toll road network, running parallel in many cases to existing Highways and Interstates already in existence. The corridor’s right of way was to be a full 1/4 mile wide. Simple math tells you that even ignoring junctions and interchanges, this would have consumed 1100 square miles of Texas’ territory. You might argue that while it’s a lot of land, Texas is a big state. That’s all well and good if the state already owns the land, but since it doesn’t, it was going to acquire it by use of eminent domain. Again, you might argue that building roads is one function for which eminent domain ought to apply, but once you look at the rules to be applied to this project, you might well conclude otherwise. Rather than basing their offers to property owners on free market value, they instead intended to limit it to “fair market value” as determined by a panel of cronies they would gin up for the chore.

This project actually proposed bisecting county and farm roads, and even property, dead-ending what are fairly important thoroughfares for the communities they serve. More, it would have bisected school districts and even towns along its path. Again, you might think that impossible until you understand that this was to be a closed system with few exits or on-ramps, only permitting access at major Highway and Interstate junctions. This threatened to destroy many rural communities, and they rose up against it. Once the details became clear to the public, it was quickly sent back for re-work, and eventually dumped.

Here were the things they didn’t advertise, but you need to know. It was supposed to be operate by a concessionaire, Cintra, for a period of 50 years. It was going to employ tolls of roughly $0.26 per mile. A geographical understanding of the scale of Texas immediately prompts the question: “Who on Earth would voluntarily pay to enter a closed-system roadway at that cost over the huge distances in Texas, when a free parallel alternative is just a few miles away in the form of an Interstate, or Highway?” Good question, and the answer is: Almost nobody. So how did they intend to make this work? In 2004,TxDOT applied to the USDOT for a waiver so that they could charge a toll on the existing I-35. The first leg of the proposed TTC system was called TTC-35, the leg that would run from Laredo to an undetermined point on the Oklahoma border. In other words, it was a corridor to nowhere, but in order to get you to use it, they were going to toll the free Interstate and let it fall into disrepair.

Opponents at the time argued that the existing I-35 corridor could be widened, and this was met with a dismissive rejection by Perry’s Transportation Commission. They said it couldn’t be done in a cost-efficient way. Your confusion at this statement matches that of the average Texan who realizes that this couldn’t possibly be true. How hard is it to add a few lanes here and there? Yes, you’ll have some eminent domain issues, but nothing on the scale of what the TTC proposed.

They also promised it would promote economic development, but what they kept concealed for a while, until they no longer could do so under the law, was that because it was a closed system, Cintra, the corporation from Spain that would build and operate it, would also have exclusive rights to all concessions along its length. More, due to the limitations on exits and on-ramps, it could never be shown how this colossal highway system would provide any sort of economic boon to anybody, because you wouldn’t be able to access most smaller towns from along its length. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the fact that one of Perry’s top staffers was a former Cintra VP, and the fact that one of his own staffers had gone on to work for Cintra had absolutely nothing to do with Perry’s TTC plans. Right?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve fallen prey to the hype about Perry, you may be forgiven, particularly if you’re not from Texas. You’re not aware, as so many here, that Perry isn’t the fellow he’s now being portrayed to be. He’s not a friend to the Tea Party, despite his seeming 2010 conversion, because much like his conversion in 1989, this conversion also seems to be one of convenience. I will assure you, this is most definitely the case.

Perry likes to put on an act about his conservative credentials, and his sympathies with the Tea Party, but if the truth is told, he’s no more one of us than the man in the Moon. You might want to let your fellow conservatives and Tea Party patriots know it too: We’re being hustled again.

Looks tough shooting blanks

KEYWORDS: 2012; amnesty; rickperry; teaparty
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To: alicewonders

Thanks for the honest answer, FRiend.

101 posted on 08/28/2011 11:08:32 AM PDT by tumblindice (It's the Donner-Reed show!)
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To: Repeal The 17th

I am 100% correct. I was there when the Tea Party was born. I saw the name get misappropriated by the socon/neocon crowd in their vain attempt to believe that they could harness the awesome power of this new movement.

They might be able to get the name, but they’ll never get the power it represents, because it is decentralized, leaderless, and organic in its essence. It comes from the hearts of tens of millions of individuals who are simply fed up with the way things have been going under BOTH parties. A lot of those people aren’t even Republicans, a huge part of the Tea Party is people who were generally non-political and independent but have simply been squeezed to the point where they have had enough. These are largely the people who have been left behind by the political system, not the people who have been actively engaged in it all these years.

The people who gave life and momentum to the Tea Party will have nothing to do with the new priorities you would impose on it. You are headed directly towards provoking a third-party, genuine Tea Party candidate.

102 posted on 08/28/2011 11:08:33 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: The Bronze Titan

Thanks for the heads up Marc!

Just as I suspitioned all along...

103 posted on 08/28/2011 11:08:57 AM PDT by Randy Larsen (I Stand With Sarah!)
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To: Conservativegreatgrandma

“I’m holding out for Obama. None of ours are good enough.”

LOL - well put.

104 posted on 08/28/2011 11:09:09 AM PDT by Magic Fingers
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To: erod

Should Governor Palin decide not to run, it won’t be Perry who is keeping her out of the race. Anyone on this forum who thinks Palin is going to endorse Perry anytime soon haven’t been paying attention to her lately and really don’t understand what makes her tick.

105 posted on 08/28/2011 11:09:13 AM PDT by gov_bean_ counter (Rick Perry decision matrix - Is it good for my buds? Is it good for me? Is it good for Texas?)
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To: P-Marlowe; All
"But articles like this from a Palin support site are destructive and not constructive. They accomplish nothing good."

The ONE and ONLY thing that keeps me in FreeRepublic is information.

I discovered, in 1998, that what I thought, others did also.

And not only did people here think like I did, they also had other thoughts I did not have, that were helpful to me in growing my increasingly aware political ken.

So here comes an article that, as far as I know, is factual (with video clips and sound bytes .. what more could one want?), and it DOES influence my thoughts to consider (or re-consider) Perry as a desireable president.


I'm sending this article around to my circle of people and we'll discuss it and etcetera.

But I'd hardly endorse Rick Perry as adamantly as some here seem to want.

He's just a guy, not perfect, and IMO .. not the best candidate.

106 posted on 08/28/2011 11:09:34 AM PDT by knarf (I say things that are true ... I have no proof ... but they're true)
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To: All

We need somebody who can WIN this thing. That means somebody with cross-over appeal, which our Palen, Bachmann and Cain (no matter how much we love them) simply do not have.

Until 1989, Rick Perry was a conservative Democrat. He switched parties as, like many Democrats including Ronald Reagan and Phil Gramm, he saw that party moving farther and farther to the left. Under Perry’s decade as governor, hundreds of Texas Democrats have followed his lead and become Republicans. As a former Democrat, Perry can speak to that swath of his former party that has become disenchanted with their party as President Obama has taken it even farther to the left, in a way that few Republicans can. He can also speak well and credibly to all wings of the national GOP, from the fiscal cons to the social cons to the libertarian set.
He would appeal to all segments of the Republican electorate and would come armed with a record of economic success and a commitment to liberty that no other contender can match.

Texas has been voted #1 business climate for the last seven years.
Texas has been getting all of California’s jobs.
Perry must be doing something right.
We need a good business guy right now.
Perry has proved it.




>Sarah Palin threw her endorsement to Rick Perry for governor.
Recently restated that she likes Perry
“He walks the walk of a true conservative” “And he sticks by his guns — and you know how I feel about guns.”
Sarah Palin

>Rush said that Perry is his dream candidate.

>Michael Reagan praises Perry:
“If you don’t believe Reaganomics can still work in this day and age, for whatever reason, I say you should look no further than the state of Texas.
Under the leadership of Gov. Rick Perry, Texas has championed and built upon the concepts my father used to rebuild America in the 1980s..
In short, Reagan Revolution is alive and well - deep in the heart of Texas.”

>Ted nugent is a close friend and supporter.


>Since Perry has been Governor of Texas, Texas has added more than 850,000 jobs, more than all other states combined. Texas has added over 180,000 jobs since August of 2009.

>According to this web site Texas is #1 this year and last year for business friendly.
Obama would not want not run against a governor that has the BEST business climate in the U.S. when everything else is in a depression.

>He refused to raise taxes when Texas faced a record $10 billion budget shortfall in 2003. Instead, he was the first Texas governor since World War II to sign a budget that lowered state spending (and has now done it twice). As governor, Perry has used his line item veto to cut over $3 billion in proposed spending.

>For seven years running, CEOs polled by Chief Executive magazine have rated Texas first in business development and job growth. Texas boasts 58 Fortune 500 companies — more than any other state.

>As America’s No. 1 exporting state, Texas shipped $206.6 billion in goods abroad last year, composing 16 percent of America’s $1.28 trillion in exports. California’s $14.4 billion in exports ranked it second, with 11.2 percent of U.S. outflow.

>Texas’ achievements so stunned Gavin Newsom, California’s Democratic lieutenant governor, that he flew a delegation to Austin last May to ask Perry how he lures defectors from the Golden State.

>Of the 70 companies that fled California in 2011, the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund reported last April, 14 relocated to Texas — these exiles’ primary destination.

>In 2005, Perry signed a historic $15.7 billion property tax cut for homeowners and businesses that also included new taxpayer protections against appraisal increases. In 2009, Gov. Perry secured a tax cut for approximately 40,000 small businesses in Texas and protected the Rainy Day Fund for future challenges.

>He led the battle to pass the country’s most sweeping lawsuit reforms, closing the door on junk lawsuits that had been making trial lawyers rich while driving countless doctors either out of the state or the profession all together. Since Texas voters approved these reforms, malpractice claims and premiums have fallen and access to healthcare is increasing across the state as doctors have applied in droves to practice in Texas.

>Perry is also known for his socially conservative views on homosexuality, and he opposes same sex marriage. He condemned the United States Supreme Court decision in Lawrence vs. Texas, which struck down a Texas sodomy law. He called the law “appropriate”


>Perry is pro-life and opposes government funding for elective abortions. In 2005, Perry, a social conservative, signed a bill that limited late-term abortions and required girls under the age of 18 who procure abortions to notify their parents. Perry signed the bill in the gymnasium of Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Worth, an evangelical Christian school.

>Perry signed into law a bill requiring a sonogram and doctor’s explanation before granting an abortion

>In 2005, Perry signed a new law that requires minor girls to receive parental consent before getting an abortion. This law strengthens a parental notification law Perry supported as Lt. Gov. in 1999, which
helped reduce teen abortions by 26 percent.
Perry has also signed a ban on third trimester abortions, a ban on tax dollars being used to support abortion facilities, a prenatal protection act that protects
unborn children from assault, and an informed consent law that helps expectant mothers better understand the risks and consequences of abortion. Perry supports a ban on human cloning and will veto any
legislation that provides state dollars for embryonic stem cell research, a process that ends a human life.
Perry urges to keep up pressure to roll back the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion until “Roe v. Wade is nothing but a shameful footnote in our nation’s history books.

>Perry, a frequent critic of the federal government, also bashed President Barack Obama for his administration’s policy allowing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, saying he was deeply disturbed by studies that turn “the remains of unborn children into nothing more than raw material.”

>Perry has faulted Obama for reversing the so-called “Mexico City policy” that banned giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information about abortions. Obama struck down the policy during his first week in office, saying it was too broad and undermined family planning in developing countries.
Under Obama “our federal tax dollars can now be used to fund abortion all over the world. With the stroke of a pen, abortion essentially became a U.S. foreign export,” Perry said.


>Perry adds immigration issues to lawmaker session
Perry wants passage of a measure requiring every person arrested to be run through the federal immigration databases as part of the Secure Communities program. He also wants to provide the state Department of Public Safety with the authority to make sure someone is in the U.S. legally before issuing a driver’s license.

>These measures, along with a ban on sanctuary cities, would “provide a clear message that Texas will not turn a blind eye to those breaking our laws,” Perry said in a statement.
“Texas owes it to the brave law enforcement officials, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and communities, to give them the discretion they need to adequately do their jobs,” Perry said.

>Gov. Perry has made numerous requests of the federal govt. to enforce the border in Texas including handing President Obama a letter in person when he landed in Dallas last year.
(Obama insulted governor Perry when he turned away and Perry had to hand the letter on the illegals issue to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. Obama declined to personally accept it.)

>Gov. Perry refuses to meet/greet Obama in May 2011 at El Paso during his Texas tour.
Perry later declared, “If he wanted to meet, I was in Austin.

>Perry signed into law photo ID required before voting.

WHAT have other states done?? (with the exception of AZ Ok and Ga)

What have other candidates stated that they would do?

What has Sarah stated she would do?

What is Backmann’s plan?

What did Reagan do?
President Ronald Reagan was the first president in history to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. On November 6, 1986, he signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, [PUB L 99-603]. In so doing, he set a precedent whereby the United States would not seek to deport illegal aliens, but to reward their lawbreaking by granting them full citizenship.

NEWSFLASH! None of them are going to do much.
We have to take the best of the lot.



In what was described as a “God and country” sermon at the Cornerstone church in San Antonio, attended by Perry and other mostly Republican candidates, the Rev. John Hagee stated, “If you live your life and don’t confess your sins to God Almighty through the authority of Christ and His blood, I’m going to say this very plainly, you’re going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket.”
Perry was asked if he agreed with those comments and said, “It is my faith, and I’m a believer of that.”[39] Perry went on to say that there was nothing in the sermon that he took exception with.
Humorist and entertainer Kinky Friedman, the Jewish independent candidate for governor in the 2006 election, said, “He doesn’t think very differently from the Taliban, does he?” Carole Keeton Strayhorn disagreed with Perry’s comments, and Democrat Chris Bell said that one who is in public office should “respect people of all faiths and denominations”.
Conservatives then responded, arguing that Perry had a right to his religious beliefs, and that he was not disrespecting Americans of other religious convictions. While visiting Israel in August 2009, Perry gave an interview to the Jerusalem Post in which he affirmed his support for Israel from his religious background, “I’m a big believer that this country was given to the people of Israel a long time ago, by God, and that’s ordained.”




>Perry does not believe there is valid scientific proof of anthropogenic global warming. He has said several times that there is no scientific consensus on the issue.[69] In a September 7, 2007, speech to California Republicans, Perry said, “Virtually every day another scientist leaves the global warming bandwagon. ... But you won’t read about that in the press because they have already invested in one side of the story.”


>Pro-life, Pro-guns, pro-spending cuts, pro-business

>He’s an outside-the-Beltway candidate

>He is not a Ivy League grad

>He was an Air Force captain who flew a C-130

>Speaks Spainish.
(Odumbo says everybody should speak a foreign language, but he CAN’T)

>Fighting with Obama on many fronts
Google Perry/Obama and you will see he’s been fighting him and his government for the past two years.


1. “Texas to Allow Regular Incandescent Bulbs”
Reports are the governor will sign Bill HB2510 by June 19th.
Bill HB2510 allows for the manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs otherwise banned in federal legislation of 2007, applicable from 1 January 2012 onwards.
The legality, at least in the way the proposed law is framed, has apparently been cleared with the US Attorney General’s office.
The Bill has already passed in both House and Senate with overwhelming support.
While Texas has no current manufacture, relevant parties are being invited to restart it.
Texas has been a leading US state in providing new local jobs, and this is seen as a further contributive measure.

2.Perry Adds TSA Anti-Groping Bill to Call ^

Gov. Rick Perry this evening announced the addition of TSA anti-groping legislation to the agenda for the special legislative session. In a statement, he said lawmakers could consider legislation “relating to the prosecution and punishment for the offense of official oppression on those seeking access to public buildings and transportation.”

>There is no such thing as ‘Perrycare’

>Signed into law sonogram and explanation by physician before abortion

>Signed into law, photo ID ident to vote

>Perry did not apply for federal “Race to the Top” education funds because he said it would force national standards upon Texas.

>He has vetoed a record 248 bills, including dozens after the 2001 session, angering many lawmakers.

>He said last year that President Barack Obama was “hell-bent” on turning America into a socialist country.

>Won governorship of state with lots of latinos

>He used to be a Democrat. So? So did Reagan.

>The Bush’s don’t like him

>He has NEVER lost an election, including an elementary school contest for “king” of the Paint Creek School Carnival. He secured that win by handing out pennies for votes.

>Perry has degree in animal science from Texas A&M University

>He is an Eagle Scout and wrote a book about the Boy Scouts, ‘On My Honor’.
Rick Perry uses the Boy Scouts to draw a battle line in what he considers a “culture war,” defending them against the American Civil Liberties Union and what he sees as a moral struggle for the country’s future.
The book also traces a 30-year history of litigation involving the Scouts — most of which they won — which Perry considers an attack on traditional values and faith in God.

Perry targets the ACLU as the primary force behind a leftist push to accept homosexuality and challenge Scouting’s duty to God.

>Perry has a reputation for not sweating



>He played quarterback on the six-man football team for the Paint Creek Pirates. He also played basketball and ran track.

>He’s a runner and triathlete.

>He is an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing.

>He plays the drums. At a January 2005 inaugural party in Washington, he played with ZZ Top in front of 2,000 people

>Perry has Romney’s looks without the other baggage.
Raised on a ranch.
Has hair.
6’ tall- presidential (especially after Obama)


Anytime governor Rick Perry is mentioned, Free Repubic seems to turn into something resembling Democratic Underground.
Posts regarding Perry are peppered with profanity, vulgarity and downright fabrications- the likes of which is seldom seen on Free Republic.

This is hardly in the best interests of our Conservative agenda. The Loony Left does not need any help from us in the character assassination of our Conservatives.

This Perry trashing comes from the Ron ‘truther’ Paul nuts, Debra Medina sour grapers, lurking Libs- and I suspect, over zealous Sarah Palin supporters and a few Bachmann supporters.
(I love Sarah and Michelle Bachmann as much as anyone else, but we MUST face reality when it comes to our beautiful Conservative ladies’ chances of winning this thing!)

Don’t you think it more sensible to trust what the Conservative icons have to say about Perry?

>Sarah Palin threw her endorsement to Rick Perry for governor-. She recently restated that she likes Perry.

>Rush said that Perry is his dream candidate.

>Michael Reagan praises Perry:
“If you don’t believe Reaganomics can still work in this day and age, for whatever reason, I say you should look no further than the state of Texas.
Under the leadership of Gov. Rick Perry, Texas has championed and built upon the concepts my father used to rebuild America in the 1980s..
In short, Reagan Revolution is alive and well - deep in the heart of Texas.”

>Ted Nugent is a close friend and supporter.

Don’t you think it more sensible to trust what numerous politicians and scholars have said about Rick Perry than various haters?


Read the official statements of dozens of Perry’s fellow politicians and scholars (both Democrats and Republicans) have had to say about Rick Perry:

All (including Democrat opponents) have called him a staunch Conservative, and not one of the dozens issuing opinions has mentioned the vaccine or TTC.
Apparently they don’t consider these things an issue. They DID mention Perry threatening to secede from the union as a strike against him.

What Perry actually said; “You know, my hope is that America and Washington in particular pays attention,” Perry continued. “We’ve got a great union. There is absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what may come out of that? So. But Texas is a very unique place and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot.”

The Gadasil vaccine Perry tried to “force” on Texas girls?
Dead issue.
He never tried to force it.
There was an opt out. It was up to parents to choose

Perry statement of Gardasil:

“I signed an executive order that allowed for an opt-out, but the fact of the matter is that I didn’t do my research well enough to understand that we needed to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry,” Perry said at the Manchester, N.H., event in response to an audience question about the HPV controversy, according to ABC News’ The Note. “But here’s what I learned: When you get too far out in front of the parade, they will let you know, and that’s exactly what our Legislature did, and I saluted it and I said, ‘Roger that, I hear you loud and clear.’ And they didn’t want to do it and we don’t, so enough said.”


Trans Texas Hiway?
Dead issue.
If that’s the worst he’s done, I can live with it.
I just want someone who can kick the Marxist/Muslim usurper’s sorry a$$ out of our White House!!


Bilderberg member?
Dead issue.
Governor Perry attended one meeting in 2007.
Many prominent Americans have attended these meeting.
That does NOT mean they are members or agree with their ‘agenda’- whatever that is.
Some who attended in the past: Reagan, Thatcher,Ford, Eisenhower, Gates

Why NOT attend if invited? I would want to know what in the heck they are all about and what they are up to.


>Americans WILL get it:
>Better looking
>Better record
>Rick Perry for President


107 posted on 08/28/2011 11:09:50 AM PDT by patriot08 (TEXAS GAL- born and bred and proud of it!)
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To: sockmonkey

“Sheesh, is the plan to post this article every 12 hours for the next week? “

How else can the bots draw readers? The only articles posted showing increasing interest and reader growth have “Perry” in the title. It’s really a compliment. Hang in there with us. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but, oh, what fun!. Rick is all in and in my opinion the field is set for a Romney/Perry showdown with the northern Republicans. Read 65% of Tea Party now supports Perry. The rest are here. LOL. %:)

108 posted on 08/28/2011 11:10:00 AM PDT by RitaOK (TEXAS. It's EXHIBIT A for Rick. Perry/Rubio '12)
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To: The Bronze Titan

I and many millions of others just don’t think Sarah Palin plans to run for President. So when it finally becomes apparent around Christmas time that she has still not announced her candidacy what will you do? You will either have to select another candidate or just write Palin’s name in on your ballot which would be a wasted vote.

I’m no longer convinced that Perry is a RINO. I think maybe Palin feels the same way.

109 posted on 08/28/2011 11:10:03 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: icanhasbailout

Actually, I’m beginning to think that you are a liberal troll.


110 posted on 08/28/2011 11:10:50 AM PDT by SumProVita (Cogito, ergo...Sum Pro Vita. (Modified Decartes))
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To: gov_bean_ counter

Not gonna happen. People need to lighten up.

111 posted on 08/28/2011 11:11:45 AM PDT by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is brewing!! Impeach the corrupt Marxist bastard!!)
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To: Georgia Girl 2

Hate to break it to you, but if she doesn’t run, I seriously doubt she will endorse anyone until a winner is chosen at the RNC.

112 posted on 08/28/2011 11:13:52 AM PDT by rintense (ABO can KMA.)
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To: lewislynn

WOW SARAH IS A HYPOCRIT. This guy has no idea why Reagan left the Dum Party.

Reagan himself said the Dum Party left him. Same with Perry. Once you get that close (Gore) and you see the ignorance of the candidate as well as his hairbrained ideas, the only answer is to get the he** out of dodge (dummie party)

113 posted on 08/28/2011 11:14:52 AM PDT by Marty62 (Marty60)
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To: icanhasbailout

One of your (apparently myriad) problems in comprehension is that you can not seem to grasp the idea that there are people (make that millions of people) who may identify themselves as a tea partier but who are not bound by the rules and dictates of any kind of an organization or a party.

Federal taxation is merely a symptom of a deadly disease.

Watch the Rick Santelli video from whence the “movement” began. There is no discussion there of “taxed enough already”; it was his outburst of moral outrage regarding federal intervention in the free market and rewarding bad (financial) behavior and punishing good (financial) behavior.


114 posted on 08/28/2011 11:15:45 AM PDT by Repeal The 17th (Proud to be a (small) monthly donor.)
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To: The Bronze Titan
Perry has no Tea Party chapter endorsements! Not even from his own Texas backyard. Hummmmm, I wonder why???

Don't know about nationally, but the San Antonio Tea Party (which had over a thousand attendees at a recent meeting) doesn't make endorsements.

115 posted on 08/28/2011 11:15:56 AM PDT by Texan
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To: Jim Robinson

Roger, sir.

116 posted on 08/28/2011 11:17:27 AM PDT by gov_bean_ counter (Rick Perry decision matrix - Is it good for my buds? Is it good for me? Is it good for Texas?)
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To: The Bronze Titan

All whining, no ideas.

117 posted on 08/28/2011 11:18:13 AM PDT by AppyPappy (If you aren't part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem.)
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To: SumProVita
I am fundamentally an American patriot. There's not a "liberal" bone inside of me, although there are quite a few that are pissed off at people who pretend they are patriots but push an agenda that is going to get us all killed.

This country will be utterly destroyed if its fiscal house is not put in order, in short order. We do not have the luxury of getting this next President wrong. We are one mistake from the end of America.

People need to put aside the culture war and focus exclusively on the economics of the situation which, if left substantially unchanged, mathematically guarantee the end of the nation.

118 posted on 08/28/2011 11:18:19 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: patriot08

Be careful. You may overwhelm the anti-Perry trolls with too many FACTS. ;-)))

(Yes, I believe in vetting the candidates. Unfortunately, some of these anti-Perry posters haven’t got a clue as to HOW to do that, or are not interested in doing so correctly.....because of other motives.)

119 posted on 08/28/2011 11:18:44 AM PDT by SumProVita (Cogito, ergo...Sum Pro Vita. (Modified Decartes))
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To: CajunConservative
You can’t compare Arkansas economy in the early 90’s to the current Texas economy.

I was comparing the Clinton presidency economy, not Arkansas.

DO you really think Palin has a chance after the DNC destroyed her in Alaska? It’s not going to happen. It was posted up thread that more than half of the Tea Party Nation doesn’t think she’s qualified for the position

Yes, Sarah Palin has an excellent chance to win in a landslide. I've got Rush Limbaugh to back me up on this one. Polls are so damn meaningless at this point. All they show is where people are at in their thinking THIS VERY MOMENT. Palin has the ability to move the polls in her favor. If I've learned anything by hanging out here is that many people are highly open to suggestion. They sway with the prevailing breeze. Two months ago, Rick Perry wasn't even on most people's radar screen. Now he's the cat's pajamas. As fast as a person rises so can he fall.

I've read and listened to everything I can get hold of pertaining to Sarah Palin since the 2008 elections. I know what to expect from my candidate.

120 posted on 08/28/2011 11:18:53 AM PDT by upsdriver (to undo the damage the "intellectual elites" have done. . . . . Sarah Palin for President!)
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To: P-Marlowe
-"A lot of Palin supporters are becoming the equivalent of Ron Paul supporters."

Let me say something right now to everyone.

Rick Perry announced his candidacy to be President of the United States just measly a 15 DAYS ago.

Rick Perry said that just only 45 DAYS prior to that: "Being the president of the United States was not on my radar screen from the standpoint of something I wanted to do."

For some mystical reason that I cannot fathom, we are now just supposed just LAY DOWN, STAY QUIET, DON'T SAY A WORD, and just ACCEPT this candidate for President, without any even so much as pointing out HIS RECORD, or any RESEARCH on what this man has SAID or DONE on any of the important issues of today!

You know what I say to that?


121 posted on 08/28/2011 11:19:42 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: rintense; Jim Robinson; gov_bean_ counter

I agree that Sarah will not endorse until the nomination is set. I can’t think of any reason why she should, nor what there would be to gain for her, or for the Republican party.
An endorsement would be divisive for some and helpful to no one because of the fall out is my best guess.

122 posted on 08/28/2011 11:19:54 AM PDT by RitaOK (TEXAS. It's EXHIBIT A for Rick. Perry/Rubio '12)
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To: tumblindice

I hope we can get the most truly conservative candidate out there that can beat Obama - we’ve got a tough road ahead of us because the media is in the tank for him. I truly believe that he is the enemy of my country - and he is within the gates. We’re going to need all hands on board and this kind of infighting that I’m seeing on this forum is not going to help.

These are scary times, I hope we can all unite against our common enemy.

I can only assume that Palin has got a lot of feelers out right now - the last thing on earth she would want to do is to declare & then not end up being the nominee. That would pretty much finish her up as far as having any kind of influence in the future. She is a patriot and wants to serve in whatever capacity that she can do the most good. I would guess that internal polling is not in her favor right now, or she would have already declared.

Unfortunately, the media has done a lot of damage to her. She is wise enough to know this & to know that if she doesn’t enter the race this time around - she still has a shot in the future. She is young enough to have plenty of time to work on that. I don’t know if Perry is the one that can do it, but right now the polls seem to indicate that he’s got a fair shot at it.

123 posted on 08/28/2011 11:21:15 AM PDT by alicewonders
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To: The Bronze Titan
My husband is from TX and still has relatives there--conservative Christians. They loathe Perry and agree with this article's description of him as a "convenient conservative"--one during elections and when it serves his purpose.

One of the amazing things about the hype for Perry's standing as TX gov. is the omission of a chief complaint against Bush when he ran--i.e. the TX gov. is not very powerful.

Still, if Perry wins, I will support him, or Mitt, or Giulianni.

Actually, I would like Giulianni above Perry or Mitt, because he was great at reforms. None are my first choice.


124 posted on 08/28/2011 11:22:26 AM PDT by vaudine
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To: icanhasbailout

“...will have nothing to do with the new priorities you would impose on it...”
You are hallucinating.
What are these priorities you claim I have imposed???

“...You are headed directly towards provoking a third-party..”
You, sir or madam, are laughable.
Do us all a favor and go check your medications.

125 posted on 08/28/2011 11:23:06 AM PDT by Repeal The 17th (Proud to be a (small) monthly donor.)
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To: cherry

I agree

126 posted on 08/28/2011 11:23:48 AM PDT by mel
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To: cherry

I agree

127 posted on 08/28/2011 11:23:52 AM PDT by mel
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To: cherry

I agree

128 posted on 08/28/2011 11:23:52 AM PDT by mel
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To: cherry

I agree

129 posted on 08/28/2011 11:24:00 AM PDT by mel
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To: Repeal The 17th

I know the video by heart, thanks. Taxation is the major - but not the only - aspect of federal intervention in the economy. You are correct when you say this intervention in the economy is the core problem that the Tea Party was born to address. You are incorrect to attach any social cause that is not ultimately grounded in government stepping beyond its legitimate bounds.

Here’s a good example that will illustrate the difference between Tea Party and Social Conservative: teaching homosexuality in the schools.

Liberal position: teach kids gay sex

Social Conservative position: it’s immoral to teach kids gay sex, or any kind of sex at all - that’s a parenting function and not a school function

Tea Party position: sex should never make the cirriculum at all, that’s not what schools are for, and if a school has the money to teach that then it has too much money and should get its budget cut by whatever is spent on overreaching nonsense.

Historical note: “Taxed Enough Already” was used as a rallying point for the 4/15/2009 tax protests.

130 posted on 08/28/2011 11:24:06 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: The Bronze Titan

All I can say is this. If a RINO ends up being the GOP nominee, I will vote AGAINST Obama, but I will not waste one penny or one second to campaign for that nominee.

131 posted on 08/28/2011 11:24:32 AM PDT by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender! REMEMBER NEDA)
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To: The Bronze Titan

“Perry has no Tea Party chapter endorsements! Not even from his own Texas backyard. Hummmmm, I wonder why???”

That statement alone shows that you are clueless about the Tea Party. Need I remind you that the Tea Party is made up of individuals. There are no elected leaders. There are self appointed leaders.

132 posted on 08/28/2011 11:24:55 AM PDT by Parley Baer
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To: The Bronze Titan
After watching that video, listening to Perry in his own words, and seeing the way Bush behaved while in office, I am now convinced more than ever that anyone coming out of the Texas political establishment is highly compromised in their immigration philosophy based on their intimate business border relationship with Mexico.

Exactly! I also have a problem with a Governor who allows ATF in his own state to supply arms to Mexican drug cartels and rolls over yelping like kicked puppy when Zero refuses wildfire assistance to Texas and helps the Mexican fight theirs.

133 posted on 08/28/2011 11:25:02 AM PDT by BerryDingle (I know how to deal with communists, I still wear their scars on my back from Hollywood-Ronald Reagan)
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To: The Bronze Titan

If it wasn’t on his radar screen 45 days ago, why did Gingrich’s team quit en masse and sign up with Perry 79 days ago?

134 posted on 08/28/2011 11:26:50 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: The Bronze Titan
upsdriver, you have just posted the best and most intelligent post on this thread (and that includes anything of mine as well)!

Thanks! I only want to see Rick Perry get the same scrutiny any other candidate(on our side) gets.

135 posted on 08/28/2011 11:28:42 AM PDT by upsdriver (to undo the damage the "intellectual elites" have done. . . . . Sarah Palin for President!)
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To: The Bronze Titan

Working in the purchasing department of a corporation wasnt on my radar screen 45 days before I got my last job. Things change.

136 posted on 08/28/2011 11:29:00 AM PDT by Raider Sam (They're on our left, right, front, and back. They aint gettin away this time!)
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To: Repeal The 17th

By the way, as a side note, I heartily agree with repealing the 17th, and I would suggest taking the 16th with it on its way out the door.

137 posted on 08/28/2011 11:29:35 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: Paperdoll
That is to say that no one should take a Republican candidate as he or she appears, but we must thoroughly vet each candidate before we chose who will run against this sleight of hand administration. We certainly do not need a repeat performance featuring a new face!

Noooes!!! Perry supporters won't stand for that!!.....

138 posted on 08/28/2011 11:31:02 AM PDT by Niteflyr ("The number one goal in life is to parent yourself" Carl Jung)
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To: mel

How do you really feel :)

139 posted on 08/28/2011 11:31:06 AM PDT by Raider Sam (They're on our left, right, front, and back. They aint gettin away this time!)
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To: The Bronze Titan
Hey, that's a kewl Perry-bashing picture! Where did you find it? Could it be that you "borrowed" it from a lefty blogger's website?

Here's what our friend "Mario Piperni" has to say about himself:

Alright, left isn’t always right but it sure as heck is right more often than not. As a transplanted Canadian living in southern Florida, U.S. politics has been one of my deep held passions for the last thirty years. In that time I’ve come to the firm conclusion that liberalism, as imperfect as it might be, can be equated with logic, compassion, justice and just plain common sense.

And you have the unmitigated gall to claim that Perry supporters aren't conservative enough for you, when you're carrying the water for the 'RATS?


140 posted on 08/28/2011 11:31:37 AM PDT by Nervous Tick (Trust in God, but row away from the rocks!)
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To: Marty62
Maybe if the rest of the states had the guts to bill the Zero Admin

Perry is not the first and won't be the last to bill the FEDS for a job NOT done.

Treasurer Dean Martin Sends Napolitano $1 Billion Bill for Housing Illegal Immigrants

141 posted on 08/28/2011 11:32:02 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: upsdriver

FYI Perry is not clean, and it is proven by the Merck/Gardasil fiasco (donations + revolving door staffers) as well as the Trans Texas Corridor/Cintra fiasco (same problem).

Perry = bought and paid for by the globalists on Wall St. who have zero use for an American middle class.

142 posted on 08/28/2011 11:33:20 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: gov_bean_ counter
I call them "The Perry Paid Brigade". They infest every thread that attemps an honest discussion of Perry's record. Don't be surprised if Jim Rob fumigates the joint in the next couple of weeks. Sorta like the great Rudy purge of 2008.

Oh admit it, you don't want an "honest" discussion on Perry's record. You're having too much fun bashing him. An as for Mr. Robinson kicking all the Perry supporters out.....I know you'd really love that. But think how boring it'd be around here.

143 posted on 08/28/2011 11:36:08 AM PDT by Texan
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To: icanhasbailout

“I am fundamentally an American patriot. There’s not a “liberal” bone inside of me,”

Just because YOU say so?

“...although there are quite a few that are pissed off at people who pretend they are patriots....”

Now you are impugning others’ actions (with no proof).....JUST LIKE A LIBERAL.

144 posted on 08/28/2011 11:37:33 AM PDT by SumProVita (Cogito, ergo...Sum Pro Vita. (Modified Decartes))
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To: upsdriver

Go ahead and believe what you want. I’ll stick with the facts in all of the polls that state she doesn’t have a chance of winning the general with 0bama. Palin fatigue has set in because she’s been over exposed.

The general election will boil down to one thing, the economy and jobs. Perry wins this one hands down simply because he’s led Texas for the last 10 years and has survived the 0bama regime on it’s job killing agenda. He stayed on the job and fought the moratorium, EPA regs, obamacare, etc.

145 posted on 08/28/2011 11:39:03 AM PDT by CajunConservative
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To: Nervous Tick

Good find!

146 posted on 08/28/2011 11:41:21 AM PDT by CajunConservative
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 140 | View Replies]

To: SumProVita

>> Now you are impugning others’ actions (with no proof).....JUST LIKE A LIBERAL

Please see post #141. Speaking of acting like liberals... it’s amazing how much of the Perry-bashing material comes straight from the Obama-supporting left — posted by those who bill themselves as the Only True Patriots!

Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave, I’d say.


147 posted on 08/28/2011 11:42:19 AM PDT by Nervous Tick (Trust in God, but row away from the rocks!)
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To: SumProVita
Now you are impugning others’ actions (with no proof).....JUST LIKE A LIBERAL.

A wise poster once said: "to use only ad hominem is usually a liberal tactic. Please avoid it."

148 posted on 08/28/2011 11:42:57 AM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: vaudine

Thank you for your sincere reply and observations. I know that ultimately the battle will be against Obama and the socialist. There is no mistaking that end of the road. As to whom we ultimately chose to lead us in that fight, well, that’s a battle that will have to be waged with a lot of intensity, because the type of ‘leader’ that we choose, will ultimately determine how much of Americana we can save from destruction.

149 posted on 08/28/2011 11:43:50 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: SumProVita; Nervous Tick

I meant to say, “Please see #140”.

Sorry for the confusion.

150 posted on 08/28/2011 11:46:28 AM PDT by Nervous Tick (Trust in God, but row away from the rocks!)
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