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There is a wedding, and invited to attend
Translated by Casey (no fe@r) at IH. ^ | March 29, 2009, 1:44 pm | n/a

Posted on 03/29/2009 4:13:46 PM PDT by Cindy

SNIPPET: "Is Tsedkon that I told you there was a large wedding ... and soon .."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Computers/Internet; Reference; Society
KEYWORDS: codeword; codewords; globaljihad; internet; jihad; wedding; weddings

1 posted on 03/29/2009 4:13:46 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Hat Tip: Oorang’s ping/post on The Threat Matrix at

2 posted on 03/29/2009 4:15:22 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy


Is it hughly series? Or can I go take a shower?


3 posted on 03/29/2009 4:15:51 PM PDT by Keith in Iowa (ESPN MNF: 3 Putzes talking about football on TV while I'm trying to watch a game.)
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To: LayoutGuru2


4 posted on 03/29/2009 4:16:19 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Oorang; Jet Jaguar

stepping back in time...

Quote - Snippet:

Law Enforcement Tactics

• The FBI utilized a set of new anti-terrorism tools that became available in the War on Terror including improved surveillance, interrogation of enemy combatants and a free flow of information between criminal investigators and intelligence officers

• The prosecution never accused any of the six of planning an attack on U.S. soil. The case instead focused on their intention to plan a future attack. They argued that the group was waiting for direction from al-Qaeda leaders

• Surveillance led to the capture of the cell before the “big meal” could be accomplished. In the past, “wedding” was a code-word for attack, so authorities became alarmed when a word similar to any sort of code was used

5 posted on 03/29/2009 4:39:35 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
Supporters will be happy days and the Salafi Jihadi and blaming assess and raise flags with the cheers and Zoom...

Translation of the translation: "Bring yer Kevlar umbrellas for the Predators. Par-tay!"

6 posted on 03/29/2009 4:50:04 PM PDT by Billthedrill
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To: Cindy


7 posted on 03/29/2009 5:18:30 PM PDT by HelloooClareece ("We make war that we may live in peace". Aristotle)
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To: HelloooClareece

Thank you for the bump.

8 posted on 03/29/2009 5:21:21 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; Oorang; Velveeta; backhoe; Godzilla; Jet Jaguar

Off Topic (I believe) from the original post, but still on the topic of weddings:

SNIPPET - quote:

We have also seen the publication of a couple of unusual videos featuring Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, one with him delivering a funeral sermon in front of a crowd of several hundred people, and another showing him at a large wedding alongside half the jihadi community in Zarqa.

9 posted on 03/29/2009 5:34:45 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Saw some related translations from IH. Interesting and needs further investigations.

10 posted on 03/29/2009 5:36:12 PM PDT by Godzilla (If the first step in an argument is wrong everything that follows is wrong. ~C.S. Lewis, The Problem)
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To: All; Jet Jaguar

ADDING to post no. 9:

stepping back in time...

In Jihadist Haven, a Goal: To Kill and Die in Iraq (Most Suicide Bombers From Outside Iraq)
New York Times ^ | 4 May 2007 | SOUAD MEKHENNET and MICHAEL MOSS
Posted on May 4, 2007 2:52:58 PM PDT by shrinkermd

This article is anecdotal recounting of a young man from outside Iraq who did his best to martyr himself. What is important, is the recounting of actually who is and who is not a suicide bomber. Remember, these bombers have been described as fomenting a civil war and proof positive of a civil war.

This is not the case as can be seen below:

“...The stories of the men from Zarqa help explain the seemingly endless supply of suicide bombers in Iraq, most of whom are believed to be foreigners.

“...Suicide bombings in Iraq are averaging roughly 42 a month, American military officials said.

“...In April, a pair of truck bombers killed nine American soldiers, another bomber blew himself up in the Green Zone killing one member of Parliament, and others killed more than 290 civilians.]

“...The anger among militants in Zarqa, a mostly Sunni city [in Jordan], is now directed at Shiites as much as Americans, reflecting the escalation in hostility between the two branches of Islam since Shiites gained dominance in the new Iraqi government. “They have traditions that are un-Islamic and they hate the Sunnis,” said Ahmad Khalil Abdelaziz Salah, an imam whose mosque in Zarqa was attended by some of Zarqa’s bomb

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

11 posted on 03/29/2009 5:37:35 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Godzilla

“...needs further investigations.”


12 posted on 03/29/2009 5:39:23 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy


13 posted on 03/29/2009 5:40:31 PM PDT by Jet Jaguar (Atlas Shrugged Mode: ON)
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To: Jet Jaguar

Thank you Jet Jaguar.

As with breaking news... it can change.

14 posted on 03/29/2009 5:42:43 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Yes it can.

15 posted on 03/29/2009 5:47:04 PM PDT by Jet Jaguar (Atlas Shrugged Mode: ON)
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To: All

Additional Link:

16 posted on 03/29/2009 6:10:44 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Bump, thanks!

17 posted on 03/29/2009 6:18:15 PM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

You’re welcome Velveeta.

18 posted on 03/29/2009 6:18:42 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
Alternate translation through Windows Live Search:

does تصدقون that you that there is a great wedding ... and soon ...

the wedding of wedding and circumcision is not عقيقه and engagement, but the wedding ...

the JAL Nahni is stationed saikh and mujahiddin Jihad Osama bin Laden saying ... وطاغوت die each year and best ...

the wedding will blend the دمعتان ýñí مكلوم from the heart of the freed and hypocrisy of the freed from the heart known ...

will rejoicing supporters salafia days and assess the ولائما and Sue flags with cheers from, zoom in there behind the curtain اقوام crying and their right to cry was gone, noettestad طاغوتهم granted gave and lift and place them اقواما and اقواما ...

to understand the objective is invited to the concert and either mixed with him on the wedding invitation came with only tmezi Esber and wait for ويؤمئذ muminun, naserallah rejoicing

19 posted on 03/29/2009 7:57:29 PM PDT by LayoutGuru2 (Know the difference between honoring diversity and honoring perversity? No? You must be a liberal!)
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To: LayoutGuru2

Thank you LayoutGuru2 for the additional translation.

20 posted on 03/29/2009 9:39:46 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; Velveeta; jveritas

Thanks to Velveeta for the ping to this additional translation:


To: Velveeta

Here is the translation from Arabic to English:
Begining of the translation:
“Do you believe if I told you that there will be a big wedding and soon…
A wedding that has no matrimony, no circumcision, no engagement, but it is a wedding. In this wedding we congratulate the sheikh of Jihad and Moujahdeen Osama Bin Laden saying to him: Happy New Year and a bad ruler would die.
A wedding that will have two tears. A happy tear from a wounded heart and a tear of hypocrisy from a known heart. The supporter of Jihad will be happy, they will have feasts, and they will raise the banners chanting and saying allah akbar.
And there behind the curtain there are some people crying, they have the right to cry because their bad ruler who elevated them and made them has left them.
He who understood what I wrote is invited to the big party and he who is confused will receive the invitation to the wedding and a rose attached to it. Just be patient and wait.
At that day the believers will celebrate the victory of allah”
End of the translation.

368 posted on March 29, 2009 6:51:41 PM PDT by jveritas (God Bless our brave troops)

21 posted on 03/29/2009 9:47:38 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Thanks to Call Me Joe for the ping and pointing to these articles on the Threat Matrix on


stepping back in time...

SNIPPET: “CNN has learned that Jordan thwarted a terrorist attack on its territory timed to coincide with the attacks of 9-11. Sources close to Jordanian intelligence say three men were arrested after a key phone call was intercepted. It included the phrase “big wedding,” al Qaeda code words for launching an attack. The targets were two hotels in the resort area of Petra (ph), south of Amman in Jordan.”

stepping back in time...

SNIPPET: “A few days before September 11, it was vital information, according to anti-terror coalition intelligence sources, that thwarted a major terrorist attack in Jordan meant to coincide with the attacks on New York and Washington.

The clue to the attack came in a message from Afghanistan to Jordan, intercepted by Jordanian intelligence. The coded message said: Remember your bayat. Don’t forget the time of the big wedding.

A bayat is the oath of allegiance that al Qaeda members give to Osama bin Laden. Big wedding is believed by intelligence analysts to be code for am imminent attack. The target of the attack, according to coalition intelligence sources, was to be two resort hotels in Petra, Jordan, a 2,000-year-old city that is a popular tourist destination.

Jordanian police discovered the intended targets after questioning three men whom Jordanian police suspect are part of an al Qaeda cell. Information about the planned Petra attacks and the big wedding message were passed on to Western intelligence agencies, but it did not point to any further targets such as the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.”

22 posted on 03/29/2009 10:05:28 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Oorang; Velveeta; Jet Jaguar; backhoe; Godzilla; All

It is unknown to me if this threat is related to this “wedding” “soon” thread, but I will post this here for archival purposes.


“Taliban Chief Vows ‘Amazing’ Attack on Washington ‘Soon’”
Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mar. 30: Pakistani police officers carry their injured colleague to an armored car on the outskirts of Lahore.

SNIPPET: “DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — The top Pakistani Taliban commander said Tuesday that his group had carried out the deadly assault on a police academy in eastern Pakistan, and he vowed to launch an attack on the U.S. capital.

Baitullah Mehsud, who has a $5 million bounty on his head from the U.S., said the Pakistan Taliban was planning a terrorist assault against Washington D.C.

“Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world,” Mehsud told The Associated Press by phone.”

23 posted on 03/31/2009 3:50:07 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Baitullah Mehsud
Up to $5 Million Reward

Date of Birth : Circa 1972
Place of Birth :
Weight : 175
Height : 5´2”
Hair : Black
Eyes : Black
Complexion : Medium
Sex : Male
Nationality : Pakistani
Characteristics : Black Beard
Status : Fugitive
Aliases : Khalifa

Baitullah Mehsud is a key al-Qa’ida facilitator in the tribal areas of South Waziristan in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities believe that the January 2007 suicide attack against the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad was staged by militants loyal to Mehsud. Press reports also have linked Mehsud to the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the deaths of other innocent civilians.

In addition, Mehsud has stated his intention to attack the United States. He has conducted cross-border attacks against U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and poses a clear threat to American persons and interests in the region.

24 posted on 03/31/2009 3:52:11 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Thanks much Cindy.

25 posted on 03/31/2009 8:55:29 AM PDT by Oorang (Tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people - Alex Kozinski)
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To: Cindy

“Wound my heart with monotonous langour”

The Normandy invasion is coming

26 posted on 03/31/2009 11:05:47 AM PDT by bert (K.E. N.P. +12 . John Galt hell !...... where is Francisco dÂ’Anconia)
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To: Oorang

You’re welcome Oorang.

27 posted on 03/31/2009 3:28:26 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

ADDING to post no. 24:

SNIPPET - Quote:

YOU ARE HERE: Home > Reports > Consular Affairs Bulletins > Report
Warden Message: Pakistan Police Training Center Attack
South / Central Asia - Pakistan
30 Mar 2009

28 posted on 03/31/2009 3:29:41 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; Jet Jaguar; backhoe; Oorang

ADDING to post no. 23:

Hat Tip: World


“Qaeda, Taliban planning 9/11-like attacks in US, Europe: NWFP IG”

“* Navid says Taliban are spreading throughout Pakistan
* Claims five to 10 percent of country’s madrassas are involved in indoctrinating suicide bombers”

By Muhammad Bilal

SNIPPET: “ISLAMABAD: Al Qaeda and Taliban are planning to stage terrorist strikes similar to the 9/11 attacks in the US and Europe, NWFP police chief Malik Navid told the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior on Monday.

The briefing, on the law and order situation in NWFP, informed the committee that the extremists were spreading throughout Pakistan, adding they planned to destabilise the Middle East to have a launch pad for terrorist attacks on the US or Europe. He said Arabs and people from other countries had entered Afghanistan in large numbers between 1979 and 1995, adding some had expertise in making biochemical weapons. He urged the government to focus on curbing militancy in the country, saying the activities of militants were rapidly increasing.

Responding to question from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) lawmaker Wasim Akhtar on whether the Taliban were moving towards the country’s major cities, including Karachi and Lahore, Navid said the Taliban were in every city and town. Most groups choose to operate secretly, he added. “Their people are present in every city and town. In some places they are active, in others dormant. The Taliban’s philosophy is to create pockets everywhere,” he said.

He said the Taliban were currently moving towards southern Punjab with intent to eventually reach the financial hub of the country, Karachi. He said the attack on the police academy in Lahore had proven that they were now established in the city.

The NWFP inspector general of police said there was a 1,000-mile porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, adding the neighbouring country was the major source of the weapons in the Tribal Areas. He claimed the Taliban were trying to turn the Tribal Areas into the Islamic Emirates of Waziristan.

Madrassas: According to Navid, Al Qaeda is expert in indoctrinating suicide bombers within a three-month period. He said five to 10 percent of the country’s madrassas were also involved in this. Al Qaeda operative Qari Hussain is training the bombers, he added. The police chief said the militants were composed of Pakistani Taliban, jihadis, local groups, criminals and Afghan Taliban, adding the major component was Al Qaeda. He said the Taliban choose to challenge the writ of the government and target army installations, law enforcement agencies, government buildings, schools, barbers, music shops, NGOs and Internet cafes. He said six suicide attacks had occurred in the NWFP during 2006, 125 in 2007, 62 in 2008 and five in the past three months. He said the Taliban had very sophisticated weaponry, adding police personnel required capacity building to match their opponents.”

29 posted on 03/31/2009 4:06:25 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; backhoe

Adding additional jihad propaganda to post no. 29:


Pakistan-Based Kashmiri Militant Commander: ‘‘The Path Of Enemies Has To Be Blocked In Kashmir And Kabul In Order To Save Islamabad; Obama Is The Bigger Enemy of Muslims Than Bush; The Kafirs Love Life And Muslims Love Martyrdom.’’

(Posted March 30, 2009)

30 posted on 03/31/2009 5:30:54 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
Thanks for this thread, Cindy.

I'm no Obama fan, but... by saying he is a Christian, Obama really did make himself more hated, & in fact, the prime enemy of these Muslim. It seems that, that is the ultimate betrayal.

Muslims Love Martyrdom: Just my two cents, but if they did assasinate Obama, he would become a martyr... here. I am praying for his safety. (And for the safety of innocent people worldwide... and for safety on the USA soil.)

what a mess

31 posted on 03/31/2009 7:12:49 PM PDT by exhaustedmomma (All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they should. Samuel Adams)
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To: All; Jet Jaguar; backhoe; Oorang; piasa


Snippet - Quote:

“PS: If you would like to have your own chit chat with the Afghan arm of the Taliban, here are there phone numbers (Really. I’m totally serious.”

32 posted on 03/31/2009 8:11:08 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy


David Horowitz: ‘100% Chance’ of Terror Strike on U.S. Soil
Friday, March 27, 2009 6:18:26 PM · 76 of 79
happygrl to william clark
I dreamed about the attack on the World Trade Center ten days before it happened. It was a frightening and confusing dream that made no sense until 9-11.
I told my sister on 7/06/05 that something was about to happen. The next day, the London transit bombings occurred.

Wednesday night of this week, I had another one of those odd notions that something again is about to happen.

Hope it doesn’t, but there you are.

33 posted on 04/01/2009 12:37:42 AM PDT by happygrl (BORG: Barack 0bama Resistance Group: we will not be assimilated)
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To: happygrl

Thanks for sharing that happygrl.

I agree with you that we both want nothing to happen.

34 posted on 04/01/2009 12:58:45 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Oorang; Velveeta; Jet Jaguar; backhoe; All

NOTE: This article is from a PAKISTAN news site:

Thursday, April 02, 2009

“Al Qaeda is planning attacks on US from Pakistan: Obama”

“* US president says elimination of Al Qaeda in greater interest of Pakistan, Afghanistan”

Daily Times Monitor

SNIPPET: “LAHORE: United States President Barack Obama on Wednesday said Al Qaeda was planning attacks on the US from its hideouts in Pakistan, a private TV channel reported.

Obama said the US would “chase and defeat the terrorist organisation wherever it is present in the world”, the channel said. Addressing a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London, Obama said US policy was clear for both Pakistan and Afghanistan and Kabul would not be allowed to become a safe haven for Al Qaeda.

Interest: The US president said elimination of Al Qaeda was in the greater interest of both countries, adding that all countries must “pick up the pace” to boost the world economy.”

35 posted on 04/02/2009 12:42:27 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: exhaustedmomma

Obama really could fake his own death in a Rose Garden attack by Muslims who “hate” him. If he’ll bow to King Abdullah, The One could have anything up his sleeve, even a miraculous resurrection. :-/

36 posted on 04/04/2009 11:41:40 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The Obama-nation began with the Inauguration of Desolation.)
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To: All

(See post no. 21 of this thread regarding the tears.)

Thanks to Call Me Joe for the ping to this post:


To: callmejoe; Cindy; Godzilla; Oorang; Rushmore Rocks; Velveeta; All

“two tears”,nkorea-threatened-to-transfer-nukes.html,2933,43894,00.html

513 posted on April 10, 2009 8:31:14 AM PDT by callmejoe

37 posted on 04/10/2009 1:49:08 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Velveeta; backhoe

Thanks to Velveeta for the ping to post no. 519.

38 posted on 04/11/2009 6:43:07 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
Who will the left blame if/when we have another attack in the US since Bush is no longer President and he kept us safe for eight years?

If I remember correctly it was Bush's fault for 9/11 and he had only been in office for a few months. They don't take responsibility for anything so we know it is going to be someone elses fault!

The left are good at pointing fingers but seem to ignore the fingers pointing back at them. They can get away with it because the MSM support them.

39 posted on 04/11/2009 6:50:46 PM PDT by kcvl
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To: All

Not related to the links above, but interesting.


40 posted on 04/14/2009 7:47:07 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

UPDATE to post no. 24:

He’s dead.

41 posted on 09/19/2009 2:12:16 AM PDT by Cindy
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