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  • New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis, not dismissal

    11/25/2014 12:39:09 PM PST · by PROCON · 8 replies ^ | Nov. 18, 2014 | David Zurawik
    Any day now, I am expecting to turn on the tube and see an ad that says, “More Americans get their TV news from Fox than anywhere else.”. Whether that pleases or horrifies you, it’s time to think seriously about what that says about Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the state of network news today and the role TV plays or doesn’t play in providing us with reliable, trustworthy information. Much of the media establishment seems bent on ignoring the incredible ratings success of Fox News. Or, maybe it’s just that Fox has pounded CNN and MSNBC in the ratings for so...
  • Vote: What do you think of the Ferguson grand jury decision?

    11/24/2014 7:29:32 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies
    The Times-Picayune ^ | November 24, 2014 | Jonathan Bullington
    A grand jury decided not to indict the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in August. With protestors gathered in Ferguson and elsewhere, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced the decision Monday night. What do you think of the grand jury decision? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments section below....
  • The Soul, It's Burdens, and the Path to Restoration (Part 2) PODCAST

    11/24/2014 3:46:52 PM PST · by Making_Sense [Rob W. Case]
    SOUNDCLOUD ^ | Rob W. Case
    Do you feel lost? Does your mind reside within a state of chaos, confusion, disorder, and does it perhaps carry with it an anxiety over what the future may hold? In part 2 of our series on the soul, we will explore, and expose, some of the darkness that resides within us due to living in a fallen world. We will add discernment to the darkness as the path to restoration will require a connection and a decision by you. Find out how, on this edition of Making Sense with Rob Case. To access this podcast, please click HERE or...
  • History of Thanksgiving

    11/24/2014 3:57:05 AM PST · by Ray76 · 3 replies
    Mises ^ | Nov 29, 1999 | Richard J. Maybury
    Each year at this time school children all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story, and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of time and space to it. It is all very colorful and fascinating.It is also very deceiving. This official story is nothing like what really happened. It is a fairy tale, a whitewashed and sanitized collection of half-truths which divert attention away from Thanksgiving's real meaning.The official story has the pilgrims boarding the Mayflower, coming to America and establishing the Plymouth colony in the winter of 1620-21. This first winter is hard, and half the...
  • Why It Is Unethical for SOME Freepers to Argue Against Illegals Getting Free Benefits from Obama

    11/22/2014 11:24:20 AM PST · by xzins · 81 replies
    Vanity ^ | 22 Nov 14 | Xzins
    Oh, those dastardly illegals. They come into our country, they live off our social safety net, they take our jobs, and they cause all kinds of grief. That's a fair description of many conversations in recent months regarding illegal immigrants. The message is clear: “It is unethical to take and take when you haven't earned the right.” That gets us to the Freep-a-thon. Statistics found easily on the internet prove that only 5% of Freepers support the other 95%. Count the number of unique hits Free Republic receives. Count the number of actual donors...and will discover that only 5%...
  • Obama's Nevada Immigration Speech May Be Early Boost For Harry Reid

    11/22/2014 10:06:55 AM PST · by Steelfish · 9 replies
    LATimes ^ | November 22, 2014 | MICHAEL A. MEMOL
    Obama's Nevada Immigration Speech May Be Early Boost For Harry Reid By MICHAEL A. MEMOLI Was President Obama's Nevada immigration speech a Harry Reid campaign kickoff? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he'll keep fighting for comprehensive immigration bill At the behest of some Senate Democrats worried about the political fallout, President Obama held off earlier this year from announcing his new immigration policy. But as he rallied Nevada supporters around a plan to spare more than 4 million immigrants from deportation, some could not help but wonder whether an earlier announcement might have boosted Democrats' chances in this month's...
  • "Some Folks Lied" - How The Administration Fabricated Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

    11/20/2014 12:40:46 PM PST · by Nachum · 10 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 11/20/14 | tyler durden
    Two months ago, to much fanfare by the progressive community, HHS, if not Dr. Jonathan Gruber, were delighted to report that as of August 15, Obamacare enrolment had hit 7.3 million sign ups, well above the 7.0 million goal. Then a week ago we learned that "projection mistakes were made" after the "Obama administration revised its estimate for Obamacare enrollment, now saying - with the bruising midterms safely in the rearview mirror - that it expects some 9.9 million people to have coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges in 2015, millions fewer than outside experts predicted." The administration...
  • Sorry, President Obama: Scripture Doesn’t Support Amnesty

    11/21/2014 4:58:20 PM PST · by Steelfish · 12 replies
    The Federalist ^ | November 21, 2014 | D.C. McAlister
    Sorry, President Obama: Scripture Doesn’t Support Amnesty So President Obama is quoting Scripture to make his case for amnesty. I just knew the separation-of-church-and-state crowd would be up in arms today with shouts of protest—wait, there aren’t any. No scathing posts. No statement from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Oh, right, this is a Democratic president, so it’s okay. His reference to Exodus 22:1 and 23:9 is perfectly acceptable. But like most politicians who pillage the Bible for their own purposes, Obama plucked verses out of context. “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt”...
  • Cat rescued from Westlake school bus recovering, but medical bills likely to total $2,500

    11/21/2014 12:08:08 PM PST · by EBH · 49 replies ^ | 11/21/2014 | Barb Galbincea
    WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Margie, a cat rescued from the engine belt of a Westlake school bus last week, is recovering, but her medical bills are piling up. So far, the Westlake Animal Hospital has provided about $1,800 in care to Margie, who was found stuck in the bus' serpentine belt, according to a news release from the school district. The 1-year-old cat was discovered after Westlake bus driver Marge Laskowski radioed fellow driver Denise Wering during their morning routes on Nov. 12 to check the back of Wering's bus. When the drivers pulled off of Dover Center Road, they spotted...
  • Obama Just Kneecapped Jeb Bush and Chris Christie's 2016 Prospects On Immigration

    11/21/2014 10:39:46 AM PST · by Steelfish · 10 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | November 21, 2014 | Jon Terbush
    Obama Just Kneecapped Jeb Bush and Chris Christie's 2016 Prospects On Immigration, the GOP primary will have little room for nuance By Jon Terbush President Obama on Thursday announced his much-anticipated executive action on immigration, and in doing so he lobbed a grenade squarely into the 2016 Republican primary race. Obama's order will reshape how the feds prioritize deportations of undocumented workers, shielding an estimated five million of them from being kicked out of the country. "We shall not oppress a stranger for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too," Obama said, quoting scripture....
  • Immigration and the Word of God. [vanity]

    11/21/2014 8:32:02 AM PST · by huldah1776 · 26 replies
    N/A | November 21, 2014 | huldah1776
    Question. I am doing a study on the return of the Messiah and His government. So far it's pretty exciting, but I am noticing a pattern. His government is based on truth, justice, and righteousness. One of His major pet peeves is oppression of the alien. Is America guilty of this? Has it always taken 10 years or more to become a citizen and/ or should this be changed? I don't know why it takes so long, believe there should be a vetting period, and know that all government programs are inefficient, so looking for secular and religious answers. The...
  • Brit Hume’s loud silence reveals the ugly secret about Obama’s immigration amnesty announcement

    11/20/2014 3:47:45 PM PST · by servo1969 · 56 replies ^ | 11-20-2014 | Bookworm
    There are some words that, as a writer, I’ve always wanted to use. One of those words is “cadaverous,” which I think is just a lovely, almost Dickensian word. Having attended last night’s delightful PRI Gala dinner, I finally have that chance. But let me start at the beginning….I don’t usually attend galas. Indeed, I don’t ever attend galas, since I am almost pathologically cheap and, no matter how much I admire the speaker or expect the company to be delightful, I simply cannot make myself pay several hundred dollars for a dinner and speech. Add to that the fact...
  • If CNN had reported on the Nuremberg Trials

    11/19/2014 8:06:59 AM PST · by PROCON · 15 replies
    americanthinker ^ | Nov. 19, 2014 | Jeff Lipkes
    American Soldiers Kill Nine Germans Nuremberg, October 6, 1946 Seven German civilians and two military personnel were killed by American soldiers today in a Bavarian town recently devastated by Allied bombing. The victims were identified as Hans Frank, 46; Wilhem Frick, 69; Alfred Jodl, 56; Ernst Kaltenbrunner, 43; Wilhelm Keitel, 64; Joachim von Ribbentrop, 53; Alfred Rosenberg, 53; Fritz Saukel, 51; and Arthur Seyss-Inquart, 54. The victims either had their necks broken or were strangled.
  • Be careful out there.

    11/19/2014 7:36:43 AM PST · by Brother Cracker · 56 replies
    Yesterday morning I was traveling at 45 mph down a semi rural two-lane highway on my way to a doctor's appointment when suddenly a large buck with a huge rack flashed in front of me. An oncoming SUV hit the deer on the rump tossing it off the highway. I was driving subcompact and had I approached a split-second sooner the buck and I would've undoubtedly stopped there -- permanently. Be careful out there.
  • Roy Clark Spins tales at Spotlight

    11/19/2014 3:46:16 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    The Tulsa World ^ | November 17, 2014 | James D. Watts Jr. World Scene Writer
    It’s been some time since Roy Clark could bound out onto a stage like a puppy just turned loose, brandishing an electric guitar and a joyous smile, ready to captivate a crowd with his personality and talent. Friday night, it took him a number of slow and careful steps, and the assistance of a cane and a couple of colleagues, to make his way to a chair on the small stage of Tulsa’s Spotlight Theater. Once he settled himself, Clark said, “I have to be careful I don’t...,” and he gave audience a comically knowing look, “...make an entrance. Which...
  • What will be the race of the next first black President?

    11/18/2014 7:06:51 AM PST · by Pauli67 · 33 replies
    Est Quod Est ^ | 11/18/2014 | Pauli
    My question is this: what race or racial mix will the next first black President of the United States be? I mean, OK, the first first black President was 100% white. (Yes, you are reading these sentences correctly.) Then the second first black President, Barack Obama, is actually not black but bi-racial, we are reminded.
  • Keystone stuck at 59 votes

    11/17/2014 8:08:15 PM PST · by PROCON · 43 replies ^ | Nov. 17, 2014 | Laura Barron-Lopez
    Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and other supporters of the Keystone XL oil pipeline are stuck at 59 votes — one vote shy of the supermajority they need to move their bill forward on Tuesday. Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) said Monday that they would vote against moving forward with the legislation, making it unclear whether supporters had a path to the magic number of 60. Rockefeller had appeared to be one of the last possible converts Monday evening, and supporters were pressuring the retiring senator to join their side. But he told reporters on Monday that he...
  • Have you ever been 'grubered'?

    11/17/2014 2:27:25 PM PST · by PROCON · 23 replies
    americanthinker ^ | Nov. 17, 2014 | Rick Moran
    The release of videos showing Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber chortling over pulling the wool over the public's eyes to get the law passed has spawned a cottage industry on social media of Gruber nomenclature. Washington Times: Grubergate, gruberish, grubered, grubermania, moneygrubering and gruberpalooza are among the new terms that have sprung into public use, these inspired by one particular economist who made an unfortunate comment about Obamcare, transparency and the mental capacity of Americans recently. But such things spawn instant culture. All the new nouns and verbs - some capitalized, some not - are now appearing in multiple print and...
  • How the left recruits trolls to make website comments

    11/17/2014 12:20:08 PM PST · by PROCON · 66 replies
    americanthinker ^ | Nov. 17, 2014 | Thomas Lifson
    Earlier today I wrote about the way the official Obamacare website has apparently recruited people to post thousands of comments each, creating the appearance of mass support, a variant on the traditional astroturfing strategy of creating bogus grassroots organizations. Big Fur Hat of iOTW Report has spotted what looks very much like a Craigslist ad recruiting trolls to post positive or negative comments on left-wing or conservative websites, respectively. The text in full, as well as a screen capture (in case the ad is removed), follow: We are a large social activism organization that advocates on behalf of issues including...
  • Existence of U. of Oregon Student Senator Miles Sisk Confirms Failure Of American Experiment

    11/17/2014 4:39:01 AM PST · by servo1969 · 8 replies ^ | 11-5-2014 | Ken White
    <p>"Pack it in, we're done here," snapped University of California Professor Emeritus James Clyden, who helped announce the scientists' findings at a grim press conference. "It's all on Canada's shoulders now," added Clyden, shuddering.</p> <p>"What is happening on these blogs is cyber-bullying and I believe that this is a crime. The people running these blogs are criminals,” Sisk said. “Frankly, I’m done with it.”</p>
  • Do You NOT Want to RAGE When You See the First Lady in a Decidedly Non-Salute Pose on Veteran's Day?

    11/17/2014 1:22:21 AM PST · by lbryce · 35 replies
    Google Plus ^ | November 16, 2014 | Steve Guttierez
    What a despicable, grotesque, piece of squat, this repulsive miscreant, marital partner of the Fudgepacker-in-Chief, demonstrates herself to be.
  • Major corporations funding ‘gay’ attacks on children, families & society

    11/16/2014 9:15:16 PM PST · by massmike · 13 replies ^ | 11/17/2014 | n/a
    Most people don’t know that major corporations in America are funding the massive push to introduce homosexuality and transgenderism into the elementary school grades, pass laws across the country to criminalize Christian belief in the workplace, force “gay marriage” through the federal courts, viciously harass pro-family groups, and much more. They're companies you likely buy from. This is what the average parent and citizen is up against. It’s time to say: We’re not taking it any longer. At the center of this effort is the world’s largest and wealthiest LGBT advocacy group, the (Orwellian-named) Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Based in...
  • UCLA's 'Optimist' tribute to avowed communist Angela Davis blasted

    11/16/2014 1:06:06 PM PST · by PROCON · 15 replies
    foxnews ^ | Nov. 16, 2014 | Fox News
    A UCLA campaign to honor role model alumni for their idealism is drawing fire after picking avowed communist Angela Davis as one of its inspirational figures. The school-sponsored "We, the Optimists" campaign includes a banner showing a young Davis, with the words "We Question" under the image. While Davis' effort to rehabilitate her reputation has been successful in academia, some students object to her inclusion on Bruin Walk. “Her selection as a UCLA optimist is not inspiring, it is unbalanced and perhaps politically motivated,” Jacob Kohlhepp, a student at UCLA and member of the Bruin Republicans, wrote in a recent...
  • The Man Whose Memory Failure Helped Save Bill Clinton's Presidency

    11/16/2014 10:45:38 AM PST · by Steelfish · 3 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | November 16, 2014 | Byron York
    The Man Whose Memory Failure Helped Save Bill Clinton's Presidency BY BYRON YORK NOVEMBER 15, 2014 Photo - Vernon Jordan speaks during the Economic Club of Washington's 25th anniversary celebration dinner in Washington, Tuesday, June 5, 2012. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) Vernon Jordan speaks during the Economic Club of Washington's 25th anniversary celebration dinner... This weekend, dozens of former top Clinton White House officials will gather in Little Rock to mark the tenth anniversary of the Clinton Presidential Library. Among those attending will be Vernon Jordan, the legendary Washington lawyer and political fixer who was close to Bill Clinton throughout the...
  • Bill Cosby Refuses To Speak When NPR Asks About Rape Allegations

    11/15/2014 10:25:43 AM PST · by lbryce · 43 replies
    Mashable ^ | November 15, 2014 | Johnathan Ellis
    Bill Cosby was asked on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday whether he had anything to say about the resurgence of allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple women years ago. He didn't. Instead, he shook his head, and refused to say a word. Cosby's long comedy career and pedestal as one of America's favorite TV dads have been overshadowed in recent days, as the allegations have gained new attention, though they are not new. One of his accusers wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post on Thursday, an attempt at a Cosby meme generator was overrun with negative comments and Cosby's scheduled...
  • These California cities scored best and worst for LGBT-friendly policies

    11/14/2014 2:37:12 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 14 replies
    KPCC ^ | 11-12-14 | Sharon McNary
    Six California cities received perfect scores for having the best policies and laws for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents and employees. Long Beach, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco and West Hollywood each scored 100 on the 2014 Municipal Equality Index. The index compares the nation's 200 largest cities, all state capitals and cities with high proportions of same-sex couples. Two national LGBT civil rights organizations, The Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Equality Federation Institute, publish the list. For Long Beach, which recently elected its first openly gay mayor, the city repeated last year's showing with the...
  • Jonathan Gruber, Romneycare, and Obamacare

    11/13/2014 8:31:57 AM PST · by Ray76 · 21 replies
    Nov 13, 2014 | self
    Obama used the Massachusetts law developed by Gruber as the blueprint for Obamacare When asked in 2012 what were the differences between RomneyÂ’s and ObamaÂ’s plans he said "They are the same bleeping bill! More seriously, the core of the ACA [Affordable Care Act] is exactly the same as what we did here in Massachusetts" Romneycare was held up as a success. It became the exemplar model. But in fact it is a failure. Gruber himself says the "dirty secret" is that a large portion of the cost of Romneycare was paid by the Feds. Here is Gruber and the...
  • Is part 1 of SEAL interview available on demand or streaming

    11/12/2014 4:36:26 PM PST · by Mr. Bird · 8 replies
    Hey gang, long time no see. Anyone know if Part 1 of the Bin Laden takeout is available on FiOS on demand or streaming on the net? I apologize if I have posted this incorrectly. Rusty.
  • Guardianship of Elderly Parents; Have you had to do this. Experiences & advise welcome.

    11/12/2014 11:32:47 AM PST · by zlala · 71 replies
    Self | November 12, 2014 | zlala
    Looking for suggestions and/or advice dealing with parents with dementia and making mostly bad decisions.
  • It's Almost Official: The Democrats Are the Party of the Devil

    11/12/2014 7:54:11 AM PST · by PROCON · 26 replies
    americanthinker ^ | Nov. 12, 2014 | Selwyn Duke
    Perhaps the first clue, or the ten thousandth, was when many Democrats opposed the reinsertion of God into their party’s platform in 2012 and booed the judgment that the measure to do so had passed. But now it’s all but official: The Democrats are the party of the Devil. Here’s the story, courtesy of CBS Boston: Ruth Provencal is a devout Catholic whose favorite phrase when saying goodbye has now thrust her into controversy. “I would say ‘thank you for voting, God Bless you,’” Provencal explains. After serving as an election volunteer five times, the 67-year-old was told to stay...
  • Morale sinks at CNN's DC bureau

    11/10/2014 8:54:19 PM PST · by Enterprise · 120 replies ^ | 11-10-14 | DYLAN BYERS
    CNN's Washington bureau is suffering from low morale and high anxiety in the wake of weeks of layoffs and buyouts — with one employee likening the place to the Redskins’ locker room. In conversations with POLITICO, sources at the bureau spoke of tension in the office as several longtime staffers have been let go while others are being promoted and given raises. On Friday, during the most recent departures, "people were crying all over the bureau," one D.C. employee said.
  • U.S. Marine's Tribute Song by Rock Group "Madison Rising"

    11/10/2014 12:29:52 PM PST · by PROCON · 10 replies
    Nov. 10, 2014 | me
    Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps!Great tribute to the United States Marines by Rock Group "Madison Rising".
  • EPA Puts Inert Argon on List of Banned Pesticide Ingredients

    11/08/2014 7:38:42 AM PST · by PROCON · 52 replies
    cnsnews ^ | Nov. 7, 2014 | Barbara Hollingsworth – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed taking 72 hazardous chemicals off of its approved list of inert ingredients allowed for use in pesticides. (See EPA chemical substances for removal.pdf) But the inclusion of argon (AR) - a naturally occurring element and the third most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere - has left some people scratching their heads. According to the Gas Encyclopedia, “the name argon comes from the Greek argos, meaning ‘the lazy one’” because it is so chemically stable. The element, which was discovered in 1894, is “so unreactive” that it is primarily used to...
  • Is there a list somewhere of the 50 closest House races in order of margin of victory?

    11/07/2014 5:14:02 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 6 replies
    If you go on Roll Call they only have it state by state or you have to wait for every race to load.
  • Still bearing the scars of war, the beautiful landscapes which were once the scene of some of...

    11/07/2014 11:45:40 AM PST · by PROCON · 12 replies ^ | Nov. 7, 2014 | Annabel Grossman
    These haunting images reveal the battlefields of World War One as they look today - one hundred years after the fighting broke out. The powerful and atmospheric shots were taken by photographer, Michael St Maur Sheil, who spent seven years on the project. The collection, called Fields of Battle-Lands of Peace 14-18, form an open-air exhibition featuring 60 freestanding photographs, each measuring 1.2 metres (4ft) by 1.8 metres (5ft 10in).
  • Independence Day: Yearly rollback of laws & regulations (vanity)

    11/06/2014 10:50:24 AM PST · by kingu · 7 replies
    I realize that not everyone is into activism, but I think this is one that most of us can get behind. A yearly requirement for all levels of government to nullify a body of laws each and every 4th of July. It might be as simple as just putting to rest old blue laws, but really, the meat of it should be rolling back all those inane rules and regulations that effectively mean every person commits a felony just through normal day to day living. Yes, it'll take a lot of work to put together a list of laws for...
  • Cant' read "Comments"

    11/06/2014 9:40:11 AM PST · by GYPSY286 · 14 replies
    Me | November 6, 2014 | Gypsy286
    Just recently, I am unable to read the comments on American Thinker, Politico, etc. What is going on? Why do I have to "sign-up"? Is this something new?

    11/05/2014 7:28:41 PM PST · by Viennacon · 23 replies
    . ^ | 11/5/2014 | Me
    In the following post, I am going to go through what happened last night for those finding it hard to follow, perhaps because they don't know who is who etc. I will go systematically through the highlights and lowlights of the governor's races, US Senate races, US House races, and state legislature makeup, picking out the ones I was watching out for in particular. I will then state the big winners and losers of the night in general Finally, my opinion on where we should go next, how to improve on successes and not repeat failures. Without further ado, and...
  • Will Boehner try to kick Steve King off the judiciary while McConnell keeps Linda, Flake & Cornyn?

    11/05/2014 9:14:33 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 6 replies
    La Raza asked Boehner to kick Steve "Cantaloupes" King off the judiciary back when he made the quote. Boehner did not do it then but it would have only hurt amnesty. My guess is Boehner might try to put Steve as head of the Ag Committee so King doesn't have as much time to undermine Trey Gowdy's expanded immigration agenda. McConnell should kick any amnesty supporter off the judiciary but he won't.
  • The Morning After: How Newspaper Front Pages Covered the GOP Victory

    11/05/2014 8:32:18 PM PST · by lbryce · 3 replies
    Mashable ^ | November 5, 2014 | Megan Hess
    Newspaper editors were up late on Tuesday night. The big story of the midterm elections was Republicans recapturing control of the Senate for the first time since 2006, signifying in a major power shift in Congress. Here's a look at how papers around the United States took the news. SEE ALSO: The Senate results: How Republicans took it all These are two of the best.
  • 5 Things the Republicans Can Do with Control of the Senate

    11/05/2014 8:22:41 PM PST · by lbryce · 9 replies
    Mashable ^ | November 6, 2014 | Colin Daileda
    Now that the GOP has taken control of the Senate, the country waits to find out what the party will do with its newfound power. Congress has been notoriously gridlocked for the past several years — in large part due to Republicans, who used their majority in the House of Representatives and obstruction in the Senate to effectively veto Democrat initiatives. Now that the GOP controls the Senate and the House, it's unclear whether more legislation will pass — or if the newly Republican Congress will just butt heads with the president more. So what will the GOP try to...
  • Obama’s press conference shows he views the Republican tide as a mandate for him to act unilaterally

    11/05/2014 6:20:50 PM PST · by servo1969 · 22 replies ^ | 11-5-2014 | Bookworm
    Since 2007, I’ve been saying that Obama isn’t a mere narcissist but is, instead, a malignant narcissist. He worships at his own altar and is, in his own mind at least, infallible. The manifests itself most obviously in the fact that, once he’s set himself on an intellectual or behavioral path, he is incapable of change — or at least, incapable of change based upon external critique and criticism. To a narcissist, any such external input must either be ignored or twisted so that it conforms to the narcissists own immutable infallibility.Everything that I just wrote is highly abstract. If...
  • Pat Buchanan: Joni Ernst Almost as ‘Attractive’ as Palin and Bachmann

    11/05/2014 2:51:57 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 39 replies
    Mediaite ^ | November 5, 2014 | Matt Wilstein
    Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan doesn’t pop up on cable news much these days, but he did get a platform to discuss his thoughts about yesterday’s midterms on Newsmax Wednesday. And when it came to Senator-elect Joni Ernst in Iowa, Buchanan couldn’t say enough about her “attractiveness.” Buchanan began by calling Ernst and “enormously attractive figure” and “a gal with a real sense of humor and a fighting spirit.” He added that she “has the same kind of attractiveness that Sarah Palin had at the start and that Michele Bachmann gained in the Iowa caucuses, I mean, being a...
  • List of RINOs who lost the general

    11/05/2014 1:23:21 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 25 replies
    1. Vance McAllister 2.?
  • Vanity....Doug Ose beats Ami Bera in California CD7

    11/05/2014 9:18:45 AM PST · by liege · 9 replies
    My Age Addled Brain | 11/5/2014 | Liege
    So Doug Ose beats Ami Bera in California's CD7 last night. Good, right?
  • This was the moment - this was the time

    11/05/2014 7:22:01 AM PST · by areukiddingme1 · 7 replies
    (Vanity) | 5 November 2014 | areukiddingme1
    How ironic, when you change a few words to obama's acceptance speech from 2008, it just fits. "I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my own limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of the American people. Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to return America to greatness and to start rebuilding our...
  • Starbucks Unveils Its First LBGT Commercial and it Ain’t Pretty

    11/02/2014 12:01:42 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 63 replies
    Godfather Politics ^ | November 1, 2014 | Gary DeMar
    More and more companies are going “gay” while at the same time denigrating anybody who has an issue with same-sex, alternate sex, slice and dice sex (transgenderism), and take-your-pick sex. When it was found out that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich opposed same-sex marriage, so much pressure was put on him because of his anti-same sex marriage views (he donated to Proposition 8) that he believed that he couldn’t do anything but resign. The Gaystapo would have made it unbearable for him and the company for Eich if he had remain as CEO. There is a long trail of persecution from...
  • Non-Citizens Are Voting

    10/31/2014 8:31:29 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 20 replies
    National Review ^ | October 30, 2014 | John Fund
    OCTOBER 30, 2014 Non-Citizens Are Voting James O’Keefe documents the problem in North Carolina, where the Senate race is close. By John Fund Could non-citizen voting be a problem in next week’s elections, and perhaps even swing some very close elections? A new study by two Old Dominion University professors, based on survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, indicated that 6.4 percent of all non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election, and 2.2 percent in the 2010 midterms. Given that 80 percent of non-citizens lean Democratic, they cite Al Franken ’s 312-vote win in the 2008 Minnesota...

    10/31/2014 8:04:13 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 30 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | October 31, 2014 | Daniel J. Flynn
    THE GROWING HALLOWEEN DEPRAVITY OF GROWNUPS Ray Rice and ISIS costumes are all the rage this year. By Daniel J. Flynn Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers kill kids rushing to become adults. Is it too much to ask of the ghoulish trio to apply their talents toward adults rushing to become kids? The grownups who have decimated the ranks of trick-or-treaters by aborting 10 million of them in the last decade offer penance for their sins against Halloween by dressing up in place of the missing children. The National Retail Federation estimates that adults will spend $1.4 billion...
  • Political Hell on Earth with Michelle at the Helm?

    10/31/2014 8:42:34 AM PDT · by lbryce · 29 replies
    Joe For America ^ | October 30, 2014 | Susan Calloway Knowles
    I think I got a glimpse of what hell could be like after reading something on the Internet recently. Finding out for sure what hell is like is something that I never want to experience. Hearing that First Lady, Michelle Obama, may be considering a run to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), if the 81-year-old retires in 2018, caused a shiver to run down my spine. While it’s only a rumor at this point, rumors have a way of turning into reality especially when liberal Democrats are involved. Honestly, since I live in California, I couldn’t imagine anyone that would...