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The Left's "Justified War"
CROSSHAIRS - Opinions & Commentary ^ | 10-22-09 | Michael Tank

Posted on 10/22/2009 3:39:44 PM PDT by MTank50

Historically when it comes to America's wars the Left has never found one that they could sanction as a "justified war" to fight, and that includes WW II. But now the Liberals and the Obama Administration have finally found a war that they not only believe is justified, they declared it and seem determined to win it at all costs. Unfortunately for our Troops in Afghanistan who are being ignored, if not outright stranded, sacrificed and betrayed by your "I vote 'Present' " CIC Obama, the Left's new "justified war" is with Fox News.

About a month or so ago Chris Wallace said this about the Obama Administration, "They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my thirty years in Washington." This criticism was made in regard to Obama making the rounds of almost every major Sunday news talk show, including the Spanish language network Univision, yet he snubbed the number one Cable news channel, Fox News. It was also made in view of the Obama Administration's constant whining about any reports that were critical of Obama, his policies or the high treason that is being perpetrated against America by this current Congress under the Messiah's direction.

In other words Obama is not going to allow anyone to speak out unless what they say follows the Party line in worshiping the new Messiah and His Vision. But unlike most all of the other "news" outlets, Fox News is the undisputed leader in this Administration's and Congressional criticism. Since early in the last Presidential campaign when the Leftist Obama, who disguised as a Centralist, first became a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, Fox has been on his case, and as his first nine months in office prove, rightly so. Obama and Fox News have been skirmishing ever since, so now Fox News must be punished.

That Mr. Wallace made his nasty little comment on The O'Reilly Factor, the top rated program on Fox News, and Cable television, only fueled the fires of sacrilegious outrage and frustration in the Oval Office. One can almost visualize the hissy fits that were thrown by the Emperor With No Clothes and his Court Jesters after that broadcast. Why oh why, won't those people at Fox just drink the Kool-Aid like Katie, Rachel and Keith? And for Heaven's Sake, doesn't anyone at Fox get that "tingly sensation" like our lackey Chris Matthews when the Anointed One speaks?

Apparently in finally finding some semblance of a backbone in their indignation at this honest but inflammatory observation by Wallace, concerning Fox News the Obama Administration went straight from Code Yellow to Code Red and launched an all out attack. It's a shame that they cannot find the same courage and convictions to do so in Afghanistan.

The effect of their declared war on Fox has been that they are only proving Mr. Wallace right as your elected leader of our country, his hired help and their Liberal media hordes are behaving like a bunch of five year old cry babies stomping their' feet and crying foul every time someone at Fox opens their mouth. After the arrogant and inane behavior and policies by this current President, his Congress and his media worshipers, one would believe that nothing more could surprise us, but this constant whining about criticism by just one out of the many media outlets really is quite unbecoming of a sitting President, even for yours, or by his Administration, Congress and the rival media. If only they would all take such umbrage when snubbed by the Russians, Iranians and that maniac midget in North Korea! But then Fox News is a much easier and less dangerous target for your so-called CIC to engage.

All in all this will be an innocuous little war with Fox because unlike the wars that Obama and his Administration should be directing their attentions and energies on nobody is going to get maimed or killed. In the end Fox will come out the winner as they are already increasing their audience because of the attention that has been directed on Fox by the White House whining and in the ultimate truth that sooner, I hope, than later, Obama and his cohorts will be voted out of office while Fox does not have that worry. But in the meantime it is interesting to see the White House battle plan unfold and in seeing who has been put in charge of the fight. By putting the spotlight on Fox News what the White House has also foolishly, albeit perhaps inadvertently, spotlighted the wide variety of unsavory characters it has installed to run our Nation, such as White House Communications Director Anita Dunn.

In perhaps the opening salvo of this now declared war Dunn came out into the Nation's spotlight last week on CNN to call Fox News "a wing of the Republican Party."

She also stated, "Let's not pretend they're a news organization like CNN is."

Up until then I was probably just one of the millions of Americans who did not know who Anita Dunn was or that she was the White House Communications Director. Who knew that she is married to one of the main lawyers who have been working so diligently on Obama's behalf in fighting the legal movement trying to force Obama to reveal his authentic birth certificate? Now in the past few days, and thanks to the Fox News' video of a speech Dunn gave to a class of high school seniors, we know that, "two of my (Dunn's) favorite political philosophers, (are) Mao Tse-tung and Mother Teresa."

I'm sorry folks, but I find it more than a bit disturbing that we have working in our White House a woman whose two favorite political philosophers includes a Communist dictator who was responsible for the murder of sixty to seventy million people. Whatever happened to the American leaders who saw our own Thomas Jefferson as THE favorite political philosopher? Except to learn why Mao was such an evil entity and in learning how to avoid allowing another monster like him to gain power, I have no reason to listen to anything Mao has to say, let alone glorify his teachings. Likewise, in respect to Dunn's personal choices in political philosophers I have no reason to take anything that she says seriously.

What is also telling is that this female whack job has chosen two completely different "favorites" from such opposite and opposing spectrums that there must be some sort of physiological disorder present in her own make up. Yet here in our now insane Liberal society we are allowing her to give speeches to our children and to help run our Nation. Imagine meeting this woman for a blind date and from across your dinner table she explains that her two favorite political philosophers are Mao Tse-tung and Mother Teresa. Before she can start quoting Mao, the very next words out of any sane man's mouth would be "Check please!"

Of course now that Dunn has been criticized for this speech she has followed what has become the Obama Mob's standard operational procedure in throwing her favorite political philosopher, Mao under the bus by stating that she was only joking when she gave that speech. Don't any of these people have firm convictions and beliefs? But standing behind a podium in an obvious display of authority and power while addressing a class of seventeen to eighteen year old American high school students and expressing her supposedly high opinion of a murderous Communist dictator by quoting him is not a joke. It is also obvious that Dunn did not think this was a joke when she gave this speech in June of this year but only excuses it as such now in October when she has been called on it.

This entire episode is just another example of how these arrogant, intellectual, Leftist snobs now known as Obamaites, view the American people with such a dismal, demeaning disdain that they own the incredible audacity and self righteous superiority to believe that we will all just lie down and take these lies as we are all too ignorant to argue or to see the truth.

But in their defense one can see how they have reached this level of contempt in that despite the Che Guevara flags in the Obama campaign offices, despite the Saul Alinsky obedience by both Obama and Hillary, despite Obama's boasting of being a socialistic community organizer, despite twenty years of racist, anti-American ravings of Wright's church, despite Michelle never being proud of her country, despite the promise to "spread the wealth", despite ACORN and Ayers; as a Nation we still elected this socialistic rabble into office. So now what else should we expect but a Worldwide American apology tour, government takeovers of private corporations and banks, insulting us as "a Nation of cowards", Van Jones, socialized national heath care, "victory is not the only option", disdainful arrogance toward the ignorant Masses, a Mao quoting Dunn and a declaration of war on the one news network that refuses to worship Obama and his socialistic Congress like all the rest?

Dunn explained that this war was all part of "a new more aggressive strategy" by the White House, "defined largely by a pledge to push back hard against news stories that are either inaccurate or unflattering." Here the "inaccurate" part does make sense, if what Fox has reported is untrue then they should be brought to task. But if something is accurate but "unflattering" then the White House's only recourse is to bite the bullet, and try not to commit "unflattering" mistakes. But they should not be looking to simply suppress the news if it is true and unflattering. Unfortunately the Obama White House cannot stand anything that is unflattering, true or false. And in truth many of the people he has chosen to run his administration, and many of his policies, are not just unflattering, but indeed obscene, so we can understand to a certain point, his dilemma.

It is very disturbing that the Obama Mob feels that it is more beneficial for them to declare war on Fox News than it is to sit down with them on Fox News to debate the issues, inaccuracies or unflattering reports. With the Socialist agenda that the Obama administration is using in so desperately trying to "Change" our country it is understandable why they do not want to debate the issues on the most widely watched news programs. For them it is better to attempt this socialist coup in the dark, or at least in the tainted light of the lapdog media. So while the Obama White House is willing to sit down with any and all of the World's despots and desperadoes they can find, they refuse to debate their fellow Americans at Fox News. For Obama the stakes are too high to allow Fox News to continue unchallenged and un-smeared. That's interesting.

Of course Dunn has not been alone in this assault as other such White House goons and mouthpieces have also spoken out about Fox News.

On CNN Rahm Emanuel blankly stated about Fox News, "It's not a news organization so much as it has a perspective."

White House Senior Advisor to the President David Axelrod flatly stated that Fox is "not really a news station."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs later defended these statements when questioned by ABC's Jack Tapper:

Tapper: "That's a pretty sweeping declaration that they're not a news organization. How are they different from, say another, say ABC, MSNBC, Univision?"

Gibbs: "You and I should watch sometime around nine o'clock tonight or five this afternoon."

Tapper: "I'm not talking about their opinion programs or issues you have with certain reports. I'm talking about saying that thousands of individuals who work for a media organization do not work for a news organization. Why is that appropriate for the White House to say?"

Gibbs: "That is our opinion."

Obviously what is being stated here is that while the White House is to be allowed to have their opinions of Fox News, Fox News must not be allowed to have their opinions of the White House and Congress, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm."

Meanwhile Liberals everywhere are finally voluntarily enlisting to go to war, even if this war is just another bogus scam. But then bogus scams are what Liberals are best at; see Global Warming, National Health Care, bailouts, Stimulus Bills, and, well, Congress in general. All the usual Liberal suspects have now fired a volley at Fox, from the Huffington Post, The NY Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and so on. In a Newsweek's opinion article, not so cleverly entitled, 'The Garbage Factor', the author, professional Liberal Jacob Weisberg, calls Fox News "Un-American." So you see, Newsweek, The NY Time, The Washington Post, et al, can have their opinions, as long as those opinions pleases The Master.

What we have here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a White House that cannot stand the heat from even one kitchen burner even when all the other burners have been under their control since Obama first threw his hat into the Presidential ring. What this administration wants is total compliance and obedience from every news source. That is socialism; that is Obama. And what is more disturbing than the Obama White House's blatant attempts to control the media is that the vast majority of the media are more than willing to be controlled.

One thing is for sure; we must not be taken in by this supposed White House pursuit of Truth, Justice and The American Way. For despite the noble rhetoric of correcting inaccuracies in the news, after watching Fox, CNN, MSNBC, et al, it is obvious that when the White House states that they are pushing back on the inaccurate and unflattering reports they of course do not mind if those inaccuracies are in the White House's favor.

For example, this week an ABC/Washington Post poll stated that 57% of Americans were in favor of including the public option in the national health care plan. However there was not one indignant peep out of the White House about the inaccuracy of this poll in that ABC/Wash. Post had polled 13% more Democrats than Republicans to reach this bogus 57%.

The White House also does not mind if a news station is a "wing" of the Democratic Party, like PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Nor do they mind if that the 'news network' is so far Left that MSNBC is now the new spelling for PRAVDA. So despite their objections to calling Fox News a "news station," they don't care that MSNBC is no more of a "news station" than the Disney Channel as long as MSNBC is kissing Obama's ring, along with planting a few slobbering smooches elsewhere.

As a reward for their good behavior and obedience, and after declaring war on Fox, this past Monday the White House hosted "an off the record chat" with President Obama. Included on the welcome list were MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, PBS's Eugene Robinson, and CNN's Gwen Ifill, and Gloria Borger. Of course no one from Fox News was invited, apparently even this bumbling CIC knows that you don't invite the enemy into the War Room.

One of the many reasons Fox is the number one Cable news channel is because even if their take is Conservatively biased, they are still trying to give Americans both sides of the issues and then allow the viewers to make up their own minds. Don't even look for such objectivity, freedom of choice or even an honest debate on such channels as MSNBC.

But the main reason Fox is so popular is because unlike the other news networks, Fox still advocates America's traditional values and they still honor our Constitution. Self-elevated above the American people, these intellectual, elitist Liberals like Jacob Weisberg now believe that such traditional values and the Constitution are outdated and "Un-American." Instead they believe that silencing the opposition while quoting Mao is proper, intellectual, and the new All-American.

How typically Liberal.

God Bless America

And Fox News

Semper Fi, Mike

"Copyright 2009. Michael E. Tank All rights reserved. No part of this document may be copied, faxed, electronically transmitted, or in any other manner duplicated without express written permission of the author."

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1 posted on 10/22/2009 3:39:44 PM PDT by MTank50
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To: MTank50

“I vote ‘Present’ “.........................What a decision maker? Even a wrong decision is a decision, but no decision will kill even more. I recall that from OCS days. Amerika has truly gone politically insane.

2 posted on 10/22/2009 3:56:29 PM PDT by Bringbackthedraft (DON'T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR "PALIN"!)
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To: MTank50

Conservatives wage war on those who blow up buildings and kill innocent people; liberals wage war on those who disagree with or criticize them-what a strange, pathetic little world they live in. Meanwhile, our best and finest are dying in Afghanistan while the ‘bama raves on about Rush and Fox.

3 posted on 10/22/2009 4:04:03 PM PDT by Spok
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