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  • Russia Retaliates to Downed Airplane:Israel Will No Longer Be Capable of Bombing Syria With Impunity

    09/24/2018 11:55:51 AM PDT · by davikkm · 15 replies
    IWB ^ | Chris Black
    If you were following the news last week, you’re probably aware of the Russian spy-plane that got shot-down during an illegal Israeli attack on Syrian targets. To make a long story short, Israel jet-fighters attacked military targets in Syria, and a Russian surveillance aircraft was caught in the middle, as the Israelis failed to warn the Russians about the impending attack in a timely fashion, hence the Russian surveillance aircraft was hit and downed by Syria’s outdated missile systems, being caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak (in the crossfire basically). Until now, the Syrian army...
  • The Daily Wire’s list of ten serious problems with the Ramirez accusation against Kavanaugh

    09/24/2018 11:48:25 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 11 replies
    vanity | Sept. 24, 2018 | By Kevin Collins
    In his careful reading of the available reports of the accusation made by Deborah Ramirez against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra found ten serious problems for those who want to believe it. Here they are: 1. The New Yorker could not find a single witness who could put Kavanaugh at the alleged party. 2. The New York Times could not find a single person who could corroborate Ramirez's claims. 3. The man accused of egging on Kavanaugh denied Ramirez's allegations and vouched for Kavanaugh's character. 4. A third person that Ramirez claimed was at the party says...
  • DiFi's Kavanaugh Lie Right Out of Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'

    09/24/2018 11:12:55 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 21 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/24/18 | Katy Grimes
    Democrats are so corrupt, and such vile liars and cheaters, they will do anything to win Sen. Dianne Feinstein has much to be ashamed about in her lengthy political career… but first comes to mind is her reprehensible attempt to prevent Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court… a tactic right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. No doubt, on behalf of the entire radical Democratic National Committee, Feinstein (D-CA) advanced the 36-year old naked allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, brought by Christine Blasey Ford. Yet DiFi sat on Ford’s letter for...
  • [Flashback] George Lucas makes anti-Trump ad modeled after Daisy attack ad.

    09/24/2018 10:59:09 AM PDT · by otness_e · 4 replies
    Oregon Live ^ | Oct 26, 2016 | Douglas Perry
    Is Donald Trump as dangerous as Darth Vader? Well, the Dark Lord of the Sith and his evil colleagues blew up Alderaan, Princess Leia's home planet. And "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, it seems, believes Trump could blow up Earth. That's why Lucas "proposed the idea" for a political ad that is now running in the key battleground state of Ohio, former Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley told "With All Due Respect" co-host Mark Halperin on Tuesday. The TV spot offers no lightsabers or Death Stars. The "Star Wars" universe, after all, is now owned by Disney. Instead, the inspiration was...
  • OK Why Are My [vanity] Posts [that should be comments on a thread] Being Deleted?

    09/24/2018 10:38:19 AM PDT · by Mr. K · 52 replies
    vanity [source is not FreeRepublic.com - you don't speak for FR] | 9/24/18 | Mr. K the KnowItAll
    OK I posted two threads in the last week with discussions about the Ford "woman" and DiFi getting censured for making a mockery of the SCOTUS pick process, and bother were deleted. Why? I will grant the first one was iffy (It was about For bragging that she 'pulled the train" in high school) But the 2nd was a valid discussion of Di Fi getting censured for her behavior and removed from the committee. What was wrong with THAT? I posted it in chit/chat
  • Democrats’will regret their ugly anti-American display in Kavanaugh hearings

    09/24/2018 8:06:27 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 17 replies
    vanity | Sept. 24, 2018 | By Kevin Collins
    We’ve seen this before in 1968 during the Democrat National Convention in Chicago. In 1968 a Democrat was CAUGHT on television yelling the anti-Jewish slur; “F$%k you, you Jew son of a bitch." Does anyone think it impossible to HEAR a Democrat LOOK into a camera and yell, “F$%k you, you conservative son of a bitch," at Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Their antics didn’t end well for the Democrats then; and they won’t end well for them today. The Chicago riots in and around the 1968 Democrat National Convention shocked America. The Democrats’ ugly displays were made worse for them because...
  • NYT Confirms New Ramirez Smear Against Kavanaugh is Total BS!

    09/24/2018 7:31:19 AM PDT · by gaggs · 23 replies
    The New York Times Confirms New Ramirez Smear Against Kavanaugh is Total BS!http://archive.is/DAtda#selection-383.0-394.0It’s time to close up shop when the "Fake News" The New York Times calls BS on your story.
  • Bill Clinton & the Reagan Tax Cuts

    09/24/2018 6:49:59 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 12 replies
    Ok we agree that the tax cuts in 81' gave us 20 years of growth. Billy Jeff rested on Reagans laurels. BJ raised taxes in 93' and the economy kept growing anyway. Trump wins and the economy grows before he even takes office to the point where the Kenyan claims credit. How right are we? Hard to believe Reagan's cuts could withstand 8 years of BJ's raise. How right is the Kenyan? Why won't the folks at Fidelity/Vanguard take sides when the answer is staring in their faces?
  • We Live In Interesting Times

    09/24/2018 5:44:41 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 2 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 9-24-18 | MOTUS
    It strikes me that the world would be much better off if we still institutionalized the insane amongst us before they were allowed to become criminally insane. That way we wouldn’t have so many of them stepping forward with unsubstantiated allegations to act as the New Left Progressives’ spoilers.Just a quick re-cap of where we stand as of today:Ford: completely unsubstantiated allegation that, while drunk, she was groped by a 17 year old Brett KavanaughRamirez: completely unsubstantiated allegation that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while playing a drinking game in college (as if that would be scandalous even if...
  • Kavanaugh Now Under Assault by a Pack of Rabid Animals

    09/24/2018 4:31:47 AM PDT · by EyesOfTX · 38 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) So it’s not the Clarence Thomas playbook after all, it’s the Roy Moore playbook. – The Campaign Update was wrong 10 days ago when it noted that the Democrats were going to give Brett Kavanaugh the Clarence Thomas treatment, and mount another “high-tech lynching” to gin up their demented voter base. Instead, as Sunday’s events clearly demonstrate, it’s the Roy Moore treatment instead. Which makes sense when you think about it: The Democrat effort to kill the Clarence Thomas nomination by bringing forward a single accuser spinning tall tales was an abject...
  • Jeff Flake carries out McCain's final orders

    09/24/2018 2:17:26 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 23 replies
    Is there an doubt that Jeff Flake is playing the democrat-assisting Arlen Specter role in these confirmation hearings. If the Kavanaugh nomination is killed it will be the ULTIMATE revenge of the moderate-liberal wing of the republican party. Revenge for denying Flake another term Revenge for successfully running a conservative against Murkowski. Revenge for the Tea Party in general Revenge for defeating Eric Cantor Revenge for defeating Jeb! Revenge for supporting Trump! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!
  • Remnant Institutions – British House of Lords and US Senate Part II

    09/24/2018 1:26:29 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 1 replies
    ArticleVBlog ^ | September 24th, 2018 | Rodney Dodsworth
    Our Framers corrected several shortcomings in the English approach to lawmaking. In England, the same people who write statutes also amend the English constitution. We can thank the Framers for their foresight in Article V. Unfortunately, in the name of a living and breathing Constitution, our government increasingly takes the easier British path to amendments, through the government itself. Whether through a formal amending procedure or not, the corruption of both constitutions picked up steam after simultaneous Progressive victories in the early 20th century. Below, we’ll find that Progressive democracy won in 1911 and 1913 in the House of Lords...
  • (Satire) All-Purpose Democrat Last Minute Smear Form

    09/23/2018 8:28:36 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 7 replies
    grey_whiskers ^ | Sep 23 2018 | grey_whiskers
    ____ 28, 201_ CONFIDENTIAL Senator _______ ___________ Dear Senator _________: I am writing to you with information concerning the background of the current nominee to ____________. As I am a loyal Democrat, I trust that you will keep this confidential from Republicans, especially Senator _________, until we can spring this on them at the last minute with no chance for rebuttal or fact checking. Also, may I ask that our colleagues in the usual social media companies carefully scrub my posting history for the past ____ years. ________ physically __________ me and sexually __________ during ___________ in the time frame...
  • Senate to question new general for South Korea amid historic tensions

    09/23/2018 2:39:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | September 23, 2018 | Travis J. Tritten
    The Senate Armed Services Committee, right as the U.S. negotiates the removal of nuclear missiles from North Korea, is set to consider a new Army general to head U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula. Gen. Robert “Abe” Abrams will testify in a committee hearing Tuesday on his nomination to command U.S. Forces Korea and two other key military commands in South Korea. The Army general would take charge of 28,500 troops stationed in the South after a year of rollercoaster relations, and as President Trump considers a second summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the regime’s...
  • How Did Christine Ford Not Remember Her “Lifelong Friend” In Her Letter?

    09/23/2018 2:00:24 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 63 replies
    HotAir ^ | September 23, 2018 | Jazz Shaw
    When Ed introduced the lastest player in the Christine Blasey Ford saga last night, it seemed like bad news for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s detractors. The identity of the fourth person at the alleged party where Ford claims to have been assaulted turned out to be Leland Ingham Keyser, who describes herself as a “lifelong friend” of Ford’s. Unfortunately for Ford’s story, Keyser released a statement saying that she’s never met Kavanaugh and, like everyone else listed as party attendees, has no recollection of any such party. There’s one element to this latest revelation which should be setting off some alarm...
  • Asking the #MeToo Movement: Are only Democrat Women Sexually Assaulted and Harassed?

    09/23/2018 12:03:12 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 14 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/23/18 | Judi McLeod
    The once silver-tongued Obama is not only losing his voice, he’s losing his rock star status and crowd support Odd, isn’t it, that 100 percent of the women coming forward with sexual assault and harassment stories decades after they supposedly took place are all connected, in one way or another to the Democrats? Take a look out over the horizon and you won’t find even one Republican victim of sexual assault or harassment coming forward during the Midterm Election campaign. Could that be because the #MeToo movement only embraces Democrat Damsels in Distress?
  • Christopher Steele, MI6, and the Trump Dossier -- Update

    09/23/2018 12:00:40 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 9 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/23/18 | Lee Cary
    “How did they [Britain, Australia] get access to the FISA documents that Congress and the American people have not been given?” Back on February 23, 2018, the CFP posted an article entitled “Christopher Steele, MI6, and the Trump Dossier.” The post closed as follows: “Today, the public narrative of Christopher Steele’s association with the Trump Dossier reads like this:
  • The Washington Post Sandbagged The Story That Might Have Cleared Brett Kavanaugh

    09/23/2018 11:36:10 AM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 44 replies
    RedState ^ | September 23, 2018 | Streiff
    Yesterday, there were two steps forward on the road to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. The lawyers for Christine Ford, she’s the California woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of groping her at a party 37 years ago, and the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed that Ford would testify on Thursday. This represents a walkback for Chuck Grassley and makes one queasey at what else he may give away in order to propitiate the angry, hairy goddesses of #MeToo. The second item was that another person Ford had named as a witness, Leland Ingham Keyser, provided a statement...
  • “These are not serious people”: Dems are poised to grill Brett Kavanaugh about WHAT?

    09/23/2018 10:44:13 AM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 47 replies
    Twitchy ^ | 9-23-2018 | Jacob B.
    During his upcoming appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats are apparently going to interrogate Brett Kavanaugh about his drinking and partying in his high school years. (snip) Here’s what Hawaii Sen. Maize Hirono said on CNN’s “State of the Union”: “We want to hear — I would be wanting to hear what kind of environment it was in high school,” Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said Sunday during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Apparently, there was a lot of drinking and partying going on,” she continued. “This is why we need an investigation. We need an independent...
  • New Videos Expose Government Subversion [semi-satire]

    09/23/2018 10:14:18 AM PDT · by John Semmens
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 23 Sep 2018 | John Semmens
    <p>This week, a new series of Project Veritas undercover videos was released. The videos show federal employees boasting that they are engaging in efforts to overthrow capitalism from within.</p> <p>In one of the videos, Stuart Karaffa, a Management and Program Analyst with the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations within the Department of State, told the Veritas investigative reporter “our goal is to resist everything, to F*ck sh*t up at every level.” Karaffa bragged, “I spend most of my workday on Democratic Socialist activity. I compose all my emails during the day, but I carefully wait until after 5:30 pm to send them. That way I can argue that my political activity is done on my own time. Maybe I’ll get caught, but it’s impossible to fire federal employees.”</p>