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Duncan Hunter Interview 3-5-2010: On Obama the Apostrate, The Reagan Doctrine, and Aging Hippies
Telecon | 3/5/10 | AJM/DH

Posted on 03/06/2010 12:24:27 PM PST by pissant

DH: Hey, Jim.

AJM: hey, that sounds a lot better. What are you doing back in DC? You finally got an appointment with your son?

DH: No. Next week, but I’m waiting for him (laughs). No , I’m back here, I’m heading up, kind of the chairman of the Armed Forces Foundation. We had a big fundraiser. That’s the group that helps a lot of our wounded guys.

AJM: That’s fantastic. What’s the name of the organization again?

DH: The Armed Forces Foundation.

AJM: The Armed Forces Foundation - So it’s like the Wounded Warrior Project?

DH: Exactly, they give help to military families and have all kinds of good projects. It’s a good deal.

AJM: That’s great. Since you are in your son’s office, is that the same office that you used to have?

DH: No. This is over in Longworth. But he’s got a great office here.

AJM: Oh, so you are over in California then? I thought you were in DC.

DH: No, I’m in DC. He’s in DC. He’s got an office DC, but obviously he’s got an office back in the district as well.

AJM: But it’s not the same spot that you had?

DH: No, mine was in one of the other buildings.

AJM: OK. Well, since we are talking about him, I see there has been some progress made on the efforts to get those three Marines, or excuse me, I mean 3 Navy SEALs exonerated for fattening the lip of that terrorist they caught in Iraq. Mr. Rohrbacher and Dan Burton put in some legislation to get them off the hook. I know that’s following on the heels of Duncan D’s letter that he wrote with a bunch of co-signers to Bob Gates.

DH: I think he (Duncan D) got 170 members of Congress to sign that thing.

AJM: Amazing. I just want to commend your son for doing that.

DH: Oh yeah, no, it’s great stuff. He got that started and those other guys wanted to get in front of the TV cameras, and he said “that’s fine”.

AJM: (laughs) He was the first one that I’m aware of who…

DH: Yeah, he did. He started that thing.

AJM: So he’s following in your footsteps pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

DH: Yeah, he’s a good guy.

AJM: Yes. Speaking of foreign policy, today, Turkey came out and was complaining about the deteriorating atmosphere, the deteriorating relationship with the United States. That follows on the heels of France, and then Great Britain being mad at us for sending Hillary down to Argentina and saying that the British have to talk about this oil thing in the Falklands, and Poland with the Missile Defenses. So I just want you to comment on what you think the state of our foreign policy is, with regards to our “allies”, which Mr. Obama was claiming that he would improve and placate.

DH: Yeah. I think this is the 2nd phase of the Obama foreign policy philosophy or foreign policy operations which was to prostrate, in the first phase, to prostrate himself before the world and deliver a number of applause lines to the effect that the United States is not a very good country and is sorry for all of our ‘transgressions’.

That type of a prostration invites countries to despise us. In the end, countries don’t respect other nations that have no self respect, or appears to have a leader that does not respect his own country. The cheap applause that he got in his early trips has now evolved into resentment in some cases.

The United States – you know it’s often said that countries don’t have friends, they have interests. I think pulling back on the Missile Defense program was a manifestation that there is now a fracture in the position that we held ever since Ronald Reagan started Missile Defense. In the face of opposition from the Soviet Union, and then a lot of people in our own country, and from nervous allies, Ronald Reagan established the doctrine - which truly was a doctrine for American presidents - that we had right in our supreme interest of self-preservation, to defend against incoming missile attacks. And we never took a backwards step with respect to that. That’s why we have today the ability to defend against limited missile attacks against the continental US. And that’s why in the Iraq War, there was a 100% shootdown of the missiles that we felt we needed to take down that came out of Saddam Hussein’s defensive batteries when we launched the attack in March of 2003. We took down a handful of SCUD missiles that came in at the British and American forces in Kuwait when that attack was launched.

AJM: I heard that.

DH: So missile defense has always been non-negotiable. Our right to have it has always been non-negotiable. When Obama essentially retreated in meeting with Poland….you know that retreat was telegraphed when he said early on in his administration that he was “looking at” at that. That’s always a signal that it’s negotiable. And ultimately we backed down from that decision.

I don’t think that inspired respect for the United States. The problem with the United States with a leftwing policy like that is Obama’s always hoping that its going to be interpreted as being a signal of our compassion, humanity, understanding, and graciousness…

AJM: (laughing)

DH: …when in reality, it is interpreted as a sign of weakness. So I think that is now being reflected to some degree.

And I’ll tell you the real barometer for success with our allies is this: The real barometer is if he is able to persuade all those NATO allies, those 26 other countries in NATO, who right now are providing almost no combat forces for Afghanistan. They are ‘in’ Afghanistan, but they are doing things like patrolling gates inside secured facilities. The Germans have a rule that they will not leave the fort at night. The French have a rule that they will not go anywhere where there is real fighting. And we have not been able to induce those countries to get into the fight with us against the terrorists. That’s a real barometer for what the liberals have described as Mr. Obama’s great relationship with the rest of the world. That relationship has not translated into the commitment of combat forces into Afghanistan.

AJM: In fact, people are leaving, or planning on leaving. The Dutch, the Canadians are planning on….

DH: It’s a lot easier to tell the guys you can’t come to the fight on Monday because you got a note from your mom. In order for Germany and France and the others to opt out, once your forces are gone it’s REALLY easy to tell them you can’t come to the fight on Monday. It’s a little more difficult when your troops are poised only a few miles away, yet you will not come out to fight along side of the Americans.

But in fairness, that’s a problem that the Bush Administration had also.

AJM: It didn’t seem like the Bush Administration was trying to do what the Obama Administration is doing right now. Because of Iraq, and what was going on there, they weren’t ready to push the surge button in Afghanistan quite yet. But I think Obama’s lack of success of getting the allies to come along with the surge in Afghanistan is the lack of Realpolitik – that is the ability of the American President to get what he needs with our allies.

DH: Yeah.

AJM: Since you brought up missile defense, I wanted to mention something. General Bentley Rayburn, do you know him?

DH: What’s his name?

AJM: Bentley Rayburn?

DH: I don’t think so.

AJM: I think he’s retired, but he just had a piece in the Washington Times today. It was talking about the success of Airborn Laser missile defense system….

DH: Yeah.

AJM:….that’s been in development since you and Reagan pushed that thing through. I actually worked on it for a little while when I worked at the Boeing Company.

DH: Oh really.

AJM: Yeah. I think it’s the most amazing thing. And they found out through all the research on this particular type of technology that lasers are really coming into their own. Anyway, we had a successful test recently shooting down a missile, but Obama has more or less defunded the Airborn Laser system. I’d like to get your comment on that.

DH: I think that is a progression from his first backwards steps on missile defense, which we just discussed with respect to interceptors and radar systems which were to be installed in the Czech Republic and Poland.

I think it’s a manifestation of a ‘political’ position, not a security position. Because certainly this is the age of missiles, as they’ve demonstrated to us. We’ve had Americans killed by incoming ballistic missiles. And we now see deadly nations, with deadly intentions and instable governments – I’m thinking of Iran particularly – developing missiles and developing nuclear capability to ride the tips of those missiles.

So this is NOT an action being taken by the Obama Administration because the threat has evolved or is going away. It is being taken in the face of a growing threat. So it can only be interpreted as a political position. And that political position is that missile defense is a creature of the Republican Party. They’ve never liked it. And now’s there chance to defund a large part of it. And that is a tragedy, and perilous for the country for this socialist to be tossing the Reagan Doctrine aside.

AJM: There’s certainly a few of the old cold warrior democrats around. I know Ike Skelton was a supporter.

DH: Norm Dicks who is now chairman of the Defense Appropriations sub committee is a strong supporter of missile defense.

AJM: That’s my congressman down in Tacoma.

DH: Yeah. He’s always been a supporter of missile defense.

AJM: He’s also not been a raving leftwing lunatic either.

DH: Yeah. He should be taking the battle to, and I presume he is, taking the battle to the Obama Administration. Now remember, what you see in missile defense being “defunded” is the Administration’s position, but Congress has a say. Congress has the purse strings. And I think Norm Dicks and others on the Republican and the Democratic side will push….

AJM: I seem to remember, not only during the Clinton Administration, Congressman Hunter, but during the Bush Administration, that when they came with their budgets and their defunding requests that you managed to up the ante on them a few times and restore funding.

DH: Yeah, that’s right.

AJM: So I congratulate you for doing that and thank you for doing that.

DH: Yeah. Thanks. Well listen, as usual I’ve got to run out the door in a couple of minutes. I’m always a day late and dollar short.

AJM: Well that’s OK. I appreciate any time that you have for us!

DH: Oh no no. I’m not that special.

AJM: You don’t know, you just don’t know how…

DH: You’ve got to ‘trade up’, Jim (laughs)

AJM: (laughing)

DH: OK, what do you got?

AJM: OK. I wanted to get your comments on this. In the dead of night, this past weekend or it may have been the weekend before on a Saturday, with no fanfare whatsoever, Obama re-signed the Patriot Act with no reforms. Now what does this tell you? He and his wing of the democrat party crucified the Bush Administration for a good 8 years over the Patriot Act, yet here he goes and re-signs it for a year with no reforms. I’d just like you to comment on that.

DH: I don’t know. Maybe it’s an understanding by Obama that the real world is much different than what the fringe left – who provided the energy in the national Democrat campaign in the last election – believes. Perhaps in the same sense he knows Afghanistan is an important theatre of war, and also understanding that we’ve won in Iraq, because his efforts to derail the Surge did not work. We won over his objections. So maybe it is an understanding now that we exist in a real world, not a world as viewed by the Marxists and the fringe left.

AJM: That’s a hopeful interpretation of it. I’m thinking because some of the tragedies, like the terrorist attack at Fort Hood and the airline panty bomber, and that terrorism is in the news big time, that it would have been politically dangerous for him to, uh….

DH: Yeah, to scuttle the Patriot Act. I wanted to attribute the best of motives to him on that. (laughs).

AJM: (laughing) That’s a very gracious stance you are taking.

DH: (laughs) Let’s hope he does have people that he relies on briefing him to the effect that the aging hippies who drove his campaign are not to be relied on with respect to painting a picture of the real world.

AJM: I sure hope you’re right because we’ve got three more years of this...

DH: (laughs) Me too!

AJM: Well, I’ll let you go since you’re in a rush…

DH: Well listen, thanks Jim. And my son Sam is coming home from his Stryker brigade.

AJM: Are you coming up to Tacoma to see him?

DH: No, he’s coming into San Diego to see his baby being born. He’s coming in on a 30 day leave, so it’s kind of neat.

AJM: I didn’t even know he was married. I had no idea.

DH: Yeah, yeah. He’s a great guy and she’s a wonderful girl, so this is a really great time of year for us.

AJM: Is he flying into Ft. Lewis and then heading down?

DH: I’m not sure if he’s coming into Lewis or how he’s coming in. But he’s coming to San Diego. I presume he’ll be coming into LA, then down to San Diego.

AJM: So he’s just on a leave. They’re not done with their tour? How much longer…

DH: They are coming out in August. Incidentally, one thing I’ve got if you want it – I’m back here in Dunc’s office right now – I’ve got the speech that I made in December of ’08 chronicling the Iraq war and the FACT that we’ve won. If you want a copy of that thing to send out, because I saw that “Victory at Last” on the cover of Newsweek Magazine, I think two days ago. And you had Biden claiming that this was his finest hour! (laughing).

AJM: (laughing) Did you just about fall out of your chair when you saw that?

DH: Yeah I did. But you know something? Some people will believe it. So if you want that thing, if you want me to email it to you, I can send that to you. We can set the record straight.

AJM: Yes, please do.

DH: It was the speech I made in the last few days of the Bush Administration, chronicling the war and stating up front, back then, that we won it and how casualties were down to basically nothing.

AJM: Yeah, I’d love to have it. Thanks. If you get Vicky to send that to me – is she still working for Duncan?

DH: Yeah, she is.

AJM: OK. Tell her I said hi. She was awfully nice to me during the campaign. How long are you in DC for?

DH: For a couple days here.

AJM: Excellent, I’ll catch up with next week. Oh, and I wanted to ask you how the Idaho function went?

DH: It was great. We got a great reception there, and Vaughn Ward is doing a wonderful job.

AJM: Yeah, I saw couple of Youtube cuts of him from a previous event. He looks like the real deal.

DH: Yes, he’s really good. He’s going to win that seat from the democrat!

AJM: Well, thank you. And I’ll appreciated getting that speech from you.

DH: Hey, many thanks. Have a good weekend.

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1 posted on 03/06/2010 12:24:28 PM PST by pissant
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To: All

In case you missed the earlier interviews with this warrior:

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2 posted on 03/06/2010 12:26:03 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: 007girl; 230FMJ; abigailsmybaby; absolootezer0; afnamvet; Afronaut; airborne; ajolympian2004; ...


3 posted on 03/06/2010 12:26:47 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant

I saw 12 - no, I think it was 15 - Duncan Hunter 2012 bumper stickers on the way home from work Friday and it’s a short drive. But, it’s Michigan and Hunter always runs well here.

4 posted on 03/06/2010 12:35:39 PM PST by bwc2221
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To: pissant

Great interview. DH makes more sense in 10 minutes than Obama has made since he started reciting Mao’s little red book back in grade school.

5 posted on 03/06/2010 12:37:41 PM PST by TADSLOS (Tea Party. We are the party of NO! NO to more government! NO to more spending! NO to more taxation!)
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To: pissant

I am so glad i voted for this wonderful American patriot...

Thank you Duncan hunter for all you have done for our country...

Including raising a fine American son who was a brave Marine and now a great Congressman...

Duncan Hunter 2012...

Or whatever Republican gets in...

PLEASE put Duncan Hunter in your cabinet...

National Security, Sec of State, Sec of Def, something in that line

6 posted on 03/06/2010 12:39:43 PM PST by Tennessee Nana
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To: pissant

Good interview. Have you done the Popaditch one yet?

7 posted on 03/06/2010 12:52:10 PM PST by llmc1
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He’s got more integrity in his big toe than the entire Obama Administration put together.

8 posted on 03/06/2010 12:52:38 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: Tennessee Nana

We’re keeping him in the public eye.

9 posted on 03/06/2010 12:53:02 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: llmc1

No, hopefully within the next week or two.

10 posted on 03/06/2010 12:53:32 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
Your headline caught my eye.

But I thought it might be reporting that he had prostrate cancer..........

11 posted on 03/06/2010 12:58:17 PM PST by Lakeshark (Thank a member of the US armed forces for their sacrifice)
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To: pissant
Sorry.....couldn't help myserlf..............
12 posted on 03/06/2010 12:58:52 PM PST by Lakeshark (Thank a member of the US armed forces for their sacrifice)
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To: pissant; rebuildus

THanks for posting this...great.

13 posted on 03/06/2010 1:15:38 PM PST by abigail2
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To: abigail2


14 posted on 03/06/2010 1:18:16 PM PST by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
“Apostrate”??? Apostate, maybe?
15 posted on 03/06/2010 1:24:11 PM PST by ROLF of the HILL COUNTRY (It's the spending, Stupid!)
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To: pissant

Good interview...

16 posted on 03/06/2010 1:40:28 PM PST by JDoutrider (Send G. Soros home! Hell isn't half full!)
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To: pissant

DH Bump

17 posted on 03/06/2010 3:40:34 PM PST by WalterSkinner ( In Memory of My Father--WWII Vet and Patriot 1926-2007)
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To: ROLF of the HILL COUNTRY; pissant
Sheezam Andy!

I gives up!!

I always thought Obama was a precursor to Apolicestate!!!

18 posted on 03/06/2010 6:56:53 PM PST by SierraWasp (Obama is the Al Davis version of Saul Alinsky!!! "Just win baby" regardless of consequences!!!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 15 | View Replies]

To: pissant

Thanks for posting, Pissant. DH is one in my Heros file which is not nearly as extensive as my Enemies file, unfortunately.

19 posted on 03/06/2010 11:39:41 PM PST by iopscusa (El Vaquero. (SC Lowcountry Cowboy))
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To: pissant

Thanks for the interviews and the pings. B4DH

20 posted on 03/07/2010 1:12:49 AM PST by Kevmo (So America gets what America deserves - the destruction of its Constitution. ~Leo Donofrio, 6/1/09)
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