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Snopes: "T Kerry donates millions to fringe political groups through the Tides" = Urban Myth ^

Posted on 07/26/2004 8:10:39 PM PDT by Homer1

In recent weeks, The Heinz Endowments has been accused of using its funding of the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania to advance a laundry list of partisan causes and fringe political groups. This accusation is simply wrong.

It originated in an opinion column written by a researcher for the conservative, Washington, D.C.-based Capital Research Center. The crux of CRC’s argument is that money directed by the Endowments to Tides is "fungible." By supporting projects through Tides, CRC alleged that Heinz has secretly funneled money to every other organization that has ever received funding through Tides Center and the separate Tides Foundation.

Since first being published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, CRC’s accusation has been picked up and expanded in opinion pieces in a number of newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the Washington Times. But not even these publications have leveled this allegation in actual news stories.

The reason why is obvious: The charge does not stand up to objective scrutiny. Four facts undercut it completely. First, by legally binding contract, every penny of Heinz’s support to Tides has been explicitly directed to specific projects in Pennsylvania. It cannot legally be redirected and is the exact opposite of fungible.


(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: clintoncronies; dnctalkingpoints; fundingtheleft; heinzkerry; kerry; lyingliars; snopes; snopesbs; teresaheinz; tides; tidesfoundation
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1 posted on 07/26/2004 8:10:41 PM PDT by Homer1
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To: Homer1

Easy one.

Every dollar given to Tides by Heinz was used to offset monies spent on radical, Left wing policies. If they don't get the Heinz money, they don't fund as many radical causes.

2 posted on 07/26/2004 8:15:40 PM PDT by REAGANBELONGS TO THE AGES
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To: Homer1

Heinz-Kerry affiliates herself with the Tides Foundation, who donates to anti-American causes. What more needs to be said?

3 posted on 07/26/2004 8:16:07 PM PDT by alnick
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To: Homer1
every penny of Heinz’s support to Tides has been explicitly directed to specific projects in Pennsylvania.

Sort of like the United Way. You can specifically target your donation, but non-specifically targeted donations will be shifted away, so net-net, it all goes where the BOD whores want to put the money.

4 posted on 07/26/2004 8:16:35 PM PDT by evolved_rage (Sandy Berger will be a prison turd burglar now.)
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To: Homer1

Of course they are going to deny it. They have learned very well the trick of foundation money laundering so it is very difficult to trace. Unless there is subpoena power and these people are dragged into court, it will never be able to be proven. But make no mistake, the money is funneled to extremists.

5 posted on 07/26/2004 8:17:27 PM PDT by doug from upland
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To: Homer1

This is the second of these after one on Kerry's medals. Snoopes seems to have started taking sides and is pretty useless now as far as I am concerned.

6 posted on 07/26/2004 8:17:32 PM PDT by JLS
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To: Homer1

snopes wasn't that useful when he was at his high-water mark for usefulness.

7 posted on 07/26/2004 8:19:30 PM PDT by smonk
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To: Homer1

Snopes is wrong on purpose here. The site is run by liberals.

8 posted on 07/26/2004 8:19:39 PM PDT by GeronL (Time for a Constitutional Amendment banning Government giving money away to anyone or anything...)
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Snopes leans left. I notice that none of the other allegations of supporting radical organizations was refuted.

9 posted on 07/26/2004 8:19:39 PM PDT by clintonh8r ("Just because I could.......")
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To: Homer1; GatorGirl; maryz; afraidfortherepublic; Antoninus; Aquinasfan; Askel5; livius; ...

Who funds Snopes?

10 posted on 07/26/2004 8:19:59 PM PDT by narses (If you want ON or OFF my Catholic Ping List email me. +)
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To: Homer1
Snopes one of the Kerry campaign affiliated 527 organiztions: True!

Yes Snopes is part of the vast left-wing conspiracy.

11 posted on 07/26/2004 8:20:30 PM PDT by Paleo Conservative (Do not remove this tag under penalty of law.)
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To: Paleo Conservative

From: "THE SOURCE" To: "INFORMED VOTERS" Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 7:19 AM Subject: INCREDIBLE! AND SHE WANTS TO BE FIRST LADY? > Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry was born in > Mozambique, the daughter of a Portuguese physician, and was educated > in Switzerland and South Africa. Fluent in five languages, she was > working as a United Nations interpreter in Geneva in the mid-60's when > she met a handsome young American, H. John Heinz, III, who worked at a > bank in Geneva. He told her his family was "in the food business." > They were married in 1966 and returned to Pittsburgh where his family > ran the giant H.J. Heinz food company. He was elected to the U.S. > House of Representatives in 1971, and in 1976 he was elected to the > first of three terms in the United States Senate. > > Several years later, in 1991, he was killed when his plane collided > with a Sun Oil Company helicopter over a Philadelphia suburb while > traveling between Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The senator, his > pilot and co-pilot, and both of Sun's helicopter pilots were killed. > He was survived by his wife, Teresa, and their three young sons. > > Four years later, after inheriting Heinz's $500 million fortune, she > married Senator John Forbes Kerry, the liberal junior senator from > Massachusetts. She became a registered Democrat and the process of > her radicalization was set in motion. > > Heinz Kerry is not shy about telling people that she required Kerry > to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they were married. John > Kerry may not have check-writing privileges on the Heinz catsup and > pickle fortune, but he is certainly a willing and uncomplaining > beneficiary of it. A lot of hard-earned money, made through many > years of hawking catsup, pickles, and soup, has fallen into the hands > of two people who despise successful entrepreneurship and who believe > in the confiscatory redistribution of wealth. > > So how does Mrs. Heinz Kerry spend John Heinz's money? Just one > example: According to the G2 Bulletin, an on-line intelligence newsletter > of WorldNetDaily, in the years between 1995-2001 she gave more than > $4 million to an organization called the Tides Foundation. And what does > the Tides Foundation do with John Heinz's money? It supports numerous > anti-war groups, including Ramsey Clark's International Action Center. > Clark has offered to defend Saddam Hussein when he's tried. It > supports the Democratic Justice Fund, a joint venture of the Tides > Foundation and > billionaire hate-monger George Soros. The Democratic Justice Fund seeks > to ease restrictions on Muslim immigration from "terrorist" states. > It supports the Council for American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders > are known to have > > close ties to the terrorist group, Hamas. It supports the National Lawyers > Guild, > organized as a communist front during the Cold War era. One of their > attorneys, > Lynne Stewart, has been arrested for helping a client, Sheik Omar > Abdel Rahman, > communicate with terror cells in Egypt. He is the convicted mastermind of > the > 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It supports Planned Parenthood, the > National Abortion Rights Action League, and the Abortion Action > Project. It supports the > "Barrio Warriors," a radical Hispanic group whose primary goal is to return > all of > Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico. > > These are but a few of the radical groups that benefit, through the > anonymity provided by the Tides Foundation, from the generosity of our > would-be first > lady > - the wealthy widow of Republican senator John Heinz, and now the wife > of the Democratic senator who aspires to be the 44th President of the > United States. > If voters will only try to imagine a woman such as Teresa Heinz Kerry, the > fairy > godmother of the radical left, laying her head on a pillow each night just > inches > from the President of the United States, hopefully they will decide > that the only way these two will ever be allowed into the White House > is with an engraved > > invitation in hand.

12 posted on 07/26/2004 8:22:05 PM PDT by Viet-Boat-Rider (KERRY LIED)
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To: Homer1

This is the 2nd or 3rd article from snopes that seems very defensive of Kerry/Heinz by centering in on nuances.

These articles seem more at being defensive than at being truth-bearers.

13 posted on 07/26/2004 8:22:05 PM PDT by TomGuy (After 20 years in the Senate, all Kerry has to run on is 4 months of service in Viet Nam.)
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To: Homer1

Here's mine,Scumbag left wing propaganda site run by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson both certified SCUM!

14 posted on 07/26/2004 8:22:58 PM PDT by Boazo (LOSE THE TAG LINE)
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To: Homer1
This post has been moved to chat.

15 posted on 07/26/2004 8:22:59 PM PDT by GeronL (Time for a Constitutional Amendment banning Government giving money away to anyone or anything...)
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To: Homer1

So her money is earmarked for certain projects?


It's her CELEBRITY that gives the foundation PR and gets donations etc.

Do liberals really think people are stupid?

16 posted on 07/26/2004 8:23:12 PM PDT by nuffsenuff
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To: Homer1

Snopes is a Leftist site run by Leftist sympathizers who actively work to support the Leftist Agenda through disinformation to the Sheep.

They have declared their antipathy toward the War on Terror; they have "de-bunked" the Clinton Body Count, and have substitutued a Bush Body Count .

And now, they seek to go further, by "educating" the Sheep to the "truth" of Teresa Heinz and her support of Leftist entities in this country.

Do not give them the Web hit, and the advertizing dollars, that this propaganda organ so desperately needs.

17 posted on 07/26/2004 8:24:51 PM PDT by Old Sarge
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To: Homer1

Snopes is becoming obviously heavy left leaning. There have been several things they have been absolutely wrong on, but posted it to make Kerry seem better.

The Terror in the Skies thing was listed as false, but that was only because of ONE leftist article disputed it, where there were several articles that backed up what she said.

18 posted on 07/26/2004 8:25:37 PM PDT by sandbar
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To: Homer1; All



Engaging Communities of Color.

Operation Big Vote consists of 35 local coalitions
registering, educating and motivating black voters in over 75 target cities.

Avoid Another Florida Debacle.

People for the American Way Foundation’s Election
Protection Program educates voters in key states on their voting rights.

New Information Strategies.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has created
Election Center 2004 for people who want accurate and timely information about the
presidential candidates and their positions on issues of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender people.

Energize youth.

Hip Hop The Vote goes to high school football games and malls around
the country to register and energize 18-24 year olds. Youthvote’s Smackdown Your Vote!
aims to register thousands of new voters at World Wide Wrestling events in 2004.

Organize Low Income Communities.

The Center for Community Change’s
Community Voting Project is working to increase voter participation among communities
with histories of low voter turnout.

Build a vision for the future
As we mobilize voters, let’s move them toward a positive, vision of the future. For example, the Apollo
Alliance brings together labor, community, environmental and business leaders with common interests in
energy innovation and rebuilding communities. Center for American Progress is a think tank
challenging policies while promoting a long-term vision of America. Campaign for America’s Future
offers talking points, research, polling, and other material to promote public debates about failed
government policies and provide positive alternatives.
Rebuild democracy

What’s the use of voting if the system is corrupted by money and not accessible to all? Among the
groups working to secure voting rights, promote electoral reform, or other structural change are: Demos,
working to raise public awareness about the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and its fair implementation;
Fannie Lou Hamer Project trains community-based organizers throughout the African American and
Latino communities; and Democracy Matters, organizing college students about campaign finance

Beyond the obvious targets
As major national efforts focus on “big targets,” what about other states and constituencies? Arab
Americans and South East Asians aren’t the “new soccer moms,” but that won’t stop the Arab
Community Center for Economic and Social Services voter registration program. The Western
Organization of Resource Councils has developed a successful and innovative state-based and local
organizing system over a broad region.
If “early money is like yeast” what about late money?
In every presidential election year, early money is always needed to get voter registration
and education campaigns started. But financial support that comes later can help
groups to hire more field staff and bridge funding gaps that emerge in the weeks
leading up to an election.

Tracking your dollars

If you’re looking to give money that can be tracked to measurable outcomes, voter
registration efforts are your best bet. Studies show that GOTV efforts, while more
expensive, are the most effective at increasing voter participation. Paid media
campaigns—billboards, print and broadcast advertising—are expensive and hard to
track back.

Movement building for 2004 and beyond

Obviously, the need for strong social movements doesn’t end on November 5, 2004. While we support
organizations in 2004, we also should consider how we are building the capacity of organizations to
sustain their work in the future.

We should help build the membership, volunteer and leadership base of
organizations. We should support organizing work that will further
engage and empower communities beyond 2004.

19 posted on 07/26/2004 8:28:36 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK (Most people talk a lot, few are up for the moment. Welcome to
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To: Homer1
If I get banned over this, than so be it. T. Heinz has not funded political groups specifically throgh Tides, each and every donation she has given has been to revitalize the moribund riverfront of Pittsburgh, or to help the community of Pittsburgh. The "professional Philanthropy media" documents all her large contributions to Tides, the contributions go toward restoration of riverfront properties, adding landscaping to the river's edge, and youth programs in Pittsburgh. Most of the aesthetic work she's done has been to pretty up her view of the city from her helicopter while going and coming through Pittsburgh. Even still, it's a good thing she's done for the city and county, which is in every other case a mess, run by incompetent politicians.
20 posted on 07/26/2004 9:05:26 PM PDT by JerseyHighlander
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