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Microfilm-New York Times archives, Monterey Public Library | 9/30/42 | C.P. Trussell, Ralph Parker, Byron Darnton, Frank L. Kluckhohn, Arthur Krock

Posted on 09/30/2012 5:34:00 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson





















TOPICS: Hobbies
KEYWORDS: milhist; realtime; worldwarii
Free Republic University, Department of History presents World War II Plus 70 Years: Seminar and Discussion Forum
First session: September 1, 2009. Last date to add: September 2, 2015.
Reading assignment: New York Times articles delivered daily to students on the 70th anniversary of original publication date. (Previously posted articles can be found by searching on keyword “realtime” Or view Homer’s posting history .)
To add this class to or drop it from your schedule notify Admissions and Records (Attn: Homer_J_Simpson) by freepmail. Those on the Realtime +/- 70 Years ping list are automatically enrolled. Course description, prerequisites and tuition information is available at the bottom of Homer’s profile. Also visit our general discussion thread.
1 posted on 09/30/2012 5:34:06 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson
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To: Homer_J_Simpson
Selections from West Point Atlas for the Second World War
Papua, New Guinea, 1942
Allied Advance Across Owen Stanley Mountains, 26 Sept.-15 Nov. 1942
The Solomons: Guadalcanal and Florida, 1942
Southwest Russia, 1942: German Advance to Stalingrad, Operations, 24 July-18 November 1942
The Far East and the Pacific, 1941: Status of Forces and Allied Theater Boundaries, 2 July 1942
India-Burma, 1942: Allied Lines of Communication, 1942-1943
2 posted on 09/30/2012 5:34:42 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: r9etb; PzLdr; dfwgator; Paisan; From many - one.; rockinqsranch; 2banana; henkster; meandog; ...
No doubt what the theme was for September. 25 of the 30 headlines during the month contained the word “Stalingrad.”

48 to 43 for Rise (Trussell) – 2-3
War News Summarized – 2
Details of Senate Vote on Rise in Farm Parity – 3
Nazis Hurled Back (Parker) – 3-5
Ioribaiwa Ridge Captured in New Guinea Offensive (Darnton) – 5-6
Murky Light in Subways Will End; New Lamps Will Double the Glow – 6
American Eagles in U.S. Air Forces (Kluckhohn) – 7
The Texts of the Day’s War Communiques – 9-10
Censorship Conflict (Krock) – 10

3 posted on 09/30/2012 5:36:32 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

British army makes limited attacks
Wednesday, September 30, 1942

In North Africa... A limited offensive is launched by the British 8th Army at El Alamein.

In Occupied Greece... The first British liaison mission arrives.

4 posted on 09/30/2012 5:38:06 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

September 30th, 1942

UNITED KINGDOM: Escort carrier HMS Attacker commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

GERMANY: Berlin: Josef Goebbels, the German minister for propaganda, today launched the country’s fourth wartime winter appeal by announcing that last year the population donated some 1.2billion Reichsmark [£100 million] for needy families. A growing proportion of the money is now being used to finance official welfare bodies such as the National Socialist People’s Welfare (NSV). Money is raised in house-to-house collections made by members of the NSV and other organizations, for example the Hitler Youth, the SA and the SS, who remind reluctant donors of their public “duty”.

Berlin: In a major speech at the Sportspalast, Hitler ridicules the Allied leadership as “military idiots ... mentally sick or perpetually drunk.”

U-529 commissioned.
U-242 laid down.
U-307 launched.
U-649 launched. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.S.R.: the Soviet 92nd Naval Rifle Brigade is tonight sent to the vicinity of the Barrikady Plant. After heavy fighting the battalion, which had 147 men left, was moved to the city center to reinforce the 37th Rifle Division. All day the seamen fended off the savage attacks by the Germans. During the night seamen crossed to the left bank of the Volga, to the settlement of Rybachiy. Here, replenished by Pacific Fleet seamen, the battalion once again became a brigade, which returned to combat in early November. The fighting was especially fierce in the vicinity of the Krasnyy Oktyabr’, Barrikady,and Traktornyy plant, in the defence of which the 92nd Brigade and the 308 th Rifle Division participated. Repulsion of the numerous attacks and the daily bomb runs and artillery bombardment thinned the ranks of the 92nd Brigade.
The brigade commander, Hero of the Soviet Union Colonel M.S. Batrakov, chief of staff Lieutanant Colonel Ye.G.Sazonov, battalion commander F.S.Zhukov, chief of communication Captain Troyko, chief of brigade headquarters section No.1 Major Shumilo and other officers recieved serious wounds. Command of the brigade was assumed by Captain P.A.Unzhakov (commander of 3rd Battalion), and political department chief Senior Battalion Commisar F.L.Lukin assumed the duties of military commissar. (Russell Folsom)(215, Chap. 3)

EUROPE: This month, 14,000 Jews from France, 6,000 from the Netherlands and 5,000 from Belgium have been deported to Auschwitz. 20,000 Polish Jews perished at Belzec, and at least 6,000 Jews from Theresienstadt camp, in Czechoslovakia, were slaughtered at Maly Trostenets.

NORTH AFRICA: El Alamein: While thousands of British troops were undergoing training in desert warfare in the rear lines, watched by their new chief, Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery, the British Eighth Army set out to probe the defences of the Afrika Korps, also - while Rommel is in Germany for medical treatment - under a new chief, General Georg Stumme.

The 44th Division - just two brigades - then mounted a very small action to assess the strength of German positions in the Munassib Depression. Today’s battle took place to the south of the Alamein line, with heavy casualties on both sides.

Tobruk: The top-scoring Luftwaffe ace Hans-Joachim Marseille (158 British aircraft) who was awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds on 3 September is killed. He was flying a new Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2 fighter, W.Nr. 14256, on a mission escorting Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers. While returning to base at 1135 hours, Marseille indicated that he had smoke pouring into his cockpit and it was becoming difficult to either breathe or see. Other members in the flight urged Marseille to remain with his aircraft for another couple minutes since they were still over enemy-held territory. By 1139 hours, smoke in the cockpit was now unbearable and Marseille was forced to leave his airplane. Marseille’s last radio transmission was, “I’ve got to get out now. I can’t stand it any more”. Now over German territory, at approximately 10000 feet (3,048 meters), Marseille rolled his aircraft inverted in a standard manoeuvre to prepare for bailout. Suffering from probable spatial disorientation, possible toxic hypoxia, as well as being blinded by the smoke in the cockpit, Marseille’s aircraft entered an inverted dive with an approximate dive angle of 70 to 80 degrees. At a speed of approximately 400 knots (460.3 mph or 740.8 km/h), Marseille jumped out of his damaged aircraft. Unfortunately, the left side of Marseille’s chest struck the tail of his airplane, either killing him instantly or incapacitating him to the point where he was unable to open his parachute. As the other members of Marseille’s squadron watched in horror, Jochen’s body landed face down 7 km (4.3 miles) south of Sidi Abd el Rahman, an unfitting end to the “African Eagle.” (Jack McKillop)

BURMA: The British 123rd Brigade’s advance reaches Bawli Bazar in the Arakan Valley. The weather, which would normally clear during November, has not cooperated thus making the advance extremely difficult.

JAPAN: The German surface Raider “Thor” is destroyed by fire in the Yokohama, Japan Harbor. From January through October, 1942 the Thor sank 10 merchant ships for 56,000 tons.

NEW GUINEA: The US forces attacking Buna make their first significant gains.

US Fifth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortresses, A-20 Havocs, and P-40s pound occupied areas at Menari, Myola Lake, Kagi, and Efogi and a bridge at Wairopi.

SOLOMON ISLANDS: Admiral Chester W. Nimitz travels from Noumea to Guadalcanal via B-17 bomber to (1) to determine if the island can be held and (2) to award decorations. The plane becomes lost, and Commander Ralph Ofstie navigates to Henderson Field using a map from National Geographic. Nimitz views the mud of Henderson Field, since it has been raining. He tours Edson’s (Bloody) Ridge and the perimeter with General Vandegrift and leaves tomorrow.

The Japanese Navy changes their entire communications system. Many useful tools are lost, to the US, in the radio intelligence war.

TERRITORY OF ALASKA: ALEUTIANS: Of 9 US Eleventh Air Force B-24 Liberators off to bomb Kiska and Attu Islands, 2 turn back; the others blast the Attu Camp area, and at Kiska Harbor score at least 1 direct hit and near misses on a ship; 8 fighters intercept over Kiska and Little Kiska Islands but inflict no losses. (Jack McKillop)

CANADA: Corvette HMCS Lindsay laid down. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.A.: Baseball!

Everyone from the First Lady downwards had made it clear that the American war effort demands that women play dramatically different roles. Not only women themselves are being educated into new ways; so, too, are employers, labour leaders, store owners, men in uniform and legislators.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, for instance, called for easing the burden of housework for those women working to win the war. She suggested that restaurants should prepare meals which working women could pick up and take home for quick service. More child care is needed, she said, as is transportation to and from schools.

Training started this month to teach women such trades as welding, armature winding and burning. Mrs. Elinore M. Herrick, the newly-appointed director of personnel for Todd Shipyards, which as 12 yards on three coasts, said training for more difficult jobs will start soon, since Selective Service has given semi-skilled males but six months’ deferment. At Republic Steel, 1,000 women have been hired in its 27 plants to make and assemble aircraft parts and accessories. They are given uniforms, hairnets and pay equal to men’s. But the company says that it will draw the line on women in open-hearth areas because of the 100-degree Fahrenheit heat. Asked if more women would be hired, one Republic vice-president growled: “There are too many women here now.” However, he was in the midst of 25 women reporters.

Production jobs are not the only ones open to women. Columbia University has begun a course to train women to be engineering aides for Grumman Aircraft Corporation, and the Red Cross wants more nurses’ aides, targeting “leisure-class” women. Women are joining up in record numbers, according to the WAACS and WAVES. The chief of the WAVES (the US equivalent of Wrens), Mildred McAfee, says that she doesn’t mind at all being called “the old man”.

Submarine USS Flasher laid down.
Destroyer escort USS J Richard Ward laid down.
Minesweeper USS Oracle launched. (Dave Shirlaw)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: U-596 was attacked by an aircraft in the North Atlantic and suffered heavy damage. She managed to reach base at St. Nazaire on 3 October.

U-125 sank SS Empire Avocet and Kumsang. Captured master and a machinist from Empire Avocet captured.
U-506 sank SS Siam II.
U-516 sank SS Alipore. (Dave Shirlaw)

5 posted on 09/30/2012 5:47:05 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

September 29, 1942:

"In July 1942 the Nazis began to deport foreign Jews living in Paris to Auschwitz.
Of the first 1000 shipped to the death camp, only 17 survived the Holocaust. Many died on the journey, which took three days.
One of the survivors recalled that the victims were 'piled up in freight cars, unable to bend or to budge, sticking one to the other, breathless, crushed by one's neighbor's every move.
This was already hell.'
Fourteen-year-old Denise Sternzus, pictured here, was deported from Paris to Auschwitz on September 25, 1942."

September 30, 1942:

"The Drancy internment camp outside of Paris was a halfway point between life and death for Jews arrested in France.
During the July 1942 roundups, 13,000 foreign Jews living in Paris were arrested.
A third of them were children, who were separated from their parents, mistreated, and murdered.
Pictured here is a gendarmerie barracks that served to house Jews at Drancy."

"SS General Oswald Pohl lived for loot and plunder.
He was in charge of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office.
In that capacity, he controlled all of the slave labor in camps as well as the Third Reich's disposition of the possessions looted from Jewish victims of the "Final Solution," which were crucial to the German war effort.

"Pohl supervised the construction of thousands of German concentration camps and extermination camps, which housed, worked, and worked to death more than 700,000 slave laborers.
He was responsible for the exploitation of hair taken from Jewish victims, which were used for textiles, as well as the gold from Jewish teeth, rings, and eyeglass frames, which was passed on to the State Treasury.

"After the war, Pohl was caught, tried, and convicted as a war criminal.
He was hanged on June 8, 1951."

6 posted on 09/30/2012 6:24:34 AM PDT by BroJoeK (a little historical perspective....)
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To: Homer_J_Simpson
The “page 10” censorship article is very tantalizing. What is the big story that FDR personally ordered to be censored and which has proved to be controversial? Inquiring minds want to know!
7 posted on 09/30/2012 9:59:25 AM PDT by Seizethecarp
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To: Seizethecarp
The “page 10” censorship article is very tantalizing. What is the big story that FDR personally ordered to be censored and which has proved to be controversial? Inquiring minds want to know!

All will be revealed on October 2.

8 posted on 09/30/2012 1:58:21 PM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Seizethecarp

(I could tell you now but then I would have to zot you.)

9 posted on 09/30/2012 4:17:33 PM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

I am glad to wait! I do have my 150 years of NY Times front pages to fall back on if necessary, but I am holding out.

I note that today or yesterday Churchill was admonishing news reporters to avoid speculation regarding the timing and location of possible future invasions, so that might be a invasion somewhere!

10 posted on 09/30/2012 5:12:25 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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