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To: jmstein7
Don't count your Hatch before he chickens!

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Ut., said Thursday that Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga, was right to charge this week that a memo outlining plans by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats to politicize Iraq war intelligence borders on "treason."

But the Utah Republican defended the committee's ranking Democrat, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WV, saying he shouldn't have to resign as the committee's vice chairman even if he's found have authorized staffers to prepare the bombshell document.

Asked about Sen. Miller's comment on Wednesday that the memo was "treason's first cousin" and that "heads should roll" over the episode, Sen. Hatch told radio host Sean Hannity, "I happen to love Zell Miller and I do agree with that because bad intelligence results in the deaths of Democrats and Republicans - in other words, our people."

But Hatch refused to call for disciplinary action against ranking Democrat Rockefeller, recommending instead that Republicans "publicly ask the Democrats how they reconcile [preparing such a memo] with the critical need for non-partisanship."

When Hannity said that his sources had identified Rockefeller as being responsible for the memo, Sen. Hatch turned defensive.

Noting that the West Virginia Democrat "has worked pretty well with [Committee Chairman] Pat Roberts," the Utah Republican said, "I really doubt that Sen. Rockefeller would have anything to do with trying to make [the Committee's investigation] that partisan."

Asked what would happen if it turned out that Rockefeller was implicated in the memo scandal, Hatch replied, "Well, it's a serious issue. I mean, it would be, you know - he would be seriously criticized if that were the case."

"I like Sen. Rockefeller very much but, I mean, that wouldn't be right," he added.

Despite the national security breach, Hatch said it would be unwise for the White House to stop cooperating with committee Democrats, saying he feared that the press wouldn't permit it.

"The can't [stop cooperating] because the major media in this country . . . is always on [the Democrats'] side and they don't ever get called to account," he complained. "If [Republicans] did something like that it would be front page headlines all over the country. You know that."

I don't think I can contain my loathing for this perfumed Prince - Senator Hatch.

Please explain to me how we can be attacked, be at war and our 'leaders' still try and pretend that while our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are in harms way life in the US Senate should remain as it always has been.

I say give Hatch a rifle and make him walk down Baghdad streets for a couple of months. I'll gladly go with him. Then we will see how he feels about treasonous acts by Senators in the country he is defending.


41 posted on 11/07/2003 11:53:21 AM PST by The Shrew (Radio Free Republic - The New NPR!)
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To: The Shrew
Hey! Orrin said Rockefeller might be seriously criticized! What more do you want? Sheesh!</extremely extreme sarcasm
52 posted on 11/07/2003 12:00:18 PM PST by clintonh8r (This isn't rocket surgery, people.)
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To: The Shrew
You wrote:

"I say give Hatch a rifle and make him walk down Baghdad streets for a couple of months."


If you did, you better buy him a case of "Depends". Because I'm quite sure he would "soil" himself.


147 posted on 11/07/2003 12:40:40 PM PST by Osage Orange (Today's Republican's are the Mod. Democrats of J.F.K's era, and today's Democrats are Socialists)
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To: The Shrew
Right on Shrew you are so correct. Thanks for the interview at CPAC there Devil Dog and Happy Birthday Marine. Semper Fi from the crew of the USS John F Kennedy.

I am mad as hell with the supposed representation of the Senate Republicans. Hell, Zell Miller has more balls and gumption then the 51 we have up there now. They make me want to run for the Senate. Besides that monochrome body could use a little color.

Why are the Republcans acting like roaches when the light is turned on? They need to go on the offense starting with the filibusters on the judges and for starters confirm Estrada even though he withdrew his name. We are headed in the direction of the Roman Empire. SEMPER FIDELIS MARINE!

208 posted on 11/07/2003 1:03:57 PM PST by Warrior Nurse (Black, white or hispanic the jihadists are trying to kill us all, you better recognize!)
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To: The Shrew
My comment is this. Perhaps Sen. Hatch sees a new Vice
Chairman (woman) that would replace Rockefeller as one
Hillary Clintoon. I can understand his reluctance to
pursue that as the end result... Am I off base with this
thinking? k2afe
234 posted on 11/07/2003 2:23:46 PM PST by k2afe (Get the U.S. out of the UN and Get the UN out of the U.S.)
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To: The Shrew
I say give Hatch a rifle and make him walk down Baghdad streets for a couple of months.

It will never happen. But it is certainly worth looking at nominating some of our brave defenders who have walked the streets and driven the roads of Iraq to run against the Hatch's, Rockefellers, Byrd's, Spector's and so on. They would need debate training, financial backing and good campaign management.

We could start with Patrick Miller who was the real hero in the Jessica Lynch saga.

Our elected officials need not be brilliant, need not be graduates of law schools, need not have a long record of public service. They need only be likeable with discernable good judgement, have ability to select knowledgeable and competent staff, be willing to take on and expose their adversaries schemes and be able to let supporters know where they stand.

I would love to see a U.S. Army hero without political experience, without pretense and learned cunning run against Rockefeller on pure principles of patriotism.

271 posted on 11/10/2003 1:25:50 PM PST by Hostage
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