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What We Can Do To Help Defeat the "Gay" Agenda
self | February 11, 2004 | little jeremiah

Posted on 02/11/2004 9:00:13 PM PST by little jeremiah

What We Can Do To Defeat The "Gay" Agenda

Dear Fellow Freepers,

The following informal essay has two parts, the first consisting of ideas of what individuals or small groups can do to help thwart, roll back, defeat and otherwise throw a monkey wrench into the onslaught of the "gay" agenda and their stated goal to destroy the moral fabric of society. I am hoping that discussion will ensue, with theoretical ideas as well as accomplished plans. Information and knowledge are the key. Since most people just watch TV and read the establishment media, which are lapdogs of the "gay" elite, they just do not know the truth about homosexuality.

The second part is my analysis of the root cause of the homosexual movement, going a bit deeper than environment and molestation. It is "religious" or "spiritual" in aspect, so anyone who wishes to avoid that type of discussion can avoid it! This analysis is germane to the cure, not only of the homosexual agenda, but the untrammeled hedonism and libertinism of which homosexuality is the poster child.

[Note: I am not attempting to recap the immediate causes of homosexuality, or prove that it is not inborn, or give evidence as to why same sex acts are abnormal, unhealthy, or immoral, or to prove that homosexuals can change. FR already has hundreds of archived articles of this nature.]

Part One: Ideas on Promoting the Truth about Homosexuality

A friend of ours homeschools her children, so as to protect them from the horrible influence of public schools, instill her personal moral values, and give them the best education possible. She knew that homosexuality was unhealthy, immoral, and unnatural, but until I gave her books and booklets I purchased from Scott Lively's website ( she was not able to articulate her viewpoint. After studying the materials I provided, she became a one-woman task force, gave her elderly father books to read, and shared the books with the charter/homeschool teacher. The teacher, who also had not been very well-informed, had her mind blown (so to speak) and ordered more materials for herself, and placed a link to Lively's website on her personal website. Lively has a number of very informative booklets that can be purchased in bulk cheap, and they are great for distributing. So because I informed one friend, many others have been informed. This particular charter school is all for homeschooled children, and there are about 500 families involved.

By purchasing Lively's materials (or reprints from other groups such as NAARTH and the Family Research Council) and making them available at your church, synagogue or other house of worship, many people can become informed. Materials can be purchased and mailed or given to pastors at other churches, or any organization or club that you belong to.

I have found that if I talk to people in the line at the grocery store, or the cashier, often people are happy to find that others have the same viewpoint, but they are afraid to admit that they think same sex acts to be unhealthy or wrong. Just by speaking up in public, we can encourage others to think for themselves, and not be intimidated by social pressure.

Of course, letters can be written to newspapers (they've never printed one of mine!), legislators, and media people. We could try calling up local talk radio shows to tell the truth or attend school board meetings to protest the homosexual infiltration of the schools. Of course, by doing any of these things we will be "outing" ourselves as homophobes ;-) but that's the risk one takes by speaking the truth.

And then there are guerilla tactics: print up some fact sheets about the nature of and diseases spread by homosexual acts, statistics about molestation rates, etc - make them colorful and readable, and broadcast them about town. Laudromats, bulletin boards in stores, public facilities, rest stops, community college or other educational institutions, any place you can find. Good places would be where there is a lot of foot traffic, especially where high school kids can see them. High schools kids are really being targeted by homosexual activists, so the more they can see the truth, the better.

Another post-it tactic: make or obtain stickers with the names and phone numbers of organizations that help people overcome homosexuality, and stick them near high schools, colleges, downtowns, and so on. You never know whose life might change because of one phone call. Or, place ads in the classified ads section of local newspapers or weekly magazines with the same information.

Other promotional ideas are bumper stickers (make you own, or maybe someone knows where to order pro-family stickers). Ideas for slogans: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve; Marriage=One Man+One Woman; Children Need a Mother and Father, Not Two of a Kind; Same Sex Acts Are Not Healthy For Living Things; Want to get AIDS? Be Gay!; Don't confuse "Exit" with "Entry"; Don't Mess With Marriage; "Gay" Sex Isn't Gay…. These could also be signs in car windows, yard signs, signs held at rallies.

Protest at "Gay Pride" Parades. If protesting at such public events, wear protective clothing and go in groups, carry antiseptic handwipes and have a camera and maybe tape recorder. No telling what might ensue. Here's an idea that someone freepmailed to me, and it sounds good:

"I have an idea I'd like to pass your way. I suggest that we get permits to set up tables in front of (or near) our respective churches/synagogues along the local "Pride" parade routes this coming June, with literature about reparative therapy. Each table should also have someone there to document all the juvenile insults and threats thrown our way on a videocam, and send copies of the films to the local tv news to include as part of their coverage."

These are just a few ideas. Let's hear yours!

Part Two: The Root Cause of Homosexuality

Everyone needs happiness, love and pleasure. These needs stem directly from the soul, and get interpreted through the body - think of how many people eat because they are lonely, depressed, or in anxiety. A healthy balanced person will eat when hungry, and when in need of companionship will turn to a relative, friend, or even pet for company. The need for love is really paramount, a deeper need than the bodily requirements. What hurts more, a broken heart, or a hungry stomach? Our culture has denied the fact - basic to all religions (probably a few exceptions, but this is not the debate here) - that human beings even have souls, what to speak of the needs of the soul. In fact, the accepted "scientifically based" theory is that humans are just machines, made of chemicals, evolved by accident, and the "self" doesn’t even really exist. In an atmosphere of such impersonal nihilism, it is natural that many people will be easily convinced that real love, real happiness, real heart to heart connection, don't exist.

What can take its place? Instant pleasure. Shopping. Drug and alcohol abuse. Or, most seductive of all, orgasms. And since the sexual organs have no conscience, a wide variety of options is available to people who have been convinced that God doesn't exist, there are no rules - or higher purpose - to life, and instant gratification is the only yardstick to measure happiness with.

There are two kinds of happiness - the kind that comes from the outside - eating, sex, comforts, and the devices or arrangements that facilitate such, as well as more intangible pleasures such as accomplishments, goals achieved, music, arts, learning, and so on. The second kind of happiness comes only from within the heart, and this happiness is our relationship with God. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us, and the same truth is stated in Hindu scriptures (the Vedas) as well. A surrendered soul can experience the loving embrace of God anywhere, any time - if he truly desires and strives for this loving relationship. The experience that God is my best friend, my only refuge, my source of happiness, and indeed, the very foundation for and purpose of my existence - is the only real meaning of religion. Currently, in many religions, the concept that God is a real Person is left out, glossed over, He is described as an amorphous mystery, or that "we are God", or that He is just energy or a force. But according to Jesus, the teachings in the Old Testament, and the teachings of the Vedas, re-establishing a loving relationship with the Supreme Person is the only thing that will fill the emptiness in our hearts. If this knowledge is denied, as in most of our culture, people will seek to fill this void by any means at hand. And if the moral absolutes that are part of God's instructions to humanity are tossed out, then anything goes. If sexual pleasure is the goal of life, and there are no eternal moral truths, then there is no reason to not accept same sex acts, or, for that matter, any kind of sexual activity.

Therefore, the real antidote to the "gay" agenda, as well as the breakdown of civilization it heralds, is the spiritual awakening of many individuals, and the understanding that such an awakening is not only important but essential.

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To: alexandria
Some homosexuals or homo-promoters claim that some animals species act out homosexually. I am no biologist, but from what I have read these acts are generally when animals are isolated from others of their kind, not in their natural setting, or when immature and their instincts aren't all in place.

That said, even IF some animals did simulate the mating act with males on males or whatever, is that a good reason for humans to act like animals? Most animals also don't mate for life, many animals eat their young, most animals don't build houses, most animals never bathe, etc. Just because some few animals supposedly do something is not a logical rationale for humans to follow their example.

These kinds of "animals do it" arguments are foolish, and only appeal to people who do not believe that God exists, He's in control of nature, and that there is a higher purpose to life than eating and mating.

I totally agree with your point - once moral absolutes are rejected (and they are not sectarian - they are virtually the same in all the world's religious systems) - then the floodgates are opened, and what we are seeing in Massachusetts and San Francisco (and all the links that EdReform and scripter kindly post) will be tame stuff to what's coming in the near future.

Unless, somehow, things turn around. Which was my purpose in starting this thread. A few little pieces of gravel can start an avalanche.
61 posted on 02/14/2004 7:52:18 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: John O
I find nothing wrong with non-procreative sex within the bounds of marrriage as long as an abortifacient is not used. (As I understand it every form of birth control pill is actually abortifacient). I can find nothing in the bible to support banning barrier methods or coitus interuptus.

Actually the pill, and the hormones therein, fools the woman's body into thinking she is already pregnant. When she reaches the week that they have the placebo pills the hormone level then drops off and there is what they call withdrawal bleeding similar to the menstrual bleeding.
After this the cycle starts over but the hormone that would usually be released (LH I think) to cause ovulation does not occur so no egg even matures in the ovaries to be ovulated.

62 posted on 02/14/2004 8:09:52 PM PST by alexandria
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To: little jeremiah
Some homosexuals or homo-promoters claim that some animals species act out homosexually.

The key word being ACT. They are speaking of the situations in which you sometimes see one animal exerting dominance over another. It is not a sexual or even a mating type of action.
I agree of course that we should not pattern ourselves after animals. My point was toward showing that homosexuality itself is against nature.

Getting back on topic. I work in a public school amd I was surprised a how many people, parents and teachers included were unaware of the literature that has filtered into the schools. When speaking to the new media assistant at the middle school last week I was shown a new book of poetry that a student brought to their attention. It was not the homosexual agenda but was sprinkled with foul language and some warped imagery. I then said, "well I can hardly be surprised since they are also lauding these new "tolerance" books for kids like My Two Daddies and such."
You should have seen the reaction, they really did not take me as being serious for a couple of seconds. So I would like to find a list or compile one for them to be able to use to ferret out such material.
This is a small rural school and we may be in California but we have a Trinity Christian club that meets on campus and fighting, or at least resisting, the homosexual agenda would be supported.

63 posted on 02/14/2004 8:43:54 PM PST by alexandria
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To: alexandria
You should check out the or websites linked to up the thread. Lively has a lot of stuff for schools - arguments for the natural family and against homosexuality that are secular based especially for schools, "free speech" clubs that schools can start - he has materials and so on.

I am well aware that CA has mandated pro-homosexual teaching K-12 since 2001. It is really snuck in so that the community often doesn't know what's going on. The homo-promoter definitely use deceit as one of their weapons.

I'm glad that there are still some decent, sane teachers in the system. What county are you in? Not Humboldt, are you? (shudder)
64 posted on 02/14/2004 8:59:01 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: alexandria
Here's a link to a webpage from called "Rescue the Schools" that might have relevant information for you:
65 posted on 02/14/2004 9:05:36 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
LOL! No not Humboldt. Merced county. It is in central CA about an hour and forty five minutes south of Sacramento.
66 posted on 02/14/2004 10:56:29 PM PST by alexandria
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To: alexandria
I know Merced, I lived in and about Sac for years. Way, way too hot in the summer! What to speak of the air quality.

I prefer mountains! I live way rural, not far from the CA/OR border.
67 posted on 02/14/2004 11:13:27 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: alexandria
Here's an idea connected with schools, and a link to a couple of posts you should read:
(read comments #101 and 102)

Just got another idea for my Countering Homo-activism Thread - it could work on a mass scale or one by one.

Parents who realize what schools are doing to their kids do a public removal of said kid. If it was coordinated to happen on the same day or week - like the homosexual activists have co-opted Valentine's Day, turning it into "Freedom to Marry" day (or week, or whatever it is) - it could be called "Save our Kids from Homosexuality" or something. Imagine if thousands of parents show up as schools all over America, (with media alerted beforehand) and take their kids out of school. Alternatives? Homeschool charter schools, private schools.

Religious schools or private schools should advertise specifically stating something like this: "Send your kid to ......School and you won't be afraid he or she will come home and tell you he/she is "gay". Or less in-your-face advertising, or people can pay for billboards that say: "Protect your child from the homosexual agenda. Send them to the private school of your choice or homeschool".

Clearly one of the main battle fronts of the homosexual activists is to totally control the next generation.

Or teachers who are opposed to homosexual indoctrination of the students could refuse to allow it to be taught, but I'm sure that would jeopardize some peoples' jobs. But if right minded teachers stand up for the truth about homosexuality, it could help turn this thing around.

68 posted on 02/15/2004 1:32:33 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
Clearly one of the main battle fronts of the homosexual activists is to totally control the next generation.


69 posted on 02/15/2004 2:12:07 PM PST by tuesday afternoon
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To: little jeremiah
70 posted on 02/15/2004 2:49:08 PM PST by jla
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To: little jeremiah
>Yet, I am reminded of people - conservatives, who don't want
>to vote for Bush because he isn't conservative enough. A vote
>for a third party candidate, or sitting out the election,
>only harms the conservative cause, increasing the possibility
>of Kerry or which jackass the Democraps pick, will win. At
>least with Bush, the behemoth may start turning around.

Bush supports civil unions for homosexuals and lesbians. In what way is that turning anything around? If we pass a constitutional amendment which defines marraige as being reserved for a man and a woman, and turn around and give away the same benefits to the gay lobby under the name of "civil unions" all we've done is play a semantic game.

No gay marriage.
No civil unions.

Why our beloved governator doesn't have the national guard out in the streets putting a stop to the lawlessness in San Francisco, I don't know. And no, that's not too harsh a reaction. That's the reaction you'd have if suddenly one day a university president broke the law and wouldn't admit black students...
71 posted on 02/15/2004 3:22:57 PM PST by applemac_g4
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To: applemac_g4
Can you cite Bush's statement that he supports civil unions? From what I've read, he's kind of skirted the issue. But what with all the ruckus the "gay" activists and their minions are creating, Bush better clarify his position, and I hope to God he stand against civil unions as well as "gay" marriage.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday, when the courts are open. Have you read or heard that Schwartzeneger has said anything - anything at all?

I thank divine providence that I don't live in SF. Throughout the last umpteen years, I've put in my time in the bay area, but left more than a decade ago, swearing never to return.

But, if someone organizes any big ralleys or protests about this crap, I think I'll drive down and freep!
72 posted on 02/15/2004 3:38:28 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
Let's hear some more ideas.

Thousands Registered Under France's PACS Law
Friday, January 21st 2000

PARIS -- Since the passage of the Civil Solidarity Pact law in France last October, more than 6,000 same- and opposite-sex couples have registered their unions with the state, the Justice Ministry announced Thursday.

Registrants under the new law, known by its French acronym PACS, are able to enjoy many of the same rights and responsibilities previously restricted only to married couples.

Other Data Lounge stories
> France
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PACS provisions include allowing registered couples to file joint tax returns, collect pension, inheritance and other government-sponsored benefits, and reduce the waiting period for the issuance of foreign residency permits to partners of French nationals from five years to two.

The national debate over PACS legislation raged in France for the better part of two years. Tens of thousands of conservatives marched through the streets last year to denounce the proposed legislation. Opponents, joined by the Roman Catholic Church, issued dire warnings that the legislation would undermine family values and even bring about the end of French civilization.

The Socialists ultimately beat back Conservative attempts to derail the bill and passed PACS reform on October 13, 1999, by a vote of 315 to 249. Gay civil rights groups in France remain angry that the current bill does nothing to ease adoption restrictions and that a waiting period of three years was necessary before gay couples could file joint tax and claim other benefits.

Similar legislation already exists in several European countries, including Iceland, Belgium and Sweden. Laws in Denmark and the Netherlands are even more liberal. Germany is expected to begin debate on a national domestic partnership law early next year.

-- C. Barillas, Editor

73 posted on 02/15/2004 4:30:34 PM PST by NYer (Ad Jesum per Mariam)
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To: NYer
Apparently tens of thousands of conservatives marching through the streets didn't help. But I sure would love to see tens of thousands of conservatives marching through the streets HERE to protest "gay" marriage! Maybe on the same day as the revolting "Gay Prides".

I am NOT an organizer, live in a tiny rural community, but if anyone does organize any such protests/rallies, PLEASE publicize them well. I will drive anywhere north of mid-CA to attend, and I would bet that a lot of Freepers would as well.
74 posted on 02/15/2004 5:55:17 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
You're obsessed with homosexuals, aren't you?
75 posted on 02/15/2004 6:32:25 PM PST by Amelia (Pop-culture impaired)
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To: Amelia
If you think that "gay" marriage being forced on an unwilling population is fine, if you think that homosexual indoctrination in schools across the country is fine, then what are you on this thread for?

Your comment is like asking someone who is being beaten up, are they obsessed with being beaten up? Let's say I am paying attention. Are you?
76 posted on 02/15/2004 7:09:00 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
then what are you on this thread for?

Simple, I didn't realize it was a vanity when I clicked on it.

77 posted on 02/15/2004 7:15:00 PM PST by Amelia (Pop-culture impaired)
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To: Amelia
The point isn't that it is a vanity, but the purpose of the thread is to discuss things that can be done to roll back the "gay" agenda. If their agenda doesn't bother you, there's thousands of other threads.
78 posted on 02/15/2004 7:17:30 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: All
Now that the clown fool thug "mayor" of SF and his co-criminals have decided to play rough, I think we need to follow suit. Enough Mr. Nice Guy. Being Mr. Nice Guy has gotten us to where we are at.

Obviously I'm not promoting violence or law breaking. But civil disobedience maybe, in areas of the country where there are "non-discrimination" laws. What I'm really thinking of is stuff like this:

1. Say someone works as a desk clerk at a hotel. Two homosexuals want to reserve a "honeymoon suite". Say NO! They are reservered for newly married couples (if that is the hotel policy.) Refuse to take part in their sick fantasy.

2. Same thing if someone works in a wedding chapel type place, or caters weddings. Just refuse to cater to "gay" marriage.

3. Any opportunity that comes your way - don't cave in the pro-"gay" status quo. Take risks. Put bumper stickers on your car. If you live in CA (or anywhere else) and a couple of homosexuals present you with a bogus "marriage license" and want some special benefit or recognition, refuse it. Say, "Oh, that's not legal. I can't honor that. Marriage means a man and a woman."

And I am WAITING for announcements of rallies, protests, etc. I will drive up to 500 miles to attend one. If anyone hears of any such plans, put the news up on this thread (and anywhere else you want too).
79 posted on 02/16/2004 8:26:19 PM PST by little jeremiah (everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone isn't entitled to be right.)
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To: little jeremiah
I'm not much on coming up with bumper sticker ideas but here's some ideas:

Arn't you glad shame went out the window and humanity followed.

WWJD? Forgive Repentant Homosexuals!

In America you have the right to be an abomination AND be proud of it.

As if AIDS wasn't enough

Soddom and Ghomerica

There's a reason why there arn't any same sex electrical plugs too!

That's about all I have. There is one other way that America can learn about why the homosexual agenda is bad. Unfortunately soddom and ghommorah's fate isn't very PC or Gay friendly but if it happens it will sure nip that problem in the bud. Best thing I can do is pray and vote for George W. Bush. I'll keep checking back and let you know if I come up with any other ideas.
80 posted on 02/16/2004 11:55:29 PM PST by AppauledAtAppeasementConservat (An educated fool, in the end, is still a fool.)
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