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  • Maybe some of our churches are not essential after all

    06/03/2020 7:29:56 AM PDT · by MNDude · 31 replies
    Numerous democrat governors have declared that churches are not essential. What did 99% of churches do? They just shrugged their shoulders and went along with it. Sure a few whined a little and a few even signed a petition. But I sincerely think 90% of these churches would be content to stream church services until the end of time if the Democrat governors decided it. I loathe the BLM protesters, but at least they stand up for their beliefs. If pastors agree their churches are non essential, why should I disagree?
  • If there really is systemic racism in big city police departments, why don't the democrats in charge fix the problem?

    06/02/2020 6:15:34 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 63 replies
    <p>Waiting for someone in the media to ask and waiting for the democrat governors and mayors to provoide answers.</p>
  • These so-called 'peaceful protests' ceased being constitutionally protected peaceful protests the moment the first store was looted, the first car or building set ablaze, the first brick or Molotov cocktail thrown...

    06/02/2020 12:12:53 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 42 replies
    by Captain Obvious
    Got news for the media and the democrats: These so-called 'peaceful protests' ceased being constitutionally protected peaceful protests the moment the first store was looted, the first car or building set ablaze, the first brick or Molotov cocktail thrown. And now they're shooting cops, looting, ransacking, terrorizing and burning entire communities. They're moving across the country descending on cities like clouds of locusts destroying everything in their path, then move on to the next city. This is more than a nationwide riot, it's beginning to look like a violent insurrection or civil war. And it's now definitely appropriate to try...
  • Tucker Carlson Attacking Trump and Jared Kushner Tonight. Really?

    06/01/2020 5:32:07 PM PDT · by Williams · 90 replies
    Fox News Tucker Carlson
    After Trump's statement and deploying the military, Tucker attacked Trump - no other word for it - because the Fox reporter got assaulted last night. Next he chose to attack Jared Kushner for pushing prison reform. Really? Tonight? A cheap shot against Jared K because Tucker dislikes him and his policies? Tucker started with a perfectly fine attack on the violent rioters, but he then started criticizing Trump. Acted like Trump calling out the troops today was an afterthought. I agree with Tucker the rioting has to be stopped. But Trump has gotten that from day 1. The attack on...
  • Tucker Carlson tonight said while America burns Trump is hiding in his bunker!

    06/01/2020 5:27:47 PM PDT · by NKP_Vet · 102 replies
    June 1, 2020
    Tucker Carlson acting like an idiot tonight. Talking about the riots, he blamed no leadership. When he got to Trump he said he was hiding in his bunker Friday night while the country burned. Right when I think I can stomach this self-righteous SOB, he does this shit. His ass needs to go back to CNN and stay.
  • Planned Mayhem

    06/01/2020 5:15:23 AM PDT · by Wuli · 42 replies
    6/1/2020 | Wuli
    Planned mayhem is for me the accurate way to explain what has gone on across the country this weekend. The Left lost on the phony "Russia" hoax, and on "impeachment", and has been losing on the "pandemic" & the lock downs, is doomed to lose with Biden and had no "burning" agenda to promote. So they HAD to create one, manufacture one. This is supposed to be their new "1968", and we all know how that went for the Left. Today seems a "sober" Monday, but that is not coming from me. It's the mood I see coming from everywhere...
  • Business owner being looted show up with shotgun

    05/31/2020 9:33:08 PM PDT · by dragnet2 · 22 replies ^ | 5/31/2020 |
    Not much information on this.
  • Why haven't victims of this violence starting shooting these violent people?

    05/31/2020 12:56:32 PM PDT · by dragnet2 · 80 replies
    Just watched another video of a man and his wife who were viciously being attacked and beaten by these rioters/anarchist as they attempted to defend their small business. It appeared they punched his wife repeatedly and beat her with 2x4s, as the husband was also being attacked. And watch another video of this older guy, guilty of simply holding and American flag, beaten, stomped and kicked into the pavement. There are many other videos out there which clearly depict these events. Good innocent people are being severely beaten by these savage vicious groups of people. To be honest, I am...
  • Video/GRAPHIC (Warning): Group of Protesters Murder a man in Dallas defending his store

    05/30/2020 8:16:43 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 108 replies
    See new Tweets Conversation Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray A mob of rioters just murdered a man in cold blood in Dallas. He was defending his store.
  • The Time For Decisive Action Is Now. (Vanity)

    05/30/2020 10:08:14 AM PDT · by SharpenedEdge · 23 replies
    I believe that we are on the brink of losing our Constitutional Republic. The Left, funded and encouraged by outside forces such as George Soros are determined to bring about their “revolution” stoking the fires of racial and class resentments to their own destructive ends. They know that they are going to lose the 2020 Presidential election. They have no viable candidate, President Trump’s support base is strong and energized, and our economy remains fundamentally sound and resilient. The COVID-19 hysteria is fading as dire predictions of doom have been shown to be vastly over-hyped. The innate tyranny of petty...
  • Zero Tolerance for Cops

    05/30/2020 8:47:28 AM PDT · by Jerrybob · 84 replies
    Self | 5/30/20 | self
    I am not anti-cop.  Far from it.  Without them, this country would be a jungle -- in good times. However -- here's a 6 year old sitting in a public school classroom, drawing a picture of a gun.  What happens?  Instant expulsion -- zero tolerance. Why has there been no zero tolerance for cops? This from an online news source:  Derek Chauvin shot one suspect, was involved in the fatal shooting of another, and received at least 17 complaints during his nearly two decades as an officer, according to police records and archived news reports. Not having zero tolerance for...
  • This is way beyond protesting, beyond rioting, even beyond random acts of anarchy. This is moving into the realm of organized rebellion, led by Trump-hating, America-hating leftist revolutionaries.

    05/29/2020 8:36:29 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 366 replies
    And the democrat run cities and states where it's happening are actively allowing and even encouraging it to happen. They want change (fundamental transformation of America, ie, throw out our system and replace it with socialism) and they want it now! They've been trying for four years to take down Trump and have failed. So now they're going to burn it all down if they have to. Scorched earth. Even an attempted direct assault on the White House tonight. If this continues unabated, the president may have to call out the troops to put down rebellions.

    05/29/2020 1:05:48 PM PDT · by street_lawyer · 10 replies
    CONGRESS MUST AMEND IMMUNITY LAW PROTECTING SOCIAL MEDIA ISSUE: Congress has to amend the statute, which of course they will not. Meanwhile we are supposed to be placated by the expectation that Trump is actually going to accomplish something. It’s the same shell game that has me pulling my hair out. BNJ would argue the case. Napolitano, Levin etc won’t agree for sure, but here goes:
  • Big, bold, immediate action needed to stimulate and jumpstart jobs and the economy for the short-term and beyond?

    05/28/2020 3:07:34 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 35 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Pelosi wants to spend $3 trillion. McConnell says no more than $1 trillion. But, of course, both want to expand federal power and bureaucracy to pick the winners and losers while they dole it out. And there's no way they can keep it under $3 trillion, much less $1 trillion. Ok, if it's worth doing it should be big, bold, immediate and without growing the bureaucracy and without allowing government to pick the winners and losers. I've seen suggestions that we should have a payroll tax holiday until the end of the year. That would be a good start and...
  • DemoncRAT vs. DimmercRAT

    05/24/2020 12:38:46 PM PDT · by MastMan · 5 replies
    Vanity | 5/24/2020 | MaStMaN
  • Memorial Day

    05/23/2020 8:04:40 AM PDT · by Peter W. Kessler · 30 replies
    Myself | 5/23/2020 | Peter W. Kessler
    Just a few thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend
  • YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and Cosplayer Wanderlust Luca Accused Of Racism Over Starfire Cosplay

    05/14/2020 5:40:22 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 30 replies
    YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and cosplayer Wanderlust Luca were accused of being racists over a Starfire cosplay. Wanderlust Luca, a self-described amateur cosplayer from the Netherlands recently shared her Starfire cosplay to Instagram. In her first post she wrote, “Starfire from Teen Titans. This cosplay is a little different from most of my League cosplays. Hope you like me cosplaying something else.” Starfire YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and Cosplayer Wanderlust Luca Accused Of Racism Over Starfire Cosplay John F. Trent May 13, 2020 Cosplay Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on...
  • California State employees to take a 10% pay cut

    05/14/2020 9:21:28 AM PDT · by MeganC · 35 replies
    Several sources ^ | 5.14.2020 | MeganC
    I'm hearing on email and on the web that California State government employees are going to take a 10% pay cut and perhaps be forced to take two unpaid days off every month. No talk at all of cutting aid for illegals or cutting any other vote-buying social programs.
  • Magical Herd Immunity

    05/14/2020 5:29:07 AM PDT · by GLH3IL · 21 replies
    Facebook blog ^ | 05/13/2020 | Jennifer L Katsen, MD, MSc, MSc
    Conclusion: as the epidemic whirls on, the effective HIT drops dynamically, down-- at the end-- to only 10%. And-- for everyone worried about whether or not effective first wave suppression has just left everyone vulnerable, and implies a nearly-as-big second wave once distancing is reduced: the model nicely predicts that removing the "highly susceptibles" from the population in the first wave makes the second wave likely rather muted.
  • Analysis of Virginia COVID-19 Data

    05/13/2020 9:15:13 AM PDT · by JHL · 10 replies
    The Virginia Department of Health recently added more detailed demographic and outbreak data to its Coronavirus data website. The website only reports numbers, not percentages; but by doing a little simple math, interesting facts present themselves: Statistics for Long-term Care Facilities (e.g. Nursing Homes): 58.8% of all deaths in Virginia were associated with Long-term care facilities. Contracting the virus in a long-term care facility is not an automatic death sentence: 85.6% of patients who contract the virus in a long-term care facility survive. This is contrary to the perception we are given, that outbreaks in a nursing home inevitably result...