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Your Opinion/Questions (News/Activism)

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  • I just had a thought (vanity)

    02/07/2016 7:00:41 PM PST · by Baynative · 107 replies
    mental ^ | 2/7/16 | Yours truly
    I have been a consistent nay sayer when ever the idea of Hillary Clinton facing justice comes up. I have been harshly critical of the house committees and their inability to bring about any action on the email server or Benghazi. I am down to my last nerve on this whole affair taking so damn long. BUT...
  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EST,WABC AM,Ray Charles Fridays,February 5,2016

    02/05/2016 2:56:59 PM PST · by Biggirl · 50 replies
    Mark Levin Show ^ | February 5, 2016 | Mark Levin
    The Legacy Lives On! Mark’s Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation “Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny precisely because its principles are the founding principles.” --Mark Levin in Liberty and Tyranny Welcome to “The Levin Lounge”… Step in and have a virtual FRink.Taking the country by storm, one radio station at a time – and kicking the BUTTS of the competition! Welcome all, to the most FUN LIVE THREAD on FreeRepublic.com! You can call Mark’s show: 1-877-381-3811

    02/05/2016 1:27:01 PM PST · by cradle of freedom · 23 replies
    Because of the cult of multiculturalism and Islamic immigration, kids in the Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota will not be having Valentines day anymore. The school is also thinking of doing away with Thanksgiving and Christmas. We must not upset the sensitivities of our new Muslim neighbors. There is a discussion about how to deal with Islam. The talking heads seem to agree that we are all against terrorism and radicalized Islam but we are for moderate Islam. So where does this fit in? It isn't terrorism because the muslims are not attacking or threatening physical assaults...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show,"Open Line Fridays",12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WOR AM,February 5, 2016

    02/05/2016 8:38:50 AM PST · by Biggirl · 153 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | February 5, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    Call The Rush Limbaugh Show program line between 12 Noon & 3PM Eastern Time, at: 1-800-282-2882 E-mail Rush: ElRushbo@eibnet.com or Fax Rush at: 212-445-3963 Write a letter to Rush and mail it to: The Rush Limbaugh Show, 1270 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. Join This Ping List Now! E-mail Rush: ElRushbo@eibnet.com Fax Rush at: 212-445-3963, Write a letter to Rush and mail it to: The Rush Limbaugh Show, 1270 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.< Join This Ping List Now! Click Here To Join This Ping List! < AND NOW... amidst billowing clouds of...
  • Trump OWNS Far Left Heckler for Defending Illegal Aliens

    02/04/2016 1:03:23 PM PST · by Hojczyk · 31 replies
    February 4,2016 | Jim Hoft
    Trump was ambushed during the rally by a heckler who defended illegal aliens. The Hill posted the transcript: “Illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country? I don’t think so, darling,” Donald J. Trump responded to a heckler who interrupted his campaign rally. “You know what the backbone of our country [is]? People that came here, and they came here legally. People that came here to this country legally, and they worked their ass off, and they made this country great.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ9HgEO53G8
  • Rubio is a Hispanic Obama that Has a "R" by his Name.

    02/04/2016 4:50:36 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 75 replies
    If you like the current condition of our Republic, then vote for Rubio. Rubio and Obama for the most part agree across the board. 1) Illegal Immigration and a Pathway to Citizenship 2) Rigged Trade Agreements that exports jobs overseas 3) Big supporter of H1-B that encourages U.S. companies, through taxes and regulations to fire their American workers and replace them with someone from overseas. 4) Going to war with Syria and endless perpetual state of war. 5) Rubio is in favor of big government. 6) Rubio is for the Police State. He wants to spy on all Americans, but...
  • I love Trump AND Cruz - What do I do?

    02/03/2016 8:03:30 PM PST · by EarlyBird · 230 replies
    vanity | 2/3/2016 | earlybirs
    I have loved Ted Cruz since he filibustered. I loved him even more since he.called McConnell a liar. Nothing Ted has done since then has changed my love for him. But then there's the Donald. I love him too! I love how he has torn apart the political correctness and the conventional wisdom. But how can I love both candidates and not be unfaithful to them both? I wish they would stop fighting each other. I wish they would start fighting Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  • An unorthodox plan for the 2016 election

    02/04/2016 12:14:53 AM PST · by Bobalu · 19 replies
    self-vanity | Feb 4, 2016 | Bobalu - Vanity
    This election must be won by a candidate that is not hell-bent on flooding the country with illegals or the republic dies....it's that simple.That leaves us with Trump and Cruz.... Trump I'm very sure of on immigration, Cruz a little less so but he's far better than any of the rest.IMO Trump can pull votes from across the spectrum and I give him a very good chance of being elected.Cruz has a dedicated following who would follow him through hell and back... but IMO the following is too small to be confident of a general election win.Combine the two men...
  • PPP Poll Out Tomorrow - Trump lead lowers; Rubio tied for third (VANITY)

    02/03/2016 9:32:40 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 160 replies
    The Cruz/Trump wars are killing both candidates and moving Rubio up to prime Romney position. Here's the poll from PPP to be released tomorrow: Trump 25 Cruz 21 Rubio 21 Carson 11 Jebra 5 Kasich 5 Rand 5 Christie 3 Fiorina 3 Gilmore 1 Santorum 0 Rubio is calling on the party to 'consolidate' (guys behind me drop out and endorse me). The MSM is laughing about the Trump vs. Cruz war and encouraging it -- Karl Rove on Fox tonight telling Trump he was right; Trump did steal Iowa; go sue over it and keep imploding pursuing it. This...

    02/03/2016 3:59:31 PM PST · by cradle of freedom · 105 replies
    Thank you Donald Trump for telling the truth with courage. When others feared being called names by the politically correct, Trump got out there and said in no uncertain terms that HE WOULD BUILD A WALL! This is one of the major reasons why so many people love him. Millions of Americans have been harmed by illegal immigration and others have learned about it and sought to get the message out over the years only to be suppressed and smothered by the politically correct establishment. Why is there a huge heroin problem in this country today? Mexico. Most of the...
  • Meanwhile..while everyone is focused on the election...TTP gets signed tomorrow!

    02/03/2016 1:39:27 PM PST · by DeathBeforeDishonor1 · 17 replies
    2/3/16 | Vanity
    That is all. Just a friendly reminder.
  • When there is something more important than politics (Vanity)

    02/03/2016 11:23:53 AM PST · by Jarhead9297 · 49 replies
    Vanity | 02-03-16 | JarHead9297
    With the elections running full bore and FReepers going back and forth in heated debates (including myself) supporting their cantidates, in the blink of an eye you are quickly reminded how little this stuff can be. Today I had to put down my Molly (my first time having to do this). Molly came to me 8 years ago from a former fiancé

    02/03/2016 11:01:15 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 53 replies
    Ted Cruz already posting it on Twitter... /s
  • Question for Discussion - Will Trump hit Rubio as hard as Cruz? (Vanity)

    02/03/2016 10:56:28 AM PST · by ifinnegan · 50 replies
    NA | 2/3/16 | Self
    Question for Discussion - Will Trump hit Rubio as hard as Cruz? Theory: Trump is an errand boy for the international banking and globalist financier elite. He has been funded in the billions (and owes yuge amounts still) by George Soros, Deutsche Bank and many other manner of sundry globalist hedge funds and financial institutions that the Uniparty reports to. As such, he is given the job of taking down Cruz. But not Rubio, who proved with the Gang of Eight that he will make deals and play ball and is acceptable to the Uniparty and globalist interests.
  • IOWA Democrat Vote a DUD (Hillary and Bernie get a Kewpie Doll)

    02/03/2016 5:48:11 AM PST · by CptnObvious · 34 replies
    Vanity | 2/3/2016 | Self
    Hillary and Bernie tied at 262 (that's two hundred and sixty two) votes. Ted Cruz alone got more than 40,000 (that's forty thousand). What does that tell you? 1) That the Democrats in Iowa are seriously less than thrilled with these two. 2) That only those Iowan's campaigning for Hillary and Bernie, of the favorable members of the press, voted for them. 3) And that there is a serious chance that some of these counties had ZERO votes and had to be tossed with a coin. Never mind that Hillary's chances of winning six coin tosses in a row is...
  • Iowa Caucus - Free Republic Prediction Thread

    01/31/2016 7:31:08 AM PST · by nwrep · 108 replies
    Various Polls ^ | January 31, 2016 | nwrep
    Predictions for Iowa Caucus: 2016 Presidential Elections Please put your predictions on this thread. Latest Poll: R: Trump-Cruz-Tubio: 28-23-15 D: Clinton-Sanders: 45-42
  • Vanity: Perspective on the Real Enemy: The ESTABLISHMENT.

    02/02/2016 7:42:58 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 30 replies
    Feb 2, 2016 | JSDude1
    Just wanted to REMIND all that, just like the founder of this website, I believe the real enemy isn't Donald Trump (I am a Cruz supporter), nor should Ted Cruz be the real enemy for any Donald Trump supporter. The REAL ENEMY is THE ESTABLISHMENT AND SELLOUTS as embodied currently in Marco Rubio. Carry On..
  • Just to remind you: The Iowa Caucuses recent history

    02/01/2016 8:10:48 PM PST · by EveningStar · 62 replies
    February 1, 2016
    Keeping things in perspective: 2008 Republican Iowa Caucus winner: Mike Huckabee, eventual nominee John McCain finished a distant fourth. 2012 Republican Iowa Caucus winner: Rick Santorum, eventual nominee Mitt Romney finished a very close second.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to America's Christian Tea Party Warriors : GOPe DEFEATED (37 %) in Iowa Caucus !

    02/01/2016 7:15:49 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 111 replies
    Editorial based on 2016 Iowa Caucus Results ^ | 2016-02-01 | Patton@Bastogne
    . Iowa Caucus Results : 2016-02-01 @ 9:15 PM CST Ted Cruz : 28 % Donald Trump : 25 % Dr. Ben Carson : 10 % GOP-RINO Establishment : 37 % .
  • I want MY President to ...

    02/01/2016 4:03:42 PM PST · by catnipman · 28 replies
    Catnipman | 2/1/2016 | Catnipman
    I want MY President to ...
  • What say you ? (Vanity)

    02/01/2016 12:15:00 PM PST · by Java4Jay · 95 replies
    I want my President to have Dignity first, a respect for the office, then come politics. Of all the front runners, there is but one choice...
  • FR Help With Strange Happening!

    02/01/2016 10:45:03 AM PST · by spel_grammer_an_punct_polise · 67 replies
    Self | 02-01-2016 | Self
    When accessing the "Pings" page or any other page within FR I get a message box with the following message: ( See Below )
  • Which type of President do we need?

    02/01/2016 10:07:50 AM PST · by mirvin · 37 replies
    Self | 02/01/2016 | MIRVIN
    Hamiltonian, Wilsonian, Jeffersonian, or Jacksonian?
  • Sarah Palin exposes Matt Lauer on Good Morning America

    02/01/2016 6:46:09 AM PST · by Rustybucket · 152 replies
    So proud of Sarah Palin this morning on Good Morning America, where the media (Mat Lauer) tried to corner her on her son, the issue of PTSD and his behaviour. She rightly called him out on TV saying that she was told this was about the Iowa caucus and her support for Donald Trump. Lauer tried several times to steer her towards his aganda, and she called him out, and admonished him that this was not what she was promised by the producers would be the topic of conversation. Rather she commented on the military being allowed to do what...
  • How Could Anyone With An IQ Above 4 Vote for Obama or Hillary?

    01/31/2016 10:24:10 PM PST · by Stayfree · 77 replies
    Self | January 31, 2016 | Stayfree
    It is stunningly clear that Obama is a muslim who hates America's traditional values and is intent on destroying America as all of us patriots know it. Hillary Clinton is just another Marxist like Obama who is more interested in fattening her own wallet than giving a damn about what happens to our country. HOW CAN ANYBODY BE SO STUPID AS TO VOTE FOR EITHER ONE OF THESE P.O.S. WHO WANT TO RUIN OUR COUNTRY??????????????????????????????????
  • Vanity: Carson raised $22.6M in 4th Quarter; Had $6.M Cash on Hand

    01/31/2016 5:08:12 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 13 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
    CARSON AMERICA: DETAILS OF FILING #1046898 COVERS OCT. 1, 2015 THROUGH DEC. 31, 2015 TOTAL RECEIPTS: $22,627,101 TOTAL SPENDING: $27,331,988 ENDING CASH: $6,567,647 ORIGINALLY FILED JAN. 31, 2016, 6:28 P.M.
  • Vanity: Rubio raised $14.2M in 4th Quarter; Had $10.4M Cash on Hand

    01/31/2016 6:11:28 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 14 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
  • Vanity: Cruz raised $20.5M in 4th Quarter; Had $18.7M Cash on Hand, $862K in Debts

    01/31/2016 5:01:07 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 18 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
  • Vanity: Bush only raised $7.1M in 4th Quarter; Had $7.6M Cash on Hand; $156K in Debts (Flop!)

    01/31/2016 7:43:21 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 9 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
    JEB 2016, INC.: DETAILS OF FILING #1047278 COVERS OCT. 1, 2015 THROUGH DEC. 31, 2015 TOTAL RECEIPTS: $7,107,370 TOTAL SPENDING: $9,788,641 ENDING CASH: $7,589,858 OUTSTANDING DEBTS: $155,989 ORIGINALLY FILED JAN. 31, 2016, 10:37 P.M.
  • Vanity: Paul raised $2.1M in 4th Quarter; Had $1.3M Cash on Hand; $248K in Debts

    01/31/2016 7:19:35 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 7 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
  • Vanity: Christie raised $3.0M in 4th Quarter; Had $1.1M Cash on Hand; $62K in Debts

    01/31/2016 7:03:57 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 6 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
  • Vanity: Right to Rise fundraising collapse in 2nd half of 2015 (Only raised $15.1 Million)

    01/31/2016 4:40:17 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 13 replies
    Influence Explorer ^ | 1/31/16 | Influence Explorer
    RIGHT TO RISE USA: DETAILS OF FILING #1046980 COVERS JULY 1, 2015 THROUGH DEC. 31, 2015 TOTAL RECEIPTS: $15,139,189 TOTAL SPENDING: $54,284,643 ENDING CASH: $58,578,054 ORIGINALLY FILED JAN. 31, 2016, 7:19 P.M.
  • Trumpees [my opus]

    01/30/2016 6:58:36 PM PST · by libbylu · 868 replies
    You are all freaking low class jerks. The Heidi thread has been pulled multiple times. Free Republic has become trump derangement central. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BUNCH OF CONSERVATIVES SO PICKY, PETTY AND STUPID - STUPID FREAKING LOSERS YOU DAMN DEFEND TRUMP AS IF HE WERE A FREAKING BABY BECAUSE HE IS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.
  • Hitler Declared He Wanted to Free Humanity From "Conscience and Morality"

    01/30/2016 8:36:11 AM PST · by pinochet · 28 replies
    There was a time when evil people were honest about their agenda. This site has an amazing Hitler quote: http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/hitler-quotes/ Here it is: "Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity. I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortification of a false vision called conscience and morality"
  • [Vanity] Trump Pushes Single Payer Healthcare, Tax Increase on Wealthy

    01/29/2016 9:08:55 PM PST · by teg_76 · 86 replies
    For the sake of this country wake up! This was four months ago. Good conservatives are being thrown overboard for an open liberal.
  • Does the RNC Pre-Screen Debate Questions (VANITY)

    01/29/2016 1:26:10 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 4 replies
    Obama's administration pre-screens and pre-approves media questions at his press conferences and interviews. There are no 'gotcha' questions. Is the RNC approving those asking questions and the questions asked at these debates? The debates have been widely popular. Millions of viewers has meant millions of dollars in revenues. This gives the RNC leverage. The RNC, presumably, wants to get one of its candidates for president elected in the general election come November. This gives the RNC motive. So why have these appeared to be complete free for alls? Now the press will follow the Fox precedent of video 'gotcha' playing...
  • Liberal perfection is the enemy of Conservative good enough.

    01/29/2016 11:05:15 AM PST · by MosesKnows · 13 replies
    Jan 29, 2016 | MosesKnows
    Liberal perfection is the enemy of Conservative good enough
  • Trump Under-the-Radar Ground Game: 190,000 views on Trump How to Caucus Iowa youtube video [vanity]

    01/29/2016 10:09:28 AM PST · by springwater13 · 19 replies
    On January 16th, the Trump campaign put out a facebook post with "How to Caucus Iowa," a 90 second instruction video on the basics of caucusing. Within 24 hours, it received about 30,000 views. In the last couple of weeks, it's been spreading virally through Trump supporters sharing on social media and has now received over 190,000 views. For what it is worth, Trump can probably handily win Iowa if it reaches his 50,000 caucus turnout goal. I mention this because the Trump campaign criticism is that it is not doing a traditional ground game of thousands of volunteers knocking...
  • Sun Tzu: The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. [vanity]

    01/29/2016 7:35:48 AM PST · by springwater13 · 33 replies
    It's hard not to see Trump skipping the debate last night as a masterstroke. He avoided what would have been a political assassination attempt by FOX News. He ended up humiliating Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly who were begging him to show up. You owe me 17 milkshakes! Roger Ailes frantically calling Ivanka and Melania to change Trump's mind! Trump got a few jokes at his expense but nobody really laid a glove on him and the entire debate was focused on his agenda....bombing the hell out of ISIS, muslims, immigration, security, etc. He had the last laugh as FOX...
  • VANITY: Definition of "Carpet Bombing"

    01/28/2016 8:23:46 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 29 replies
    Carpet bombing, also known as saturation bombing, is a large aerial bombing done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land.[1][2][3][4] The phrase evokes the image of explosions completely covering an area, in the same way that a carpet covers a floor. Carpet bombing is usually achieved by dropping many unguided bombs. The term obliteration bombing is sometimes used to describe especially intensified bombing with the intention of destroying a city or a large part of the city.[5] The term area bombing refers to indiscriminate bombing of an area,[5] and also encompasses...
  • Is Donald Trump's Fundraising for Wounded Veterans a Tax Scheme?

    01/28/2016 4:50:09 PM PST · by dangus · 42 replies
    Vanity. Is that clear enough for everyone?
    I've seen reports that Donald Trump isn't raising money for Wounded Warriors, but for his own foundation. I'm sure he's not stupid enough not to make sure that every cent he raises doesn't go to disabled veterans. And while I really don't like a lot of things about Trump's campaign or past issues, frankly, it makes sense to have control over the donations so they don't go to the sort of waste typical of many charities. But it turns out that Donald Trump's foundation isn't legally a private charity; it's a public non-profit organization. A "510(c)3," in the parlance of...
  • democRats what me to vote from Bush.

    01/28/2016 2:39:45 PM PST · by Falcon4.0 · 27 replies
    Has anyone else encountered known democRat acquaintances who try to encourage you to vote for Jeb Bush in the primaries? I have had three such encounters from people who admit that they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. This baffled me at first, but after being questioned by the third, it occurred to me that these people want to relive the "glory" of their triumph to beat "Bush" and relive the 90's with the clintoon's. And my response to the last person who approached me and will be my response from now on will be, "Read My Lips. NO...
  • Why Are Trump Haters So Angry About the Debate?(Vanity)

    01/27/2016 7:29:33 PM PST · by DouglasKC · 177 replies
    Today | Self
    One can't help but notice that there is a strong contingent of what can only be described as people who hate the idea of Donald Trump being President. It's descended into outright personal hatred by some. But wow...ever since he announced that he wouldn't be doing the debate it's gone up to a whole new level. My question is...why?? The main insult of detractors now seems to be "Oooh...Trump can't handle questions from a girl how's he going to handle (FILL IN THE BLANK DESPOT)?" Or Trump is afraid of Cruz. Or Trump is afraid to debate. Now if these...
  • VANITY: CNN Praising Trump Tonight re Fox Debate Exit

    01/27/2016 7:19:13 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 70 replies
    Is Trump already turning to the general election? Based on the CNN commentators all thinking it was a smart move, seems like Trump is going after independents and Democrats (union members and blacks who support him). CNN also bashing Fox for the personal attack (allegedly from Ailes). Fox is on all-out Trump war mode with Megyn and even Hannity piling on.
  • Vanity: Ted Cruz = Donor Whore, like every other politician ever.

    01/27/2016 1:10:30 PM PST · by AAABEST · 75 replies
    Life | January 27, 2016 | AAABEST
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. I'm not insane, hence I won't be voting for Cruz (R - Wall Street) in the primaries under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • "You've Been Trumped" (Trump Documentary that got Spiked)

    01/27/2016 11:10:48 AM PST · by ru4liberty · 50 replies
    Trump was able to keep this film from coming to light when it was filmed 25 years ago. It's not hard to see why he wanted it kept under wraps. It shows what an unprincipled, dishonest, cruel, opportunistic individual he is. This film will require an investment of your time (1 hour 20 minutes). That doesn't seem like an unreasonable amount of time to investigate someone who aspires to be the president of the United States. I even recommend that you view it twice (a few days apart) so that you will pick up on some of the things you...
  • Hey Trump, you hear me?

    01/27/2016 8:26:55 AM PST · by eyeamok · 46 replies
    01-26-2016 | self
    Mr Trump, I applaud the way you played this with Fox, they were and are out to set you up, as well as is the rest of the Media, Establishment,Hollywood,Goat ^&%$#@*< ... and so on. Maybe today would be the perfect day to Put a Final End to ALL OF IT, considering yourself and Ted Cruz are the only viable candidates, according to ALL POLLING. Get together and Announce the Primaries are OVER because the two of you are running as a TEAM, with Ted Cruz as VP Pick, the game literally is OVER
  • Skipping Iowa actually nearly cost Reagan the election.

    01/27/2016 7:39:23 AM PST · by dangus · 35 replies
    Ronald Reagan had nearly defeated incumbent President Gerald Ford, and had the Republican establishment had to vote heavily for Ford to outweigh the elected delegates in order to nominate Ford. Reagan adopted a strategy of avoiding the establishment events altogether, not just the Iowa debate. And he went on to lose Iowa. And he plummeted in the polls in Massacusetts and South Carolina. In New Hampshire, Reagan shifted tactics. He realized he needed to debate... and defeat... Bush. The Nashua Telegraph agreed to sponsor a debate between Bush and Reagan. Careful not to violate RNC rules, Reagan instead offered to...
  • [Vanity] Why would Trump bother to negotiate with Pelosi?

    01/26/2016 7:44:32 PM PST · by dangus · 83 replies
    Trump has been boasting of late about how great his relationship with Nancy Pelosi is. Apparently, he still thinks she's "the best," as he wrote in his fawning love letter to her in 2007, when Pelosi took over the House and set about sabotaging the U.S. economy. Maybe some FReepers are (to my surprise) of the notion that if you have to have to negotiate with liberals, so be it. But why does Trump think he will have to? After all, the Republicans hold a solid majority of the House of Representatives, and there's no hint of a tide turning...
  • Trump announces he is most likely not doing the debate

    01/26/2016 3:34:10 PM PST · by bray · 294 replies
    http://www.braylog.com ^ | 1/26/16 | bray
    Trump just announced he is not doing the debate this week. Seems that along with not liking Megyn Kelly, Fox just issued some email that insulted him. Some message about Putin and him. He said he will likely not change his mind.