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    01/24/2015 11:55:44 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 72 replies
    Vanity | 1/24/2015 | Dick Bachert
    Let's play Connect the Dots. This is not a rocket scientist level game once you complete the connections. Obama's hatred for the West, Western Europe and especially the Brits goes back to the days when the Brits carved up the old Mesopotamia into what is now much of the Middle East. He returned Churchill bust -- a gift from the Brits – within days of entering the White House and routinely disrespectfully props his feet atop the desk fashioned from the timbers of the famed warship HMS Resolute the Brits gifted to President Hayes in 1880) due to their sometimes...
  • Need Help finding an article: Inventions by White Men

    01/24/2015 11:10:28 AM PST · by Maceman · 71 replies
    A while back (I think within the past three months) there was a very interesting article posted here about inventions by white men. I have not had any luck finding it through FR search. Does anyone remember it? Does anyone have it? Can anyone post a link to it? Thanks.
  • MY idea for H.S. graduation requirements

    01/23/2015 8:12:46 AM PST · by knarf · 22 replies
    self, various input ^ | January 23, 2015 | knarf
    I heard a sound byte today from the FOX internet ...
  • NASCAR Fantasy League Sign Up Time Is Here

    01/22/2015 11:29:55 AM PST · by John W · 3 replies
    Yahoo | January 22, 2015 | John W
    Group ID# 2669 Group Name Free Republic Racing Group Password jimrob
  • When is a bird in the hand worth two birds in the bush

    01/21/2015 6:23:59 PM PST · by MosesKnows · 1 replies
    1/21/2015 | MosesKnows
    When is a bird in the hand worth two birds in the bush I think it would depend on how you acquired the bird in the hand. Did you apply yourself and work hard to get the bird in the hand or did the government give it to you after first taking it from your fellow citizens? Ross Perot said it as well as anyone could say it. There is no shortage of good sounding ideas in D.C. The problem is finding a leader who can implement the idea. I have an idea to solve poverty. Everyone earning less than...
  • FreeperEd: Will the Supreme Court Deal With Reality When It Makes Its Marriage Ruling?

    01/21/2015 1:33:49 PM PST · by xzins · 39 replies
    FreeperEd ^ | 21 Jan 15 | Xzins
    Will the Supreme Court Deal With Reality When It Makes Its Marriage Ruling? Let's be blunt. When a penis is inserted in a vagina there is a good chance that a new human being will result. When a penis is inserted in an anus, there is a passable chance of disease or defect being the result. This is reality and there is no escaping it. Only a real male and a real female can make babies. Put the two sexes together, and there's a good chance of babies showing up. To deal with reality, cultures through all of recorded history...
  • If Hillary Runs, Do We Have A Viable Woman Candidate ?

    01/20/2015 10:42:07 AM PST · by knarf · 64 replies
    self, various news reports | January 20, 2015 | knarf
    Personally, I don't think she'll run, but if she does ... who can we put up against her ?
  • America, Please Dial the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

    01/17/2015 4:53:33 PM PST · by Lazamataz · 136 replies
    Orignal Content | 1/17/2015 | By Laz A. Mataz
    It seems America has a steely determination to kill herself. Let's look at the events of the last few days, since January 12, 2014. Nancy Pelosi named a Muslim Congressman to the very important House Intelligence Committee, which will afford him access to some of the most secretive information on America's war on terror. Rep. André Carson of Indiana has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood through the Muslim American Society / Islamic Circle of North America (MAS/ICNA) groups, and in May of 2012, asserted that American schools should be modeled after madrassas, which are Islamic teaching schools. The President...
  • Has Atlas shrugs been blocked on 'net?

    01/17/2015 8:56:06 AM PST · by RWGinger · 41 replies
    I know this may not be the right forum but with the demonstration tonight against radical islamists speaking in a Garland ISD Texas building and Pamela Geller coming here to be part of it I wonder why I can open a link to her web site" Atlas shrugs"? I have tried for 2 days using every engine I have and it always comes back 504 error or something like that. It would not surprise me if it were deliberate but it could also be my stupidity. can anyone else get to her website?
  • The French (at last some French) are the Courageous Ones Now

    01/13/2015 6:57:13 PM PST · by JOHN ADAMS · 43 replies
    vanity | today | me
    I yield to almost no-one in my contempt for the French, who typically despite Americans and Jews, and I have happily repeated the oft-told classified ad for a French rifle -- never fired, dropped once. But it's got to be said: while the New York Times and goodness knows how many other American sources are hiding under their beds; while the FBI could do nothing for the originator of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day other than give her a new identity and help HER hide under a new bed, the French, at least some French, are calling out the lunatics who...
  • Why Third World People so Third World?

    01/13/2015 3:43:21 PM PST · by MNDude · 77 replies
    Maybe this is a rant as much as it is a question, but I often find myself astonished by third (and 2nd) world culture from what I've seen of it. Mexico: OK, this is probably more 2nd world than 3rd world. They do many things like USA. I have inlaws in Mexico, so I've spent some time there. One thing that seems to be consistent, whether you are visiting someone's home or a gas station, is that the toilets are rarely completely functional! So often they'll have a large bucket outside or in the bathroom that you have fill up...
  • And the common denominator is.. (an awesome meme on Muslims)

    01/12/2015 11:41:22 AM PST · by MNDude · 86 replies
    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim The underwear Bomber was a Muslim The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims The Bafi Nightclub Bombers were Muslims The London Subway Bombers were Muslims The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Musiims The Buenos Aires Suicide...
  • obamacare

    01/12/2015 6:24:36 AM PST · by weezel · 12 replies
    My brother has had problem after problem with obamacare, and every time he calls to talk to someone to try to fix it, they cannot open his account. For this reason, they have set up a new account probably 6 times. What I wonder is, does this happen to other folks, and is my brother and all these others being counted multiple times as having obamacare? Is that where the administrations claimed numbers come from?
  • Remembering Patrick Henry... (Vanity)

    01/11/2015 5:47:36 PM PST · by Strawberry AZ · 41 replies
    Vanity | 01-11-2015 | Michael Alexander
    In case you couldn’t tell by their actions, the GOP currently holds more seats in Congress than they have since 1929, a direct result of mid-term voters demanding change writ large. Their first action was to elect leadership, and incredibly, they chose the same floundering crew who, hand-in-hand with equally inept Democrats in Congress and the White House, have nearly scuttled the Ship of State. We all know that the definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Let me add one to the mix: “Treason”… which one source defines as the betrayal of...
  • Pearl Harbor Attacked! Japanese Fear Backlash (vanity)

    01/11/2015 4:20:27 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 73 replies
    Separate headline: Shintophoabia on the Rise. I often wonder how today's MSM would cover events from our history.
  • The NFL-WWE got their Wish (vanity)

    01/11/2015 2:27:17 PM PST · by MuttTheHoople · 143 replies
    Me ^ | January 11, 2015 | Mutt the Hoople
    Everyone knew the NFL was going to make America's Team pay for winning against Detroit last week. The NFL and the Liberal Media both loathe the Dallas Cowboys. EVERY bad call went against Dallas today, including that abortion of an overrule when Dez Bryant caught that ball, fumbled it into the end zone, and recovered it for a Touchdown. The rest of the NFL season is just Kabuki.
  • Romney or Bush: Who would you prefer if you had to choose for 2016 nomination? And Why?

    01/10/2015 7:43:45 AM PST · by inchworm · 498 replies
    I'd take Romney. He seems more like he is learning, understanding, and trying to be more conservative as the years go on. Bush on the other hand is floating ideas that seem far less conservative to me as the years go on. However, CRUZ IS MY TOP CHOICE!!! Go CRUZ!
  • 114th House of Representatives Reads The Constitution

    01/09/2015 8:46:34 AM PST · by MosesKnows · 26 replies
    Jan 9, 2015 | MosesKnows
    Why didn’t the House include the Preamble to the Bill of Rights? I just listened to members of the House read the entire United States Constitution aloud on the floor of the House. This is the third Congress to follow this tradition. However, as before, the Congress failed to read Article 1. Section 1. in its entirety. That begs the question, why did the Congress intentionally omitted reading this language in the Constitution. Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined...
  • Some Thoughts on the "Peaceful" Religion of Islam

    01/09/2015 6:17:49 AM PST · by jda · 23 replies
    Some quick thoughts regarding the Islamic ideology
  • French Hostage Situation LIVE (French TV / English version) (VANITY)

    01/09/2015 5:36:54 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 26 replies
    Link to live coverage of the hostage situation.
  • This week, I dropped the "R".

    01/08/2015 2:35:19 PM PST · by BulletBobCo · 91 replies
    January 8, 2015
    This week I went online and changed my voter registration from Republican to Unaffiliated. Didn't see the point and it felt good. Anyone else?
  • Help Needed: Obama Saying Violence was the "Natural" response to Mohammed Insults (VANITY)

    01/08/2015 10:30:02 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 23 replies
    Anyone remember this? I'm looking for the video. Not sure how today he could be in any way surprised or opposed to the actions in Paris if such a reaction is "natural." Here's a story where the "natural" statement is referenced, but not sure where Obama said it.
  • VANITY POST: The true nature of Islam and its parallel in History.

    01/07/2015 7:18:00 PM PST · by Desron13 · 69 replies
    VANITY The Desron13 Mind | 01/07/15 | Desron13
    People of Free Republic. I would like your critique of the following statement: To say that "I am a Muslim but I am not a member of Al Qaeda or ISIS." is virtually identical to saying that "Sure, I'm a member of the Nazi party but I'm not a member of the Waffen SS or the Einsatzgruppen."
  • Terminology and Change (Vanity)

    01/06/2015 7:16:07 PM PST · by vmivol00 · 1 replies
    1/7/15 | VMIVol00
    For several years the terms GOPe and RINO have been used to describe less than conservative members of the Republican Party. As of today those terms are dead. There are no RINOs and there is no GOPe. There are only Republicans and the GOP. The Party has chosen their future. When only 25 members of the house GOP are willing to listen to their constituents and vote in a principled manner to remove a known betrayer, that tells you all that you need to know about the party as a whole. In my mind, there is nothing that can save...
  • Question: Can Boehner be impeached like POTUS?

    01/06/2015 6:34:32 PM PST · by Boomer · 67 replies
    Okay. Boehner won the speakership by a narrow margin. Two questions. Can he be removed if he doesn't get the message from the conservatives and do you think he will change his tact now that he has been told in no uncertain terms the conservative base is very unhappy with him and his actions to this point or will he simply ignore us going forward?
  • Open for debate: Let's Get Rid of MOST College Football Programs

    01/06/2015 2:04:12 PM PST · by dangus · 40 replies
    01-06-15 | Dangus
    For universities looking to make their football teams nationally known and profitable, the great college-football realignment is likely coming to completion. There are fewer major conferences. Just a few short years ago, the Big East was 5-0 in bowl games, but now survives only as the weak American Athletic Conference. The WAC no longer sponsors football at all. The Conference USA is an empty shell. Even the Mountain West Conference, despite subsuming the best of the WAC and Big West, is weaker than it once was. The Big 12 may be looking to expand back to 12 teams from 10....
  • Last Line of Defense? 4 or 5 Republican Senators Switch to Independent-They then hold all the cards

    01/06/2015 12:38:44 PM PST · by Be Careful · 40 replies
    Vanity | 1/6/15 | self
  • States, The Natural Second Party.

    01/06/2015 11:16:23 AM PST · by Jacquerie · 85 replies
    Today’s reelection of John Boehner proves there is but one party, the Uniparty. Political parties represent the common interests of their members, and to this end the two wings of the Uniparty have far more in common than differences. Their rhetoric often contrasts, but their mutual interests are on display. Witness the fifth year of Obamacare, out of control spending, executive and judicial tyranny. Both wings despise the Tea Party more than each other. The framers’ constitution wisely divided power and provided checks that reached across the branches. Congress can deny appropriations, congress can override presidential vetoes, the senate can...

    01/06/2015 4:49:03 AM PST · by Nextrush · 7 replies
    1/6/2015 | Self
    It should be a 'NO BOEHNER ' kind of day but as I lay out possible outcomes of the day, there are harsh realities on the table. Only a small group are really committed to changing things like Gohmert, Brat, Bridenstine, Massie and Amash among others. Remember names like that. They are greater men (moles and Judases excepted) than the ones who represent you and claim to be conservatives or even "patriots" like my congressman Scott Perry does. (Perry has announced he won't support Gohmert tomorrow) It is my conviction that 95 percent of Republicans in Congress either repudiate conservatism...
  • Email addresses and numbers for members of the Liberty Caucus? (Vanity)

    01/04/2015 10:30:55 AM PST · by vmivol00 · 2 replies
    Vanity | 12/4/14 | VMIVol00
    Does anyone have a listing of email addresses and numbers for members of the Liberty Caucus? This would extremely helpful in the push to oust Boehnor.
  • A good rebuttal for the hands up.....don't shoot liars.

    01/05/2015 10:16:45 AM PST · by bdog2995 · 17 replies
    I'd like to see counter-protesters holding signs that say " Stop Lying! Cops are dying! Everytime this mob of anarchists (and that is what they are) start chanting and flashing their "Lying Signs" start shouting back at them " Stop Lying.......Cops are dying"
  • Remove The Crying Cheeto

    01/04/2015 1:35:25 PM PST · by Lazamataz · 141 replies
    Original Content | 1/4/2015 | By Laz A. Mataz
    John Boehner epitomizes all that is wrong with the Republican Establishment. Boehner has thwarted every plan to overturn or ameliorate the most heinous aspects of Obama's neo-tyrannical rule. These days, I like to call Boehner Crying Cheeto. That is because he is an odd orange- or yellow-color, and cries at the drop of a hat. Boehner started, seemingly, on the right track. He was helpful in engineering the Contract with America in 1994, which helped propel Newt Gingrich to the position of the Chairman of the House. He quickly turned, however, and was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat...
  • Warning: A Vote for Jeb (or Christie or Romney or Rubio, etc.) is a vote for Hillary

    01/02/2015 7:30:06 AM PST · by Maceman · 77 replies
    OK. So all the "pragmatic" conservatives who bit the bullet and voted for RINOs once again in November 2014 got their reward with the Republican votes for Obama and his trillion-dollar budget increase for 2015 in the lame duck session. These are the same people who scolded us about risking another 2 years of Harry Reid and a return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if we stayed home on election day. Well, I think reality is that anyone who votes for a RINO in the 2016 primaries, or in the general election, is voting for Hillary (or Warren or whomever...
  • The cat who was shot for treason in the first world war.

    12/31/2014 10:42:14 AM PST · by marthemaria · 19 replies
    A British soldier “shakes hands” with a kitten on a snowy bank, Neulette, 1917. In the Christmas truce film Joyeux Noël, a cat runs back and forth between the enemy trenches to soldiers that feed it. One names the cat Felix and the other Nestor, and when the two meet in No Man’s Land during thet ruce, a sweet argument ensues between the two men over whose cat it is and what is, in fact, its name. The director of the film, Carion, drew on a real life story of a cat who did this during the truce and was...
  • FIRE BOEHNER BY STATE .. (where in each state)

    12/30/2014 8:15:28 PM PST · by knarf · 19 replies
    self with prod from ^ | December 30, 2014 | knarf
    Where are folks gathering ?
  • Queer....

    12/30/2014 9:41:56 PM PST · by Bigtigermike · 171 replies
    Trying Times... | BigTigerMike
    Yesterday at my job I was walking through the building and one of my fellow associates was jesting about me working long hours, so I sighed and said a little spur-of-the-moment rhythm: Yes, we're now here but we aren't being queer We'll soon be out of here Well another associate, who happens to be an homosexual, overhead this from around the corner and went and complained that I made an derogatory comment and that it was an unforgivable act as far as he goes. Word got back to me about what the young man had said and I went to...
  • Does the DOJ have to argue for every case brought to the Supreme Court?

    12/28/2014 2:25:14 PM PST · by NoLibZone · 29 replies
    Nolibzone ^ | Dec 28, 2014 | NLZ
    Does the administration have any role in which cases are argued in the Supreme Court? Do they have to take one side? Or can the simply pass on the case? What are the terms used for passing a case, or agreeing with one side? Thank you!
  • Rutgers-UNC Bowl Game: RU players/coaches wearing NYPD hats (vanity)

    12/26/2014 1:36:31 PM PST · by God luvs America · 5 replies
    Watching the start of the Quick Lane Bowl: Rutgers vs North Carolina, now on ESPN. Several Rutgers players/coaches wearing NYPD hats at kick-off. Good to see considering much of the past left wing history of RU.
  • Christmas Tradition

    12/24/2014 3:10:08 PM PST · by Paisan · 1 replies
    No sense in breaking my Christmas Tradition. Every generation has their heroes. When they pass, we compare them with the newcomers. And they come up short. The Beatles. Muhammad Ali. Ronald Reagan For Dad, it was Al Jolson. Joe Louis. Cal Coolidge. But my father knew music. Kid, he told me, here's the deal: Caruso - Power Gigli - Passion Bjoerling - Perfection I acknowledge his wisdom... Merry Christmas

    12/24/2014 5:30:05 PM PST · by stilloftyhenight · 27 replies
    na ^ | 12/24/14 | stillofthenight
    Merry Christmas Freepers! Merry Christmas Freepers!
  • Anyone else spending Christmas Eve alone?

    12/24/2014 5:33:35 PM PST · by Skooz · 502 replies
    The bizarro world of brother skooz | 12/24/2014 | Skooz
    Hello all. Sitting here at home and wondering if anyone else out there is spending this evening alone. On this night of all nights when families gather and friends share gifts and time, some of us are, for various reasons, spending Christmas Eve solo. Not necessarily a bad thing - alone doesn't always mean lonely. But, it does mean alone. Check in if that includes any of you, my fellow Freepers.
  • New Cold War Underday?

    12/24/2014 10:39:09 AM PST · by Jumper · 13 replies
    12/24/2014 | self
    Is it possible that the world is witnessing a low threshold war that is actively being prosecuted by various actors on the international stage? Could it lead to a Political realignment as economic sanctions cripple countries hostile to the United States and other freedom loving peoples....
  • Common Core and the Bill Gates Foundation vs George Will

    12/24/2014 4:24:28 AM PST · by dennisw · 4 replies
    self | Dec 25 | self
    Common Core and the Bill Gates Foundation and George WillYou know it is awful when cautious and moderate conservative George Will is against you because Common Core is just another Federal power grab. My reasons for being against Common Core are: The Federal Department of Education is highly affirmative action as in employment preferences being given to liberals, lefties, militant women, gays, blacks, minorities/ I don't like it when these fanatics are running the show.The various States are always more fair on such hiring practicesThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is really the Melinda Gates Foundation. She calls the shotsShe...
  • Baghdad ISIS and Mt. Sinjar

    12/22/2014 11:31:24 PM PST · by thesligoduffyflynns · 9 replies
    none | today | self
    Not a vanity post here but a question for the general audience. Remember all those over the top reports of ISIS/ISIL & their marches in Iraq,etc...? It was reported about 5 weeks ago they were on the outskirts of B'dad. Haven't a peep out of press on their supposed foray into Bagdad and take-over of the Green Zone. And as a reminder there are refugees still on Mt. Sinjar and it's not going well at all.
  • Does the NFL and NBA have blood on their hands?

    12/22/2014 5:29:23 AM PST · by DallasBiff · 13 replies
    Yes they do for their tolerating and promoting cop hatred. Also Bloomberg has blood on his hands for his taxing cigarettes to the hilt.
  • Notice the Media Narrative Now

    12/21/2014 2:17:57 PM PST · by Trueblackman · 80 replies
    Vanity | 21 December2014 | Trueblackman
    The media is now in full CYA mode over the shooting of 2 NYPD officers yesterday as they have gone to ground to give full cover to President Obama, the Mayor of New York, Al Sharpton and the whole crazed Left Wing. The created narrative now is that, "This was a lone suicidal gunmen, that had nothing to do with the anti-police protest or the movement for social justice!" The media has been quick to read statements from Obama, the Mayor and Sharpton concerning the shootings in the hopes of deflecting blame, but we need to remember that this was...
  • Fuel cans from hell

    12/21/2014 8:20:29 AM PST · by rey · 64 replies
    What is wrong with environmental wackos that they think the laws of physics do not apply to them? The screwy new fuel cans that have no vent are impossible to use. Supposedly the vent will release something undesirable into the air but as that vent is only open when the can is I cannot imagine having a vent is worse than having the can open. Without a vent, the can sort of glugs splashing fuel about, certainly more harmful that vapors and more wasteful. Typical moronic ideas based on desires and not reality.
  • Well .. it's official<br>Social Security pays same sex couples!

    12/20/2014 1:36:41 PM PST · by knarf · 11 replies ^ | December 20, 2014 | social security administration
    Just got my annual 1.7% increase notice and with it the statement ;
  • Caption this


    12/18/2014 6:51:50 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 39 replies
    photo hosting Link: