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FR SWAT TEAM---ARMED WITH THE TRUTH AND DANGEROUS (action alert: Kerry allied with secularists)

Posted on 04/12/2004 4:12:58 AM PDT by Liz


John Kerry recently said he is "unsure" about The Passion of The Christ, the film Christians of all tempers are flocking to see, "I don't know," Kerry said when asked if he would see Mel Gibson's blockbuster film. "I am concerned," Kerry told reporters. "I think we have to be careful," he said echoing secularist critics complaints about Mel Gibson's depiction of Christ's last 12 hours. (Reuters, "Democrat Kerry Urges Caution on 'Passion,' 26 February 2004, by Patricia Wilson).

John Kerry also said he is "not sure" God is on America's side in the war on terrorism. Kerry made the startling comments during the Feb 29 Democrat presidential primary debate in New York City. Elizabeth Bumiller of the New York Times posed this question to Kerry: "President Bush has said that freedom and fear have always been at war, and God is not neutral between them. He's made quite clear in his speeches that he feels God is on America's side. "Is God on America's side?" Kerry's answer snubbed Christians. Kerry clearly preferred to side with secularists.

As a presidential candidate, Kerry's comments are fraught with meaning for the future of America. Kerry worships abortion, the lawless homosexual agenda, and the stripping away of every Christian symbol in America. Kerry is against everything believers stand for.

Kerry's hesitancy about The Passion is troubling. He cannot say a good word about a film that everyone knows is changing the course of American history (please see Addendum below). Kerry could have assured the millions of Christians pouring into theatres to see the film that their concerns were important to him.

Instead, Kerry kowtows to a tiny minority of secularists, the very same groups that have demeaned American culture. Kerry is appealing to the lowest common denominator, a tiny secular minority, a ragtag cadre of naysayers who are working to demonize Mel Gibson and the film. Kerry is pandering to secularists in order to get campaign dollars and voting blocs.

Kerry is appealing first and foremost to the Hollywood types who fear they will lose their chokehold on American culture. Secular liberals have vastly profited from the anti-Christian culture and would prefer to keep Christians subdued and their beliefs marginalized.

Kerry's ill-conceived remarks demonstrate that he will strengthen secularist power over Christian America. Kerry's comments and his positions on social issues must reach every Christian pastor, church, and group in America.

(1) Kerry's comments about The Passion movie have effectively disqualified him from holding the highest office in Christian America.

(2) Transparently anti-Christian candidates do not deserve Christian votes.

(3) Candidates carrying Bibles and going to church (the Clintons) but who vote against everything Christians believe in are not going to fool Christians again as they have in the past.

(4) Defending human life, preserving the sacred institution of marriage, displaying Christian symbols in American life, are important issues and must be addressed.

(5) The future of America depends on which candidate supports Christian issues. Kerry has demonstrated that he need not apply.

The article (below) outlines Hollyweird's plans to steal the election by slandering Christians; it must reach as many Christians as possible before election day so that Christians are well-informed of the attacks being made on them.

Kerry and secular Hollywood's elitist contempt for Christian America must not go unchallenged.

Below is the link to a web site that lists ministries by state (just one of hundreds of thousands of Christian ministry websites).

Secular Hollywood may control the media through anti-Christian TV, movies and music production........but we control the internet, and that's where it counts.

FR SWAT TEAM ACTION: Email this message to as many ministries as possible.

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Posted on 04/07/2004 6:08:03 PM PDT by Simi Valley Tom

Not content with slandering Mel Gibson, the Bible, and Jesus Christ, the media elite are now gearing up to slander even more religious and political figures who profess Jesus Christ as their divine savior.

For example, according to the April 5 issue of VARIETY, Harry and Linda Thomason, two of former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary’s buddies in Hollywood, are making a movie that will slam those Christians and Republicans who helped the GOP gain control of the United States Congress and stymie the radical liberal, atheist agenda of the Clintons and their supporters.

Furthermore, radical maniac Michael Moore, whose phony documentary BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE stole an Oscar for “Best Documentary” in 2003, is finishing his new propaganda movie, this time focusing his attention on the religious, moral, and political convictions of President George Bush.

Finally, filmmaker John Sayles is wrapping up a fictional satire of America’s political system that focuses on a bumbling scion of a conservative political dynasty who’s running for governor in Colorado.

All three of these movies are due to be released this fall, just in time to affect the upcoming November elections.

All three of these movies are also scheduled to coincide with another political “documentary,” one that will focus on the political career of (guess who?) likely Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Finally, all three of these movies once again demonstrate the principle that whoever controls the media controls the culture and elects the politicians who appoint the judges who shape our political, social, and legal rules and laws.

Looking at this new wave of leftist propaganda from Hollywood, it is interesting to note that, in the last two months, during the height of the controversy over Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, one columnist of the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Patrick Goldstein, not only took slanderous potshots at Gibson and the apostles of Jesus Christ (the authors of the New Testament), but also complained, in other columns on other subjects, about “right-wing religious nuts” and compared Christian evangelicals in the United States to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda!

Pity the poor schmucks (like you and me, or President Bush and the Republicans) who try to stand up against this left-wing, atheist, hateful media juggernaut barreling down upon us.

In light of all this, it’s no surprise that reports from Hollywood suggest several more new movies will come out later this year and next that will attack Christians, Christian theology, and religion. Only our guard against promoting unfounded rumors prevents us from naming the titles of these upcoming movies. Even if we knew for sure that these movies are going to be Christophobic, we may not want to name their titles anyway, for fear of drumming up even more business for them.

Whatever the case, however, and whatever happens come this November, we must not be afraid to take a strong stand against the atheist, radical, Christophobic elite in Hollywood who oppose all that is good, just, and right. As 1 John 4:4 says, greater is the One who is in us than the one who is in the world.

There is no neutrality in the Culture Wars surrounding us at this time in the United States and around the world. Either those of us who depend on the Word of God, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the transcendent values of Christianity and Western Civilization will prevail, or the anti-Christian bigots and their demonic hordes will win the day.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ Himself is in our corner, guiding us (and all men) into the Light that overcomes all darkness.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31.

1 posted on 04/12/2004 4:13:00 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz
Some folks have too much money for their own good.

Amazing how the mediaites seem to have forgotten about the children somewhere along the way.

Thanks for the post.
2 posted on 04/12/2004 8:28:18 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi Mac ... Become a FR Monthly Donor ... Kerry thread archive @ /~normsrevenge)
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To: NYer; mhking; MeekOneGOP; bornintexas; terilyn; hope; SierraWasp; Ernest_at_the_Beach; ...

Please ping your lists to this thread.


Want on or off the list? FRmail me.
3 posted on 04/12/2004 8:52:34 AM PDT by Liz
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To: NormsRevenge
Kerry's move was ill-timed. His hate-Christians stance might have flown a year ago. But the world has changed, and Kerry doesn't get it.

The entire world is in the throes of Christian renewal.

One of the news sements reported churches were filled to capacity Easter Sunday b/c of the resounding success of The Passion film. One LA church that holds 4000 was SRO for 4-5 consecutive services.....they had to add services to accomodate all those who wanted to attend.

4 posted on 04/12/2004 8:56:51 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz; Alamo-Girl; onyx; ALOHA RONNIE; SpookBrat; Republican Wildcat; Howlin; dixiechick2000; ...
Two articles for the price of one.


Please let me know if you want ON or OFF my General Interest ping list!. . .don't be shy.

5 posted on 04/12/2004 11:49:23 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (Become a monthly donor on FR. No amount is too small and monthly giving is the way to go !)
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To: Liz
H'weirdos have too much money and too little brains. Remember an old adage (possibly biblical but don't remember): "To much is given, much is required."
6 posted on 04/12/2004 11:55:40 AM PDT by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: Liz
7 posted on 04/12/2004 11:56:26 AM PDT by international american (Support our troops!! Send Kerry back to Bedlam,Massachusetts!!)
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To: Liz
8 posted on 04/12/2004 12:11:56 PM PDT by kitkat
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To: lilylangtree
The demands of this age are extraordinary:
to meet them, extraordinary men and women are required.

There is no reason, no motivation, no "reward"
for which these people - and you and I - will make this age succeed.

There is just our humanity - and the stand that we are.
"Of those to whom much is given, much is required."*

"Luke 12:48 (paraphrased by John F. Kennedy in his Inaugural Address)
9 posted on 04/12/2004 12:24:57 PM PDT by Liz
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To: MeekOneGOP
Now that oughta get everyone's attention.
10 posted on 04/12/2004 12:26:22 PM PDT by Liz
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To: Registered; Grampa Dave; BOBTHENAILER; Conspiracy Guy; PhiKapMom; SierraWasp; PhilDragoo; ...
FR SWAT TEAM ALERT: Kerry allied with secularists

Please ping your lists to this thread.


In order to distriubute this thread widely, you may have been pinged more than once. Sorry 'bout that.

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11 posted on 04/12/2004 12:33:43 PM PDT by Liz
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To: MeekOneGOP; Liz
Thanks for your post, Liz.


12 posted on 04/12/2004 12:35:24 PM PDT by Victoria Delsoul (Kerry said he wasn't at the '71 plot-to-kill meeting, then, he was but voted NO, now he can't recall)
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To: Victoria Delsoul
You are welcome. Glad you're onboard.
13 posted on 04/12/2004 12:41:25 PM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz
Thank you very much.
14 posted on 04/12/2004 12:44:06 PM PDT by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: Liz
Can those of us in Fly-over Country protect those in New Sodom and New Gomorrah along the East and Left Coasts?

I think not, not to their majorities' foolish demands. Who among them has the time and energy to fight islam's war crimes Terror War when one's money and government benefits buy more obsession than is humanly possible.

Which would a Democrat leader/activist/apparatchik rather do: sodomize again or fight islamists to the death?

L.A.'s designated islamist nuke will be so inconvenient for the Hollywood stars, turned to charcoal during their daily lives - and deaths. Islamists can even know where the gay pride sodomites party.

IMO, look for kidnappings here. Islamists proudly make war; read their haddith to see how.
15 posted on 04/12/2004 1:00:18 PM PDT by SevenDaysInMay (Federal judges and justices serve for periods of good behavior, not life. Article III sec. 1)
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To: Liz
hehe ! ;^)

16 posted on 04/12/2004 1:01:57 PM PDT by MeekOneGOP (Become a monthly donor on FR. No amount is too small and monthly giving is the way to go !)
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To: Liz
I never waste facts on democrats. One fact I will waste, Kerry is not only anti-Christian and anti-American, he is also Stooooooopid.

Thanks for the Ping.
17 posted on 04/12/2004 1:06:39 PM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (Happily Freeping since January 22, 2003. Dollar Per Day Donor's Club. Member FDIC.)
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To: Liz
>> God is on America's side

I always thought it to be utterly pompous for one to suggest what side God would take. I mean, I could try my best to be on God's side, but to suggest God's on my side? That's going a bit too far, I think.
18 posted on 04/12/2004 1:16:16 PM PDT by a_Turk (Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice..)
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To: Liz
Free Republic Piranhasize's the Left:

The Secular Left would gladly overturn a religious and sacred society < Christianity is in our soil> and to substitute a Profane culture which will still rely on new myths they have created . This is simply A Will To Power by them. New cultural politics practiced by the 'New Radical Left' are a product of postmodernity and poststructural literary theory which permeates academia.

"Poststructuralism uses language to subvert otherwise traditionally accepted truth claims; claims that traditionally have stabilized American social and made unstable some of European socities.

New Left Postmodernism is a culture that creates myths in order to subvert conventional perceptions of reality and truth which they believe a matter of perspective and shifting.

19 posted on 04/12/2004 1:47:43 PM PDT by Helms (May The Democratic Party's Road to the Whitehouse Dead End Over B.Streisand's Cliff at Malibu.)
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To: Helms
what a p*ssy that man is. Democrat to the core.
20 posted on 04/12/2004 2:12:24 PM PDT by samadams2000
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