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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Eight
CNN ^ | 5-17-04 | Various

Posted on 05/17/2004 12:36:39 AM PDT by JustPiper

Picture credit: TheCabal

Picture Credit:Calpernia

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat"



Iraqi governing council leader among those killed by Baghdad car bomb, Iraqi officials say. Details soon.

Breaking News Alert BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) U.S. military colonel says four Iraqis killed, two U.S. soldiers injured, in car bomb at entrance to coalition headquarters in Baghdad.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Domestic Church

Can you say "vile stinking propaganda?"
41 posted on 05/17/2004 6:48:12 AM PDT by Indie (We don't need no steenkin' experts!)
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To: Indie

Man, oh man. The world is in chaos.

Prayers for the USS Kitty Hawk sailors and all our military.

42 posted on 05/17/2004 6:50:42 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Indie

Vile Stinking Propaganda

Notice how they make it look like we're starving them?

43 posted on 05/17/2004 6:50:48 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: liz44040

Good point, Liz.

44 posted on 05/17/2004 6:51:26 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Domestic Church

LOL. The Honda didn't rate much of a mention next to the Ferrari!

45 posted on 05/17/2004 6:52:30 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Indie

Sure can! "Vile stinking propaganda."

46 posted on 05/17/2004 6:53:54 AM PDT by Velveeta
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Prosecutors say al-Qaida recruited British-born Islamic convert to blow up Israeli embassy in Canberra

The Associated Press
5/17/04 6:37 AM

PERTH, Australia (AP) -- A British-born Muslim convert was recruited by al-Qaida for a plan to blow up the Israeli embassy in Canberra with a truck bomb, prosecutors said Monday on the opening day of the man's trial.

Jack Roche, 50, was told by senior officials in Osama bin Laden's terror network to form a terror cell in Australia to carry out the plot, prosecutor Ron Davies told Perth District Court. The bombing was never carried out.

Roche has pleaded innocent to one charge of conspiring to damage the Israeli embassy by means of explosives, and as a consequence harm diplomatic staff. He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in convicted.

Prosecutors told the jury Roche traveled to Afghanistan to meet with senior figures from the terrorist organization -- including bin Laden -- in March 2000.

Davies said that Roche had several meetings with one of bin Laden's deputies, identified in court documents as Abu Haifs, and had one meeting with bin Laden himself in which the plan to bomb the embassy was forged.

It was not immediately clear if the court papers were referring to Abu Hafs al-Masri, the alias of Mohammad Atef, a top lieutenant of bin Laden who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan in 2001.

In the indictment papers, Roche reportedly told Australian Federal Police that the man identified as Abu Haifs was bin Laden's second in command.

Roche trained with explosives for 10 days at an al-Qaida camp nine miles from Kandahar, Afghanistan, before returning to Australia and beginning surveillance operations of the Israeli diplomatic building in Canberra, as well as the Israeli consulate in Sydney, Davies said.

He also began recruiting people to take part in the plot and checked the availability of explosives, the court heard.

Ibrahim Fraser, who learned about explosives while working in a mine, told the court he met Roche at a Sydney mosque, where Roche boasted to him several times he was going to destroy Canberra's Israeli embassy -- and that bin Laden had told him to do it.

"He said it was bin Laden's way to remind the people of the problems in Palestine," Fraser told the court. "I thought he was crazy."

Fraser said Roche had asked him how he could get hold of TNT.

Raids on Roche's house in Perth recovered video recordings, still photographs and notes made during the surveillance, the court was told.

Davies quoted Roche's comments in a newspaper interview before his arrest in November 2002, in which he was asked about targeting the Israeli embassy.

"He said he had no qualms about the Israeli people around the embassy ... in his words, not mine, they were fair game," Davies said.

Roche, who is an Australian citizen, converted to Islam more than 10 years ago.

47 posted on 05/17/2004 6:54:52 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: All; StillProud2BeFree; Sean Osborne Lomax; Cindy

Man's body washed up in water purification center

WAKAYAMA -- A man's body was found in a water purification pump here Monday morning, police said.

The body appeared to have belonged to a man aged from his 50s to his 70s, stood about 170 centimeters tall, was of medium build with salt-and-pepper hair and a goatee.

The body was clad entirely in black and was not wearing shoes.

Investigators added that there were no external injuries on the body.An autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of the man's death and investigators are hurrying to confirm his identity.

Police said a cleaner at the purification plant operating 24 hours discovered the corpse in the early hours of Monday morning. The plant cleans irregularities floating down the Wakagawa River, then diverts clean water into another waterway. (Wire reports, Japan, May 17, 2004)

48 posted on 05/17/2004 6:56:00 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

Seems to be more here than meets the eye. Sounds like he was up to no good.

49 posted on 05/17/2004 7:00:01 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: freeperfromnj
Yep and the blood (?) on the wall..very very carefully planned..leather strap tied on wrists [which would cut off circulation]..

The Media is the enemy. And none of the anti-christ's plans can come to fruition in a modern day world without it. They will be instrumental in it.

50 posted on 05/17/2004 7:00:33 AM PDT by Indie (We don't need no steenkin' experts!)
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To: JustPiper; All

A sobering story from Phoenix area:

From: (Anita Bush)


Subject: More Mosquitoes Found w/West Nile Virus

More groups of mosquitoes found with West Nile virus

Two more groups of mosquitoes in the East Valley have tested positive for West Nile virus, Maricopa County officials said Friday.

The samples, found in Mesa and Chandler, bring to four the number of mosquito samples infected with the virus. A horse in north Phoenix also tested positive for the virus this week but is recovering.

One mosquito sample was found in a drain at a park near Alma School and Baseline roads in Mesa. The other was found in a retention basin drain near Elliot and Dobson roads in Chandler.

In addition to West Nile virus, the Mesa mosquito sample tested positive for western equine encephalitis, which can cause brain-swelling encephalitis, especially in children, older adults and those with weakened immune systems.

The county treated the water areas where both samples were found and notified Mesa and Chandler officials of the problems.

Copyright 2004, All rights reserved.

51 posted on 05/17/2004 7:05:44 AM PDT by Quix (Choose this day whom U will serve: Shrillery & demonic goons or The King of Kings and Lord of Lords)
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To: liz44040

"oops assassinations"

I think that we really need to be hyper alert anytime there is an assassination. These terrorists like to repeat history. I also think they will continue to hit targets that they failed to destroy in the past. They have all the time in the world to wait until everything lines up the way they want it to. If a major leader is hit (Mushariff especially), I think those folks in high target areas need to clear out of town ASAP. Am I overreacting??

52 posted on 05/17/2004 7:05:47 AM PDT by toomanygrasshoppers ("Put down that fiddle and DO SOMETHING!")
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To: Indie

I may be out of the norm on my feelings about this whole Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal.... but I just don't care.

53 posted on 05/17/2004 7:06:56 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: milkncookies

Good grief, our markets are down 150 points......and it's only 10:00 am

54 posted on 05/17/2004 7:12:59 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: freeperfromnj

And gold is up $5.60 an ounce.

55 posted on 05/17/2004 7:15:36 AM PDT by milkncookies ("Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.")
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To: milkncookies

"gold is up $5.60 an ounce"

That's not a good sign.

56 posted on 05/17/2004 7:18:40 AM PDT by toomanygrasshoppers ("Put down that fiddle and DO SOMETHING!")
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To: JustPiper; All

From: (Anita Bush)


Subject: Heads Up: Beijing Threatens Taiwan with Destruction

Beijing threatens Taipei
with destruction

Recognize '1 China' or else,
says official statement
Posted: May 17, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2004

Beijing last night threatened Taiwan with destruction if President Chen Shui-bian doesn't accept China is "one nation."

In an official statement, the mainland government warned Taiwan leaders to make choices about the future carefully or the "Chinese people will crush their schemes firmly and thoroughly at any cost."

"At present, the relations across the Taiwan Strait are severely tested," the statement said. "To put a resolute check on the 'Taiwan independence' activities aimed at dismembering China ... is the most pressing task before the compatriots on both sides of the strait."

The statement was issued by the Taiwan Affairs Office under the Communist Party and the State Council. It came four days Chen is inaugurated as president.

"Chen Shui-bian has left Taiwan society deeply torn with his vicious mischaracterization of the popular will of the Taiwan people, his unbridled instigation of hostility and animosity towards the mainland, and his frenzied provocation to the status quo that both the mainland and Taiwan belong to the one and same China," the harshly worded document said.

China offered Taiwan a carrot as well as a stick.

If Chen accepts the one-China policy, Beijing held out the hope of negotiations leading to an end to hostilities, establishment of a mechanism to resolve cross-strait disputes, direct commercial and transport links, closer economic co-operation and greater market access.

The statement added: "The Taiwan leaders have before them two roads: one is to pull back immediately from their dangerous lurch towards independence ... The other is to keep following their separatist agenda to cut Taiwan from the rest of China, and in the end, meet their own destruction by playing with fire." Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council and the Presidential Office had no immediate response to the statement.

The U.S. has sent its aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Kitty Hawk to cruise the East Asian region ahead of Thursday's inauguration ceremony.

Luke 21:28 "And when these things begin to come to
pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your
redemption draweth nigh."

This is an information list only, NOT a discussion list;
please direct your responses to the discussion list at:


LORD GOD, I ask that you cause rabid nationalists in Mainland China to fall from power; become so ill as to be removed from office; become hyper paranoid of devastation; become hyper paranoid of USA's involvement; fight amongst themselves; and generally cause all such plans to come to naught as they fall in their own pit. Cause a flood of humility and caution to infect the whole of China's leadership and military.

Cause Taiwan's leaders to acquire tons of humility and caution as well. Bring about creative solutions to the conflict. Cause all satan's forces on the scene to be neutered by your Spirit and angelic host, Oh Lord, in Jesus' Name.

57 posted on 05/17/2004 7:22:02 AM PDT by Quix (Choose this day whom U will serve: Shrillery & demonic goons or The King of Kings and Lord of Lords)
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To: freeperfromnj

Convert to Islam, become a killer.

No wonder the islamists have such success recruiting from prisons.

58 posted on 05/17/2004 7:27:38 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: freeperfromnj

Seemed like that to me too.

59 posted on 05/17/2004 7:28:21 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: JustPiper

Thank you, JP!

60 posted on 05/17/2004 7:28:44 AM PDT by texasbluebell
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