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Will you read this? I don't's up to you! Letter to a Bush Hater
My Keyboard ^ | 7/1/2004 | Robert Eimiller

Posted on 06/30/2004 6:28:05 PM PDT by Bob Eimiller

Will you read this? I don't's up to you!

The war is about an enemy that has no borders that has weapons available to kill every innocent person anywhere in the or poor. The only way to ATTEMPT to protect innocent who is vulnerable, including you and me is to TRY to eliminate those weapons.

Mr. Clinton, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Gore during the Clinton administration all stated the "existant" Iraqi WMD's must be eliminated because these weapons WILL end up in the hands of those that are bent on killing us...incliuding the poor.... The claim this war is about oil is pure politics.

The OIL for Food scandal at the UN including France and Russia is by far the most expensive scandal in're talking about 10's on Billions on dollars.

The UN is basically a group of corrupt countries that in many cases do not even allow democratic elections... if you want to place your sovereignty and security in the hands of a cabal of despots "appointed" by their regimes... just continue to think as you do..I for one refuse to place my childrens and yes... the poor children too... in the hands of international politicians I don't vote for.

There was no national wringing of the hands when Mr. Clinton Bombed civilians in Serbia back to the stone age... we destroyed their power, water, sewage, bridges and thousands of civilians... they bombed from 30,000 feet! Bombed an innocent Ibuprofin factory in the Sudan... why... a WMD chemical was suspected..hmmmm it wasn't ever verified.

The uproar for Abu Ghraib was... and is still smoldering...blaim Bush...hmmm SURE...There was less uproar over the attack on Americans in Waco including innocent Women and Children..and of course Clinton wans't raked over the coals for sending military tanks against American citizens...Janet Reno took all responsibility...responsibility? what was her personal cost? nothing...she just mouthed the words I was MY decision...... must I say CHILDREN again?

Oil? We are dangerously dependent on Oil from the powder keg Persian Gulf... we do have Anwar but the liberals will not let us drill in that frozen wilderness...the "footprint would be less than 2 city blocks ... The Alaska Pipeline has actually INCREASED the numbers of Caribou...want to know why? The pipeline is warm and they flock to the warmth.

The Technology is so safe today...spills are non existant..besides the Persian Gulf can be polluted too... and the oceans belong to the world... so does the sealife.... Hmmm do you drive a car? Why? why don't you stop driving?

Back to the poor... What happened to the poor during the Clinton 8 years?.. what did he do?? what about the oil? what did he do to reduce dependency? What did he spend on aids?..Compare to what Bush is spending in Africa... ON THE WORLD POOR ... for aids? What did Bush do for Education...??

He actually worked with Ted Kennedy on the education bill... what did Clinton do for the poor, aids, oil...when Democrats controlled both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate for his first 2 years??? NOTHING.... unless you care to enlighten me.

The economy during Clinton... The internet was exploding..but of course Al Gore invented the But the economy was based on a new internet frenzy that burst during the Clinton administration...

By the way..the net imploded when NASDAQ tanked prematurly when Clinton went after Microsoft...why did he do that? It was thrown out...Why? Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle ...a Microsoft competitor and a Clinton Donor demanded it...

9/11... 8 months into the Bush administration was an intelligence failure... George Tenet..a Clinton appointee by the way... said Clinton wouldn't counsel with him for 2 years at a time...

The Attack on the USS Cole was an act of war... what was done? the first trade center bombing in 1993...what was done..nothing... the attacks emboldened the terrorists and 9/11 is the result... The war in the Persian Gulf is the result and the counter to the 9/11 beginning of WW3... no borders just a terror war with a fanatical religion.. a religion where dying is preferable to living.

How did things get so bad? I'll let you figure that out... although I don't expect you to change your mind.

I was in the Army during Vietnam... John Kerry was about to be drafted..he "joined" the Navy to avoid the draft...a lot of my friends did that.. he didn't expect to see combat. But what's amazing to note, is his "tour" there was 4 months long! the normal tour lasted 11 months.

4 months...3 PURPLE HEARTS (where are the injuries) 4 months.. 1 Bronze Star... 1 Silver Star! John Kerry, the commander of his own boat wrote up his own awards.

Oh By The Way... 3 Purple Hearts is a "Get out of Vietnam" card... hmmm I wonder.

Kerry was a friend of the Kennedy's need I say more?

Life and politics are not simplistic... most people don't research anything..they just listen to what is thrown at them in sound bites and live by habit...

Professionals publicists tell us who is beautiful in the entertainment industry and we believe it..

The news media tell us what is right and what is wrong and we believe it... They tell us Clinton is honest and Bush is a liar ...and we believe it...

Joseph Goebels, Hitler's propagandist made the statement..."Tell a lie enough times and it will become the truth".

Well just a little bit of how think... I doubt you even read it ..but I believe what I have written and I have formulated my opinions by watching, learning and researching... No one tells me what is right... I have enough pride in myself to come to my own conclusions.

PS...I VOTED FOR JIMMY CARTER BOTH TIMES! I have never voted Democrat again!

TOPICS: Editorial; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: bush; kennedy; kerry; terrorism; unitednations; wmd; worldwar3

1 posted on 06/30/2004 6:28:06 PM PDT by Bob Eimiller
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To: Bob Eimiller

Excellent! I'm going to save this!

2 posted on 06/30/2004 6:59:10 PM PDT by proudofthesouth
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To: Bob Eimiller

save for later read

3 posted on 06/30/2004 7:51:02 PM PDT by Boxsford
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To: Bob Eimiller

That's great....

4 posted on 07/01/2004 2:39:00 AM PDT by .45MAN ("Vote for Life, Vote for Freedom ,Vote for Bush")
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To: dansangel


5 posted on 07/01/2004 2:39:27 AM PDT by .45MAN ("Vote for Life, Vote for Freedom ,Vote for Bush")
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