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European Union: Disaster - A New Evil Empire
Price of Liberty ^ | 21 June 2004

Posted on 12/02/2004 12:23:16 PM PST by jb6

The European people don't particularly like this imperial regulatory (read that lawmaking) body to which the laws of their individual nations must conform. The leaders failed to get a "constitution" approved in December, 2003, so in June, 2004, they are meeting again.

In Brussels, naturally.

This American has always detested Brussels sprouts, but in the spirit of freedom of choice has never considered telling other people that they should dislike those ugly little cabbages. However, Brussels sprouts are probably highly nutritious, at least for some.

Brussels, Belgium, has come to symbolize the budding evil empires of the western world. It and the people who choose to hold their meetings there, for whatever reason, need to be disliked to the point that the entire western world rallies against them. What sprouts out of Brussels meetings is neither harmless nor nutritious.

The leaders of the European Union are meeting in Brussels to hammer out a "constitution" that will continue to change how European and other nations are dominated by this uber-government that intends to destroy national sovereignty. What could one expect? That is the purpose of an uber-government. Americans may read a headline about the European Union and brush it aside with a notion "that's their problem, not ours."

Wrong, as usual.

The idea that our nation's population has largely lost its voice with its own elected representatives, and that most of our stupid laws originate not in the US but with the UN and its various agencies and the leaders of uber-government just won't penetrate most American skullbones. It's difficult to make these nice, loyal, flag waving, patriotic Americans believe that OUR government is not run by we the people. They rationalize our voiceless votes as "well, there weren't enough of us" or "we weren't organized" and a thousand other things, rather than come out of their federalized indoctrination that we're a free nation run by the people. Baloney.

Sometimes it's questionable whether these nice people will wake up when the tanks are in the streets or whether they will say it's for our protection!

At that point, one can write America off and say Benjamin Franklin was absolutely right, we had a federal republic and couldn't keep it. He was very iffy about whether the whole thing would work, because old Ben had a very astute insight into the tendency of free people to disregard the cost and work involved in keeping free. It is so much easier to be entertained and leave the work of government to others -- and those others know it, bet on it, depend on it, and win on it.

During the last four years, according to various news reports, new members of the European Union have studied nearly 100,000 pages of European Union laws in order to turn them into legislation for their various countries to ensure conformity with the uber-government's requirements. We in the United States are not being informed by our media as to whether this very same thing is going on in the United States, but we do a great deal of trading with Europe, so it is to be expected that our laws will have to conform with those of the European Union, which has 25 European members now. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor stated in early 2004 that the United States had to be more open to international laws. How open? Probably wide open.

Regardless of whether Justice O'Connor had some quantification in mind, the answer will be "all" if we are to continue being a global trader and further our globalist and imperial intentions. The idea that this could again be a self-sufficient nation is repugnant to the thinking of the leaders behind the elected leaders, and only those elected leaders who have been hand-picked by the "shadow government" representatives of the uber-government are in on the master scheme. The rest of our elected representatives turn out to be as ineffective, after years of struggle against the globalist one-world order, as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) who has put up a good fight, but he's the token nationalist in the group. The true leaders use him as "evidence" that our Congress still represents the people. Yes, we have a few who represent the people. They might as well be in Brussels for all the good they're allowed to do in the USSA (United Socialist States of America) and for the American people.

Why, why, WHY can't our American people see this? The evidence is laid at their very doorsteps, they can trip over it every time seatbelt law day comes around, or earth day, tree day, owl day or some other day, and yet go on as if we were still living in 1952. Whether it is genuine delusion or total denial is not a journalist's job to determine but heaven help us if these people are in either state, because they are the serfs of tomorrow who will cry the loudest when uber-government takes over the last vestiges of America's facade that this is a free nation.

Do our people really think the southern border is left unguarded and the border patrol is hamstrung by some accident or bureaucratic inefficiency?

Do American voters really think that galloping socialism is some accident of nature or an evil work of those evil Democrats, and not the preplanned execution of a master plan that is as old as the nation itself? Have they ever heard of Adam Weishaupt? Do they know what he produced? Why not? In the "good cop vs bad cop" game of neocon Republicans vs. liberal Democrats, the charade is that the Democrats are those evil, liberal bad guys who run up federal deficits and believe in abortion, the American Civil Liberties Union is chiefly Democratic (rather than an arm of uber-government) and putting the right man in the White House will solve all our problems.

But ... but ... almost four years ago a neo-con Republican got in the White House because we are a federal republic, not a democracy as media loves to call us, and we have an electoral college and electoral college votes elect the president and his running mate, the vice-president. It took a trip to the Supreme Court for a 5-4 decision over the Florida electoral votes but George W. Bush was granted the presidency. Eight months later this nation lost two World Trade Center towers and other buildings in the vicinity and got a huge hole in the Pentagon from an attack by people who were named Arab terrorists. After that the military was mobilized and while Americans waited for Mr. Bush to bring back Mr. bin Laden, our elected representatives passed the most unconstitutional law ever devised in this nation's history -- the USAPATRIOT act. Unread. Our elected representatives allowed the president to declare war, a task only Congress can legitimately do under the Constitution, and then passed a draconian set of laws again "terrorism" that can place this nation under martial law faster than you can hit the snooze button on your alarm clock.

We now have the biggest national debt in our history, a record-breaking and growing federal trade deficit, soaring inflation and the whole nation is playing with paper money that has no hard currency backup. Out on a limb? We're hanging by a leaf! But we will go along with the EU, their euro is gaining over our dollar and in the stroke of a pen, this nation could be into default and total economic collapse.

Now, for those who need a bit more by way of explanation as to the fact the USSA is controlled by the unelected elite, here are some facts.

The World Health Organization organized the concerted campaign against smoking, a forerunner in mind and behavior control aimed at getting to gun control. The leaders struck against guns too early, so they have to come by the back door now. The pesky Christians who have a hangup over tobacco (mostly Baptists and Pentecostals) eagerly joined in the anti-smoking campaign, to the delight of the mind/behavior control arm of the uber-government. However, it wasn't easy to get Christians to give up their guns. That was an ooops on the part of the UN's agenda-carriers.

The European Union has rejected the request of several of its member nations to include references to God and its Christian heritage, which covers many centuries, in its new constitution.

Now watch how this works in the USA. Or USSA. Out of Berkeley, California (where better?) has come the suggestion to divest corporations (called "businesses") of personhood. A corporation is now a fictitious person and as such, enjoys Constitutional protections against abrogating freedom of speech, unreasonable search and seizure and many other protections of our much-mutilated but still operative Constitution. Oh ... not a bad idea, why give protection to a corporation?

Well for one very good reason: most churches are corporations. Christian churches that is. By being divested of their constitutional protections, the government could at any time, without any stated reason, attack any local church or perhaps an entire denomination because they would have no constitutional protections, and if the organization is named an enemy of the state it is because of the PEOPLE who make up the congregation. Corporations do not exist in a vacuum with robots at the helm. They're made up of people. That includes church corporations with the 501(c)(3) tax exemption that has allowed the Internal Revenue Service to exert pressure on pastors. But, as long as the IRS requirements are met, those churches have constitutional protection. Take that away and it's going to be rather ... interesting ... to see how the USSA attacks the churches. The same will be true in Europe, but since only about five percent of Europeans are Christians, or serious Christians, it is not the problem in Europe that it is here. So, like the tobacco control program of behavior modification, Bible-control and destruction will begin in the USSA, the stronghold for the Christian faith even in today's debauched world.

We shall see if the EU can penetrate America once again and get the Christians to shoot themselves in the foot. The people who call themselves Christians today are not cut from the same tough fabric as our forefathers, don't want the same hard gospel, and surely don't want to be dispossessed of their luxuries for their faith.

There is an evil empire, the heads of which are meeting across the Atlantic in the now notorious city of Brussels to extend the legal jurisdiction of the European Union over its member states. Those who think that the EU is just a commercial venture should buy the Golden Gate for ten bucks.

I knew there was a reason I hated those ugly little cabbages. Nothing good comes out of Brussels but heaven help us, would to God it were only ugly little cabbages and not a whole evil empire. This is deja-vu all over again, to quote old Yogi.

Interesting times.

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1 posted on 12/02/2004 12:23:16 PM PST by jb6
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To: jb6
21 June 2004


2 posted on 12/02/2004 12:27:55 PM PST by TonyWojo
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To: jb6

That is an excellent article that should serve as a real wake up call for those who see the FTAA as "just another trade deal". It's obvious the leaders of countries who signed on to the EU were either totally incompetent or sellouts because they sacrificed their countrie's sovereignty to the supranational commissions that seem to be in control at this time. The constitutions and I imagine the legal systems for each country will slowly become obsolete to make room for the new paradigm. This scenario is sure to be attempted thru the FTAA.....hope folks are paying attention.

3 posted on 12/02/2004 12:38:20 PM PST by american spirit
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To: american spirit

The exact plan of the Fourth Reich. Unlike Hitler, they've got the patience to get there in 20 or 40 years and last the 1,000. While we should have smothered this monstrocity instead we were it's midwife and milk maid.

4 posted on 12/02/2004 12:42:35 PM PST by jb6 (Truth = Christ)
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To: american spirit

"That is an excellent article"

I don't necessarily disagree, but the author did a poor job in proving their case. Give me more than just emotion.

5 posted on 12/02/2004 12:43:38 PM PST by Owl558 (Don't tread on me!)
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To: jb6

Interesting read,

See the ANTI-DNC Web Portal at --->

6 posted on 12/02/2004 12:51:51 PM PST by woodb01 (See the ANTI-DNC Web Portal at --->
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To: american spirit

Europe continues to consolidate on a continental basis, and is developing its own internal multilateral frameworks: the space agency, EU Rapid Response Forces, etc... The REALLY scary thing is that these commissions are dominated by France and Germany.

NAFTA was a great start, but it is NORAD which Canada and the United States can use to springboard a new relationship. Missle defense is just the beginning. Soon (within 50-75 years) North America, Europe and Asia will be three distinct, monolithic blocs, consolidated for mutual security and trading power.

The United States is on the verge of evolving from a Superpower to a Megapower; the Europeans, Russians and Chinese know this, and are moving their economies and military structures to counterbalance this growing hegemony. This is why President Bush and the United States are feared so much. That, plus the fact the French just can't admit that they are not, and never really were a Great Power; France was just a tawdry player on the colonial stage.

Great events are unfolding, and the next twenty years will change the world for a long time to come... President Bush knows this, and is determined (correctly, in my opinion), to ensure the United States is a leader in this global consolidation, not a follower. Besides, NAFTA has been great for Canada, eh? :-)

7 posted on 12/02/2004 1:17:36 PM PST by Conservative Canuck (The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness)
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To: Owl558

I've looked at a couple sites that detailed the effects the EU new governing commissions will have on national sovereignty for it's members and it's pretty clear that any country not following the EUC's edicts will face severe financial consequences.

Here, the Patriot Act has been repudiated by dozens of city councils across the country because of citizen concerns over privacy. He's also correct about the churches relinquishing their sovereignty over to the IRS in exchange for all the tax benefits the church and it's pastors receive as well as the fact that pastors who stray off the reservation and criticize gov't. policies too harshly face revocation of the 501C-3 status......that's what happens when you make the proverbial deal with the devil.

8 posted on 12/02/2004 1:22:15 PM PST by american spirit
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To: jb6

This American has always detested Brussels sprouts, but in the spirit of freedom of choice has never considered telling other people that they should dislike those ugly little cabbages. However, Brussels sprouts are probably highly nutritious, at least for some.

Brussel Sprouts are bloody delicious!

9 posted on 12/02/2004 1:22:58 PM PST by kingsurfer
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To: jb6
Brussels, Belgium, has come to symbolize the budding evil empires....

Brussels is also a very strange place to visit. On one ocassion I had dinner at an upscale restraunt and was startled to see a poddle being seated at the next table along with some people it was with....

10 posted on 12/02/2004 1:25:20 PM PST by squirt-gun
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To: jb6

Not if they keep hamstringing their economy with stupid regulation and taxation.

11 posted on 12/02/2004 1:32:17 PM PST by Paleo Conservative (Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Dan Rather's got to go!)
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To: Conservative Canuck

I think you're correct on several points you've made but I think it all goes a little deeper. What we're seeing is the blurring of national sovereignty, a gradual loosening of each country's borders, a severe decay in America's financial stability (over 50 TRILLION IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES, world's largest debtor nation, weakening value of the dollar,etc.), etc. and I don't think it's all by accident. Where is the value in all this internationalization?......more illegals needing billions of our tax $ to survive, erosion of our mfg. base and millions of high paying jobs, an historic explosion of debt at all levels, etc. and the only entities that seem to be profiting handsomely are the multinational corporations who seemingly are complete control of our fedgov's policies on numerous issues.

12 posted on 12/02/2004 1:34:14 PM PST by american spirit
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To: squirt-gun
"to see a poodle being seated at the next table"

They actually like John Kerry in Brussels. Why did you find that surprising?
13 posted on 12/02/2004 1:41:15 PM PST by IncredibleHulk (Courage is the Price that Life extracts for granting Peace. ľAnne Morrow Lindberg)
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To: american spirit

"that's what happens when you make the proverbial deal with the devil"

They control you through the $$.

14 posted on 12/02/2004 4:19:51 PM PST by Owl558 (Don't tread on me!)
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To: woodb01
Cool site. Loved this one: Democrats Warn GOP: You Didn't Win; We Lost

What a bloody laugh. Yeah what ever loosers, back to your holes with you!

15 posted on 12/03/2004 7:17:51 AM PST by jb6 (Truth = Christ)
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To: american spirit

The difference is: here the government actually gives a damn what the citizens say or think, in the Fourth Reich, they will tell you what to say or think.

16 posted on 12/03/2004 7:19:50 AM PST by jb6 (Truth = Christ)
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To: jb6

I'd beg to differ on several issues......illegal immigration (close the borders), unconscionable budget and trade deficits, federal control of education, idiotic trade deals that've cost millions of good paying jobs, a socialistic welfare system that has Marx smiling in his grave.......sorry, this is now a gov't for the corporation and by the corporation......the people be damned.

17 posted on 12/03/2004 7:34:48 AM PST by american spirit
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To: american spirit

I'll agree to a degree. We are still salvagable, I think, the Fourth Reich is not and they have all those issues in spades.

18 posted on 12/03/2004 10:32:28 AM PST by jb6 (Truth = Christ)
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To: jb6

That's fine but I don't see one political figure on the horizon other than Tancredo, Paul and a couple others that have the stones to take on these monumental problems. Every passing day leads me to believe that it'll have to be a total fin'l collapse to wake folks up and with over 50 Trill in liabilities already staring at our alleged leaders I know I'm right. Gee, wonder what kind of mood the multicultural crowd will be when the checks stop?

19 posted on 12/03/2004 12:17:59 PM PST by american spirit
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To: american spirit

It'll be a said day for us when that happens. We will loose our place for a long time as all our troops will be pulled back. Islamics could win in Iraq, not against our soldiers or weapons but against the budget deficit and the sliding dollar. A sad way to loose to Islam, of course any loss to islam is said and sorry.

20 posted on 12/03/2004 12:26:34 PM PST by jb6 (Truth = Christ)
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