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To: SausageDog
I don't recall any biblical or oral tradition describing Jesus and Mary as ...ah, well, I can't even repeat it without propagating blasphemy.
Please do CITE it.

Whereas a study of the Old Testament could reasonably lead to belief in Jesus, the Talmud, which superceded the Torah a the Jewish guide to doctrine, placed an insurmountable barrier to that belief.
Essentually you believe that Biblical Judaism leads to Christianity and anything that does not is not Judaism.
That is circular and illogical. Moreover, the Muslims believe that same about Christianity being SUPERCEDED by Islam. You are not a true Christian, unless you are a Muslim. Convert to Islam, or get a better arguement.

What's this "Common Era" jazz? Are you being PC?
BC and AD are theological statements.

With the rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, all biblical prophecies pertaining to the suffering Messiah had to be interpreted away. In place of these teachings came the doctrine of the Messiah as a political and military conqueror.
You have it backwards. Why doi you think taht all of Jesus's followers initially expected Jesus to lead a revolt?
Why did a half dozen Jews Messianic claiments all lead revolts, before and after Jesus?
You really need to re-read Mathew.

Furthermore, with the permanent elimination of the Temple, the Jewish priesthood and sacrificial system disappeared. Judaism was reinvented as a system of ethics.
1. Various communities did continue sacrifices until recently.
2. The Talmud is a linear continuation of Pharassaic thought.

Israel is not going to give up her nukes. Furthermore, as long as Israel has the nuclear option, and the Arabs haven't, Israel will continue taking all the land she wants and killing all the Arabs she wants.
Israe doesn't want either.

That would be an interesting test. Abortion is legal in Israel but illegal in all Muslim countries. Israel's abortion rate is comparable to that of the US. It seems incongruous that Israel should squawk about Muslim atrocities while Israel kills far more of her own children than the Muslims kill.
Do you want to go over Aortion laws in "Christian" countries, including the US over the last 200 years?

211 posted on 02/22/2005 12:22:17 AM PST by rmlew (Copperheads and Peaceniks beware! Sedition is a crime.)
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To: rmlew

"Please do CITE it."

Good grief, man. I'm not going to post that stuff. Here, you may post the quotations if you choose: Sanhedrin 106a,
footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, Sanhedrin 43a, Sanhedrin 107b, Sotah 47a, Shabbos 104b. The last four citations are from the Babylonian edition.

"Do you want to go over Abortion laws in 'Christian' countries, including the US over the last 200 years?"

It was not not my intention to claim that the so-called Christian countries are morally superior to Israel.

226 posted on 02/23/2005 8:35:13 AM PST by SausageDog
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