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Spoiling surrender...
15-November-2005 | Ron Pickrell

Posted on 11/15/2005 9:42:24 PM PST by pickrell

When the readied assault companies of the enemy are discovered and an enemy order of battle, (assessment of size, capabilities, and unit strengths), can be reasonably established, the defending commander is faced with certain choices. If the attacking forces already outnumber his defenders significantly, and the logistics of the battlefield enable the attacker to bring additional forces to bear at a significantly greater rate than the defenders, the inevitable outcome of the engagement soon becomes apparent. Even the staunchest defenders can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

The defending general can exort his men into stiffening their resolve, he can fine tune the arrangement of his forces to maximize the terrain they defend... and, he can employ what is known as the spoiling attack. This spoiling attack consist of a series of small pre-emptive attacks designed to create as much confusion, uncertainty and paralysis in the attackers as possible. Properly done, it can often halt and in some cases even reverse the tide of battle. But it requires that small units of persons abandon reasonable caution and attack superior forces at critical points.

It's much like calling the flush draw, and raising the limit...when all you hold is an 8 and a lousy 3. To be successful, it depends on the ferocity of the bluff and the willingness of the spoiling attackers to immolate themselves should the bluff be called, and the spoiling attacks don't produce paralysis in the preparing assault forces.

The Democrats in Washington are now employing a seldom used variant of the spoiling attack, likely invented and perfected by the French, which, for lack of a better term, we may coin the "spoiling surrender". It is a desparate move, but one that they have been driven to, through sheer lack of alternatives. If it doesn't work, and the American public finally see the undeniable "onion fields" of treachery... they know they are finished. Then, like the Howard Finemans of Newsweek, it will be the race to denounce the "other liberals who misled me..."

What the forces of appeasement are facing is the increasing realization that throughout the Islamic world, things are falling apart for the terrorists. In Jordan, of all places, (with a citizenry profoundly behind terrorism despite the wishes of their king), the most recent attacks are opening the eyes and turning the stomachs of those previous backers of organized murders. Seeing your own neighbors blown apart often does that.

In nearby Iraq, the recent and upcoming elections have yielded a growing bonanza for the strategy of the US administration. Arabs, long the property of whichever monarch owns them, are beginning to see that they have the first, best, and yet perhaps last chance of ever owning themselves and earning for their children a chance at a better life. The Iraqi army grows and time is not on the side of those who made it a plank of the Democratic Party, (until the coming of Ronald Reagan spoiled it all), to abandon countless millions of others to a life of hell behind the "worker's paradise" of the Iron Curtain, in a deal with the devil called "Detente".

This horrific agreement that "..we won't call you an Evil Empire, as long as you agree not to blurt out that Senator McCarthy was telling the truth..", meant "peace in our time", as Neville Chamberlain once phrased it. It was a triump of non-judgementalism over national honor. Opposing anything with other than words, candles and simple chants is anathema to the appeasers, since all problems are best answered with a white flag, held to conceal the yellow streaks that are their regimental colors. Standing up to help those who cannot help themselves is so abhorrent to the appeasers, that any outcome other than submission is considered "irresponsible" by them.

But just when they are down to mere scraps of hope, those very scraps also crumble, as their "dream team of appeasement", the Yellow Knights of the Bended Knee, the Frenchmen... are suddenly reaping the benefits of their policies in front of the wrold's cameras- that cannot be turned off, embargoed and forbidden even by the power of the New York Times and their cronies. It can't get much worse for the offerers of tribute.

Terrorists who have for several years been deftly politically manuevered into a position where they've lost nearly all of their advantage, by being unable to strike in any country, in any city, at any pace and time of their choosing, throughout the entire world... instead found themselves forced to face military troops, instead of unarmed civilians, in stand-up fights, instead of murder junkets. The safe havens have nearly all disappeared, and increasing numbers of Arabs are letting their fingers do the walking, and "dropping the dime."

This has stacked the deck against the terrorists, who have no training, talent, or teamwork to win. For the cameras in their training camps, they jumped through the burning hoops and pumped their rifles up and down, as is mandatory fare.

However, when facing a fire team of skilled and determined Marines, it is amazing how difficult it is to escape by finding the nearest burning hoop. For several years we have pulled the "Guadalcanal Gambit" on them and it has worked. Therein lies the problem.

The Democrats are facing the catastrophic probability that continuing down this path will lead to a continuing unmasking of the "Islamic freedom fighters" as the despicable thugs and murderers that they are, that can and must be exterminated to the last worm. A desparate need to halt this in it's tracks is provoking the Democratic spoiling surrender. No longer can Senator Durbin simply face cameras in Baghdad and call for respectful negotiations with Saddam. That dog don't hunt... having sucked poisoned eggs. Desparate times call for desparate measures.

Sadly, a number of the Republican Senators who also find themselves on the front lines, alll trying to hide behind each other, (a sitcom suitable for Monte Python), have decided that the the best offense is to call for a "plan". This way, seeing that the piles of chips have all been pushed in by the mainstream media into a supporting attack against our troops, the Republicans of the Yellow Stripe may hope to say, "It was all George's fault. He made me do it." And since very few voters are active military or veteran, they hope to abandon and trade that smaller voting block for the "committed herd" vote.

The success of the spoiling surrender will depend primarily on the ferocity of the counter-counter attack mounted by the field commander. That commander is our President, George Bush. The Democrats and the press have gambled all, that the recent "feedback" sent up the line to the CO on Harriet Miers is somehow a weakening of the Republican resolve and, looking in the mirror as their example, a signal that vast hordes of conservatives are ready to head for the tall grass and pray for liberal generosity in their victory.

To quote General McAuliffe once vacationing in Bastogne, "Nuts!"

The signals strongly broadcast by the mainstream media to the terrorists that, "...we haven't abandoned you, and while Dick Durbin may have "lost" his Iraqi passport once the shooting started, we promise that if you can hold on, we will present you with a face-saving victory, if you'll promise not to be mean to us once we elect a Frenchman- er, a Democrat- to the White House."

As Republicans, we need to remember that the old saw that, "...You can't stay home and not vote for us next year... or you'll have even worse policies carried out by Democrats...", doesn't hold a pint of water, if we the conservatives gear up for a ferocious set of Primary Challenges to those Republicans who held the coats of the mainstream media during attacks upon our troops and our nation. If every such "Republican" is replaced with a serious, adult, spine-re-inforced candidate, in the primaries, for the offices currently "held" by RINO's, a sea change will sweep the country.

If they who place themselves in harm's way to protect your children can stand up to bombs, fire and steel, to keep faith with that oath they took, and they certainly do all that and more, then how in hell can we, safe at home, throw up our hands and say, "I surrender", we have to hold our noses and say, "...maybe they won't vote against their own party NEXT term."

Every true conservative needs to choose. "You're either with us... or you're with the yellow streak." The lie that a challenge to incumbent "pragmatists" who vote with their finger in the air, will somehow weaken the Republican fighting team, is, to quote General McAuliffe...

{let's all shout it together....}


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1 posted on 11/15/2005 9:42:25 PM PST by pickrell
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To: pickrell


Good post

2 posted on 11/15/2005 9:49:32 PM PST by A message
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To: pickrell

Thank you. The terrorists can not win. We can`t let that happen. They are the enemy but not the only ones. To me, the Rats and their pet media are just as dangerous. However, the worst are those socalled Republicans and conseratives that never learned the real story about Vietnam, the way you win in a war like this is to destroy the will of this country to continue. And the quickest way to do that is to destroy the President. And who can best do that? Why, its the Presidents so called friends.

3 posted on 11/15/2005 9:55:56 PM PST by bybybill (remember, the fish come first)
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To: pickrell
Sounds good but do you know who ran against McCain in the last primary? Can't remember his name? Why Not? BECAUSE there was nobody! Not even a name on the ballot! I have a proposed solution however. A lobbying group whose sole purpose is to replace RINO's in the primaries. I figure the name of the group should be "CLEANERS" or Constitution Loving Exasperated Americans for the National Elimination of Republican Socialists.

Makes for a nice catch phrase: It's time to take this back stabbing RAT lover to the CLEANERS!

4 posted on 11/15/2005 10:14:10 PM PST by Nateman (Socialism: morality 180 degrees out of phase with reality)
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To: Nateman

I like it!!!....Sign up the Hash slinger and the Milkmaid...aka..Snowe and Collins

5 posted on 11/15/2005 10:57:40 PM PST by M-cubed
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To: bybybill

because thr cold war is not over and won't be until we disembowell THE LEFT

6 posted on 11/15/2005 11:01:15 PM PST by wildcatf4f3 (admittedly too unstable for public office)
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To: wildcatf4f3

The left and the media.

Its so interesting to see readership of most newspaper decline as they get more one sided in their "reporting"

7 posted on 11/15/2005 11:23:00 PM PST by bybybill (remember, the fish come first)
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To: Nateman


Like it.

8 posted on 11/16/2005 6:50:34 AM PST by A message
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To: Nateman; M-cubed; wildcatf4f3; endthematrix
"..Sounds good but do you know who ran against McCain in the last primary? Can't remember his name? Why Not? BECAUSE there was nobody!.."

Precisely. This can't be done on a Federal level. The State Republican bases need to accept that they do NOT have to avert their eyes and allow the incumbent to stroll back into 6 more years.

If We Now fulfil our duty to every Marine who fought his heart out and won every engagement despite the treacherous media embargo on US successes in the war on terror, how do we look them in the eyes as they return, knowing that many others didn't return.

Do we say, "Gee, it was too hard to try to remove the RINO's. It was too hard." We will say this to men missing legs, arms and worse?

No, this can't happen. This must not happen. We OWE them, as well as every grunt who froze to death around the Chosin reservoir, every GI who was shot to pieces in Ia Drang valley, and every sailor who was burnt to death fighting the kamikazis aboard picket destroyers off Okinawa.

Some debts have to be paid. Not just with parades on veteran's day and with speeches.

9 posted on 11/16/2005 6:50:40 AM PST by pickrell (Old dog, new trick...sort of)
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