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The Vice President made this statement today (about the NY Slimes) ^ | 6/26/06 | Dick Cheney

Posted on 06/26/2006 2:11:34 PM PDT by pissant

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To: pissant
I think it's time to release the blood hounds and find the leaker who has endangered our lives again.
101 posted on 06/26/2006 3:14:16 PM PDT by 1035rep
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To: Non-Sequitur
Disgrace? Yes. Irresponsible? Definitely. But illegal? No, not according to the Supreme Court.

I am sorry but I must completely disagree with you. If the NYTs received child porn would they have a right to publish it? I don’t think so.

Unambiguously taking within its reach the publication of the NSA terrorist surveillance story (though arguably not the Times's more recent terrorist banking story), Section 798 reads, in part:

Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information . . . concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States . . . shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both [emphasis added].

The law is clear and the NYT must be brought to justice along with the leaker.

102 posted on 06/26/2006 3:16:01 PM PDT by usurper (Spelling or grammatical errors in this post can be attributed to the LA City School System)
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To: TChris

Bush condemns leak of terror finance info

President Bush on Monday sharply condemned the disclosure of a program to secretly monitor the financial transactions of suspected terrorists. "The disclosure of this program is disgraceful," he said.

"For people to leak that program and for a newspaper to publish it does great harm to the United States of America," Bush said, jabbing his finger for emphasis. He said the disclosure of the program "makes it harder to win this war on terror...."

"Congress was briefed and what we did was fully authorized under the law," Bush said, talking with reporters in the Roosevelt Room after meeting with groups that support U.S. troops in Iraq.

"We're at war with a bunch of people who want to hurt the United States of America," the president said. "What we were doing was the right thing."

"The American people expect this government to protect our constitutional liberties and at the same time make sure we understand what the terrorists are trying to do," Bush said. He said that to figure out what terrorists plan to do, "You try to follow their money. And that's exactly what we're doing and the fact that a newspaper disclosed it makes it harder to win this war on terror."

103 posted on 06/26/2006 3:19:16 PM PDT by Republican Red (Everyone is super stoked on Gore, even if they don't know it)
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To: pissant
I think it will be dangerous for a Slimes reporter to step foot out of Manhattan.

Granted, but Prez Bush could've had an internal assessment of facts, before barking at the NYT for publishing it!

Prez Bush should've known that NYT will publish everything that will put his image in a negative way! Find the leaker and hang him/her!

104 posted on 06/26/2006 3:20:46 PM PDT by danmar ("The two most common elements in the Universe is hydrogen and stupidity")
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To: Firefox1
I've been reading a book about Nazi Germany. It's funny how things don't change.

I've been thinking along those same lines lately. Just out of curiosity, what book are you reading?

105 posted on 06/26/2006 3:21:34 PM PDT by The Blitherer ("These are not dark days, these are great days." W. S. Churchill)
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To: RAldrich

bookmarking this thread

106 posted on 06/26/2006 3:23:47 PM PDT by Big Giant Head (I should change my tagline to "Big Giant Pancake on my Head")
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To: TChris
I simply can't understand why these treasonous acts have not triggered any action on the part of the administration.

Simple answer:

107 posted on 06/26/2006 3:29:47 PM PDT by Cobra64 (All we get are lame ideas from Republicans and lame criticism from dems about those lame ideas.)
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To: pissant
In my previous life, as a USAF Master Sergeant, and following an extensive background investigation that included everything including an anal probe (just kidding) I was cleared for Top Secret, Extremely Sensitive Information/Single Integrated Operational Plan data (TS ESI/SIOP). The nature of the information I was cleared to see and handle was not unlike the two programs the NYT printed for the world to see.

I retired from the USAF in 1981. At the time of my retirement, a Colonel briefed me that I was sworn to secrecy for life concerning ALL aspects of the information that I had previously been cleared to handle. He further explained the punishments that I could expect, should I ever divulge any classified information.

I would never, under any circumstances, discuss or divulge the info that I had been privy to. Not because of the possible punishment. Rather, because taking an oath to keep my mouth shut means something to this former "Blue Suiter"!

Why in hell should the NYT be allowed to publish, against the CINC's request, Top Secret information with impunity? I would still be in Leavenworth, had I chosen to run my mouth! Close the NYT, LAT, and other TREASONOUS friggin old media down immediately!!! Arrest their owner, editors, reporter. Try them for treason!!! When their fair trial is over, jail their asses!!!

Its' really so simple, "W". Just do it!

108 posted on 06/26/2006 3:32:53 PM PDT by Don Carlos (Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. (B. Franklin))
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To: Don Carlos

P.S. Find the leakers and hang them!

109 posted on 06/26/2006 3:36:36 PM PDT by Don Carlos (Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. (B. Franklin))
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To: pleikumud
Take it a step further and let companies know that if they advertise in the NYT then we'll boycott their products.

I notice Starbucks sells the NYT accross the nation in their coffee shops. Maybe giving up Starbucks would be a good move. Plus they are so liberal-hypocritical: They rail on about being environmentally conscious, but the sell their stuff in throwaway paper and plastic cups. They could save resources by encouraging bottled-water-drinking liberals to bring reusable cups. And those little coffee stirrers, what's up with them? When you get down to it, every cup of coffee uses a bleached-white paper cup, a white plastic lid made from petroleum, a paper insulating sleeve (which is a nod at conservation by being unbleached and made from recycled paper) and a little plastic or wooden coffee stirrer. If you add sugar, then its 2 to 5 little paper packages of sweetener.

110 posted on 06/26/2006 3:37:55 PM PDT by webheart
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To: pissant

My suggestion which I have posted before is to divert the remainder of New York's Homeland security grants to the capture of the person/persons who leaked this information to the New York Times.
The congressmen/women who were briefed about the money trail operationshould be interrogated first.

111 posted on 06/26/2006 3:40:31 PM PDT by TET1968 (SI MINOR PLUS EST ERGO NIHIL SUNT OMNIA)
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To: pissant

The editorial at this link is must reading re NYT.


[Buried by the Times makes the most persuasive case against the paper, arguing that it failed in its journalistic mission by not explaining that Hitler was killing Jews because they were Jews. Leff counts 1,186 stories about the Jews of Europe in the paper between the war's start in 1939 and its conclusion in 1945. Only 26 of those stories made it to Page One, and only six of them explicitly stated that Jews were the main target of the Nazis.]


[If not giving enough publicity to the Holocaust was "the century's bitterest journalistic failure," then what do you call the long series of outright lies the New York Times published denying Stalin's even more deadly campaigns of mass murder in the Thirties? The Times still takes credit for this pro-Stalin fiction every time it prints the list of Times writers to have won the Pulitzer Prize. Right there at the top of the list is Walter Duranty - 1932. Isn't it time to renounce that Pulitzer and issue an apology to the millions of surviving relatives?]

They gave Duranty a Pulitzer for lies. Duranty was supposedly a Satanist, btw. I kid you not.

112 posted on 06/26/2006 3:42:43 PM PDT by khnyny (Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.- Winston Churchill)
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To: webheart

Yesterday I typed keywords "New York Times Treason" on Google and all I got was references to Bush committing treason.
Then I used Netscape and the entire first page was loaded with New York Times commits treason stories.

113 posted on 06/26/2006 3:46:23 PM PDT by TET1968 (SI MINOR PLUS EST ERGO NIHIL SUNT OMNIA)
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Comment #114 Removed by Moderator

To: elyhim

"I do find it interesting that the President authorized the leak of Plame to contest the validity of Wilson. It was a waste of assets to formulate a weak retaliation of Wilsons repudiation of the administrations use of faulty intelligience."

I believe you have taken great liberties with facts. Therefore, all the rest of your tripe is discounted. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you in the next terror attack on our (at least my) homeland.

115 posted on 06/26/2006 4:04:22 PM PDT by Hayzo
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To: elyhim
Hey, Newbie. All your purported "Facts" are your own hallucinations.

You obviously come from a long line of Democrats who read the New York Times.

Take a hike.

116 posted on 06/26/2006 4:07:47 PM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: elyhim

You are a quisling, and spent too much time on your knees in front of Pinchy...

117 posted on 06/26/2006 4:12:57 PM PDT by pissant
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To: pissant

First word that popped into my mind upon gazing on this pig: PINKO.

118 posted on 06/26/2006 4:16:40 PM PDT by Windsong (Jesus Saves, but Buddha makes incremental backups)
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To: pissant

He needs his you know what thrown in jail!

119 posted on 06/26/2006 4:19:32 PM PDT by ladyinred (The NYTimes, hang 'em high!)
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To: potlatch

Oh, potlatch!
What a wonderful post!
It is as true today, as it was then.

Thank you so much.

120 posted on 06/26/2006 4:27:51 PM PDT by dixiechick2000 (There ought to be one day-- just one-- when there is open season on senators. ~~ Will Rogers)
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