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"PEACE" ACTIVISTS RADICAL AGENDA EXPOSED, AGAIN: Week 55-Olney,MD,1-13-07:Operation Infinite FReep
Jan. 15,2007 | Trooprally

Posted on 01/15/2007 2:33:50 PM PST by trooprally

SUCCESS IS SWEET, one person at a time.

This week we had a surprise visit from a young lady who discovered the true difference between FRee Republic's Support of our Troop and the peace activist's faux support of the troops.

Several months ago, this lady, previously known to us as Peek-A-Boo2 was driving threw Olney and saw the two groups in Olney. Wanting, as we all want, peace in the world, she kind of liked a couple of the signs of the peace group. She wasn't to keen on their other signs. She was curious about our side but didn't see any 'peace' signs.

In talking to the 'peace' activists, she learned about their websites and blogs and also about FRee Republic.

In visiting the 'peace' sites, she learned about their true agenda: PeaceActionMC's (started by a "certain religious group" in the Olney area) association with anti-America organizations such as ANSWER, United for Peace & Justice and Global Exchange, the using of the troops' deaths for political gain, Raging Grannies vandalism at the Silver Spring, MD, Recruitment Center (in which some activists called childish and encouraged more destructive actions), about Code Pink giving money to the insurgents in Iraq, and Code Pink's demonstration, trespassing and their arrest at Rumsfeld's house and CP's giving of 600k plus to the terrorists.

Her first week on the corner several months ago, when she learned of us taking pics, she kept her face covered. This earned the title of Peek-A-Boo2. Looking back now, she thinks it must have been her gut feeling that she was on the wrong corner.

The other indication that she was on the wrong corner was some of the activities of the moonbats. She was asked early on to go to D.C. to help barge into the Senate building and if she would mind getting arrested. The 'peace' activists ask her to get arrested to test her, we ask her out to lunch.

She told us that there are several real anti-American socialists on their corner. Barking Waveman, Peek-A-Boo and one that we'll call "J" are three, but they are not part of a "certain religious group". The "certain religious group" members protesting out here just seem to be misguided about how to help the troops and are sucked into the moonbats mindset, without really knowing how anti-American the other groups do. But they are guilty by association so we'll keep up our FReep and verbally engaging them all. Mr. Bull Horn does a great job of engaging them and pointing out their hypocrisy.

As previously mentioned in other Olney AARs, Doctor Raoul saw Barking Waveman in Philly last month and Kristinn saw him and one of the moonbats in D.C. last week. The moonbat "J" went to Jordan and Syria in December with the other anti-Americans.

In looking at FRee Republic, she learned that we really do support our Troops. She was able to link to various milblogs and learn what good is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. She realized just how biased the MSM really is and how much is NOT reported about the DemoRats misdeeds.

Two weeks ago, she gave the 'peace' activists her own manifesto. We received a copy of it today. It gives detailed examples with web links, of how the 'peace' groups are not really peaceful and don't support the troops. Their activities want to undermine the American way of life and liberty. Her manifesto questions how this "certain religious group" in Olney can support such groups.

NOTE: For you "Troll Busters" out there, the Olney FReepers have vetted this person and feel comfortable that she is NOT a troll. We went to our regular lunch spot after the FReep and had her come along. The group grilled her well. No pics will be posted of her on this AAR. She doesn't want anyone who knows her to think she is a moonbat even though she spent some misguided time over with them.

I am also making a distinction between the "certain religious group" and the moonbats to keep this thread from being pulled. I'll only make the mistake once of berating a religious group by name, even if the are in the moonbat's camp.

The rest of the FReep went well. While extremely overcast, the rain had not materialized. We had 10 FReepers to their ten moonbats. FReepers and Lurkers included: Apple Blossom, BMWcyle, aka Mr. Bull Horn, and daughter, Cindy_True_Supporter (CTS), Fraxinus, Lurker Bill (aka Lurker Bill from MD on Walter Reed AARs) and daughter, [Mrs] Trooprally [Mrs] T, and myself.

Pics are all by [Mrs] T.

BELOW LEFT: Apple Blossom getting a lesson in setting up the red banner. She also helped with the blue banner. BELOW RIGHT: Me helping Apple Blossom put up the red banner.

BELOW LEFT: Fraxinus, BMW's daughter and CTS. BELOW RIGHT: Me with Lurker Bill's daughter holding down L. Bill's corner while he sets up the long blue banner.

BELOW LEFT: Fraxinus, CTS and BMWcyle before he transformed into Mr. Bull Horn. Mr. Bull Horn reminded the moonbats of their idiotic, senseless signs. It was also good to see Mr. Bull Horn off his crutches. BELOW RIGHT: Lurker Bill with others in background.


BELOW LEFT: Ex. FReeper with Peek-A-Boo talking to wondering moonbat from last week. He didn't win any arguments with us last week and stayed on his corner this week. I wonder if he won his argument with Peek A Boo. The guy left early after arriving late if that means anything. BELOW RIGHT: Peek-A-Boo's new sign. She may be right. Maybe we should go directly into Iran and Syria so they have to call back their infiltrators to help defend their Islamofascists states. That way Iraq will be free of foreign insurgents.


Make plans to join us at the Jan. 27 Support the Troop Rally to counter the anti-American, anti-war groups.


I hoped you missed the Eagles blow two opportunities in the 4th quarter to win or tie the game.


Next Saturday, same place, Georgia Avenue, MD Rte. 97 and MD Rte. 108 in Olney
NEW TIME - 10:15 AM to 11:45 AM

As always, the D.C. Chapter's rules for protesting will be in effect. Briefly, they are: No violence, no profanity, no racism, no provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with respect.

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; US: Maryland; US: Virginia
KEYWORDS: mobilizingmothers; opinfinitefreep; peaceactionmc; quakers
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To: trooprally
Ooops - I should have meant next season instead of next "year" - I tend to have something of an aversion to the word season at times, maybe because of that egaletarian "Season's Greetings" nonsense in trying to displace "Merry Christmas". Christmas was just a few weeks ago, so call me crazy, it's still in the back of my mind there - somewhere.
It's all your fault!!
Oh no no no - Bush's fault ya know - house rules and all that.
Rats are now trying to limit talk radio and blogs
I've been expecting that move if they ever were to re-establish political prominence. It's inevitable in my view. The hard left does not want to be out of power ever again, and what ever they have to do to ensure that, they're gonna pull out of their collective hats, or umm, whatever. What's making me uncomfortable is that there is a rather severe polarizaton between people in political beliefs, possibly the likes of which has not been around since the 1840's-1860's. All it would take is a politico or a collection of them, to make all the wrong moves and there could be a tearing, a dividing of people that could prove to be damaging, even fatal on different levels. If I've observed correctly, that's just the thing marxists would like. Damage, lobotomize or even topple the system of government and society that we have here, which in their view would make this nation ripe for the plucking to make the move to openly insert and establish their own system once and for all. Looks good on paper, most marxists would agree, but the resulting reality is always more horrific than people ever expect. There's probably a good while yet before a rise to such a critical mass, but then major events always take an appreciable curve of time to play out. It just depends on what people are willing to tolerate and endure, and for how long before there's a real breaking. I've seen and heard comments, even here on FR, about the prospects of a Civil War Part II, sometimes coming across as breathlessly expectant. Not I. I am of the belief that it would play right into the hands of the marxists. Way too many ambitious people on the loose, even in your neighborhood or mine, who would jump at the chance to seize whatever authority they could, where ever they could, in the midst of any chaos - today's malcontent, tomorrow's Kommissar. I think history is all too replete with such examples.
with the Rats in power, it will be easier to expose them.
I'd really, really, rather that they were not, but I have to deal with the world as I find it, not as I would like it to be, so it's a challenge that must be faced.
There's a lot that I'm seeing that's making me uneasy. It is said that history repeats itself - and I am pretty sure that is an accurate observation. Seems that humanity never learns, going from cycle to cycle that spans decades if not centuries. And I am seeing too many parallels that reference back to the fall of a society of old - Rome. Intractable enemies from without, citizen apathy and political skullduggery from within. And the "bread and circuses" - the "bread" - socialist domestic programs to shallowly placate "the masses" - and the circuses, though not by edict nor as officially established functions of the govenment as in the Rome of old - sustained fixation and exhultation of celebrity culture, which even seems to extend to inanimate objects (witness the Playstation 3 incident), the amplified promotion - across all mediums, whether print, internet, television, radio, cell phone feeds - of entertainment in all it's forms, including of those who are involved in the entertainment (larger than life, mythical figures). The entertainment business functions in a free-market - as well as it should - and it is big business, it rakes in the bucks to prove it, in a game of never ending promotion - LOOK! LOOK HERE! See this movie, buy this CD, buy this DVD, get the book, get the official gear!, send in the proofs of purchase, Tune in at 8est/7central, be the third caller, join the promotional contest, see the webcast, download it!, get the inside story, see this concert, see this star, play the game, get this game, be at this game, meet the pro and get his autograph, and on and on. Simply look and listen around you. It makes me form the question, in our modern age at what point does entertainment cease to actually be entertainment, and is instead diversion? Like an "opiate for the masses" as the marxists would describe. I think it comes down to the individual, and how much he or she permits it to be in their life, what level of immersion will they go for and sustain. Yet, how many people are mesmerized by the onslaught of entertainment, whilst important things that should have at least some modicum of attention and action crumble down around their ears? Troubling question indeed.
Anyway, sorry about the long post. I guess I like you - maybe because I know where your priorities lay, without reservation.

41 posted on 01/17/2007 10:20:43 PM PST by lapsus calami (What's that stink? Code Pink ! ! And their buddy Murtha, too!)
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To: lapsus calami
LC -

I couldn't agree more with your narrative. The positive note is that there are a lot more conservative type outlets around than anytime in the past.

I pray that they help turn the County away from any real Civil War type violence by making fence sitters realize that they can't be fence sitters. Looking back, until our kids finally left the nest, I would considered [Mrs] T and I as fence sitters. No more.

You mentioned neighborhood Kommissars. The mechanism is already set up with Community Homeowners' Associations (HOAs). I've heard about some people becoming a HOA president because no one else wanted to run. Then they had the "power" and it was scary. Luckily, we never have had to live under an HOA.

And if its not HOAs, there are Historic District Committees that are even more scary.

We all just have to be vigilant and start pushing back, here in the U.S., and overseas.

Take Care.

[Mr] T
42 posted on 01/18/2007 6:56:51 AM PST by trooprally (Never Give Up - Never Give In - Remember Our Troops)
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To: trooprally
By any chance, have you posted Peek-A-Boo2's aforementioned manifesto (The one you talked about where she calls out all the phony "peace" organizations)? If so, where can I read it?
43 posted on 01/18/2007 12:35:20 PM PST by Chewie84
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To: Chewie84
No it has not been posted, and not sure if it needs to be. The 'manifesto' was basically what FReepers reading FR already know. She got a lot of her info from looking on FR and various milblogs. That was the reason for the change of corners - too much MSM and not enough FR.

[Mr] T
44 posted on 01/18/2007 12:49:47 PM PST by trooprally (Never Give Up - Never Give In - Remember Our Troops)
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To: trooprally
Yes, sir - and as we say in these parts, "there's a long row to hoe" - a whole lot stacked up against us. The media - in all it's manifestations, the sort of curriculum in our K-12 schools, the institutions of higher learning that are determined to churn out socialist automatons year after year, the decades-old problem of the flood of money being laundered through "non-profits" to support un-American activities - case in point, if you haven't seen it already > Leftists in Search of Permanent Democrat Majority (IMPORTANT Read -- Soros and leftists org)
What prompted that long rumination that I wrote? - I look back at November, and wonder where people's minds were at; I look at the AAR threads, the posts and pictures of you and the others week after week, and wonder, where are the people at. There should be more, always be more. I know life has many, many responsibilities that take up time and treasure, but anyone who considers him or herself a citizen, has a duty to do what they can whenever they can to try and promote and preserve the unique and precious way of life we have here in this corner of the planet. Places like this FR site contribute much, even if it's just folk like me sitting on my butt in front of a keyboard, but information is shared, things can always be found to do.
The communists, socialists, leftists, et al are a patient bunch, piece by piece by piece like the Fabians prefer, is the way our lives are being eroded. Reformation could counter their "revolution", but is there even any way that realistically could be done, and anyone who could do it anymore. And if there is, the opportunity is slipping away with each passing day.
You and the Mrs. take care, too.

45 posted on 01/18/2007 10:33:17 PM PST by lapsus calami (What's that stink? Code Pink ! ! And their buddy Murtha, too!)
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To: trooprally

Peace can be achieved in two different ways, victory or surrender.

46 posted on 01/19/2007 5:08:07 AM PST by HankReardon
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To: HankReardon
I assume you mean victory by us and surrender by the terrorists.

Otherwise peace by the U.S. surrendering is fleeting.

[Mr] T
47 posted on 01/19/2007 6:14:03 AM PST by trooprally (Never Give Up - Never Give In - Remember Our Troops)
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To: trooprally

What an informative report. Thanks for sharing it. It's ironic but up here in Rochester, it's the socialists that spew the most hateful vitriol towards the US and our way of life. They are very angry and hateful people.

I'd like to share a demonstation story with you all. My sister used to be very involved in the Catholic Pro-life movement here in Rochester. Every Saturday morning, they would hold a prayer service and say the Rosary outside of Highland Hospital, where abortions were performed. My sister told me how nasty the counter-demonstators across the street would get towards the Pro-life prayer group. She decided to video-tape the goings on one typical Saturday morning and she played the video for me a few days later... I had no idea how vile people could be until I viewed the anti-life counter-demonstators. They were performing chants that were interspersed with vulgarities, they would make pig sounds, so forth and so on, all directed towards people in prayer! Those people were associated with NOW, Planned Parenthood and other liberal organizations. What an eye-opener. BTW, Highland Hospital has since closed.

48 posted on 01/19/2007 6:33:28 AM PST by rochester_veteran (born and raised in rachacha!)
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