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3/11: EL MUNDO Finishes Off the Official Version
EL MUNDO newspaper ^ | 2 June 2007 | EL MUNDO newspaper (transl. J Aguilar)

Posted on 06/03/2007 9:41:29 AM PDT by J Aguilar

Saturday, June 2nd 2007

“Finished off” the Official Version, the Only Thesis Left is Titadyn

What has happened in the short period of time of this week serves as perfect paradigm of how the Police and the State attorney's office have tried to manipulate the investigation of 3/11 from its very beginning.

Last Monday, one of the newspapers used habitually to poison the public opinion announced triumphally "the finishing off of the theory of the conspiracy ". The title of the first page was redacted based on a report that assured that the technicians of the Civil Guard had found nitro glycerine in the cartridges of Goma-2 ECO, gathered in Conchita mine after the 3/11 attacks. That explained why this component had been detected in the forensic analysis of one of the explosion scenes in the trains: nitro glycerine was already in the explosives stolen from the mine.

The sensational history that was "finishing off" the theory of the conspiracy only lasted a few hours, because the experts of the Civil Guard themselves told in the trial that they had carried out a very imprecise test and that, actually, it had been called nitro glycerine to what it was nitro glycol.

[In some dynamite manufacturing process both glycerine and glycol are nitrated together and their products called simply “NG”].

Therefore, the situation was again the previous one, and the questions kept on being the same: from where did the nitro glycerine found in the rest of the explosion scene of the El Pozo station, the only one not washed in the TEDAX [National Police’s Explosive Disposal Unit] laboratory with water and acetone, and the DNT that has appeared in other scenes, come? Neither the former nor the latter are components of Goma-2 ECO, the explosive that went off in the trains, according to the version of the investigating judge, the Government and the State attorney Olga [“Valeyá”] Sánchez.

Two incompatible theories

The astonished assistants to the trial and a more astonished court could listen how simultaneously the apostles of the official version were defending two absolutely incompatible theories.

Alfonso Vega, chief of the experts of the Scientific Police, with the shameful complicity of the State attorney's office, was grasping to the improbable theory of "the flying molecules", consisting of that the remains kept in a closet and in hermetic bags had been contaminated in the own TEDAX magazine.

Other lawyers of the private accusations closer to the government, were supporting just the contrary, the theory of the mixing of the explosives Goma-2 EC and Goma-2 ECO in Conchita mine to explain the presence of this nitro glycerine.

Nevertheless, very soon the hypothesis of Alfonso Vega and the Scientific Police were literally crushed by the expert of the TEDAX who kept in custody the samples, when she told to the court that these remains had been introduced in impermeable bags, which were kept in envelopes. The envelopes were put in a box and this box inside a closet. How could the particles perforate all these barriers to infiltrate into the remains? Simply it is not possible. What was proved is that the theory of the expert Alfonso Vega was an untenable canard from a scientific point of view.

The other option was more credible and much more difficult to refute as hypothesis: the mixing of the explosives in the Asturian mine or the use in the 3/11 attacks of a combination of Goma-2 EC and Goma-2 ECO.

In fact, the lawyers of the victims' association of Pilar Manjón [minoritary, closer to the Socialist party] celebrated as if they were fans whose team have just score a goal the moment in which - from a data sheet of the manufacturer of the year 1999 that included among its components the expression "nitro glycerine/nitro glycol" - all the experts admitted that the Goma-2 EC could contain one or the other substance.

Decisive matter: the Goma-2 EC of Conchita mine belonged to the one which among its components was nitro glycerine.

The euphoria fades away

Little lasted their happiness. The note sent on a request of Vega himself last May 29 from Maxam, manufacturer of the explosives, discards completely this hypothesis, pointing out precisely that the Goma-2 EC did not contain nitro glycerine since March, 1992; that is, more than 15 years ago.

Since the explosives were stolen from Conchita mine a few weeks before 3/11, as the judicial summary says, it is impossible that the thieves would have found there cartridges with nitro glycerine, for the simple reason that the Goma-2 EC did not contain this substance since 1992 and Goma-2 ECO never did.

The note of Maxam truly "finishes off" definitively the official version of what exploded in the trains was a Goma-2 ECO or a mixing of this explosive with Goma-2 EC.

Discarded empirically the contamination in the manufacturing facility of Páramo de Masa, discarded for ludicrous the theory of the contamination in the laboratory of the TEDAX and discarded the possibility of a mixing, we have the only option left: that what exploded in the trains was Titadyn, a dynamite that contains nitro glycerine and DNT, two substances that have appeared in the analyses of the remains of the explosives.

Please or not, trouble the one who troubles, everything indicates that what exploded in the trains of 3/11 - certainly at El Pozo station - was, as supported by the four independent experts, Titadyn. That is to say, the habitual explosive of ETA.


Well, according to physical evidence found in the trains, the perpetrator of the 3/11 massacre is ETA. Circumstantial evidence, the lack of suicide terrorist in the trains, the fact that it was an attack precisely calculated with political objectives, the rumours that invaded the Spanish political scene weeks before, etc. also pointed out from the very beginnig that 3/11 was not an Islamic attack, despite what the MSM said.

That is simply the truth.

But the truth does not end here.

It is evident that the 3/11 attack an the subsequent coup d'etat could not have been carried out without a treason at the highest level. Fernando Múgica, EL MUNDO's newspaper leading investigator in 3/11, calls today the attack "an intelligence operation": ETA might have planted the bombs, but that was just the bloody part of the plan.

Indeed, the international MSM does not contribute to dissipate these doubts. Their reluctance to publish anything about the independent investigations on the case is significant; as it is that the only one to do so was a TV newschannel from Holland. Silence often tells more than words. Their silence tells us a tale of terror.


Read the communiqué from Maxan (in Spanish) here.

Read the full editorial (in Spanish) here.

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1 posted on 06/03/2007 9:41:30 AM PDT by J Aguilar
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To: JerseyHighlander; Incorrigible; Tolik; GladesGuru; marron; .cnI redruM; livius; billorites; Wiz; ...

This is the end of the beginning. This is Justice.

2 posted on 06/03/2007 9:43:14 AM PDT by J Aguilar (Veritas vos liberabit)
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To: J Aguilar

Just clarify that the text in the post that lies between the dotted lines does not belong to EL MUNDO newspaper but it was written by me.

3 posted on 06/03/2007 11:03:45 AM PDT by J Aguilar (Veritas vos liberabit)
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To: J Aguilar

The house of cards is starting to tumble.

4 posted on 06/03/2007 8:48:19 PM PDT by marron
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To: marron
Maybe, marron. Today EL MUNDO informs that State attorney Olga "Valeya'" is francticly searching for evidence against the alleged mastermind of the attack, Rabei Osman, the Egyptian, as if she were Igor looking for a mind that fits in doctor Frankenstein’s monster.

The main evidence against the Egyptian was crushed last week when Judicial experts agreed that the tapes incriminating him were incorrectly translated by the Italian police. He never said "the thread of the Madrid Operation was mine" nor "Al Qaeda". He simply boasted about knowing some of the alleged perpetrators of the attack. A low knowledge of classic Arab was blamed for the mistake.

The trial ending and we still don't have a mastermind of the attack, not even a fake one, a scapegoat. It would be risible if it weren't so pathetic.

It is true that, in general terms, the trial is going better than expected, taking into account the powerful enemies we have. The problem now is a marketing one: the truth has to reach the people, and leftist superiority in mass media is crushing (five and a half out of six national TV channels). Sadly, free Spaniards come as refugees to Internet.
5 posted on 06/04/2007 8:04:05 AM PDT by J Aguilar (Veritas vos liberabit)
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