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Superferry sets off the battle of Kauai
Los Angeles Times ^ | October 9, 2007 | Tomas Alex Tizon

Posted on 10/10/2007 11:17:54 AM PDT by Lorianne

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To: CodeToad

Know the difference between a conservationist and a land developer? The conservationist built his cabin in the woods last year!

51 posted on 10/10/2007 1:10:06 PM PDT by whipitgood (Let's burn some MEXICAN flags!)
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To: Lorianne

No doubt she is in the very low percentage of Hawaiians that still think Hawaii should never have become a state

52 posted on 10/10/2007 1:11:28 PM PDT by Shots
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To: Lorianne
"The population is saying, 'Enough already,' " says Dennis Chun, 57, who with his surfboard had helped lead the human flotilla.

What makes you so special that you can live and surf there, but other Americans can't visit?

53 posted on 10/10/2007 1:18:10 PM PDT by SunStar (Democrats piss me off!)
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I fully understand this woman’s feelings. I live in Monana and what was once a small quiet conservative state with hot cowboys and construction workers is now a haven for the rich from the East & California-which wouldhave sort of ok EXCEPT they have also brought their liberal values-wispy pony tails and cute little fanny packs-60’s Volvos and kooky ideas with them. We have yards with stupid signs “Get us out of Iraq vote yes on referendum # whatever! This kind of crap never use to happen here. So I am with this Hawaiian woman 100%!

54 posted on 10/10/2007 1:20:47 PM PDT by LYSandra
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To: XeniaSt; Abathar

Note the upside down state flag in the background.

Huff is almost definitely part European descent. European features are apparent in the face, and if that wasn't enough, there's the surname, Huff. (ooh, that rhymes....).

55 posted on 10/10/2007 1:23:25 PM PDT by Jedi Master Pikachu ( What is your take on Acts 15:20 (abstaining from blood) about eating meat? Could you freepmail?)
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To: Lorianne

Disney just announced that they are building a DVC resort in Hawaii. I think we’ll just have to take a vacation out there and jet-ski over to her beach and camp out.

56 posted on 10/10/2007 1:30:14 PM PDT by Conan the Librarian (The Best in Life is to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and the Dewey Decimal System)
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To: whipitgood


57 posted on 10/10/2007 1:31:30 PM PDT by CodeToad
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To: LYSandra
So I am with this Hawaiian woman 100%!

Judging from her upside-down hawaiian flag, she's the one who would have the husband with the wispy ponytail and get out of Iraq sign on her lawn.

Don't know why you would be with her. She's an extreme socialist...the kind you seem to despise.

58 posted on 10/10/2007 1:33:22 PM PDT by what's up
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I am in full sympathy with the lady!

Aren't environmentalists generally in favor of replacing airline trips with boat trips?

I'll agree to stay off her island if she pledges to never step off Kauai herself.

59 posted on 10/10/2007 1:35:53 PM PDT by BlazingArizona
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To: Kenny Bunk
"I have to tell you, my favorite island is actually Miolokai, and every "native" I have met there is as dumb as box of rocks with a surly attitude on top of the no-smarts"

Surly is right, lol. Every haole gets the full TSA treatment at the airport too.

Nonetheless one of the top five memorable events in my life was Luau Night at the Hotel Molokai. Ever make it to one? Those 40+ yo wahines dance a warm hula and the laulau is the kaukau at the luau.

60 posted on 10/10/2007 1:40:18 PM PDT by I see my hands (_8(|)
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YOUR beaches? YOUR taxmoney too, then, that WE would be sending if you did not generate your own revenue? It is NOT 1492, so sorry. And Hawaii is NOT paradise. But don’t worry, I won’t be coming to Hawaii anytime soon. Beautiful it is, but the attitude sucks eggs.

61 posted on 10/10/2007 1:40:40 PM PDT by bboop (Stealth Tutor)
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To: caisson71

Nice summaton of the situation, balanced and concise,

62 posted on 10/10/2007 1:46:15 PM PDT by SandwicheGuy (*The butter acts as a lubricant and speeds up the CPU*)
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To: SandwicheGuy

Thanks. I guess the Superferry ball is now in the legislative black hole. Our legislature has refused to address many issues, ie. land use reform, ceded lands - though that is still with the State Supreme Court because the legislature refuses to peoperly legislate - and I doubt they’ll tackle this one before the superferry leaves.
However, maybe the threat of lawsuit by the feds, for their guarantee of the loan to Superfery - will force them to bite this bitter pill?

63 posted on 10/10/2007 2:03:59 PM PDT by caisson71
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“Our beaches”? Someone can’t go to “your” beach?
***They’re NIMBY ladder pullers. Once they get to where they wanted to be, they pull the ladder up so no one else can get there.

64 posted on 10/10/2007 2:04:38 PM PDT by Kevmo (We should withdraw from Iraq via Tehran. And Duncan Hunter is just the man to get that job done.)
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To: wideminded
I stayed at a hotel in Hana, Maui that seemed to act as if a beautiful local beach was their property. While we were on the beach they had someone coming around to check that we were registered at the hotel. Apparently the hotel does own all the land surrounding the beach.

That's usually what happens. A hotel or private owner cannot legally buy the beach, but they can buy all of the land used to access it, effectively cutting it off from public access. Unless you can point to a boat, parachute, or some other means of access other than land to explain your presence, they'll nail you for trespassing. Even if they can't get the police to arrest you while you're actually on the beach, they'll watch you like a hawk and detain you when crossing their property to leave.

Also, most hotels place loungers and other items on the beaches for their customers to use. No matter HOW you got onto the beach, you cannot use those items if you're not a guest. If they see you lounging on one of their chairs, they may ask to see proof that you're registered with the hotel. If you're not registered, they can have you arrested for theft of services (usually they'll just ask you to leave, and reserve arrest for the belligerent).

California has a law declaring the beaches public property, and requires landowners surrounding those beaches to provide some sort of public access to those beaches. Most landowners comply willingly, but the few that fight it usually have a public easement taken against their property to permit it anyway. The logic is that you can't use your private property rights to block public access to public property. Hawaii apparently doesn't have a law like this.
65 posted on 10/10/2007 2:11:34 PM PDT by Arthalion
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To: LYSandra
Not all CA natives who buy in MT are Libtards.

Some are FReepers who escaped CA for good reasons.


66 posted on 10/10/2007 2:27:59 PM PDT by SIDENET (Stop Kim Jong-Hill in 2008)
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To: Arthalion; I see my hands

I imagine that there must be some legal definition of what land constitutes the beach, perhaps a distance above the high tide point. In this case, besides the loungers, the hotel also had some permanent structures on the upper reaches of the beach.

67 posted on 10/10/2007 2:54:03 PM PDT by wideminded
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To: wideminded

I don’t know about Hawaii, but here in California the legal definition is any land seaward of the mean high-tide line. Development regulations typically also prohibit any kind of development seaward of naturally occurring dunes. Dunes usually indicate the mean high-water level in typical storms, so development seaward of dunes, even on private property, is typically prohibited to prevent structures from being destroyed (it’s no different than a municipality prohibiting construction on an unstable hillside). Since construction includes fencing, these laws have the practical effect of providing open beach up to the first dune. Technically people walking above the mean high tide line are trespassing on private property, but with no legal way to post or fence the land, it’s unenforceable. The most a property owner can do is ask the people to leave, and call the police to have them ejected if they refuse.

68 posted on 10/10/2007 3:56:03 PM PDT by Arthalion
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To: Arthalion

But, you can spread your towel on the sand beside the chairs and sit on the beach and there is nothing they can do. I’ve done it.

69 posted on 10/10/2007 4:25:35 PM PDT by Lorianne
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“The population is saying, ‘Enough already,’ “ says Dennis Chun

So while he might be Hawaiian, we know he’s at least part Chinese. So at one time he or his forebears were immigrants. INTRUDERS.
Now he wants no one else to come. I say sowwweeeee for ya.

70 posted on 10/10/2007 5:48:26 PM PDT by Shimmer (Celebrate Southerness Y'all)
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To: Shimmer

Well, Hell, I am about 1/2 Tsalagi. Am I an “intruder”?
There is more to life than fooking financial profit.

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I was being facetious. I’m 100% American and I’m not an intruder. I’m native American. I was born here.


72 posted on 10/10/2007 6:16:07 PM PDT by Shimmer (Celebrate Southerness Y'all)
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To: Lorianne

How is this any different than all of the Southerners here constantly whining and moaning about all them “Damn Yankees” moving in and messing the place up?

She just had the nerve to do something about it instead of grouse on the internet. :p

73 posted on 10/10/2007 6:32:02 PM PDT by Constantine XIII
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To: Eagle Eye


74 posted on 10/10/2007 6:33:25 PM PDT by Constantine XIII
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To: Shimmer

“Facetious”is for democrats, I don’t have time for that crap, or any other sort of two faced bullshit! Hell, goodness gracious, we got all these folks around, spreading BS, and I hate liars. I am tired of all their pitiful attempts. There is not one damned one of them, smart enough to blow smoke up my butt, sorry, Rudy!

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Tsiya!!!!! Lay your arms down!

76 posted on 10/10/2007 6:52:12 PM PDT by Shimmer (Celebrate Southerness Y'all)
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To: Shimmer

“Tsiya!!!!! Lay your arms down”!
Sheeit, that ain’t ever going to ever happen, again! If you want them, just haul your ass up, and ask for them.
Once you do that, I can tell you shove your urban dreams, up your urban hiney!
RKBA is not up for grabs!

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To: Shots

It is common in tourist areas for there to be an undercurrent of ‘the tourists ruin things.’ Some of them can be very boorish. However, the locals do not OWN things, and without the tourist industry, there would be no money coming in — ie, no jobs, no tax base to pay for police, etc. Utopianism is NOT a viable economic approach to reality.

78 posted on 10/11/2007 6:22:02 AM PDT by bboop (Stealth Tutor)
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Good points,

And if you cared you would take those points to a regional development authority to force shoreline setbacks on new developments, ‘setbacks’ meaning a certain minimum distance from shore.

There’s no excuse these days for architects and community activists not to work together to maintain or enhance the natural beauty of a place while allowing for development.

And just so you know, conservatives have always been better stewards of the land than liberal groups such as the Sierra Club. This group doesn’t like people period. Whereas conservatives seek to blend people into the natural environment and to set aside parks and recreation areas that preserve the natural beauty of a place.

Sounds like you’re in Florida. As a kid my family used to crab and fish in the Keys. We stayed with relatives every Summer there and we drove a car on a two lane highway down from the DC Metro area. Old folks would wave to us as they sat on their porches and rocked on their chairs. Not too many cars on the road at that time.

Nostalgia can be addictive.

79 posted on 10/11/2007 6:34:43 AM PDT by Hostage (Fred Thompson will be President.)
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i MEANT lay your arms down because you were facing a friend, not an enemy. That’s all. I’m death on gun control too, dear.

80 posted on 10/11/2007 5:11:36 PM PDT by Shimmer (Celebrate Southerness Y'all)
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To: bboop

Maybe this is why they want to keep “outsiders” out???
12 Arrested In Kauai Drug Bust

Authorities Say Drug Ring Operated From Philippines, California

~snip The head of Honolulu’s DEA said the ring was operating for several years, bringing in at least 30 pounds of ice a month.
Authorities also seized cash and drug paraphernalia.

“They” are too busy accepting other “kine” shipments!!

81 posted on 10/12/2007 11:04:39 AM PDT by BigIsleGal (Love to Those on Rainbow Bridge and Luck to Us Who Aren't)
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