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What's a "GIANT OIL FIELD?" (ask your Congressional Representative, AND your US Senator)

Posted on 07/17/2008 5:15:06 PM PDT by Henry Hillhouse

What’s a “Giant Oil Field?” Given the current price of gasoline (and other forms of ‘energy’), a few definitions are in order:

Giant Oil Field - Definition ‘A’ (from Wikipedia) [ ]: “The world's 932 giant oil and gas fields are considered those with 500 million barrels of ultimately recoverable oil or gas equivalent.”

Giant Oil Field - Definition ‘B’ (based on personal experience with American environmentalists): “But, dude, a half billion barrels is such a drop in the bucket!” “OK – so why should I recycle aluminum cans, or install compact fluorescent lights? Those would just be a few drops in the bucket, too – only smaller, by a factor of a million or better!” “Man, that is so different!” “In what way? A half billion barrels of oil could contribute a h@ll of a lot more to human society than any number of aluminum cans I could recycle, or any number of fluorescent bulbs I could install.” “Dude, you are, like, so hostile! Man, I hope the FBI locks you up!”

Giant Oil Field - Definition ‘C’ (based on professional experience): ‘An oil field, located on public lands, owned by the people of the States, territories, and the District of Columbia, discovered decades ago, that is placed off limits for oil & gas exploration & production, by the D@mocrat party (at the federal, State, & local level), because such action benefits their party, and not the country..’

With regard to all of these ‘definitions,’ I suggest you attend:


1) DETERMINE THE AREAL EXTENT OF THE FIELD - Check the federal government’s own map at:
Pick the biggest ‘blob’ you see (that would probably be “B Field,” field #3). I would also suggest that you add on “Unnamed 0435 Field,” field #5: it’s not really a separate field, it’s just a separate reservoir in the same field, apparently separated from the rest of “B Field” only by a fault plane – if you doubt me, please check the rest of the map for any ‘fields’ separated only by a fault plane. This federal agency does that nowhere except “B Field” – where they may be attempting to reduce the reported reserves on a ‘per field’ basis.

Or, of course, it could just be a paperwork error on the part of the feds...


OK, let’s ‘guess-timate:’ the ‘blob’ shown on the federal map is about 23 miles long (GOD! What a monster!) by about 3 miles wide, on average. Let’s knock it down by 50%, because we’re conservative:

23 x 1.5 = ~34.5 square miles
Because there are 640 acres per square mile, that equals ~22,080 acres.

2) DETERMINE THE THICKNESS OF THE PRODUCTIVE INTERVAL - There’s a lot of info here (also courtesey of the federal government):
The Monterey Formation (Why Monterey? Other fields in the vicinity reportedly have resources &/or reserves in the Monterey, so let’s assume that ‘close-ology is better than geology’) thicknesses in the POCS run from several hundred feet to several thousand feet. Let’s go with 1000 feet as a nice round number. Now, because we’re conservative (& because the Monterey reportedly has ‘sweet spots’ when it comes to production), let’s knock that down by half, to 500 feet of productive thickness. So far, so good.

3) DETERMINE BARRELS OF OIL RECOVERED PER ACRE FOOT OF RESERVOIR - I did a search on Yahoo (Google is owned & run by a bunch of lefties, so I never, ever use them), and the lowest productivity number I turned up for the Monterey was 50 barrels per acre foot, so let’s use that (once again, we’re conservative).

4) LET’S DO SOME MATH - 22,080 acres (area) X 500 feet (thickness) x 50 barrels of oil per acre foot (productivity) =


Let’s go back to definition ‘A,’ courtesy of Wikipedia: A “GIANT OIL FIELD” IS ONE WITH 500 MILLION BARRELS OF RECOVERABLE OIL.


Bottom line: we have had at least one “giant oil field,” sitting undeveloped, off the coast of California, for decades, courtesy of the D@mocrat party.

In light of the above, I suggest that you ask your Congress person a few simple questions:

A) “How many ‘giant oil fields’ have been discovered in this country in the last 30 years?” The answer will be, ‘not very many.’

B) “Why are we NOT producing ‘giant oil fields’ that were discovered on public lands, decades ago?” Your Congress person has access to MMS reserves estimates, including those for “B Field” and “Unnamed 0435 Field,” which are in fact a single field. Why are we not producing oil from this “giant oil field," that was discovered decades ago, even though we're being forced to pay over $4 per gallon for gasoline (thanks to our own environmental wacko politicians)?

C) “If we wouldn't allow the politicians in Wyoming to close Yellowstone National Park, why are YOU allowing the poiticians in California to prevent production from previously discovered giant oil fields off the California coast line?”

That’s the bottom line: you own that “giant oil field” (and others like it) – it’s on public lands, property of the people of these 50 States (plus our territories & DC). Why won’t the D@mocrats allow the oil that YOU own, that was discovered on federal lands decades ago, to be produced?

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PLEASE ask them…
1 posted on 07/17/2008 5:15:08 PM PDT by Henry Hillhouse
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To: Henry Hillhouse


2 posted on 07/17/2008 5:24:29 PM PDT by Reaganesque
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To: Henry Hillhouse
The Great Depression gave the rats 20 straight years in the White House, control of the Supreme Court, and congressional dominance for many years.

Ever since Ronald Reagan handed them their asses, they've been doing all they can to wreck the economy so they can get their power back.

What's bad for you and me is good for the democrats.

3 posted on 07/17/2008 5:49:23 PM PDT by HIDEK6
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To: Henry Hillhouse

What’s a “Giant Car Wash”? Ask Sheryl “One Sheet of TP” Crow.

4 posted on 07/17/2008 6:10:09 PM PDT by LongTimeMILurker
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To: Reaganesque

If so, then let’s hope (for his sake) that he has a retainer with Red Adair.

5 posted on 07/17/2008 6:37:40 PM PDT by Henry Hillhouse (Drill here, drill now.)
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"What's bad for you and me is good for the democrats."

That appears to be their approach to things.

6 posted on 07/17/2008 6:38:33 PM PDT by Henry Hillhouse (Drill here, drill now.)
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To: Henry Hillhouse

>> Excellent << bump

7 posted on 07/17/2008 7:13:09 PM PDT by an amused spectator (corruptissima republica, plurimae leges)
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To: Henry Hillhouse
4) LET’S DO SOME MATH - 22,080 acres (area) X 500 feet (thickness) x 50 barrels of oil per acre foot (productivity) =

More oil off-limits courtesy of the Democrats bump...

8 posted on 07/27/2008 7:50:54 PM PDT by Who is John Galt? ("Sometimes I have to break the law in order to meet my management objectives." - Bill Calkins, BLM)
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