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Notre Dame: Promoting the Glamour of Evil - ALAN KEYES
America's Independent Party ^ | Friday, March 20, 2009 | Alan Keyes

Posted on 03/21/2009 8:39:12 AM PDT by EternalVigilance

Loyal to Liberty

"Do you reject the glamour of evil, and refuse to be mastered by sin? (From the Roman Catholic Rite of Baptism)

Apparently the Catholic folks at Notre Dame University have no more respect for the Baptismal vows they renew every Easter than their invited Commencement Speaker this year has for the Presidential Oath of Office. At this moment in time, Barack Obama is the living incarnation of the glamour of evil. His smiley tones and non-threatening manner mask a studied commitment to the promotion of the most deadly form of evil in the world today- the cult of abortion centered on the ritual of child sacrifice. Obama has moved with impetuous determination to prove his claim to the mantle of High Priest of the Worldwide Abortion cult. With Executive orders he has shifted the resources of the U.S. government behind the global implementation of abortion. He has declared open season on embryonic human life. He has appointed enthusiastic political and judicial acolytes of this cult of death to high positions in the Executive and Judicial branches.

Even before these actions there was no rational basis for pretending to doubt his absolute commitment to the evil of abortion for its own sake. There can be no other explanation for his opposition, while an Illinois state Senator, to the bipartisan effort in the legislature to end the heinous practice of infanticide against innocent babies- delivered in the course of an abortion attempt; wrapped in soiled linens; and left on a cart to languish without medical care or any human comfort until they died. His only real explanation for refusing to support an end to this abominable practice was the cold-blooded logic that any interference with the mother's intention to kill the child would damage so-called abortion rights.

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is objective evil of the most deadly spiritual kind. Obama embraces this evil for its own sake, without even the specious calculus of cost and benefit to cloak the true nature of his devotion. Except the Notre Dame University community consciously wishes to promote similar devotion in its students, there can be no valid explanation for their willingness to extend a platform to such a man. They cannot plead respect for his supposed High Office, unless they mean to suggest that it is consistent with Catholic teaching or the Lord's example to put such worldly reverence above the reverence for God, and the sacred laws commanding respect for innocent human life. Human honor cannot redeem that which God abhors. It cannot clear away the stain and curse that mars it. Vox Populi, Vox Dei is no maxim for the Body of Christ.

Nor can apologists at Notre Dame point to any positions he takes, or worldly programs he promises that can offset the sacrifice of spiritual integrity his unapologetic support for the cult of child sacrifice entails. It may be that he has gained the whole world's momentary adulation and tinsel honor. But as Christ spoke true, his soul is forfeit in the bargain, and the gain is as nothing compared to the cost.

Neither can they plead respect for the historic breakthrough his election supposedly represents. How can one who withdraws the protection of God's ordained equality of rights from innocent, helpless children claim to represent the triumph of justice over the very evils, born of greed and passion, unleashed by disregard for that equality? The vicious heart of selfish passion that perverted the souls of slave masters or self-worshiping lynch mobs, is the same heart offered in service to the Father of lies and evil in the abortion cult.

In the literal sense therefore, Barack Obama is the incarnation of what the Catholic Church identifies as the epitome of evil in the world today. What Notre Dame has done puts the stamp of Catholicity upon him, as if there is no absolute contradiction between what he advocates and represents and what can honorably be presented from platforms that benefit from the auspices of the Church. A Commencement speech represents a word spoken at the beginning of a new stage of life. In the literal sense it represents a principle for thought and action. Are we seriously to believe that some morally truthful argument can be made that justifies presenting Barack Obama in a Catholic context, as one who speaks for decent moral principle? It is sophomoric to suggest that any good thing he promises, promotes or even implements can compensate for his declared war upon the very principle of goodness, which is nowhere more clearly at stake than in the law of love that shrouds, protects and sanctifies our reverence for innocent human life. What Catholic theology makes good the rationalization that good works somehow supply the deficiency of a spirit and will that in the innocent person of the child, defile and abuse the very image of God Himself?

Given the evil he represents, Notre Dame's invitation to Obama is a slavish capitulation to the glamour of evil. Across America there are people of many different hues and denominations who devote themselves to the protection of innocent life, respect for the God-ordained family, and promotion of social justice in ways that conform with the principle of subsidiarity that respects human responsibility before God for the exercise of freedom His will for us makes possible. The world does not elevate them to platforms of power. Indeed it threatens them with punishment; ridicules and reviles their single-hearted devotion to Christ's example; relegates them to what it believes are the dingy fringes of respectability and esteem. Yet where is Christ to be found more than in those willing to bear with him the cross of human anguish on the long climb toward Calvary and the sacrifice that redeems mankind from the burden of sin? Rather than give an honorable platform to an evil man the world admires, a Catholic institution would do better to offer students a voice that speaks from the depths of this redemptive anguish, with a heart that sees past the glamour and power of evil, to the truth that will someday repel and triumph over it.

In an era when the Catholic Church in America still reels from the damaging effect of leaders who seem to connive at what gives scandal to the faithful, this scandalous gesture of admiration and respect toward the man who best represents the temporary triumph of evil over America's public life is a renewed scandal. As the first reeked of worldly fear and selfish licentiousness, this reeks of death and the prideful embrace of the doctrine that rejects the sovereignty of God in order to make man the master of life and death, right and wrong, hope and salvation. Catholics who abhor such scandal need to speak out. With one voice we should say to Notre Dame what Joshua said to the people of Israel: "If it does not please you to serve the Lord, decide today whom you will serve…" (Josue 24:15)

As a Catholic I earnestly pray to God, and ask of our Church leaders, that they make clear that this invitation cannot stand. If it stands, the scandalous lesson of subservience to human pride and power will lengthen the shadow of spiritual corruption that still haunts the Church. But if it is rebuked and withdrawn, every Catholic and Christian heart submissive to the sovereignty of God, as they bear witness to the affirmation of its truth, will be emboldened to speak and act with courage, even in the teeth of the whole world's scornful power.

This may also be an opportunity to begin the work that may someday turn Obama's heart from evil. Rather than confirm him in his present heedless service to objective evil, confront Him with the truth that there are Christian hearts that honor God above any man or human office. The seed planted by that confrontation will remind him of the true spirit of liberty. And it might someday grow up to impel him to repent of evil, who knows? With God, all things are possible.

For more current writing from Alan Keyes, please visit!

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Editorial
KEYWORDS: bhocommencements; catholicschools; evil; highereducation; keyes; notredame; obama
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1 posted on 03/21/2009 8:39:12 AM PDT by EternalVigilance
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To: EternalVigilance

First it was vagina Monologues them the wacky professor slamming the POPE Now this Inviting the Leader of the Culture of Death!!

2 posted on 03/21/2009 8:45:49 AM PDT by philly-d-kidder (The First Day of Spring had snow flurries... Damned global Warming!!)
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To: EternalVigilance

I can’t believe that Notre Dame is having President Obama as their speaker...What on Earth??? I know a friend of mine who is graduating there this year...I will ask him what he He predicted that John McCain would get the nomination way before others were thinking that...yes we are still

3 posted on 03/21/2009 8:56:13 AM PDT by napscoordinator
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To: EternalVigilance
Man your battle stations: Here's were you can go to fightt his thing. OBAMA WILL NOT SPEAK AT NOTRE DAME if we do our jobs.

To protest (and surely, to prevent) this travesty, go HERE, and HERE.

We're already on the march. Our excellent ally, the Cardinal Newman Society, has already launched a well-organized campaign to stop this rubbish from ever happening. HERE ARE YOUR MARCHING ORDERS. Get on task, my friends.

4 posted on 03/21/2009 8:56:43 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("By all that you hold dear on this good earth I bid you stand, Men of the West!" - Aragorn the King)
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To: napscoordinator; philly-d-kidder

See the above.

5 posted on 03/21/2009 8:57:38 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("By all that you hold dear on this good earth I bid you stand, Men of the West!" - Aragorn the King)
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To: EternalVigilance; Mrs. Don-o

Very good - if a bit long. imo, about half the length would have greater impact in this click fast and move on world :). Or maybe that’s just me.

A defining moment looms before the AmChurch and the Bishops.

6 posted on 03/21/2009 9:02:20 AM PDT by don-o (My son, Ben - Marine Private First Class - 1/16/09 - Parris Island, SC)
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To: Mrs. Don-o

I’m getting your links around everywhere I can. Thanks.

7 posted on 03/21/2009 9:02:46 AM PDT by EternalVigilance (TATBO = "Throw All The Bums Out". -
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To: Mrs. Don-o

I see you are on task w/o pinging from me! Carry on!

8 posted on 03/21/2009 9:03:47 AM PDT by don-o (My son, Ben - Marine Private First Class - 1/16/09 - Parris Island, SC)
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To: don-o

Yes it does.

9 posted on 03/21/2009 9:04:27 AM PDT by EternalVigilance (TATBO = "Throw All The Bums Out". -
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To: Mrs. Don-o

Someone has to get to the alum donor’s. Get the list. Get them where it hurts. They are Catholic. Against Abortion. This will hurt them if they hear from the money crowd.

10 posted on 03/21/2009 9:07:57 AM PDT by 70th Division (I love my country but fear my government!)
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To: Mrs. Don-o


11 posted on 03/21/2009 9:21:43 AM PDT by Tax-chick ("I always expect the worst from the RATS and they always deliver." ~ rrrod)
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To: philly-d-kidder
The rot at Notre Dame has been progressing for years. It will be interesting to see what the Catholic bishops will do--I'd keep my eye on Bishop D'Arcy, who is a relatively good bishop. Also, this could turn into a real show-down between the admin and the bishops. The bishops have spoken more concertedly than ever in recent months about the evils of abortion. I'll be curious to know what pressure they'll put on ND.

I must say, I'm not optimistic. Zero will probably speak there. There are many, many Pelosi-style Catholics out there, and they have a lot of power at ND. We need supernatural intervention. Our Lady, pray for us!!

12 posted on 03/21/2009 9:29:47 AM PDT by ishmac ("There are no permanent defeats in politics because there are no permanent victories." Lady Thatcher)
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To: EternalVigilance

Alan Keyes is absolutely right. I have already written to Bishop D’Arcy. I don’t know to what extent the bishop can control a university run by a religious order in his diocese, but I believe that a bishop can refuse to let a religious order operate in his diocese. At least, that’s the rationale used by our bishop for refusing conservative religious orders in his diocese.

Notre Dame always invites whoever is President at that time to give the address. However, never has there been a president who is so anti-life. This should not be happening.

13 posted on 03/21/2009 9:30:18 AM PDT by livius
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To: EternalVigilance

Keyes is absolutely right on this. As a Catholic, I can’t disagree with a word he says.

14 posted on 03/21/2009 9:53:53 AM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: napscoordinator

15 posted on 03/21/2009 9:59:03 AM PDT by Colonial Warrior (Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.)
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To: 70th Division; Tax-chick; EternalVigilance; Kolokotronis
Here's a letter I just e-mailed to the President of Notre Dame and the other Big Bugs: --- oh, and Brother K, can you call out the Armies of the Orthodox?


Brothers in Christ:

You are not among those who are unlettered, oblivious and unaware.

You know that Barack Obama voted three times --- once on the floor of the Illinois legislature, and twice in committee ----to deny medical assistance and even compassionate palliative care to living, struggling infants unfortunate enough to be born subsequent to an attempted abortion.

You know that Obama's HHS has just rescinded federal regulatory protection of conscience rights for individual and institutional healthcare providers.

You know that Barack Obama is by far the most radical advocate of abortion AND infanticide ever elected to political office in the USA --- both actions condemned by the Second Vatican Council as "abominable crimes."

And this infamous man has now been invited to receive an Honorary Degree in Law from Notre Dame University?

Holy Mother of God!

In a statement adopted in 2004, the USCCB declared, "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles."

"They should not be given rewards, honors, or platforms."

You would be utter fools to honor Barack Obama merely because he is is President of the United States, he is "historic," he is stylish and powerful, he is one of the great ones of the earth.

You are offending One far greater than he.



P.S. If you well and truly lack the testicular fortitude to do the right thing --- which would be to make a public statement rescinding Barack Obama's invitation due to the fact that he is morally unfit to be given a platform or to receive honors from any Catholic institution --- then you can at least work behind the scenes to "remind" Obama that he "unfortunately has a scheduling conflict" which will "unfortunately" make it impossible for him to attend.

And don't accept Vice President Biden as a substitute, a --- compared to Obama ---trifling, merely "moderately" murder-authorizing Catholic who has already justly been denied platforms, honors, and reception of Holy Communion by the Bishop of Scranton.

16 posted on 03/21/2009 10:12:15 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("By all that you hold dear on this good earth I bid you stand, Men of the West!" - Aragorn the King)
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To: livius

The priests there are subject to his discipline, IIRC, as far as their rights and responsibilities; I think they can only offer Mass with his approval.

17 posted on 03/21/2009 10:13:58 AM PDT by steve8714 (Drill for oil, drill for gas, drill to heat water in the Earth.)
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To: Mrs. Don-o


18 posted on 03/21/2009 10:20:57 AM PDT by EternalVigilance (TATBO = "Throw All The Bums Out". -
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To: EternalVigilance

Get Obama canceled. Contacts from another thread!

Get to it, FReepers!

19 posted on 03/21/2009 10:31:31 AM PDT by Salvation ( †With God all things are possible.†)
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To: EternalVigilance; NYer

When Keyes is on, he is really on.

Good piece.

20 posted on 03/21/2009 10:43:53 AM PDT by marron
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