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RUSH IN A HURRY -- The Obama Economy: It's Scary ^ | 02-04-10 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 02/04/2010 6:08:06 PM PST by GOP_Lady

On Today's Show...
February 4, 2010
Alert: Hour 3 Tomorrow, NFL Great Ken "The Hutch" Hutcherson & Rush Talk Super Bowl
State-Run Media Shifts Focus of "R-Word" Story from Rahm to Rush
Suddenly it's Rush who uses this term and Palin is a hypocrite! (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
Great Call: Father of Special Needs Child Praises Your Host for His Support
These are the people who understand why Rush was quoting Rahm Emanuel.
The Obama Economy: It's Scary (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
"Barack Obama says he's not a Bolshevik or an ideologue.  That
leaves one other possibility.  He's an idiot, a full-fledged idiot." -Rush
An Obama Quote for the Ages: "We Can't Demonize Every Bank"
And he says some people may not like a strong financial sector. Who?
Liberals Are Scared to Death of Conservatism in Ascendency
The leftists know we're kicking their butts so they're doing anything they can to make Republicans
go moderate. Suddenly, Daily Kos polls of the GOP matter. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen)
"When's the last time you heard of the U.S. government bond and credit ratings being lowered? Look at what Obama has done to us in just one year while blaming it on the previous eight." -Rush
Obama the Intellectual Makes National Prayer Breakfast About Him, Mangles "Corpsman"
He pronounced it "Copse-man" twice. But he's not a Bush or Quayle, so, it's fine.
Jake Tapper Borrows from Rush's Letter to President Obama
"Man up, Mr. President" is exactly what Rush said in his famous letter to Obama.
» Rush's Letter to President Obama: Listen to It on YouTube ||  Transcript
A.J. in Houston: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing for Black People
A caller asks his fellow African-Americans a simple question: What's Obama done for you?
"One thing that's still propping Obama up on the likability side is that they so succeeded for eight years in demonizing George W. Bush.  But it isn't going to last forever." -Rush
Rush's Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page...
» Jobless Claims Rise "Unexpectedly" » Obama Suspended Haiti Medevac Flights for NFL
» Obama Merchandise No Longer Sold » Chicago Thug Politics: LaHood Shakes Down Toyota
» Gov't-GMAC Loses $5B in 4th Quarter » Where's the Love? EU Rejects US Bank Data Request
» American Thinker: Is Obama a Team Player? » New Fashion: Al-Qaeda's Bosom Bombers
» NJ Loses $70B in Wealth During Four Years » No Escape from CA: Phoenix OKs Food Tax
» Big Hollywood's Greg Gutfeld on Autism-Vaccine Hoax » Obama Interview on Super Bowl
All that and more when we update!

Now at Rush 24/7:
Thursday show audio, pods || Total Stack of Stuff

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Thursday Quotes:  I Know These People
February 4, 2010

"Don't go moderate.
Don't go McCain. 
Go conservative.
That's what wins.
Reagan proved it."

"Obama says he's not a Bolshevik or an ideologue.
That leaves one other possibility.
He's an idiot, a full-fledged idiot."

"Do not ever doubt me when I comment on or predict what our lovely mainstream media will do.
I know these people, folks."

"The government is going after Toyota and they're even accusing the Prius -- oh, my God, the sacred Prius -- of having brake problems.
I didn't know a Prius went fast enough to need brakes."

"The market's voting and it isn't even November.
These are people with skin in the game."

"You want to talk about Reagan's budget deficits today? 
You woulda thought that we were going to die with Reagan deficits listening to Democrats in the media back then."

"The liberals know, sometimes I think better than we do, that conservatism, well articulated, wins elections.
It wins every damn time it's tried.
They know it better than our own party does."

"Obama is going to be interviewed by Katie Couric before the Super Bowl!
Oh, jeez.
What about the old adage of keeping politics out of sports?
I think I've heard that a couple of times in my career."

"Patrick Kennedy, I notice you ran in Rhode Island.
What happened?
Is it too hard to win in Massachusetts now for a Kennedy?"

"As far as the Drive-By Media is concerned, I'm the one who used the R-word.
We have eight sound bites about this.
Do I know these people or do I know these people?"

"Rahm Emanuel has promised to examine congressional legislation that would remove the R-word from federal law?
What an arrogance of power and what a waste of money and time.
That is assuming this is anything more than just an empty promise, which is highly likely."

"The R-word, or a variation of it, appears nine times in the Senate version of the health care reform bill. 
And we all know who wrote that bill, don't we?
The Republicans were shut out of the process."

"You do not take snatching a seat from a Democrat 47 years and call it overblown.
You call it shockingly real and happily real."

"My philosophy on Valentine's Day was to skip it because everybody does it and I never go along with the crowd.
If everybody is stampeding to do something on a particular day, I do it a different day.
Why do something when it's expected?
Well, that's why you do it.
I have learned my lesson.
The expectation is there."

"You always hear me talk about the free market, how much I love it.
The free market will tell you everything you want to know.
You can barely find anything Obama in Washington in terms of licensed merchandise.
The market will tell you what's going on."

"Obama doesn't care who gets harmed as long as his agenda succeeds."

"I'm just wondering if the change of life has not hit Margaret Carlson particularly hard, ladies and gentlemen."

"Obama suspended Haiti medevac flights for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl -- and they say Bush hated black people!"

"Sarah Palin knows how this program works.
She knows that we were making fun of Rahm Emanuel and highlighting that it's people like Emanuel who say these things.
They hardly ever get called on it."

"We will have the Hutch on the third hour tomorrow, on the Friday before the Super Bowl,
to discuss the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night."

"Does 'hoping' make people not lose their jobs now?
Does 'hoping' create jobs?
This is what passes for economic analysis at the AP?"

"We don't have the money for anything we're spending it on, not when we're borrowing $1.6 trillion of it."

"When's the last time you've ever heard of the United States government bond and credit ratings being lowered?
Look at what this guy has done for this country in just one year while blaming it on the previous eight."

"What do you think is more flawed:  A Toyota or Obama's health care plan?
A Toyota or Obama's budget?
If anything needs to be recalled out there it's Obama and his entire agenda."

"If design flaws are the issue, let's have public hearings on every item in Obama's budget and in Obamacare."

"Barack Obama pronounced 'corpsman' as 'corpse-man' twice.
Again, imagine if this was George W. Bush that did this, or Dan Quayle."

"Phoenix has okayed a 2% tax on food to 'help save police and fire department jobs.'
As near as I can tell, it doesn't apply to pet food."

"I just got a note from a friend who said, 'Rush, it's not just the R-word which needs to be banned or dropped.
There's a T-word associated with this, too:  'Tard.
It's slang, and it's in the Urban Dictionary.'"

"One of the things I think is still propping up Obama up on the likability side is
that they so succeeded for eight years in demonizing George W. Bush.
But this isn't going to last forever.
At some point the likability is going to start plunging along with the policy stuff as it always has."

"At some point people are going to have to accept that Obama has told the truth when he said
his objective is to remake the country, when he said his objective is to redistribute the wealth.
This is happening right before our very eyes."

"I don't know how much more evidence people need to begin to believe that this is not an accident here, that all of this economic destruction is not an accident."

Continually repeat ...

It's not about me.
I'm the President.

Past editions of " RUSH IN A HURRY "

Rush Hudson Limbaugh.  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

1 posted on 02/04/2010 6:08:07 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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Rush In A Hurry, Ping!

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2 posted on 02/04/2010 6:08:48 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: GOP_Lady
A.J. in Houston Weighs in on Bam
He didn't expect much from Obama and he was right.
February 4, 2010 
RUSH: This is A.J. in Houston. A.J., I'm glad you waited.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Rush Limbaugh, mega big-time dittos!  And happy belated birthday.  I remember the last time I talked to you on that birthday. I think it was '07 when I believe Obama was running, and couple things, Rush.  Educate us. Wasn't it Jesse Jackson or somebody that said they was going to drop the N-word and something, something, something, something, and he winded up using it or something. (laughing)  I'm going to have fun and then I'm going to get serious. (laughing)

RUSH:  That's right. That's exactly right.  They buried it. They buried it when Jesse Jackson used the N-word.

CALLER:  They buried it!  But, Rush? I'm going to be nice.  If you say something, you'll be prejudiced, but I'm going to say it for the Obama scholars, for the black folks. Remember I told you he set us back 50 years? And now he got blacks divided. The working blacks understand what he's doing to the economy. Now the blacks with their hands out, I'm going to tell 'em: They need to wake up and smell the coffee, because this man don't mean them no good.  The only thing you gotta do is look at it: What has he done for you since he's been in the White House?  He hasn't been in your neighborhood.

RUSH:  I asked that question, A.J. I asked that question recently.  What has he done for you?

CALLER: Exactly!

RUSH: What has he done for the country?  Name one thing that he's done for you?

CALLER:  Rush, I got a question for everybody, every black person, because I've been polling myself for it. I go out there and I say, "Name me five things that he's done."  They can't name anything.  My uncle, I'll ask him. He said, "Well, he won the White House."  I said, "But what is he doing?" I said, "Let me tell you something as a black man. I'm in my fifties and it would be nice to know that a black man won, but now I feel bad because," now here goes the race game, again. "They said, 'Oh, black, folks, stupid," blah, blah, blah.  I'm going to be nice about it. But now you get a chance to show what you can do, and you go and run the country in the ground like he's doing! So what does that make them seem like -- and I know they gonna get mad and I don't care. It makes it seem like we stupid, Rush!

RUSH:  But, A.J., A.J. --

CALLER:  Yes, sir?

RUSH:  Let me see if I understand what you're saying.

CALLER:  Uh-huh.

RUSH:  You're saying since Obama is running the country into the ground as the first black president, that it's going to make it tougher for the country to elect the second black president?  Is that it?

CALLER:  You got it, Rush!

RUSH:  Oh.

CALLER:  You got it.  And the thing of it is, it would have been nice if he came in there and did the right things by the country -- and you know what I mean: Good jobs, make the economy move --

RUSH:  But A.J.!

CALLER:  -- blame George Bush --

RUSH:  He's created.

CALLER:  Yes, sir?

RUSH:  He's saved 600,000 jobs down from two million. But it's the stimulus package A.J. He said we would be in even worse shape if he hadn't done that.

CALLER:  But, Rush, only thing you have to do is go to Detroit. Go to Detroit. My mom lives there and it's a nightmare. There's not too long left. It's a nightmare.  If he "saved" jobs, where they at? Where?  I mean, Rush, I'm trying to figure out: Where are the jobs this man saved? Come on. Go and ask them laid off employees at General Motors and Chrysler in Detroit that had jobs when George Bush left the office that don't have jobs now.  And I'm sick of every time you ask black folks, "What, what, what?" "Oh, George Bush! Oh, he was in a mess with George W. Bush." I'm like, "Wait a minute! Hold on! I got numbers. I got tape.  Our economy was booming even after 9-1-1!

RUSH:  My brother, you're fighting a losing battle. 

CALLER: Rush, I'm going to keep fighting it.

RUSH: You know, it's not just the black people you're talking to.  One of the things I think is still propping up Obama up on the likability side is that they so succeeded for eight years in demonizing George W. Bush.  But this isn't going to last forever.  At some point the likability is going to start plunging along with the policy stuff as it always has.  Great to hear from you, A.J. 

Read the Background Material...
Sweetness & Light: Initial Jobless Claims Rise 'Unexpectedly'
National Review: America Rides Off Into the Sunset - Victor Davis Hanson
Bloomberg: 824,000 Jobs Will Disappear on February 5th
American Thinker: The President is No Team Player - Neil Braithwaite

3 posted on 02/04/2010 6:10:40 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: GOP_Lady
Scott Brown Takes Over the Overblown Kennedy Senate Seat
Patrick Kennedy calls Brown's win "overblown."

February 4, 2010 
RUSH: Now, what I was going to say here, State-Controlled AP headline:  "Brown Taking Over the Late Senator Kennedy's Seat --  But in response to criticism from conservative radio hosts and newspaper columnists, he pressed Massachusetts officials on Wednesday to certify his election for the hurry-up swearing-in to fill the last two years of Kennedy's term." Um, whose seat is this?  "Little-known Scott Brown --" they refer to him as in this story "--taking over the late Senator Kennedy's seat."  And the secretary of state in Massachusetts today certifying the election, William Galvin -- I have the story here, it's in the Boston Herald -- he's all but admitting here he didn't want to certify the Brown win.  He uses the occasion to insist that Scott Brown vote the way Ted Kennedy would have.  He says, "Respect the rights of the majority.  We hope Brown will respect the rights of the majority."  So the secretary of state is basically -- and he has no right to do this -- he's basically suggesting that Scott Brown vote the way Senator Kennedy would vote because this is still Senator Kennedy's term. 

And Patrick Kennedy, who is the son of the late Senator Kennedy, a Democrat from Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy: "Scott Brown's win is way overblown. Bottom line is it just served a lot of people's political interests to spin this story the way they wanted it."  Okay, Patrick, let's talk about what's overblown and spun for just a second like your dad.  Your dad is totally overblown in your mind and the Democrat Party's mind, but not in everybody's.  He was a self-centered -- well, Chappaquiddick says it all.  Your uncle's totally overblown, your cousin Caroline tried to tell us how smart she was.  Overblown.  Your whole family here is a fairytale that's been spun for decades just the way Patrick Kennedy's family wanted it spun.  We're all pretty much over the spinning of the Kennedy family, but the Brown victory is one thing that we recognize is not overblown, the one thing that is genuine and real.  You do not take snatching a seat from a Democrat 47 years and call it overblown.  You call it shockingly real and happily real. 


RUSH: Patrick Kennedy says Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts was "overblown"?  Patrick, I noticed you ran in Rhode Island.  What happened? Is it too hard to win in Massachusetts now for a Kennedy?  Well, I'm just asking.


RUSH: By the way, you want to know what the hurry is on the Scott Brown swearing in?  The hurry is that they're going to be nominating a real far radical leftist to the National Labor Relations Board.  Obama wants his guy, his name is Craig Becker and apparently Brown can stop it.  They can have enough votes to prevent the vote from taking place.  Obama really, really wants this, and that's why they were delaying the swearing in of Brown and it's why the Republicans got to Brown and said: "Demand to be sworn in here."  I'm also told -- now, he's supposed to be sworn in just over two hours -- but I'm told that they're being pressured, Dingy Harry is being pressured to not go for this, delay it a couple days so they get Craig Becker approved to run up the NLRB.  We'll just have to see.  

Read the Background Material...
AP: Brown Taking Over the Late Sen. Kennedy's Seat
FOXNews: Brown's Swearing-In to End Dem Senate Supermajority

4 posted on 02/04/2010 6:11:02 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: GOP_Lady
An Obama Quote for the Ages:  "We Can't Demonize Every Bank"
Maybe he's not a Bolshevik.
Maybe he's just an idiot.

February 4, 2010 
RUSH: It was yesterday morning, this Obama quote for the ages.  Senator Blanche Lincoln (Democrat-Arkansas) says, "Are we willing as Democrats to also push back on our own party and look for that common ground that we need to work with Republicans and to get the answers and it's really the results that are going to count to our constituents?"  Does anybody know what that question means?  She's asking this of Obama.  Her question is irrelevant.  Here, listen to this.  This is her answer.

OBAMA:  Part of the reason people are feeling anxious right now, it's not just because of this current crisis.  They've been going through this for ten years.  If you're response ends up being, you know, uhh, "Because we don't want to stir things up here we're just going to do the same thing that was being done before," then I -- I -- I -- I don't know what differentiates us from the other guys.  Blanche is exactly right: We've got to be non-ideological about our approach to these things. We've gotta make sure that our party understands that, like it or not, we have to have a financial system that is healthy and functioning. So we can't be demonizing, uh, every bank out there.  We've got to be the party of business, small business and large business, because they produce jobs.

RUSH:  We can't demonize every bank? Yeah, I know. We gotta take God back, too, and we've gotta get the Values Voters on our side and then we gotta... I mean, this is incredible.  Did you hear what he said here?  "Part of the reason people are feeling anxious right now is because they've been going through this for ten years.  People have been feeling for ten years this job anxiety," which is not true! "Like it or not we need a healthy financial system"? 

Read the Background Material...
Los Angeles Times: Now, What Obama told Some Fellow Democrats
AP: First-time Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly

5 posted on 02/04/2010 6:11:33 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: GOP_Lady
Liberals Scared to Death of Conservatism in Ascendancy
They see what's happening and they can't stop it.
February 4, 2010

Don't Buy It:  Politico Pumps Up Kos Kook Poll

RUSH: Spiridon in New York City, I'm glad you called.  You're next on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey Rush, glad to talk to you again. I spoke to you earlier this year.

RUSH:  Yeah.  You sound like Peter Orszag.

CALLER: (laughing) Is that a compliment?

RUSH:  Uh, no comment.

CALLER:  Okay.  All right.  I'm a member of the NYU College Republicans up here, and on Monday there was panel of lefties -- what else is up here? -- and it was for the author of The Death of Conservatism, that new book that came out by the New York Times guy and --

RUSH:  Is that the guy named Sam Tanenhaus or Sam Tannebaum or something like that?

CALLER:  Yeah, something like that.  That's why I didn't say his name; I can't remember.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Shows you how important it is.  They were talking about the tea party movement or tea baggers, and they said that what basically happened with these guys, are these guys that were born in like in the forties or around that time and grew up with segregation in the south and they're all white and they're all --

RUSH:  (laughing.)

CALLER:  Exactly.  Exactly.  That's my point.

RUSH:  What a day!  What a day!  Let me tell you something out there, Spiridon, it worries me.  I was just telling Snerdley.  You know, I understand these people, I know what they're going to do before they do it.  I know what they're thinking.  It scares me I understand these people's brains.  It scares me I understand how they think.  Let me tell you what this is about.  They are scared to death of the conservative ascendancy that's happening.  They know that conservatism nationally wins every time it is properly, correctly articulated and explained.  They know they don't have a chance against it and they know it's ascending and so they're doing their best -- the New York Times has a story about some new conservatives getting together in the Republican Party and it's really a bunch of moderate Republicans and they're saying exactly what I said, they want nothing to do with the social issues, these guys, and there's no conservative movement that's working in the Republican Party from the New York Times today, there's no conservative ascendancy, it's not happening.  The Politico had a story yesterday about all this, too.  There is a concerted effort here.  That's why Reaganism is constantly lied about and why they have to revise history about that.

CALLER:  Right.  As a matter of fact, man, during this thing they were talking about, you know, like the Republican icons they're going through a list of them, Eisenhower, Whitaker Chambers, they kept calling Buckley a racist so they didn't include him, but they left out Ronald Reagan, they left out -- who else?  Let's see.  Buckley, like I already said. It's amazing to watch.

RUSH:  I'm sure it was.  What you're watching is the equivalent of a bunch of stuck pigs.  Their agenda is heading down so fast.  Liberalism, for what it is, is on full display, and they're scared to death of what is really happening, a conservative ascendancy. 

RUSH: Now, this is what I was laughing at when the program theme was playing.  "The Daily Kos recently released an odd poll of Republican voters -- and now The Politico and other liberal organizations are trying to use the results to churn waters that are actually relatively calm. The GOP had better not bite. ... Fresh off liberals getting thumped in Virginia, New Jersey, and most recently Massachusetts, the left are now in a full-fledged panic, and they're doing all they can to quickly blur the obvious teachable moment: that the GOP can win by boldly going way to the right of the Democrats." Don't go moderate. Don't go McCain.  Go conservative.  That's what wins.  "This is actually something that liberals inherently know and fear, and have since at least 1980."  Reagan proved it.  They have run scared of the Republicans ever since figuring this out.  That's why they're constantly lying about Reagan and tax cuts and what happened to the budget. 

You want to talk about Reagan's budget deficits today?  You woulda thought that we were going to die with Reagan deficits listening to Democrats in the media back then.  Reagan never had a budget that was a trillion dollars.  He might have had a budget that hit a trillion dollars, it's going to be close.  But Obama's budget deficits are trillion and a half every year.  So they're panicked, and they're doing everything they can to scare Republicans into not doing what's going to win.  "It explains their never-ending, disingenuous P.R. campaign to keep Republicans in mortal fear of upsetting moderates by doing something rash. ... Yes, these would be the very same independents who rejected the 'honorable campaign' of John McCain by 21 points."  Let's not forget that, these same independents that are running in droves to any Republican candidate they can now.  "These are also the very same independents who came roaring back to the fold for downtown Scottie Brown, forever known as '41.'"
By the way, I'm told he gets Ted Kennedy's office.  You know that's gotta be some pretty palatial stuff and you know how these guys fight over office space.  I mean the liberal lion probably had, you know, how many bars are there in that office?  I mean that's gotta be plum real estate.  So, anyway, the questions that the Politico asked were just transparently infantile.  Remember, now, the results of the poll online were then picked up by Politico and others.  Here's a sample: "Do you believe Barack Obama wants the terrorists to win?  Do you believe ACORN stole the 2008 election?  Do you believe Barack Obama is a racist who hates white people?"  Now, see, this is what you have to understand about polling.  It's all in the framing of the question.  How in the hell can somebody answer these and not sound foolish?  Which is the point, to make conservatives look foolish regardless of what they say. 

"These kind of questions make it impossible to register displeasure with Obama's terror policies, ACORN, or the impact of Jeremiah Wright on the president without sounding juvenile. Mommy, mommy -- Bawack stole the ewection and he wants the tewowists to win over the whities. Waaaaah. I can only wonder if the erudite David Brooks will have the mental dexterity to see through this brilliantly diabolical plot. I rather doubt it." In fact, Brooksie will look at this and probably buy it hook, line, and sinker.  It will validate his elitist snobbish disregard for the conservative base but he and his ilk are the foolish ones. 

Here's three more questions: "Should public school students be taught that the book of Genesis ... ? Should women work outside the home? Are marriages equal partnerships ... ?  If Republicans want to leverage Scott Brown's Massachusetts victory into a November electoral avalanche, they'll need to keep their base riled up -- but not too riled up."  So it was 2000 Republicans, it paints a picture of a base that's angry, disaffected, acutely hostile to President Obama.  So that's fine and dandy.  What they then did, and this is why this is a teachable moment, the Republicans better ignore this.  After they picked this up at The Politico, The Politico went out and interviewed John McCain and Susan Collins and asked them what they thought of the poll which of course gives the poll credibility.  No Republican should have had a thing to say about this.  It's about what we have said for years, this teachable moment.  The Drive-By Media is desperate to push the Republicans into being moderate because they lose when they go that route.  Just ask McCain.  The liberals know, sometimes I think better than we do, that conservatism, well articulated, wins elections.  It wins every damn time it's tried.  They know it better than our own party does. 

Daily Kos, The Politico, the Democrats in general are scared to death, and that's what's behind this ridiculous poll of Republican voters.  Just hogwash.  But I don't know, with McCrazy -- uh -- McCain and Collins out there answering the questions about this it lends it credence.  No other Republicans better fall for this.  I did not mean McCrazy. I misspoke.  I apologize, I retract it.  It's like using the R-word.  

RUSH: This is Mary Ann in Trumbull, Connecticut. It's great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Nice to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  I'm just calling in -- it's funny because I actually got in the first time I called -- about the Toyota situation.  My husband works for Toyota in Connecticut.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, yeah.

CALLER:  I didn't hear the news yesterday. I came home and was calling him and see how things were going because with the recall it's insanely crazy, and basically he tells me, "This is how my day went." It was like a shot like in my head. I was, like, immediately I knew what was up.  I was like, "Obama sent his henchmen out to just try and cut Toyota off at the knees," and I didn't know what you had said earlier about the whole process.  I thought he was trying to drum up profits for GM -- and also they had a recall a couple of months ago or extended a recall on their vans that catch on fire.  So it's funny how the media doesn't rail about that, though.  So, yeah, I just was totally taken aback and really angry.

RUSH:  Yeah, I can imagine.  I can imagine.  I mean, these Toyotas are made in this country. Americans make Toyotas.  I think there are five Toyota factories in the country.  (sigh)  I know it's hard to hear.  I know it is really difficult to hear this on the radio.  Snerdley told me this the other day. He hears me say this frequently on the other side of the glass, but when I was in Las Vegas he heard it on the radio. He said, "It just reaches out of the radio and grabs you. You can't believe it." I don't know how much more evidence people need to begin to believe that this is not an accident here, that all of this economic destruction is not an accident.  There is nobody who has the basic minimal economic understanding who would, A, do this under the premise of growing an economy; and, secondly, would consider sticking with it after this year of abject failure and even talk about doubling down on it. 

It wouldn't happen.  At some point people are going to have to accept that Obama has told the truth when he said his objective is to remake the country, when he said his objective is to redistribute the wealth. This is happening right before our very eyes.  In fact it won't take much longer, I think, for people to believe this.  Public Policy Polling: "42% of the American people say their economic situation is worse over the last year compared to just 11% who think it's gotten better."  My guess is this 42% is low because people think their criticizing Obama when they answer this question, "Yes, my situation's worsened." People don't like pollsters to think of them as bigots.  "A look inside those numbers gives a good indication as to why Republicans are primed for such a good election year.  The Republicans lead 57-27 on the generic congressional ballot with people who say the economy has hurt them more at the personal level since Obama took office."

That. Is. Huge. 
"The generic ballot is 57-27 among people who say the economy's hurt them more on a personal level since Obama took office.  Among those whose situation stayed the same or improved, Democrats lead 49-33.  It's not going to do Democrats any good for economists to say that things are back on the right track, either.  Voters make decisions emotionally rather than intellectually, and that 11-42 gap on whether people's personal situations are improving is going to have to close before Democrats start looking better for the fall.  Overall just 11% of voters rate the current state of the economy as excellent or good; 34% calling it fair; 53%, a majority, label it poor.  There's an interesting contrast in who voters hold responsible for the current state of the economy," according to Public Policy Polling. "By a 47-42 margin, they say it falls on Bush rather than Obama, but asked specifically which party they feel is more culpable, they pick the Democrats 46-39.  Okay, let's assign these results accuracy.  Bush ain't on the ballot in November, but that big D is going to be on everybody's ballot.  So if "the party considered more culpable for the economic disaster is Democrats by 46-39," all it shows is that "Obama's personal brand is still better than that of his party and it helps to explain why his campaign appearances for Democrat candidates have not done much to push them over the top."  Interesting stuff.  

Read the Background Material...
American Thinker: Desperate Times and Left-Wing Psy-Ops
Public Policy Polling: National Economy Poll
Rasmussen Reports: 83% Blame Deficit on Politicians' Unwillingness To Cut Spending

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Obama the "Intellectual" Makes Prayer Breakfast All About Him
And the president mispronounces the word "corpsman."
February 4, 2010 
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to the sound bites for the prayer breakfast this morning.  We have three and he makes this whole thing about him.  The prayer breakfast was all about him and his little political problems.

OBAMA:  There is a sense that something is different now, that something's broken, that those of us in Washington are not serving the people as well as we should.  At times it seems like we're unable to listen to one another, to have at once a serious and civil debate.  And this erosion of civility in the public square sows division and distrust among our citizens, it poisons the well of public opinion, it leaves each side little room to negotiate with the other.  It makes politics an all-or-nothing sport where one side is either always right or always wrong, when in reality neither side has a monopoly on truth.

RUSH:  This is a prayer breakfast speech.  And he does think of himself as a deity, so I guess it makes sense he'd be talking about himself, praying that people get along, more civility in the public square.  More room to negotiate.  This is the guy that doesn't invite Republicans to negotiate.  You know the drill.  I'm getting bored repeating all the truths about Obama.  Here's the next bite.  This is really, really, really curious.  He tells his opponents not to question his faith, even though he hasn't found a church, and not to question his citizenship.

OBAMA:  Civility also requires relearning how to disagree without being disagreeable. Understanding, as president said, that civility is not a sign of weakness. Now, I am the first to confess I'm not always right. Michelle will testify to that. (laughter) But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith or for that matter, my citizenship. (laughter)

RUSH:  Is somebody questioning his faith?  Have I missed this?  I missed this.  Okay, well, anyway, and now he says -- well, just listen yourself.  I don't even need to set this one up.

OBAMA:  That's what I'm praying for.  I know this difficult times like these when people are frustrated, when pundits start shouting and politicians start calling each other's names, it can seem like a return to civility is not possible, like the very idea is a relic of some bygone era.  The word itself seems quaint, "civility."  But let us remember those who came before, those who believed in the brotherhood of man even when such faith of tested.

RUSH:  All right, I'm going to have to analyze this for you, or translate this.  Obama doesn't want to be criticized anymore.  He does not want to be criticized and he's praying not to be criticized.  That's what it is.  He doesn't want to be criticized.  He told people to stop watching MSNBC, for crying out loud, and Fox and CNN and all that stuff.  So that's Obama at the prayer breakfast.   

RUSH:  Well, I'm told that we have the sound bite here with Obama pronouncing the word "corpsman" as "corpse-man."  Let's listen together at the National Prayer Breakfast.  You know, it would be interesting to contrast this Obama speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with one made by George W. Bush.  I'll bet you that George W. Bush talked about God and faith and not himself, except as in relationship to his faith.   At any rate, here's Obama -- the intellectual; the elite, really smart guy for a change; the guy David Brooks really, really liked the crease in his slacks.

OBAMA:  One such translator was an American of Haitian descent -- representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women in uniform do all around the world -- Navy Corpse-man Christian (sic) Brossard.  And lying on a gurney aboard the USNS Comfort, a woman asked Christopher: "Where do you come from?  What country?  After my operation," she said, "I will pray for that country."  And in Creole, Corpse-man Brossard responded, "Etazini."  The United States of America.

RUSH:  He said it!  He said it twice.  He said corpse-man.  Folks, he said corpse-man!  Again, if this was George W. Bush that did this, or Dan Quayle.  Corpse-man? (interruption) Well, I know, Snerdley, why should we expect him to know how to pronounce it?  It's a military term.  Probably pronounces sword "swwword."   

Read the Background Material...
American Thinker: The President is No Team Player - Neil Braithwaite
USAToday: Obama: Challenge My Policies, Not My Faith

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To: GOP_Lady
Jake Tapper Borrows from Rush's Letter to President Obama
Tapper asks Gibbs why Obama doesn't "man up."
February 4, 2010
You Tube:  My Letter to President Obama

RUSH: Okay, part of my letter to Obama last week. I said this while in Las Vegas, and I told him, "Man up."

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Let me be the father that you never had or never really knew, 'cause I think you need some guidance.  It's time to man up.  It's time to grow up.

RUSH:  All right, Jake Tapper on February 1st, four days ago, during the White House press briefing with Robert Gibbs they had this exchange...

TAPPER:  Isn't the whole point of being president and controlling the House and Senate to man up and make these tough decisions.

GIBBS:  Yes!

TAPPER: Whether or not --

GIBBS: Absolutely!

TAPPER:  Whether or not it costs at the ballot box in November?

GIBBS: (stammering) We're... We're... We're not -- we're not... The commission --

TAPPER:  You're saying, "We're not going to do it unless we have sign off from the Republicans."

GIBBS:  No, no, no. W-we're not going to make progress unless we have sign off from the Republicans but again, Jake: There's not unanimity in one party on either way forward.

RUSH:  Gibbs doesn't like that, either.  Jack Tapper said, "man up."  So I said that on January 28th.  Ahem.  And Jake Tapper said it on February 1st.  Okay. 

Read the Background Material...
GateWayPundit: Tapper to Gibbs: Isn't It About Time For the President to Man Up?
ABC: Bleak Unemployment Assumptions in Obama Budget - Jake Tapper

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State-Run Media Shifts Focus of "R-Word" Story from Rahm to Rush
Thank God for our enemies, folks. It's just amazing.
February 4, 2010

RUSH: Rahm Emanuel's apology apparently has been accepted.  The early news was that it was not accepted, right?  But The Politico has a story from Ben Smith and an update: "Emanuel met yesterday with six disability advocates.  He sincerely apologized again for using the R-word, promising to sign an online pledge to end the use of the word."  Now, get this.  "Emanuel also promised to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law."  Now, what kind of F-ing nonsense is this?  I'm just quoting Emanuel here, folks. (laughing) The Drive-Bys are trying to goad Sarah Palin into denouncing me, just like she denounced Rahm Emanuel.  But Sarah Palin knows I'm quoting Emanuel in all this.  They're trying anything to get Sarah Palin.  From Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, to everybody else at MSNBC and Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg, oh, they're all trying to get Sarah Palin to denounce me just as she did Rahm, and if she doesn't do it she's a hypocrite, they're saying.  She knows that I do this kind of thing.  Sarah Palin is a lifelong listener to this program. 

I have never told you people this.  It was in our Sarah Palin interview in the Limbaugh Letter.  But one of the years I'm out at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic a guy comes up to me and says, "My daughter is a huge fan, would you sign a book for me?" and it was a copy of my book and it was to Sarah Palin, long before she was governor of Alaska.  I've had a couple chats with her, one on the air here and one for the Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read political newsletter in the country.  So they're trying to goad her into denouncing me like they did Emanuel, but she knows that all I'm doing is quoting Emanuel and highlighting that it's these people who say this kind of stuff.  Now, as for Emanuel promising to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law because he used the term "retarded" as an insult -- and, remember, he was calling his own party members this.  He was calling liberal activists the R-word.  The Drive-Bys also can't believe that I came to Emanuel's defense yesterday.  They just do not get it. 

Twenty-plus years and they don't get it.  They thought I was coming to his defense yesterday when I said, "What's wrong with calling a bunch of retards a bunch of retards?"  And the retards he's talking about are the liberal activists.  (laughing) Folks, I can't tell you -- and I'm not going to use the word anymore -- I cannot tell you what fun this is.  I look at this, if I could just know women like I know liberal media people, how my life would change.  How it would have been different, because I know everything.  There's not one question I cannot answer about these people.  There's not one behavioral mode that I cannot not predict.  I just know 'em.  So because Rahm Emanuel used the R-word as an insult, he's now going to decree that it must be stricken from the country's legislation over the past 200 years?  I mean he's promised to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law?  What an arrogance of power and what a waste of money and time.  And that is assuming that this is anything more than just an empty promise, which is highly likely. 

For the record, I looked it up here, we did a check, the R-word, or a variation of it, appears nine times in the Senate version of the health care reform bill.  Did you know that?  And we all know who wrote that bill, don't we?  Democrats.  The Republicans were shut out of the process.  So the R-word is used nine times in the Senate health care bill.  So maybe that fact will kill it once and for all. You can't pass that bill, you got the R-word in there, the president's chief of staff just apologized for using it.  So if the R-word is to be the new N-word, maybe Mr. Emanuel's time could be better spent getting the term expunged from his boss's two autobiographies.  We checked into this, too.  From Dreams from My Father, page 73: "The old white man sat down, retarded now, or senile, and when I looked again he was a small black girl, her feet barely reaching the pedals." From Audacity of Hope, page 22: "At times during his first campaign, [Bill Clinton's] gestures toward disaffected Reagan Democrats could seem clumsy and transparent (what ever happened to Sister Souljah?) or frighteningly coldhearted (allowing the execution of a mentally retarded death row inmate to go forward on the eve of an important primary)."

"Luckily there has been no complaint about Mr. Emanuel's use of the F-word."  Is this not amazing?  Is that not amazing?  When you stop and think of all of this, he said F-ing.  No big deal there.  Ha!  That's not a problem. (interruption) Well, I don't know.  Snerdley is asking me how many words are we going to have to ban before this is -- I don't know but we're certainly headed that way. 

RUSH: Rahm Emanuel -- we told you this yesterday, but Rahm -- is going to have to get hold of Eric Holder in the Justice Department and change the way they are advertising for jobs over there. 

Remember? The Obama Justice Department is advertising for civil rights trial attorneys encouraging applicants who suffer from "mental retardation" and "mental illness."  Here's the listing itself: "The Civil Rights Division encourages qualified applicants with targeted disabilities to apply.  Targeted disabilities are deafness, blindness, missing extremities, partial or complete paralyses, convulsive disorder, mental retardation, mental illness, severe distortion of limbs and/or spine." In other words, the Obama Justice Department says, "If you're just like us, we want you."  So, Rahm, you're going to have to get in there, buddy, and change some of the verbiage in the job listings at the Obama Justice Department.  Here it was yesterday. This is what I said, proving: Do I know these people or do I know these people?

RUSH ARCHIVE:  I've been here 20-plus years.  You've got to know that I know that that's a pejorative comment.  It's the reason I kept repeating is to never let people forget that it was Rahm Emanuel who said it.  It's like Harry Reid and "the Negro dialect."  I kept talking about that.  "Yeah, he's light-skinned and doesn't speak with a Negro dialect except when he wants to," and sure enough the next day I caught grief as though I had originated the comment!  That's the way the press works.

RUSH:  That's right.  It's a classical press schtick and that's all it is, and Tony Blankley had it right.  All of this feigned outrage. It's fake.  All this fake outrage, they know exactly what I was doing.  They just can't help themselves.  They are on a search-and-destroy mission where I'm concerned.  So, State-Run Media coins a new term here, this is a little montage. It's now the R-word.

DIANE SAWYER: (music) ...what mental health experts call "the R word." 

WOLF BLITZER: (music) "The R-word."

BILL WEIR: There are defenders of "the R-word." 

ANDREA MITCHELL:  ...for using "the R-word."

KEITH OLBERMANN: ...using that "R-word."

WENDELL GOLER: (b-roll) "...the R-word..."

STEVE DOOCY: "...the R-word..."

RACHEL MADDOW: (music) ...why Sarah Palin is not calling for Rush Limbaugh to be fired after he repeatedly and unapologetically used "the R-word."

RUSH:  See?  Even before I went on the schtick, I told the Drive-Bys what I was doing: "I'm merely reminding everybody. I'm not quoting Rahm Emanuel. I'm just quoting him.  I'm just quoting Rahm Emanuel."  I went on for a full hour. I told 'em what I was doing and still they fall for it and still they run their schtick.  Here's Margaret Carlson last night on MSNBC, question: "Can Palin really get away with not calling Limbaugh out now?

CARLSON:  I'm going to go out on a limb here. 

MAN: Mmmph?

CARLSON: I think because it's a matter of the heart for her -- I don't think she wears this child on her sleeve the way she kind of faked being offended about David Letterman's remark about Bristol.  I don't know how it will come about, but I bet Rush Limbaugh quickly apologizes himself, knowing that she will have to treat him the same way.  Actually his words were so offensive...

MAN: Mmm-humphy.

CARLSON: The word "retard" is worse than the word "retarded."  It is a real insult, and these feelings that family members have are so tender for the people in their family, and there are a thousand sleights that these kids receive in a lifetime and the parents never stop trying to make up for it.

RUSH:  Next question: "If you're right, what happens to Limbaugh's power in the sense of the rankings in the Republican Party and the conservative movement?"

CARLSON:  Certainly Rush Limbaugh and some other talk show hosts literally run the Republican Party now.  They are the kingmakers.  They are... They have more followers than any other fashion in the party.  Doesn't Rush Limbaugh claim a hundred million listeners?  So certainly he is a public figure of the sort Sarah Palin had in mind when she called out Rahm Emanuel.

RUSH:  It's not 100 million listeners yet, Margaret, but soon.  I'm just wondering if the change of life has not hit her particularly hard, ladies and gentlemen.  These two sound bites are just... (laughing) And the question:  "What's going to happen to Limbaugh's rankings in the conservative movement?" (laughing) We have Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) on the Today show today said this...

MITCHELL:  Rush Limbaugh apparently used the R-word on his radio show Wednesday repeatedly.  So far, no comment from Palin about that.

RUSH:  (laughing) Oh, folks! Oh, Lord, thank you for my enemies.  Thank you for my enemies. Thank you for such predictable stupidity number of my enemies.  "Rush Limbaugh..." Reportedly! (laughing) Reportedly, "apparently... So far no comment from Palin."  (laughing)  And of course Zsa Zsa got in on this as well, Arianna Huffington.  So there's a couple more sound bites. 

RUSH:  By the way, Margaret Carlson? You know, I didn't know Margaret Carlson was still around.  I honestly didn't.  She'd been wrong for so long I just assumed she'd be hired by the Obama administration like a lot of journalists have been. I think it's like 17 or 18 journalists have been hired by the Obama administration, and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington). Andrea, you better be careful because washed up reporters get sent over to MSNBC. Sorry, she's already there.  She does have her own show at one o'clock.  Okay, now back to the R-word sound bites.  Where did we leave off?   Oh, yeah, Zsa Zsa.  Here is Arianna Huffington and this is this morning on MSNBC.

HUFFINGTON:  Sarah Palin is being absolutely ludicrous.  This is like the extreme of political correctness.  Rahm apologized. It's a complete nonissue.  This is absolutely manufactured indignation and the sooner we stop talking about it the better.  Sarah Palin suddenly waking up and discovering that Rahm Emanuel used a word that Rush Limbaugh has used consistently but she has nothing to say about that.

RUSH:  I have not "used it consistently." (laughing)  I'm merely quoting Rahm Emanuel yesterday.  And, by the way, I don't have any manufactured indignation.  I'm laughing about all this!  In case you people don't understand... Guess what?  Guess what else the libs are just roiled about, proving that there's a new generation of libs that's populating the media as well as the old generation.  I said on Gretchen Carlson's show yesterday, "I love the women's movement especially walking behind it." Folks, I've only been using that line since 1986.  I've only been using it since 1986! I've been using it for over 22 years.  Yet there are some libs in the media heard it for the first time.  This is why you gotta keep repeating things, folks, even if you get bored with them.  And they hear things I haven't said repeatedly and they make up things I haven't said and they get angry. They have no sense of humor.  I mean, everybody, even in Sacramento when I said it first. That was an ad-lib line in a debate with a mayor of Davis, California, on a TV station in Sacramento. I came up with it just in the heat of the moment and everybody laughed. Even Mayor Davis started laughing on the show!  Nobody got mad about it back then. But, look, we're so wound tight with political correctness now.  All right, let's go back. Let's go back. Here is, again, MSNBC trying their best to turn this into Sarah Palin versus Rush Limbaugh.

REPORTER:  Someone who supported Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, went on a tirade.  I want to play what he said.  As you know, Ken, people are asking if Sarah Palin's going to call out Rush for these remarks.  Let's play it.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards "retards." ... I think the big news is that he's out there calling Obama's number one supporters "F-ing retards."  There's going to be a retard summit at the White House.

REPORTER:  Has Sarah Palin commented on Rush's words there that he said on his radio show yesterday, Ken?

VOGEL:  We haven't heard that yet but, uh, she clearly is very active on Facebook, so wouldn't be surprised to hear from her soon.

REPORTER:  We'll see if it turns from, uh, as the headline says "Palin vs. Limbaugh" or if it will say "Palin vs. Emanuel."

RUSH:  That's the MSNBC correspondent Ken Vogel: Palin vs. Limbaugh. Sarah Palin knows how this program works.  She knows that we were making fun of Rahm Emanuel and highlighting that it's people like Emanuel who do say these things.  They hardly ever get called on it.  If it hadn't been for Sarah Palin...  And this comment was made last August.  Now, we're not through here, folks.  Yesterday afternoon in Washington, at the White House, deputy press secretary Bill Burton held the daily press briefing, and the Fox News correspondent, Major Garrett, says, "Why bring in this large a group of people here to Rahm Emanuel?  Is there something the administration's trying to get across to this larger group of interested parties on this issue of the R-word as a result of what was published about what Rahm Emanuel said year?"

BURTON:  This is something that happened in August. It's something that Rahm Emanuel has apologized for. It's, ummm... issue of, uhhh... you know, issues of derogatory comments that make fun of one group or pit one against the other, ummm, don't do anything to further our political discourse, and for that, Rahm Emanuel apologized and, uh, we're -- we're looking to move forward here.

GARRETT:  Did the president ask him to apologize?

BURTON:  I don't know what conversations, uh, Rahm Emanuel had with the president.

RUSH:  Now, they're saying this is a nonissue.  It's a nonissue now.  Zsa Zsa says it's a nonissue. (Huffington impression) "Rahm has apoleee-gized.  Rush Leeembaugh says it consistently."  If it's a nonissue, why did he apologize all over the place and why did they arrange an R-word summit for Rahm Emanuel to apologize?  I feel like an idiot.  The R-word summit.  Barney Frank attacked me on the House floor yesterday.  Here is a portion of what he said.

FRANK:  The Washington Times said Schumer and Frank have plans to ram through legislation that will produce universal voter r-r-registration -- and they say it will be on the floor of the House in two weeks.  It's the lie repeated.  Rush Limbaugh joined in.  This begins with a totally fictional accusation by John Fund with no basis whatsoever repeated by the Washington Times and repeated by Rush Limbaugh.  None of them having checked what we were talking about. None of them seeing if it was accurate.  I was asked by a constituent why I hadn't done that my response was done what I didn't do it.  It begins with a lie from the editorial writer from the Wall Street it was then repeated by all of his right-wing colleagues.

RUSH:  Now, let's remember, the last time Barney said with ontological certitude that there's no way Scott Brown's swearing in will be delayed. (paraphrased) "There's no way the certification will be delayed. There's no provision in the law for it. There's no way. That's silly. You can't be delayed. If he wins he wins, he's sworn in."  He's been delayed being sworn in. So when Barney is speaking with this kind of certitude, folks, the evidence is maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about here and is trying to diffuse things. 

RUSH: Tom in Englewood, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Glad to be here, Rush.  I'm a longtime listener and a big fan of yours.

RUSH:  Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER:  When I was talking to Mr. Snerdley, I pointed out that it seems like every time you or let's say even Sarah Palin bring up an issue, you're one voice, and there is like a thousand voices in the mainstream media that would love to just tear you or Sarah Palin down.  It's like a science fiction movie, you know, where they keep shooting these high pressure or atomic rockets into this big blob in space and the only thing that happens is it gets more powerful, and that's what your voice and Sarah Palin's voice are doing.  Every time they attack you, the only thing they do -- and like you say, thank God for my enemies -- is make you stronger and make you increase your will.

RUSH:  It's amazing. They've been making this mistake for 20 years. 

CALLER:  Yeah, they don't get it.

RUSH:  I like this analogy to a sci-fi movie.

CALLER:  Yeah.  You know, I don't know, I watched one, you know, I can't even remember what it was, but they shoot their big powerful laser, whatever it is, into this giant blob and they get stronger.

RUSH:  Yeah, they were shooting it with what it lived on.

CALLER:  Yes, exactly, exactly.

RUSH:  In my case, false criticism.


RUSH:  I live on false criticism.  I mean, it's my favorite meal.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Do you remember the movie Mars Attacks?

CALLER:  Yes, I do, with Jack Nicholson.

RUSH:  Jack Nicholson and all these little Martian people coming around and they had them fooled into thinking they wanted peace and love and all that.

CALLER:  Yeah, right.

RUSH:  And they were firing everything they had at these little Martian people and their big ships and so forth. Finally what brought the Martians down was Slim Whitman music.

CALLER:  (laughing)  Yes.  (laughing)  I thought that was tremendous.

RUSH:  Slim Whitman music caused the Martians' heads to explode.  So hopefully they won't find the Slim Whitman equivalent to taking out Sarah Palin and me.  Thanks, Tom, for the phone call.  I appreciate it. 


RUSH:  I just got an e-mail from another web subscriber, Thomas Morely, subject line:  "I am offended.  Dear Mr. Limbaugh:  You just said you feel like an idiot, as if that were a bad thing.  Mr. Limbaugh, I am a recovering idiot, and I'm totally offended."  That's Tom in St. Paul.  Ah, gee, I didn't know I was offending idiots by saying I felt like one having to say the R-word and so forth.   

RUSH:  I just got a note from a friend who said, "Rush, it's not just the R-word which needs to be banned or dropped.  There's a T-word associated with this, too: 'Tard.  It's slang, and it's in the Urban Dictionary."  I'm just going to read the definition of 'tard to you in the Urban Dictionary.: "Adjective used to describe ones so retarded they do not deserve the r-e."  If Emanuel is going to start pulling the word from legislation... (interruption) That's what it says, Snerdley! (laughing) It's in the Urban Dictionary.  I'm just -- I'm trying to be helpful to the administration here because they want to pull the word and drop it from as much of the charted language that we have.


RUSH: By the way, I forgot, there is another use of the word 'tard other than the definition given in the Urban Dictionary.  As in "I'm 'tard and I need to go to bed."  That's the Southern dialect. No, that's Hillary Clinton. She used it that way when she channeled a great black spiritual leader in the past: "I ain't no waaaays 'tard."  So you gotta be careful when you use the word 'tard out there. Make sure your audience knows which definition you mean.  

Read the Background Material...
Washington Post: Emanuel Says He Will Join Effort to Stop Use of 'Retarded'
New York Times: Emanuel Meets With Disability Groups
Sweetness & Light: Emanuel To Ban Retard From Legislation

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To: GOP_Lady

yah, it is scary out here, and it is about to get scarier at 8:30 Eastern tomorrow AM when the January labor numbers hit the street right before the Markets open.

Let’s see if Greece, Spain, Portugal, the EU, et al survive overnight, and let’s hope that tonight isn’t the night that Israel finally takes out the Iranian nuclear sites, or that Iran beats the to it and tests their first atomic weapon over Tel Aviv...

And that’s all before Rush even goes on the air tomorrow...

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To: GOP_Lady
Father of Special Needs Child Praises Your Host for His Support
Everyone knows we were shining light on Emanuel.
February 4, 2010 
RUSH: Here's Noah, Shreveport, Louisiana.  You're next on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Major dittos, Rush.  It's a great pleasure to talk to you.  I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Rahm Emanuel's sad excuse of an apology and the people that accepted that.  From a father who has a special needs kid, I just can't imagine that they're not calling for his resignation.  Can you imagine if a Republican made this comment?

RUSH:  I'm told that they did ultimately accept the apology.  At first they didn't but there was an update just before the program started that I saw that apparently the apology was accepted.

CALLER:  Well, I doubt any people have any skin in the game like I do, and I'm sorry, but the only way that me and anyone else that has a kid like that can accept the apology is if it comes with his resignation.  That's what they'd be calling for if he was a Republican and that's what I think we should be calling for from him.  It's worse than using the N-word.

RUSH:  That's what Sarah Palin did, she called for his resignation.

CALLER:  Yeah, these people have no one to protect them unlike, you know, black people if you call them the N-word and you go making remarks like that about these people. I have an eight-year-old daughter who had a stroke when she was born, she does more by noon to get five A's and the B that she gets in the second grade than Rahm Emanuel has done in his whole pathetic life.  It's just sorry that he can make, you know, comments about people like that.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  And I get even madder when the talking heads get it all wrong about you because you've been nothing but a complete and total support of special needs people always on your program, and, you know, because of comments you made yesterday, I'd like to extend an invitation to you to talk for CHASA, which is the Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association that we belong to.  It's a support group for parents that have kids like this, because you've just been nothing but supportive all the time --

RUSH:  Thank you for that.

CALLER:  -- and I'd like them to spin that.

RUSH:  Thank you for that.  I appreciate that.  I was just highlighting and amplifying what Emanuel said because the mainstream media was trying to bury it and now here they are trying to shove it off on me today which I knew that they would also do.

CALLER:  That's so true.

RUSH:  God bless you, Noah, thank you very much for the call.  I appreciate it.   

Read the Background Material...
Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association

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To: GOP_Lady
Rush Talks to Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends, Part One
February 3, 2010

• Transcript, Video:  Rush on Fox & Friends, Part One
• Transcript, Video:  Rush on Fox & Friends, Part Two

GRETCHEN CARLSON: (intro in studio) Rush Limbaugh has not sat down for an interview since being rushed to the hospital in December in Hawaii, but I got the chance to sit down with him over the weekend in Las Vegas where he was a guest judge at the Miss America Pageant. We talked about everything from women to politics to that day he thought he was having a heart attack. (roll taped interview)

RUSH: I feel great. It was a scary thing. I thought it was a heart attack. I thought it was "the big one," and I've always wondered -- when I've heard people say they had chest pains -- what it felt like. Now I know. So I went to the hospital in the ambulance, the whole thing. They gave me some nitro that took care of the pain. I'd never had pain like that. Nitro fixed the pain. That's why they thought it was a heart attack, 'cause it dilates the veins and the arteries and so forth. Then they gave me an angiogram and chest X-ray and nothing! There was no blockage. There was no disease. No coronary things wrong and the cholesterol was in the low end of normal and the chest X-ray was clear. So they couldn't figure it out. The best guess was they think I had a viral infection in one of the arteries that caused the spasm -- and they were really mad my cholesterol was low.

CARLSON: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) It's just not supposed to be that way.

CARLSON: That's good news for you now.

RUSH: Oh yeah! It's excellent. It's the cleanest bill of health I've had in a long time. I would never have gone in to get an angiogram for anything and this is great news. They showed me the pictures. It's 100% healthy.

CARLSON: So much of America was nervous including the executives at the Miss America Pageant --

RUSH: (chuckling)

CARLSON: -- who right away were saying to me, "Oh, my goodness. I hope Rush is going to be okay," and now here we are in Las Vegas and you're one of the judges of the Miss America Pageant.

RUSH: Yeah, I am.

CARLSON: What made you say yes to this request?

RUSH: I've always been intrigued with this. I'm like everybody else; I grew up watching it. So I decided to do it and only then did I find out what the real work commitment is. Folks, this is a big time serious thing. One thing: There's nothing frivolous about this. There's no frivolity at all. It's very serious and these women have devoted their lives, in most cases, to this week. I asked the first time we got in here and we were going through the judges orientation, I said, "Why do you entrust this to a bunch of rank amateurs? The Olympics doesn't do this."


RUSH: They said, "It works. We've done this forever. And this is Miss America and you all are representatives of various aspects of American culture, and it always works."

CARLSON: Have you been more impressed or less impressed with the quality and caliber of the women that you've met?

RUSH: There's a group of 53 here, and I would say that the vast majority of them are confident and poised as they speak. That's one of the things I was looking for. We interview each one of them for about 10 minutes and that's what it takes. That's about 14 hours over two days and there's nowhere for them to hide.

CARLSON: Especially from you. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing) Gretchen, I've talked to women here who know more about various political issues than elected people I've talked to on the phone. I've really been impressed with all of them.

CARLSON: So for those who were critics of you in judging this pageant and saying that you haven't been a supporter of women in the past?

RUSH: I'm a huge supporter of women! What I'm not is a supporter of liberalism. Feminism is what I oppose and feminism has led women astray. I love women. I don't know where this gets started. I love the women's movement -- especially when walking behind it. This idea that I don't like women is absurd! And this is Miss America, and if there's a Mr. America out there, it's me.

CARLSON: (laughs)

RUSH: So this is a perfect fit.

CARLSON: Let's talk a little bit about politics.

RUSH: All right.

CARLSON: Because while you were out here in Vegas, there was a big State of the Union speech by President Obama.

RUSH: State of Obama speech.

CARLSON: (laughs) Is that what you're calling it?

RUSH: State of Obama.

CARLSON: So I assume you had a chance to see it even though you've been working nonstop.

RUSH: Well, yeah. I gave up after 50 minutes. I heard it all before. There was nothing new in it. The only difference was the tone. I went back and listened to some of his soaring rhetorical speeches during the campaign. This was defensive, petulant, immature, childish, sarcastic. He's clearly angry that he's been rejected -- that his wonderfully brilliant ideas (health care and cap and trade) have been rejected. I saw a guy, a young, inexperienced guy just mad. I think, Gretchen -- I really do -- I think this is the first time in his life that there's not a professor around to turn his C into an A or to write the law review article for him that he can't write. He's totally exposed. There's nobody to make it better. I think he's been covered for all of his life. The fact that his agenda has totally failed this year is the best thing that could have happened to this country. I thank God every day that this is going down the tubes, that that Massachusetts election happened. Not that God had anything to do with it. That's just the person I thank.

CARLSON: The Scott Brown election.

RUSH: Yeah?

CARLSON: Here do you think that will factor into in a historic perspective?

RUSH: That's just the tip of the iceberg. That's just an indication of what's coming in November. I mean, I don't think... I think the Democrats are rocked back on their heels more than they're letting on. They're shocked. This is "the Kennedy seat"! If there is ever an entitlement in politics, it's (makes air quotes) "the Kennedy seat," and it's gone, and it wasn't even close. (end taped interview)

KILMEADE: (in studio) Whoa.

CARLSON: He didn't mince words.

DOOCY: No kidding.

CARLSON: When have you ever known Rush ever to mince words? He was pretty straight-forward -- again, not saying that he wants President Obama to fail personally, but he wants his policies to fail. That's just how Rush believes. 

Read the Background Material...
Rush Talks to Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends, Part Two
Las Vegas Sun: TLC's 2010 Miss America Pageant Grabs the Crown as Cable's Top Show
TLC Press Release: Miss America Takes the Crown on TLC

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To: GOP_Lady; All

Deficits by President. It’s not looking good!

13 posted on 02/04/2010 6:13:46 PM PST by Diana in Wisconsin (Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate.)
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To: GOP_Lady
The Obama Economy:  It's Scary
The economic news out there is downright frightening.
February 4, 2010

RUSH: Man.  We're about to go down through the 10,000 level on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  We are down almost 200 points today, and we have been trickling down ever since what, Snerdley?  Ever since Obama attacked the banks and promised to tax them for repaying with interest. (imitating Obama) "We want our money back, we want to get our money back."  Now these guys are going after Toyota, thug politics.  The government is going after Toyota and they're even accusing the Prius, the Prius -- oh, my God, the sacred Prius -- of having brake problems.  I didn't know a Prius went fast enough to need brakes, but apparently there are brake problems in the Prius.  We're heading down, folks, down to below 10,000, 10,059, it just keeps falling.  Down 211 now.  The market was on its way to 11,000 when Obama attacked the banks, promised to tax them for repaying TARP money with interest.  Then he released his economy-killing budget.  The market's voting and it isn't even November.  These are people with skin in the game. 

Obama says he's not a Bolshevik, and he says he's not an ideologue.  That leaves one other possibility, he's an idiot, a full-fledged idiot if he's not an ideologue and he's not a Bolshevik.  Now, some of the market experts are saying, "No, no, no, no, Rush, what's happening is Europe is spooking --" don't give me that.  Maybe what's happening in Europe is spooking them but you can't take -- oh, and I'll tell you what else.  They're going to have a revised unemployment number.  Remember we told you about this, the government is going to have to revise it downward because they did not count over 800,000 jobs lost last year.  They did not count over 800,000 jobs and they gotta make that up in a revision, and the Obama administration has obviously been manipulating the numbers all year to keep it at 10% or below.  They don't want it going over 10%, U3, that is.  U6 is 17.  That's the number of people who have given up looking and so are not counted on the U3 employment. 

I was reading John Crudele today in the New York Post, and I learned something else.  One of the ways the Bureau of Labor Statistics computer model handles unemployment numbers is that they assume that there are a bunch of small businesses that they can't get to that are so small that they statistically figure are losing jobs.  So they throw that in there.  And at the same time, they also count a number of small business startups that they don't know about and add that number in.  They're just wild guessing on some of this.  I know.  Well, the Moody's bunch, the bond rating people threatening to lower America's credit rating from AAA, and look, there are a whole lot of factors, but why is that going on?  Why the hell is that going on?  Look at the budget, the deficit, all the borrowing that we're doing.  We're going to raise the debt ceiling to $1.9 trillion.  We're going to go through that by the end of February.  It was supposed to last through March.  We're going to go through that by the end of this month, and we're going to have do it all over again.  This is scary.  To me it really is scary.   

RUSH: I got an e-mail from a subscriber at Rush 24/7 today and I had to run the numbers here.  We have a math expert now on staff that runs the numbers. I had to hire one because nobody else on the staff could ever run the numbers right, including me.  So we got an off-site mathematician here that runs the numbers.  "Rush, use George Clooney to explain the magnitude of the Obama $3.8 trillion budget.  Clooney's telethon for Haiti raised $66 million.  Big number, right?  Well, George Clooney would have to have a $66 million telethon every day for the next 158 years to match Obama's spending in this budget.  Does that help put it in perspective?"  A $66 million telethon every day for the next 158 years!  Wow, shocking, shocking, shocking.  But it is a great way to illustrate just how much money that we don't have that Obama is spending. 


RUSH: Cherie in Valparaiso, Indiana, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I'm thrilled.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  I heard what you said about eight million jobs lost, and I wondered if you knew that over 8.3 million illegal immigrants are currently working in the United States.

RUSH:  Well, I don't know what the numbers of illegals working are.  The number of illegals in the country is between 12 and 20 million.

CALLER:  Well, this was according to the Pew Hispanic Research Study on undocumented immigrants from back in April.  You can find it on their website. And it just seems to me that if that is true, that the fairest, most efficient way to, quote, unquote, "create jobs" would be to send the illegals home and not give them amnesty.

RUSH:  Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!  But remember something, Cherie: Quote, unquote, "These are jobs the American people don't want. These are jobs the American people refuse to do."

CALLER:  Well, when you're desperate (chuckles) I think you might be more inclined to take fast food jobs, factory jobs.

RUSH:  Of course!  I'm just saying. I'm just saying what the pro-amnesty crowd says, what the open-borders people say.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Well, there is an easy way to do it. It's nondiscriminatory; it's federally approved.  It's called e-Verify, and all a business needs is a personal computer and they can check the worker's legal status through the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security databases. That way legal workers, legal immigrants, and citizens of the United States get those jobs first.

RUSH:  I appreciate your calling on that.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.

RUSH:  I really do.  Thanks, Cherie. 

RUSH:  I've been following the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummet today, down over 200 -- 206 right now, just barely above 10,000, 10,064, and it was very recent that we were up at 11,000 or approaching 11,000, and clearly there's some domestic politics involved here, the budget and the attack on the banks and the new bank tax, the tax banks are paying money back they've already paid back with interest.  But an economist buddy of mine sent me this short little note, 'cause I had read earlier today that financial experts are blaming today's plunge on Europe.  So I sent out an all points bulletin, "What the hell is going on in Europe that would cause this?"  This is what I got back. 

"Hey, Rush, you could literally see the beginning of the breakup of the European Union now, especially the end of the euro common currency.  It's a fundamentally flawed system.  It is a failed experiment over there.  This could get really, really ugly and we haven't seen the worst of it yet.  Then you have Austria.  Austrian banks lent billions to Eastern Europe and they can't get paid back.  Remember, World War II started with a big Austrian bank failing back then.  That was the beginning.  You gotta add Ireland to the list here, they're in trouble.  You could literally see the monetary payment system shut down over in the EU in some countries.  It's gonna get ugly, my friend.  A 50-50 chance the EU's going to fall apart, the currency.  Here, too.  And Obama has no clue what to do here.  None.  He's a total short sale." That's from my economic buddy. 


RUSH: Gordon in Roanoke, Virginia, let me get to you first. Hi, Gordon, nice to have you on the program.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  Hello.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I was calling about the story you mentioned earlier, the media is pushing about the fear of losing our bond rating.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  And I'm in Virginia.  Governor Warner, whenever he was governor of this state, used the same story to cause a lot of fear and actually push through a billion-dollar tax increase, and I just think that's what they're doing with this story --

RUSH:  A-ha.

CALLER:  -- trying to gin up the fear, and now that Warner and Kaine are out of office they increased our tax (unintelligible) increase our taxes and spending, now they've left us billions of dollars in debt.

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  It's Moody's here that is threatening to lower the rating.  Can Obama call up and tell Moody's what he wants them to say?

CALLER:  I just think -- if our family and our credit cards get high, what's the first thing you do?  You stop spending.  I don't try to increase my credit limit and I think that's what we ought to be doing as a country.

RUSH:  Well, obviously.  Of course.  We're spending more and more and more, and now Obama is saying: "Time to get our arms around spending too much" that's the prelude to tax increases is Obama saying, "We can't continue this kind of spending," as though he's had no role in it.  Look, I gotta run here, Gordon, because I am sadly out of precious broadcast minutes. 

Read the Background Material...
AP: First-time Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly
New York Post: Bad Feelings Grow About Employment Report - John Crudele
Sweetness & Light: Initial Jobless Claims Rise 'Unexpectedly'
24/7 Wall Street: US Recession Job Loss May Have Been Undercounted By 824000 - Douglas A. McIntyre
Bloomberg: Bloomberg: 824,000 Jobs Will Disappear on February 5th
US News: Forget Polls, Here?s Tangible Proof the Obama Honeymoon is Over - Doug Heye

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To: GOP_Lady
I hope everyone had a great day and is in a "RUSH" groove!

15 posted on 02/04/2010 6:15:44 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: Bean Counter; All

It is going to be grim...

16 posted on 02/04/2010 6:16:25 PM PST by Diana in Wisconsin (Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate.)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin

I know...I hate over-used metaphors, but “Perfect Storm” could about to be redefined....

17 posted on 02/04/2010 6:25:37 PM PST by Bean Counter (Stout Hearts...)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin
Hi, dear Diana. The deficit is definitely not looking good.

But this is:

18 posted on 02/04/2010 6:27:18 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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To: GOP_Lady
Although not mentioned in the quotes, Rush did bring up the fact that Obama talked about his citizenship at the Prayer Meeting. ( We need more of this, Rush.)

And...I am very pleased that he ran the clip of Obama telling the audience that they should not question his faith or **CITIZENSHIP** ( **WHOA**!!! Am I surprised or what?)

Uh?...So why shouldn't a citizen ask if their president is eligible? Huh? Is in the Constitution!

19 posted on 02/04/2010 6:27:49 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid!)
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To: Bean Counter

Have faith, Bean Counter! :-)

20 posted on 02/04/2010 7:31:35 PM PST by GOP_Lady
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