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To: curiosity
Here is something I like to post from time to time:
Let them claim there is no long form.
1st.  They and everyone has said all along the COLB is an abstract.  A COLB is a walkup document, meaning you can walk up to the desk, ask for your BC and they will provide an abstract, called a COLB in about 10 minutes.  That means there is a long form and Hawaii statutes, starting at (338)
2nd.  Hawaii already said they have seen Barry O.'s vital records and issued two statements - blah, blah, blah, right?
3rd.  Barry O. never had to show his long form BC ever, in his life, for anything?  Like obtaining a passport.  That one document is better than a drivers license.  It saying to the world you are who is contained in the passport document, which is based on an investigation of your background and YOU MUST provide a Birth Certificate as foundational proof of who YOU say you are.  From there the State Department does their background check on you and if you are who you say you are with no ammendments, modifications or whatever to your identity they issue it clean. 
Most adults can go to a desk or filing cabinet in his house and produce a birth certificate in a few minutes?

Barry O. tried to pass of something that was inconsistent with what the rest of have and know to be a “Birth Certificate”.

The so called COLB has many flaws with it:

  • His father’s race could never have been listed as “African”.  That was not the nomenclature at all, in the 1960’s.  So that begins the suspicion of a fraudulent document.
  •  The COLB is also cropped in many of the pictures that claim it is a scan.  If it is a scan, why not leave the document and size intact?
  • The COLB also has no artifacts such paper folds.  A scan does not make those disappear and in fact will highlight them.
  • The COLB that is scanned mysteriously does not show the Seal of Hawaii.  Why?  Because it was computer generated and not scanned.  Guess they forgot to add that back in.
  • More over, many of us are concerned and want to know why he wasted time producing a document that is inconsistent with what we know a Birth Certificate looks like.

 The best part and even more confusing is why he didn't release any of the three Birth Certificates we know already existed before 2007.

  • His kindergarten records and the BC, that should be there, have mysteriously disappeared.
  • The BC he used to get into college, apply for loans and most definitely used for his passport. That wasn't available?
  • Why couldn't he just present the one he found among his mother's belongings upon her death.   He waxed on and wondered about it and his father in one of his books.  Why not post that one?

Those were most certainly BC’s and not a COLB. There is no reason to create confusion but, for the fact he is hiding something. That something will be discovered, though and this is a long process.

“I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school. It’s a short piece, with a photograph of him. No mention is made of my mother or me, and I’m left to wonder whether the omission was intentional on my father’s part, in anticipation of his long departure. Perhaps the reporter failed to ask personal questions, intimidated by my father’s imperious manner; or perhaps it was an editorial decision, not part of the simple story that they were looking for. I wonder, too, whether the omission caused a fight between my parents.”

From “Dreams From My Father” (Pg. 26 last paragraph)

So with all these Birth Certificates lying around, why did he feel it necessary to produce a "Certification of Live Birth" that is inconsistent with a Birth Certificate and wholly lacking all of the information you would find, in you know, a Birth Certificate?

He seemed to have some emotional attachment to the Birth Certificate found among his mother’s belongings.  Why wouldn’t he just slap that one up, for all the world to see?

It seemed important that he found a document that is called a “Birth Certificate” and it is highly unlikely he would not know what one looks like.

Hope no one brings up some house fire that vaporized his BC.  That was in 1972 and none of the documents listed here would have been affected by that “fishy” event.


16 posted on 05/12/2010 8:58:59 AM PDT by Vendome (Don't take life so seriously... You'll never live through it.)
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To: Vendome

complete nonsense. The COLB is an official Hawaii document that is completely adequate for all legal proof of birth questions (it even says so on it!). The state of Hawaii has repeatedly said that it is legit.

26 posted on 05/12/2010 9:02:10 AM PDT by ChurtleDawg (voting only encourages them)
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To: Vendome; Yehuda
Are these typical white people ashes? I think there was way more than Grandma Duhnam going out to sea. IMO Zero ditched all the incriminating documents, right here in plain view.

429 posted on 05/12/2010 5:38:38 PM PDT by Ezekiel (The Obama-nation began with the Inauguration of Desolation.)
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