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Obama 2012 Campaign Manager: John McCain
American Thinker ^ | 2011-01-26 | Jeannie DeAngelis

Posted on 01/26/2011 5:02:40 AM PST by rabscuttle385

The tactic Republicans used to win the midterm election was to tie every Democrat in Washington, D.C. to Barack Obama. He and his liberal policies were so unpopular that identifying a Democrat candidate with the president delivered a Republican's victory.

At the ballot box, the American people sent liberalism to the woodshed. The nation cast off Obama, as well as Pelosi and much of her progressive Congress. In January, the Republicans triumphantly arrived in Washington, D.C. promising to repeal health care reform, address out-of-control spending, and elevate conservative principles by making the U.S. Constitution the foundation of legislative discussion.

It's clear as 2012 approaches that a similar blueprint of calling attention to a failed presidency could help unseat Barack Obama from the Oval Office. Yet rather than continue to turn up the heat to accomplish that goal, one particular politician appears to be confused about what side of the aisle he should sit on. That politician is...yes, you guessed it: that poster child of bipartisanship, the always civil and moderate John Sidney McCain.

As witnessed during the last presidential campaign, the Republican nominee had a peculiar way of promoting his bid for the presidency. On more than one occasion, rather than pointing out the inauspicious prospect of electing Barack Obama, avuncular John reassured a tentative electorate, dismissing very real fears. Senator McCain encouraged anxious voters not to worry, because his unqualified opponent was "absolutely qualified" to be president.

Instead of promoting his own candidacy, on occasion McCain would attempt to put voters on both the right and the left at ease by saying things like "Barack Obama would make a good president." McCain reassured America that his opponent was someone that he "both admired and respected."

For all the positive free press John gave Barry, the senator might as well have gassed up the YesWeCanmobile and hung up two Barack campaign posters for every one "McCain/Palin 2008" lawn sign.

John McCain's self-deprecating approach, suppressing a well-deserved distrust for Obama's left-wing agenda, started two years ago, and now nothing -- not even a country devastated by the president's less-than-impressive stint -- can stop John from continuing that trend. Fawning over Barry in the name of civility compounds the mess McCain started during the presidential election, undermines the success of the midterm election, and paves the way for Obama to leave his suitcases unpacked.

The American public has been closely observing Washington, D.C. since the midterm election for reassurance that by voting for Republicans, they made the right choice. Instead of keeping the heat on and stressing why the job that was started will be complete only when Barack is sent back to Chicago, old faithful John McCain has stepped forward as an advocate to help rehabilitate Barry's sullied reputation.

In a Washington Post op-ed, John McCain praised Obama as a "patriot." McCain then jumped aboard the Barack bandwagon, lauded the president's Arizona memorial speech, and said the president's words "encouraged every American who participates in our political debates -- whether we are on the left or right or in the media -- to aspire to a more generous appreciation of one another and a more modest one of ourselves."

Apparently, bipartisan John wasn't privy to some of the president's more partisan soundbites.

Appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation," Senator Tom Udall (D-NM)'s State of the Union dance partner chose to applaud Obama's impressive performance as a president. McCain advanced the crusade to undermine the effort to send Barack back to Chicago by speaking on behalf of "hope and change" and expressing the comforting opinion that "the president has already changed a great deal."

Rather than lay the groundwork for Obama's defeat in 2012, the Arizona senator is fast becoming a foundational promoter for the president's bid for reelection. John McCain should be helping to further the Republican platform of smaller government, less spending, privatized health care, low taxes, and all things anti-Obama. Instead, McCain told John Schieffer that "[t]he president, I think, has learned a lot in the last two years, as any president does. He is a very intelligent man. I think he's doing a lot of right things."

If John McCain's mouth even comes within fifty feet of a microphone, it seems as if the senator uses the occasion to underscore what he perceives to be Obama's positive presidential accomplishments. Based on McCain's relentless attempts to undermine Republican chances to gain back the White House, the historically bipartisan Arizona senator's misappropriated civility indicates that if there is anyone the very partisan Barack Obama can depend upon to help him win a second term, John McCain is the man.

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1 posted on 01/26/2011 5:02:41 AM PST by rabscuttle385
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To: rabscuttle385

2 posted on 01/26/2011 5:04:27 AM PST by paulycy (Liberals suck all the joy out of America. Let's make them stop.)
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To: rabscuttle385

"It is time for us to help Obama, and screw them all, again."

3 posted on 01/26/2011 5:05:36 AM PST by Diogenesis (Si vis pacem, para bellum)
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To: paulycy

butt smoocher extraordinaire.

4 posted on 01/26/2011 5:06:16 AM PST by Doogle ((USAF.68-73..8th TFW Ubon Thailand..never store a threat you should have eliminated))
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To: rabscuttle385

I’m only half kidding by saying McCain must have gotten a “Manchurian Candidate” brainwashing while in the North Vietnam POW camp.

5 posted on 01/26/2011 5:07:40 AM PST by Carl LaFong (Experts say experts should be ignored.)
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To: rabscuttle385

And Arizona sent him back to the Senate to help Barrack some more.

He will be there 6 more years working for the Democrats.

6 posted on 01/26/2011 5:09:16 AM PST by Venturer
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To: All
McCain ran the worst presidential campaign ever, one that surpassed old man Dole's bumbling effort. McC's nowhere campaign looked more and more like loser Dole's muddled bid. He was his own worst enemy. McC's problem was that he was not prepared to run on anything other than "war hero."

The stupidest campaign move was when McCain “suspended” his campaign and tiptoed into Washington to work on what?-----the discredited stimulus/bailout-----a desperate stunt from which he never recovered. He only succeeded to anchor himself to the sinking economy.


The economy sprung a leak while McC went out to sea. That stupid move of McC "suspending his 2008 campaign," as the bailout bill surfaced. Expectations were that he would have a plan at the presidential debate a few days later--something to convince voters he was up on the problem. He succeeded only in tying himself to the sinking economy.

McC embraced conservative-haters like loser Giuliani and amnesty-whore Juan Hernandez (Mc's hand-picked Hispanic Outreach man), and Liar Lieberman. All of that made McC lose needed traction with the stalwart conservative base----the party's most energetic activists.


McC disasters unlimited.

I kept waiting for candidate McC to trip and fall during his disastrous "town hall" debate------ballyhooed as showing McC "at his best." Watching McC mincing around the forum----he looked like an over-the-hill Home Depot guy working to supplement his SocSec. I kept wondering when he was going to start stirring the paint. His poll numbers dived the day after the debate.

BIG SCREW-UP McC hooked up with all the RINO creeps. This was a huge joke----Liar Lieberman sucked-up to McC then wrote a $100,000 check to the Dems to protect his creds.

McC was in bed with amnesty-whore Juan Hernandez as Americans woke up to 5 million toxic mortgages fraudulently doled out to illegals that poisoned our economy forever.

The parasitic pukeneos leashed-up McC like a pet dog. War hero McC was supposed to lay out the pukes case for Endless Global War using US treasure and rivers of US soldiers' blood. The very same pukes that duped Bush with fake documents, and lead the US over the cliff into the costly, bloody Iraq abyss. The pukes also goaded McC to glorify illegals by pushing for amnesty. With friends like these...........

7 posted on 01/26/2011 5:09:26 AM PST by Liz (There's a new definition of bipartisanship in Washington -- it's called "former member.")
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To: Carl LaFong

“I’m only half kidding”

I not kidding when I agree with you.

8 posted on 01/26/2011 5:10:00 AM PST by A Strict Constructionist (Oligarchy...never vote for the Ivy League candidate.)
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To: Diogenesis

Photo says it all!

9 posted on 01/26/2011 5:13:47 AM PST by surfer (To err is human, to really foul things up takes a Democrat, don't expect the GOP to have the answer!)
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To: rabscuttle385

McCain = Judas.

He sold his soul several years ago for some shiny air time on TV and for the illusion of being liked by the left.

A brave flawed American who is selling out the Reagen revolution bit by bit.

10 posted on 01/26/2011 5:27:01 AM PST by Le Chien Rouge
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To: Venturer

“And Arizona sent him back to the Senate to help Barrack some more.”

Precisely my first thoughts about reelecting this POS!

11 posted on 01/26/2011 5:27:39 AM PST by rj45mis
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To: rabscuttle385
12 posted on 01/26/2011 5:29:00 AM PST by FrankR (The Evil Are Powerless If The Good Are Unafraid! - R. Reagan)
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To: rabscuttle385

“John McCain’s self-deprecating approach, suppressing a well-deserved distrust for Obama’s left-wing agenda,”

What is this “writer” thinking?

I don’t know html well enough to put strikethroughs across letters.

Someone please strikeout “suppressing” and replace it with “embracing.”

13 posted on 01/26/2011 5:29:59 AM PST by Ghost of Philip Marlowe (Prepare for survival.)
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To: FrankR

But the people in Arizona love and adore him.

14 posted on 01/26/2011 5:35:10 AM PST by sport
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To: Liz
McInsane was an absolute joke as a nominee. The GOP got what it voted for, a huge Obama supporter and defender.
15 posted on 01/26/2011 5:37:36 AM PST by MBB1984
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To: MBB1984

McC was confused-—he thought he was Obama’s 2010 campaign manager-—instead of his opponent (/snix).

A low point (if it could get any lower) was McC actually berating a supporter on broadcast TV when she said something negative about Obama.

16 posted on 01/26/2011 5:45:23 AM PST by Liz (There's a new definition of bipartisanship in Washington -- it's called "former member.")
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To: Venturer

That they did. It demonstrates just how gullible and perhaps apathetic the AZ electorate is. During the campaign he talked tough and soothed them (back) to sleep. The problem in DC isn’t the pols, they’re only a symptom. Its the electorate that’s the problem.

17 posted on 01/26/2011 5:45:55 AM PST by 556x45
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To: paulycy

Lol, I guess we can use that old western saying: “Juan is back in the saddle again”, riding that RINO bronco, the statements from his 2010 reelection campaign fading into the past.

18 posted on 01/26/2011 6:15:09 AM PST by Will88
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To: sport
But the people in Arizona love and adore him.

Not everyone...including me.

19 posted on 01/26/2011 6:53:55 AM PST by Don Corleone ("Oil the the cannolis. Take it to the Mattress.")
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To: Don Corleone

I can’t help but to wonder if McCain is dirty. They must have something on the old fool. Maybe it is his knowledge of fraud in hiding Obama’s qualification status. It has to be something big that would put the old coot in the big house.

20 posted on 01/26/2011 7:55:46 AM PST by SaraJohnson
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