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The List, Obama's One Hundred and Twenty Sixth Week in Office ^ | 6/24/11 | Nachum

Posted on 06/24/2011 10:02:30 AM PDT by Nachum


Obama's One Hundred and Twenty Sixth Week in Office

"The List" for 6/23/2011


Federal ATF chief said to resist pressure to step down: Kenneth E. Melson, who has run the bureau for two years, is reportedly eager to testify to Congress about the extent of his and other officials' involvement in the operation, code-named Fast and Furious.

ATF heeds Issa's 'no retaliation' warning by...retaliating


Unemployment Applications Jump by Most in a Month

Chicago area unemployment at 9.8% in May

Fed balance sheet grows to record $2.86 trillion

White House: Deficit Talks In 'Abeyance,' 'May Or May Not Resume'

Obama Didn't Save Union Jobs, He Saved Union Pay

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Energy Institute slams Obama over oil reserves release

Bernanke Lies Half Life Reduced To Under One Day As Aflac Scrambling To Shore Up Liquidity On European Exposure

Obama releasing 30M barrels from US oil reserves ( announces troop withdrawals the same day)

Bernanke Just Admitted He's Lost Control of the Markets

Jobs Picture Grows Worse as Weekly Claims Post Jump: Initial claims for state unemployment benefits climbed 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 429,000, the Labor Department said. The prior week's figure was revised up to 420,000

Electric car maker files for bankruptcy protection

New-home sales fall in May as shoppers remain hesistant


The American Medical Association lost 5 percent of its membership last year as the physician group faced fallout from its endorsement of Obamacare

ObamaCare’s Preventive-Care Subsidies Aren’t ‘Free’

More Americans Using HSAs—Under Threat from Obamacare

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Video: Obama Flubs Speech to Troops By Claiming Dead Soldier is Alive

Video: Petraeus Testifies: Obama Plan Not what I Recommended

Obama Raising Doubts About his Credibility as Commander-in-Chief

Obama overruled army chiefs on Afghan exit

Obama doesn't listen to Petraeus on withdrawal

Obama's withdrawal plan is tantamount to surrender- UK Telegraph

Does Illegal Immigrant Sob Story Reveal Another White House State Dinner Security Flaw

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Obama Vows At Midtown LGBT Gala To ‘Keep On Fighting’ For Same-Sex Marriage

Obama says gay couples deserve same rights as all

The General Motors Management Lie

Video: Obama's Unprecedented War Powers Claims

Is the FBI Investigating Obama?......(related story: Activists denounce FBI probe revealed by papers)

Community Organizer to the World

First lady Michelle Obama today said her global advocacy on behalf of women and young people gives her a personal stake in her husband's re-election

AFL-CIO Branch to Represent TSA

Let Them Eat Kale

Michelle Obama: 'I can't stop eating French fries. But eat your vegetables.'

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones Calls Fox News 'Stalkers' After Challenging Glenn Beck to Debate

"The List" for 6/22/2011


Issa warns ATF not to retaliate against whistleblowers


VIDEO: Rep. Fred Upton Blames EPA for Obstructing Alaska Oil Drilling

Fudging The Jobs Data

Senate could vote on amendment to defund policy 'czars'

Tyler Durden's picture Investors Pull The Most Money From Domestic Mutual Funds Since September As Margin Debt Deleveraging Begins

CBO: Stimulus almost doubled U.S. debt

Full Transcript Of Ben Bernanke's "I Have No Idea Why The Economy Will Get Better But It Will" Speech And Q&A

Bernanke: Drags on economy may last into next year... -Admits He’s Clueless On Economy’s Soft Patch

CBO: If Politicians Made No Changes, The Debt Problem Would Go Away

The Congressional Budget Office announced that US government debt will hit 70% of GDP this year

 Obama Agencies Announce Massive Attack on American Job Creators

Big Wall Street Donors Abandoning Obama

Obama's Commerce Pick Criticizes Federal Fight With Boeing


CBO, Pelosi unclear on Obamacare’s Medicaid glitch costs

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Jeopardizes Hard-Won Gains

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold

Obama's Remarks on Afghanistan War Troop Withdrawal

Department of Energy Ignoring Safety Issues to Save Time and Money

Obama bringing NATO, G-8 meetings to Chicago

Obama will announce in a televised address at 8 p.m. EDT (midnight GMT) a plan to pull out 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by year's end, followed by 23,000 more by the end of next summer, a congressional aide told Reuters.

General Petraeus Did Not Endorse Obama’s Withdrawal Decision

Obama has signed executive orders that lay out how far military commanders around the globe can go in using cyberattacks and other computer-based operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage in other countries.

 White House (Obama Administration) loosens border rules for 2012

Obama Ethics, Year 3

EPA ‘Masquerading Propaganda as Facts’ in Support of Clean Air Act Provisions, Expert Says

Private emails detail Obama admin involvement in cutting non-union worker pensions post-GM bailout

The U.S. Department of Justice is claiming power and authority beyond even what the kings of England held in a case involving private "Liberty Dollar" coins that were offered to individuals who wanted them for investing or for exchanging for goods and services, according to a "friend-of-the-court" legal brief.

Obama issues Dream Act by executive order…press ignores

Community Organizer to the World

ATF Hosts Its First 'Gay Pride' Observance

Michelle Obama to African youths: Yes, you can (at US taxpayer's expense)

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

 Jones lawyers send ‘cease and desist’ to Fox News 

"The List" for 6/21/2011

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van’s Promo Stunt Scam? Media Reports Jones’ Beck Debate Demand While Failing to Notice its Timing & Strange Claim Beck Attacked the American Dream, Matching Van’s Launch Rhetoric for His New Rebuild The Dream Group Exactly


Gunwalker: From Obama’s Inauguration to Issa’s Report

Issa: ATF Chief Should Go But Higher Ups Also Culpable

Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control?

Fast and Furious Backpedaling at the Department of Justice


Misery Index Today is 33% Versus 22% Under Carter in 1980

Obama EPA’s Latest Ruling Will Cost at Least $11 Billion a Year

Oops: White House Corrects Job Creation “Laughter” Line in Transcript

Even DNC Donors Break Out in Laughter When Obama Claims He Created Jobs... White House rewrites letter published on own website edits out word "laughter", now reads 'applause"

The nation's largest newspaper publisher, Gannett, is laying off another 700 employees to cope with an unrelenting advertising slump

The Wealthy are on Strike Against Obama

Fitch Ratings downgraded Sears ratings one notch deeper into junk territory

American Small Business League: "It's no surprise unemployment has jumped from 7.6 to 9.1% since Obama was elected

HR 1249, the America Invents Act, abolishes this grace period, replacing it with one that creates unacceptable risk of loss of patent rights that no small business can afford

“The Great American Job Machine is breaking down, and roadside assistance is not on the horizon.” So says Mort Zuckerman, CEO of Boston Properties and Editor in Chief of U.S. News & World

Existing Home Sales Reflect Balance Sheet Recession

Existing home sales drop 3.8%

General Motors Rapidly Becoming a Taxpayer-Funded, Disingenuous Leftist Entity

The Death of Demand - The Post-Consumer Debt Economy


Just a $450 Billion Obamacare ‘Glitch’, That’s All

Obama's health care law would let several million middle-class people get nearly free insurance meant for the poor, a twist government number crunchers say they discovered only after the complex bill was signed.

Republicans and Democrats join forces to stop a Medicare killing Obamacare rationing board

Using our tax dollars for Obamacare ads: HHS to launch campaign touting free services under Medicare

PricewaterhouseCoopers Predicts Obamacare Horror Story: Skyrocketing Premiums, Employees Dumped Into Government Exchanges

It's 3 am and nobody's there

A top Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity official told lawmakers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would likely be among the private-sector firms that would be subject to federal oversight under the White House's proposed cybersecurity legislation

Barack Obama and Pentagon split on Afghanistan pullout- US president set to reject military advice by withdrawing more troops from Afghanistan

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis remains silent after The Daily Caller reported that her bureaucrats again vandalized posters promoting gay rights

U.S. To Suspend Countless Deportations: In a first for any administration, Obama has implemented a new system to spare a myriad of illegal immigrants from removal by authorizing—and encouraging—low-level field officers to block deportations by using an outrageously broad list of exemptions.

Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Subway, Truck, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane

The White House has officially declared that what’s happening in Libya is not “hostilities.” But at the Pentagon, officials have decided it’s unsafe enough there to give troops extra pay for serving in “imminent danger.”

Scores of U.S. Strikes in Libya Followed Handoff to NATO

Obama Ethics, Year 3

The FDA is about to order food processors and manufacturers to drastically cut sugar and other "unhealthy" additives in the name of saving the children

Obama Giving Stealth Amnesty To Illegals To Mobilize Army Of New Dem Voters

Killing Democracy One File at a Time: Justice Department Loosens FBI Domestic Spy Guidelines .....-Holder: There’s no room for politics in justice

Labor regulators (NLRB) are set to propose sweeping new rules that would dramatically speed up the time frame for union elections, a move that could make it easier for unions to organize new members

EPA ‘Masquerading Propaganda as Facts’ in Support of Clean Air Act Provisions, Expert Says

Obama Eyeing Anti-Gun Backer to Run ATF: Andrew Traver

Obama Omits ‘Creator’ When Citing ‘Inalienable Rights’ of LGBTs

DNC Fundraising Inside the White House?  Meeting with Business Leaders Draws Scrutiny

Community Organizer to the World

Kevin Jennings is Out (as Safe Schools Czar)

Obama's Food Police in Staggering Crackdown on Market to Kids

Ex-Obama Aide Announces GOP Presidential Bid: Huntsman... -Never disagreed with Obama policy

Obama and Israel

Obama warned that new "tactical" disagreements loomed between Israel and Washington, but vowed to leverage his administration's "creative powers" in the cause of peace.

OBAMA...Tells Jewish Donors His Administration Has Done More Than Any in 25 Years to Support Israel Security

Obama and Egypt

The Nazis Find a Home in Post-Mubarak Egypt

"The List" for 6/20/2011


Rep. Issa Compares Holder Gun Running Scandal to 'Iran Contra' (VIDEO)

ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program

Issa: Holder 'Absolutely' Knew About 'Fast & Furious' Earlier Than He Testified


Don't Expect to See Gasoline Below $3 Any Time Soon

Great news: China hoarding rare-earth metals needed for “green” energy

$1 Billion in Homeowner Aid Offered

House Prices May Not See Recovery Until 2014, and Good Possibility It Could Be Even Later

Gold Sets New All-Time High: $1545

CMC Provides Update On Why It Is Halting Gold And Silver Futures Products

IMF Cuts U.S. Forecast for Economic Growth

Study shows EPA regs will cost, not create, jobs


It’s not just McKinsey suggesting Obamacare is a mess

Accountable Care Organizations: The draft rule is so awful that even the models for it say they won't participate

Coming soon: A bigger, costlier Obamacare

Plans have until September 22 to apply for a waiver

Obamacare waivers on ice — for now

Dems Try to Discredit Survey Showing Flaws in Obamacare

Obama and Agenda 21

WOMAN ARRESTED For Protesting Smart Meter Installation

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Centrist and right-of-center national security experts reacted with contempt to Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim at a legal convention that the courts are the nation’s “most effective terror-fighting weapon.

Obama's use of his time to 'Tweet" questioned

Petraeus Would Endorse 30,000 Troops Home by End of 2012(5,000 end of 2011, 5,000 Spring 2012)

Don't Call Us Occupiers When We're Dying for Your Country, U.S. Tells Karzai (outgoing ambassador)

It could be months before efforts to broker a peace deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban bear fruit, U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates has warned.......-Flashback...: Obama the Candidate Excoriates Pakistan for Holding Talks With Taliban (Video)

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Schools Warned Not To Discrimate Against Homosexuals (Corpus Christi, TX)

Michelle Obama's Princeton Thesis from 1985:  "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community"

USDA Pushing Government-Wide Homosexual Sensitivity Training

Obama Administration Stresses ‘Discretion’ in Deporting Illegal Aliens

Holder: Justice Department Has Re-Opened The "Civil Rights Division"

TSA Now Storming Public Places 8,000 Times a Year

Panetta’s War on Reagan’s Defense Policies

Leon Panetta's Communist Friend, and the Chinese Spy

Community Organizer to the World

Obama no-show to National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) miffs Hispanics

Michelle Obama aiming to inspire African youth

Obama and Israel

Obama tells Jewish donors he strongly backs Israel

US efforts to reform the UN Human Rights Council have failed miserably.-anti-Israel agenda prevails

"The List" for 6/19/2011


Agenda Behind Fast & Furious Gunrunner Program


The National Labor Relations Board’s bid to prevent Boeing from moving to South Carolina could harm the very state it is trying to protect by discouraging businesses from setting up shop there, Republican lawmakers warn

African American unemployment at 16 percent

Home sales probably dropped in May to the lowest level of the year

Goldman Cuts GDP View to 2% as Economy Weakens

Debt crisis: IMF warns. Budget Dems playing with fire.

Why Obama's hometown has the highest gas prices in America

Obama and Agenda 21 - updates

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Russsia's Medvedev says wants to see Obama re-elected

U.S. Secretary of Defense confirms "outreach" talks with Taliban

Gates: Obama is within law in Libyan operation- rejects the word "hostilities"

Gates Calls for Patience on Afghanistan

Obama Ethics, Year 3

The EPA assault on Texas

Rep. Issa Threatens to Eliminate National Labor Relations Board Over Boeing Dispute

Obama to Address National Council of La Raza Annual Conference

Obama’s Views on Gay Marriage ‘Evolving’

Community Organizer to the World

Axelrod Assures Admirers: "It's Cool To Be An Obama Supporter"

Obama's Puerto Rico visit spurs anger, discontent

Obama and Israel

Israel will officially request that the Obama administration give convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard leave from prison to attend his father's funeral.

"The List" for 6/18/2011


Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15

After Dumping 30% Of Its Treasury Holdings In Half A Year, Russia Warns It Will Continue Selling US Debt

Rep. Issa: Stimulus website is 'propaganda'

Obama and Agenda 21

Secretary of Energy is looking at Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) Cold Fusion as a part of implementing President Obama’s ambitious agenda to invest in clean energy


Tip of the 'Gunwalker' iceberg? Are there MORE 'Operations Fast and Furious'?

The Justice Department is expected to oust the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to people familiar with the matter


Michele Bachmann.. suggested  that Obama secretly wanted Medicare to go bankrupt so retirees would be forced to enroll in the new national health care law

Obama Just Eliminated Health Care Waivers, Meaning 1,433 Companies Will Have To Pay

It's 3 am and nobody's there

U.S. in talks with Taliban in move that could end the war in Afghanistan

Obama Rejected DOJ and DOD Advice, and Sided with Harold Koh, on War Powers Resolution

Obama's Libyan Rebel Allies Murdering Rape Victims ("Honor Killing")

Obama Ethics, Year 3

How to waste your money – let us count the ways:  Green Advocacy Groups and Obama cronies rake in the bucks

Leon Panetta and the Santa Cruz Socialists

Video: Investigator goes into Communist Ties of Leon Panetta

Tax dollars for La Raza skyrocket after Obama appoints one of its leaders to White House post

Community Organizer to the World

Obama used his weekly radio address to salute dads for Father's Day and tout his administration's efforts to help parents navigate the shaky economy

Obama’s Communication Czar Heckled By Liberals During Daily Kos Conference

"The List" for 6/17/2011


Issa: DOJ Covering Up on Mexican Gun-Running Scandal

ATF Director Could Watch Live Video of Cartel Gun Buys--While Permitting Them to Proceed

Ronald Weich, assistant AG: ‘I Do Not Know’ Who Authorized Plan to Let Drug Cartels Get Guns

 Obama's the Target of Mexico Gunrunning Probe


The Obama administration Friday announced an early end to a health care waiver program that has come under fire from congressional Republicans (after they gave out more than 1300)

NEJM Study: ObamaCare’s Main Coverage Vehicle Makes Kids Wait for Care

Approps Panel Approves Defunding Of Individual Mandate

It's 3 am and nobody's there

U.S. Homeland Security Committee demands TSA explain reports of racial profiling at Newark airport

Under fire for its stepped-up deportation program, the Obama administration said Friday it will take a number of steps intended to focus on criminal aliens and make it less likely illegal immigrants without convictions are deported.

Obama Describes His Job As Cleaning An Inherited Mess

House Republicans to Obama: No more Autopen to sign bills into law

Relations between the United States and its partners in space remain strong, despite tighter budgets and concerns about costs and delays in building the space station, NASA chief Charles Bolden said

Holder: lawmakers endangering war on terror: says efforts in Congress to force terrorism suspects into military commissions are undermining the war on terror

US pays European groups $1 million to hunt for anti-aircraft missiles in Libya

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Panetta: Obama Can Unilaterally Use Military to Protect ‘National Interests’

Obama Adm Joins Suit Against Indiana To Force Abortion On The State

A Judicial Watch investigation reveals that federal funding for a Mexican La Raza group that for years has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars has skyrocketed since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House

CIA Director Leon Panetta, Obama's nominee for secretary of defense, once proposed allowing Congress to conduct spot checks at its discretion of the country's sensitive intelligence agency  

GOP House members attempt to foil Obama’s recess appointments  

Did Elizabeth Warren lie to Congress?...Newly obtained documents raise the question of whether Elizabeth Warren, a top aide to President Obama and liberal darling, lied to Congress in downplaying her  role in ongoing settlement negotiations over a major legal dispute....... Documents -Here

House panel takes up NLRB complaint against Boeing

Obama: UN ‘Legitimated’ U.S. Action in Libya

Obama Nominee Leon Panetta Paid Tribute to Pro-Communist Peace Activist


Questioning takes partisan tone in NLRB-Boeing lawsuit hearing

Unemployment fell in fewer than half US states

Kmart lays off 700 appliance workers

Yet another beuracracy: Obama signs an Executive Order creating SelectUSA, a new government-wide initiative that will promote the United States as the premier place to do business globally and help attract business operations to the U.S., in order to spur economic growth and job creation.

How Miserable? Index Says the Worst in 28 Years

The U.S. house collapse is now worse than during the Great Depression and is likely to get worse, according to a new report.- Paul Dales, a senior economist at Capital Economics, who authored the report, predicted that house prices will continue to fall by another three per cent over the rest of the year, before hitting rock bottom.

California loses 29,200 jobs in May, a blow to recovery

60 more companies take jobs, work out of California

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis

Obama advisor Daley meet with Manufacturers... gets an earful

Obama Wants Engineering Students and 'Diversity'

New ads encourage voters to support gold standard

Community Organizer to the World

Air Force Academy Creates ‘Worship Space’ for 'Earth-Centered Community’

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