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The List, Obama's One Hundred and Twenty Seventh Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 7/1/11 | Nachum

Posted on 07/01/2011 8:27:25 AM PDT by Nachum


Obama's One Hundred and Twenty Seventh Week in Office

"The List" for 6/29/2011

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Obama Says He Doesn’t Have to Answer Whether War Powers Resolution Is Constitutional

Obama Calls People Earning $250,000 a Year 'Jet Owners'....FLASHBACK: AP: Stimulus includes tax break to promote private jet sales

Obama dodges question on NLRB's Boeing suit

Obama's Press Conference Full of Inaccuracies

Obama today dropped more hints that he supports the granting of marriage licenses to gay and lesbians couples

Obama’s Suspicious Connections to Clean Tech Companies Receiving Federal Money

Five Ways Obama Is Circumventing the Legislative Branch

Obama Political Campaign Filmed Two Videos of President in the White House

Watchdog Sues Pentagon for Records on Obama Entourage's 2009 Copenhagen Trip

Should Drunk Driving Disqualify Illegals for Amnesty? Napolitano Won't SayAccording to White House visitor logs, President Barack Obama hosted a “DNC event” in the White House on Feb. 25, a Democratic National Committee event that was not on the schedule for that day

EPA approves E15 fuel label despite engine risk

Obama and Israel

The Obama administration is currently listing Israel among 36 “specially designated countries” it believes “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members

Jewish Dems Start to Abandon Obama

Obama may be losing the faith of Jewish Democrats


Saudi Arabia may cut back oil production in response to the Obama release of Oil reserves

Video: Obama says he is "amused" when people say he needs to get more involved in the debt crisis talks currently being led by Vice President Joe Biden.

Unemployment rises in more than half of US metros

Consumer confidence falls in June on job worries

Obama says US companies, like Boeing, need freedom to relocate within US

Combative Obama blames debt crisis on Congress

Geithner calls GOP debt limit plan 'irresponsible'

Oil rebound weakens effect of supply release

Supplies of Crude, Gasoline Drop

 Pending home sales climbed 8.2% in May, bouncing back after a dismal April and another signal of stabilization in a difficult housing market

Obama Says USA Must Up Its Game

It's 3 am and nobody's there

The United States has decided to resume formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday

Sen. Dick Durbin ) introduced a crowd of what he described as "hundreds" of illegal aliens to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and others attending a congressional hearing to discuss the DREAM Act

Obama's newest war in Yemen- Wag the Dog?

Obama: A lot of the 'fuss' over Libya is politics

Obama Scolds Congress, Says Malia and Sasha Are More Disciplined

TSA Continues To Harass Tots and Seniors

The top military official involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden said Tuesday that the Obama administration has no clear plan for handling terrorist leaders if they are caught alive outside a war zone

Senate panel OKs use of force in Libya


TSA cancer danger coverup?


Democrat Hearings on ATF Project Gunrunner

Obama and Agenda 21

NAFTA - Obama and Mexican Trucks


ObamaCare Puts Big Dent in Hiring

FDA panel: Avastin not effective for breast cancer

Appeals Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law

An ObamaCare Legal Precedent? Justice Kennedy gives a boost to the doctrine of enumerated powers

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).  Intended to quell accusations that ObamaCare will cost us a fortune, the IPAB is made up of members appointed by the President without Senate

ObamaCare's One-Size-Fits-All Plan Turns Patients into Sheep

Obamacare: Another Way to Redistribute Income and Wealth

"The List" for 6/28/2011


White House dumps 'secret shopper' survey of doctors

Group forms to save cancer patients' drug Avastatin from the FDA: Freedom of Access to Medicines

Opinion An FDA Panel Is Deciding Life or Death For My Wife

It's 3 am and nobody's there

General Reveals that Obama Ignored Military's Advice on Afghanistan

General: Obama Afghan withdrawal plan not among options presented by Petraeus

Obama Troop Cuts Went Beyond Largest Withdrawal Offered By Top General

How Obama Bungled Libya


How Safe Are TSA's Porno Scanners? .... Still no Rigorous Hard Data for the Safety of X-Ray Airport Passenger Scanners

TSA 'ignored warnings' on cancer cluster

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Photo Evidence Confirms White House “Dinner with Obama” Ad was Filmed in White House Map Room

Ahoy, Matey, It's the Feds: EPA and Coast Guard Target Air Pollution From Ships

Obama White House fixes study in homosexuality in the military

WH.. We don't need your approval to be in Libya, but we want it anyway

Adviser Harold Koh: Obama acting lawfully on Libya

Sen. Cornyn Confronts Napolitano Over ‘Backdoor Amnesty’ Controversy

Napolitano: Solution to immigrant crisis is reform, not deportations

Napolitano denied that the Obama administration is trying to unilaterally execute immigration policies contained in the stalled DREAM Act  

Napalitano faces Senate grilling over hiding memos on releasing hundreds of illegals

National Council of La Raza Funding Skyrockets after Obama Hires Its VP

Home Builders group sues EPA, says Chesapeake restoration strategy oversteps federal authority

House GOP bashes EPA over $100M in foreign grants to battle pollution

The Obama administration is prosecuting fewer cases in which people are accused of defrauding government benefits programs

Obama Aides Defend Use of White House Room for Campaign Pitch

White House Says Obama Fundraising Appeal Not Illegal

NRC and industry rewrite nuke history

U.S. contends GPS data can be used to develop 'probable cause'

Report: How the Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Was Born

When America's Founders wrote in the Constitution that a president must be a "natural born Citizen," they must really have meant only "citizen," according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Adobe book editor positive: Obama certificate is phony 'Altered document is manufactured, or in everyday parlance – a forgery'


Thanks to a clever bipartisan deal, embattled ATF chief Kenneth Melson will testify before Congress about his role in the bungled Fast and Furious gun sting—possibly revealing who on Obama’s team was in on the scheme.

White House Won’t Say If Obama Wants ATF Director to Resign

Washington Post Again Covers for Gov’t on Gunwalker


The White House wants to tax charitable contributions

Obama regulatory czar claims Bush was worse on rules

Horrible 5 Year Auction Sends Treasury Complex Into A Tailspin, 5 Year Yield Surges 22 Bps In Two Days

Dollar seen losing global reserve status

Dollar Drops To Record Low Against Swiss Franc

IEA Oil Dump A Disaster In The Making

Economic confidence drops below 2010 levels

Consumers' confidence down in June on job worries

U.S. home prices up for first time in eight months

Community Organizer for the Woarld

Michelle Obama’s ‘goodwill tour’ of Africa cost U.S. taxpayers $800,000

Michelle Obama denies supporting gay marriage

Big money fundraising getting harder for Obama campaign

White House Insists Obama's Iowa Stop for Economy, Not 2012

"The List" for 6/27/2011

It's 3 am and nobody's there

TSA denies having required a 95-year-old woman to remove diaper: -But.. told her she couldn't fly unless the inspected the diaper


Napolitano's email- lies about safety of full body scanners

2008 Document obtained by EPIC shows that a growing number of TSA workers diagnosed with cancers are voicing concern that the full body scanners and x-ray machines are indeed to blame for their illnesses.

John Hopkins study - radiation zones around (airport) body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit.”

New Documents Prove TSA “Mischaracterized” Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners


HHS Spying on Docs...$350,000 sting operation by Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services to identify doctors who are reluctant to accept new Medicare and Medicaid patients

Doctors Outraged By ObamaCare's Secret Survey

Now Obama's sending out 'snoopers' to pose as patients so they can check up on doctors

President Obama planning health care mystery shoppers?....... over 4000 doctors will be getting visits from government-paid, 'secret shoppers'

Expert Predicts the Demise of ObamaCare

Obama Ethics, Year 3

The Obama-Blago Connection

Picture of Obama and  rapist/banker Dominique Straus-Kahn

Environmental rules are hampering Border Patrol operations near the Mexican border

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Won’t Release Unredacted Yucca Documents

Audio: Aaron Kien radio show- FBI terror probe is targeting a group funded by Obama,

 Report: Feds downplayed ICE case dismissals

State Dept. Official Hails Che Guevara as Symbol of Freedom


'Project Gunrunner' Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice

A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker'-Part Four


Tighter Lending Crimps Housing

Manufacturing Surveys Imply US Economy Has Entered The Second Month Of A (Re)Recession

Obama Pushes $600 Billion in New Taxes in Debt Talks  Read more on Obama Pushes $600 Billion in New Taxes in Debt Talks

Obama Will 'Co-Invest' Tax Dollars in Corporate-Government Partnership

Obama shifts debt-talk tactics, drops call for end to Bush tax rates

The collapse in the manufacturing base continues: the Dallas Fed general business activity index just printed at a whopping -17.5 on expectations of -3.2,  number that was supposed to be a gain from before

Personal Income And Spending Both Lower Than Expected, PCE Deflator Surges, Savings Rate Higher

CNN Investigation Reveals Congressional Staffers Received $6.1 Million In Bonuses

Let them eat Kale

Mrs. Obama’s South Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Over $500,000

Michelle Obama meets Oprah in South Africa

Community Organizer for the Woarld

Two for Price of One: $5 Raffle Ticket Now Buys Dinner With Biden, Too

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that the State Department played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy

Obama Campaign Says a Bachmann Presidency Would ‘Erode the Path to Prosperity for Middle Class Families’

Obama and Israel

If the United Nations General Assembly in September votes for a Palestinian state through a rarely used Uniting for Peace resolution, the United States would consider withdrawing its funding of the UN

"The List" for 6/26/2011

Obama Ethics, Year 3

VIDEO: Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House, Possibly Violating FEC Laws?

TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida (Forced to remove underpants)

How anything you've ever posted on the internet could be seen by employers: FCC approves firm which scours social media sites to check on job applicants

Obama Administration Passes DREAM ACT by Executive Memo


Issa Warns – Spare The Whistle Blower; ATF Fires Him

‘Gunwalker’ Scandal and the Case for Impeaching Holder While Holder didn’t pull any triggers, the Department of Justice was involved in Gunwalker from the beginning.


Theft of cooking oil on rise- for fuel

Grocery bills jump $1300 in two years - and worse is to come

Poll: Most consumers short on emergency savings

Obama Recovery Is Worst Ever Since Great Depression

CBO Figures Once Again Prove Tax Hikes Unnecessary to Fix Budget

Obama’s EPA Sets Out to Destroy US Factories With Boilers; Affecting Millions of US Jobs

CBO: $120 trillion: The shocking true size of our nation's debt

The return of stagflation Obama’s Carter-era policies bring back Carter-era problems

Top 10 Examples Proving Obama Wants High Energy Prices

Recent reports reveal the harsh reality of hope and change. According to CBS News, while the national average is a depressing 9.1%, black unemployment stands at a dismal 16.2%. Worse still, black teens 16 to 19 face 41% unemployment.

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama's drawdown speech: Military Families Fire Back

Officials: Obama Leaving to Commanders Details on Afghan Departure

Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Defense Department libraries have launched a summer reading program in the hopes of inspiring children -- and adults -- of all ages to read throughout the summer

Let them eat Kale

Obama Plays Second Round of Golf This Weekend

"The List" for 6/25/2011

It's 3 am and nobody's there

The United States and China were holding first-of-a-kind talks Saturday on rising tensions in the South China Sea, with Beijing angry over Washington's support of Southeast Asian countries

War with Libya and Syria coming soon?

Obama may say airstrikes in Libya aren’t hostilities, but it doesn’t get much more hostile than attempted assassination. Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) says Adm. Samuel Locklear, the top U.S. admiral involved in airstrikes, admitted last month that NATO forces were aiming to kill Gaddafi

Full container screening 'not best' move, US security chief admits

Obama and Agenda 21

The Fascist Stealth of Agenda 21


Obama Admin’s Comments on ‘Gunrunner’ Scandal Strain Credulity

Operation Fast and Furious — How the Obama Administration Conned the Washington Post


Obama: We Can't Just Cut Way to Prosperity

Economy Expected to Have Major Slide in Months Ahead

Obama has devoted more than half of his out-of-town private-business visits to promoting a single industry: clean technology,

Out: We’re losing jobs to ATMs. In: We’re creating jobs via robotics

Obama says technological innovations such as robots can help pump jobs into the economy and spur growth in clean energy and advanced manufacturing in his radio and Internet address

Connecticut Unions Reject Concessions, Thousands Of Public Sector Layoffs To Follow


Wal-Mart, SEIU, CAP Join In Support for Health Reform, Including Employer Mandate

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Virginia AG to sue FCC over ‘net neutrality’

President Obama hasn’t always agreed with Senator Obama

Bill would freeze Obama administration's power to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants

The CinC goes AWOL on the Medal of Honor winners dishonoring the troops- Just a photo-op

AP Goes All Orwell in Covering Obama Apology for MOH Gaffe It Originally Ignored

W.H. releases DNC meet names

EPA criticized for overriding state discretion on water quality

Let them eat Kale

Obama Out Golfing for 13th Weekend in a Row

First lady Michelle Obama and family search for lions, giraffes in South African game reserve

Michelle Obama's magical family tour of Africa

Community Organizer to the World

Obama attracting more small donors

"The List" for 6/24/2011


‘Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Speaks

"Gun Walker" Fall Guy Refuses To Fall

 Trouble for Holder: ATF Director Eager to Testify About Operation Fast and Furious


Government Passing Private Firms In Consumer Lending

Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘Shrink’

Obama Announces $500M Stimulus for High-Tech Manufacturing

VIDEO: Wisconsin Senator Blasts Obama’s ‘Depressing Display of Economic Ignorance

Goldman Is Now Selling Oil Equities: Advises Clients To Buy Oil Equities

Sen. John Barrasso: Obama's Release of Oil Reserves Just Makes Our Energy Problems Worse, Not Better


FDA causing drug shortages

Obamacare expands entitlements across the board: Medicaid will be a middleclass entitlement - The $450 Billion Glitch

Obamacare waivers are a 'lose-lose' proposition for business

It's 3 am and nobody's there

ICE agents warn Americans “to brace themselves for what’s coming”

Mexican Soldiers Reportedly Cross Border Into U.S.

House Votes Against Libya Mission; Keeps Funding Intact

General David Petraeus: I disagree with Barack Obama but 'I'm no quitter'

Nato lacks firepower to ensure collapse of Gaddafi regime, experts claim

President 'becoming an absolute monarch' on war powers, Dem says

Military leaders know Obama’s decision is a disaster

Obama Ethics, Year 3

New Documents Show Intervention by Controversial Federal Agency in Forclosure Crisis Negotiation

We’re Putting Unconstitutional ‘Concentration of Power in President,’ Says Constitutional Scholar:  Libya war- Impeachable

President Obama Apologizes to Family of Fallen Soldier (SFC Jared Monti, Medal of Honor)

The White House Wrap:  Commander In Chief Misspeaks About Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

USDA to Probe Companies Running School Cafeterias

Obama and Israel

The United States on Friday warned activists against plans to send a new aid flotilla to challenge Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, saying it would be irresponsible and dangerous

Let them eat Kale

What Obama donors ate last night

Community Organizer to the World

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately We Have Help From The Media"

First Lady Praises Botswana As ‘Thriving Democracy’ But State Dept Cites ‘Violence Against Women, ‘Child Abuse,’ ‘Discrimination’

Fundraising Obama boasts he 'could not be prouder' of his presidential record

Obama’s Environmentalists Destroy Marine Environment

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Another week in Obamaville. A trillion here, a trillion there... pretty soon you're talkin' real money.

Let me know if you would like to be on or off the ping list.

1 posted on 07/01/2011 8:27:31 AM PDT by Nachum
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To: BipolarBob


2 posted on 07/01/2011 8:31:22 AM PDT by BipolarBob (Yes I backed over the vampire but I swear I didn't see him in the rearview mirror.)
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To: Nachum


3 posted on 07/01/2011 8:36:17 AM PDT by M Kehoe
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To: Nachum
And another thing:

Obama has added approx. 14,000 people PER DAY. to food stamps.

He and his policies have produced 7 times more food stamp recipients than jobs.


4 posted on 07/01/2011 8:39:22 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Nachum

5 posted on 07/01/2011 8:39:52 AM PDT by AngelesCrestHighway
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To: Zeneta

Great chart. Hope you you don’t mind if I use it :)

6 posted on 07/01/2011 8:51:31 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum
Send me a dollar via USPS and I will reply with a contract/agreement that will give you limited, nonexclusive rights to the image. I will have to check with my attorneys as should you.
7 posted on 07/01/2011 9:02:01 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Zeneta

“He and his policies have produced 7 times more food stamp recipients than jobs.”.....

This needs to be thrown in his face daily from now til the election!

8 posted on 07/01/2011 9:03:09 AM PDT by AngelesCrestHighway
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To: Zeneta

Pardom me but I am going to post this’s to important to miss.

9 posted on 07/01/2011 9:04:44 AM PDT by AngelesCrestHighway
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To: Zeneta

Under the “fair use” doctrine, I am allowed to post a link to your image as long as the image is not posted on my site.

Therefore, I shall only charge you for the free advertising I am giving for the free link to your web page.


10 posted on 07/01/2011 9:04:53 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: AngelesCrestHighway


Can’t see how that would be considered racist.

So, It should be fair game.

11 posted on 07/01/2011 9:05:11 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Nachum

Yes, but only if your viewers look at the image for less than 30 seconds.

12 posted on 07/01/2011 9:07:15 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Nachum
BTW, I love Zerohedge and I'm glad your posting on FR from there.

Don't care for most of the “comments”, however.

13 posted on 07/01/2011 9:12:06 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Zeneta

Yep. I think Tyler Durdin is brilliant.

Yeah, the comments are the usual I expect from liberal New York traders.-

By the way, interesting bit of Obama market manipulation going on with the Dept. of Energy.

First Solar gets a 4.5 billion DOE loan today


3 days ago, Chase and Citigroup analysts tell everybody to go short

Who is making money on this deal. Interesting to see who the major investors are here.

14 posted on 07/01/2011 9:22:47 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum
That deal must have been announced yesterday considering Thursday's move.

I just had to take a big WOW, step back.

4.5 BILLION .....LOAN.

Why would a profitable company take a gov’t loan ?

Most of the DOE grants and loans are for R & D.

This stinks of State Capitalism.

15 posted on 07/01/2011 9:45:51 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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To: Zeneta

Why? Because they can!

Ha. This is swine flu scare, British Petroleum Louisana payoff, and Florida bullet train that never got built. Heh.

The real issue are the payoffs. Who got paid and when was the deal made? Wall street made a deal. The banks were cut out of the loan, but given inside info so they could manipulate the stock and buy in when the market was artificially low. Then of course, the unions get to build the thing, money is donated back to Obama AND his friends. Everybody is happy.

16 posted on 07/01/2011 10:57:34 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

You and I and Bobby Fischer:

We can go crazy with all the possible moves.

I am trying real hard not to be cynical ALL THE TIME.

This is my greatest challenge.

17 posted on 07/01/2011 11:13:01 AM PDT by Zeneta (Why are so many people searching for something that has already found us ?)
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