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The List: Obama's One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth Week in Office ^ | 3/16/12 | Nachum

Posted on 03/16/2012 9:09:37 AM PDT by Nachum


President Obama's One Hundred and Sixty-Fourth Week in Office



Carney to bishops: Birth control decision is final

US Conference of Catholic Bishops Fights Obama War on Religion

CBO: Health law could cause as many as 20M to lose coverage

Costs for ObamaCare Skyrocket

ObamaCare: If Possible, The News Is Getting Worse

CBO Unravels Obamacare Budget Gimmicks: Cost of coverage increases along with penalties on individuals and job creators


DOE report on energy contradicts WH, Salazar

Obama, 2008: I Expect Americans To Share In the Sacrifice By Accepting Higher Energy Prices, Caused By My "Investments (video)

Carney: Calling GOP "Flat-Earthers" Was A "Policy Message"

Obama compares Republicans to ‘flat earth society’ for stance on green energy

Obama: Like TV, green energy is no passing fad

Obama flip flops on Strategic Petroleum Reserve

White House denies U.S.-U.K. agreement on tapping oil reserves

U.S., Britain to agree emergency oil stocks release

Diagramming President Obama's Oil Lies

Obama: "Do Not Tell Me That We're Not Drilling. We're Drilling All Over This Country" (video)

Gas Prices Jump 50 Cents In Sacramento Area

Christine O'Donnell's BET: CALLS OUT Barack Obama on "Lie Du Jour" on Gas Prices

Chicago-area foreclosures jump 42% in February

Sears to close 62 more stores

Biden in Ohio: Obama's 'spine of steel' saved GM, Chrysler

Jobless claims fall, manufacturing holds up

The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics Hardest Hit

State Dept. Revises Grant Guidelines to Focus on ‘Vulnerable Populations’ – Including Women and LGBTs

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Issa Presses Napolitano on Allegations of False Border Crossing Data

Ayers: 'Revolution' Needed To Stop 'White Supremacy'

RutherfordGate: Historian Responds to President Obama’s Hayes Slur

Obama Mangles U.S., World History In Energy Speech

The Vetting: Obama Teaches Constitutional Law -- Part I....extreme legal leftist

Obama Invites Trig Palin Birther Andrew Sullivan For Dinner

Media Ignoring Arpaio's Birth Cert report

Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend, Adam “Cutie Pants” Mutterperl, And His Radical Socialist Family

Obama and Derrick Bell

The Vetting: Obama Teaches Constitutional Law -- Part II

The Vetting: Cassandra Butts - Bell Devotee, Obama Advisor, Judicial Scout

Brietbart has only scratched the surface- it’s bad

Khalid Kill the Kracker speech (video)

From 2008: Inside Professor Obama’s Classroom

“Racism and the Law” syllabus ........ 2003 Final Exam ......... 2002 Final Exam....... 2001 Final Exam...... 2000 Final Exam .......1999 Final Exam ......1998 Exam...... 1997 Final Exam | Answer Memo....... 1996 Final Exam | Answer Memo   (hat tip: Theoria at Free Republic)


White House-Backed Review of Energy Department Loans Omits Solyndra

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. Starts to Close Bases in Afghanistan

Afghanistan wants early takeover of security: Karzai

Karzai demands U.S. troops leave village outposts; Taliban suspends peace talks with U.S.

Community Organizer to the World

David Axelrod To Erin Burnett: Maher Doesn’t Play Same Role As GOP ‘De Facto Boss’ Rush Limbaugh

Obama's top aide: Need 'simple booklet' to educate tea partiers... Jarrett blasts popular movement as 'anti-government,' thriving on scare tactics

Meet Barack Obama. Again. A 17-minute documentary

FEC records: Obama campaign paid $345,000 for Guggenheim film biopic

Obama's campaign paid $20,300 per minute for supportive film

Let them eat kale

Obama Fills Out 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket (video)



Scarce Oil? U.S. Has 60 Times More Than Obama Claims

Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher

Live Charts - Crude Oil Chart and Live Oil prices

Truck dealers study says EPA regulations worthless, costly

Energy Sec. Chu: 'I've Done Everything In Our Powers To Reduce Gas Prices'...

Gov. Mitch Daniels: ‘Terrifying Rate’ at Which U.S. Debt Is Accumulating ‘Will Lead to National Ruin’

Obama’s Claim That Energy Production Is at All-Time High Selective on Facts, Experts Say

California has one-third of all welfare recipients

The Worst Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression

Fed Stress Test Released: Citi, SunTrust, Ally And MetLife Have Insufficient Capital

Peoria-based Caterpillar said Wednesday that it plans to move work from its plant in Joliet to another facility in Sumter, S.C., creating 80 jobs in South Carolina

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama’s Top Campaign Bundlers Among State Dinner Guests

Obama in 1990: We’re Going to Reshape ‘Mean-Spirited’ and Selfish America

Disabled access rule may close some hotel pools

DOJ:. All 300,000 public pools in the United States must install a permanent fixed lift. The deadline for compliance is tomorrow, March 15. Call it "Poolmageddon.

How Long Has Obama Been Fighting With Catholics? Consider the History

Fed Fights Subpoena on Bernanke

Voter-ID Insanity at DOJ Going to the United Nations

 DHHS Official Grilled Over Preschooler’s Rejected Lunch

RoboGate: Democrat Party May Be Behind Illegal 'Rush' Robocalls

If Obama's Past Isn't A Concern, Why Cover It Up?

POPPERS OR SEX PRODUCED LOWER BODY STINK? This is an undocumented supposed incident that happened in Harvard

Obama’s war on Christians and Jews started before he was elected

Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist?

Foul mouted commedians visit the White House: White House visitor logs

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Gives British PM a Grill…---and some beanbag chairs

Panetta won't meet with soldier unless they lock up their guns first

U.S. dangles secret data for Russia missile shield approval

Major US Airport To Evict TSA Screeners... Orlando Sanford International could prompt stampede of other opt-outs

Community Organizer to the World

American flag with President Obama's image sparks outrage at Florida Democrats

Let them eat kale

Bison, halibut on state dinner menu

Obama sees Ohio basketball game at a cost of appox. $400,000 to the taxpayers

Obama and Derrick Bell

Soledad Stops Tweeting

Soledad O'Brien's Derrick Bell connections

Chronicle of Higher Ed Backs Breitbart Bell Story

Wikipedia Freezes Critical Race Theory Entry After Soledad Implosion

Obama's Legal Mentor Shows Affirmative Action Limits

Dorothy Brown on CRT (pdf)

Dorothy Brown, CRT Pension racism (pdf)

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama wears Marchesa gown to state dinner

It's the women who wear the trousers in this special relationship: Michelle Obama and SamCam sport dazzling dayglo in first joint outing


The Heritage Foundation obtained a 4-page strategy memo outlining ways the Administration plans to "sell" their health care law to the American people

ObamaCare's provisions dramatically discourage hiring, and will therefore destroy jobs rather than create them

Obama and Israel

Obama Denies Visa to Israel Parliament Member; Israeli Legislative Trip to US Canceled


Community Organizer to the World

Axelrod bails on Bill Maher

Sarah Palin challenges Obama to debate

Obama's Enemy of the Week: Sarah Palin

Report: 'Game Change' PR Firm Has Ties to Obama

NOW President: I Want President Obama Re-elected so Mysogynist Remarks Don't Matter


Furious Subpoena Deadline

Another congressman signs on to ‘no confidence’ in Holder resolution

Obama and Derrick Bell

Holder’s DOJ Implements Critical Race Theory In Texas

Derrick Bell On Reparations

Audio dug: Prof. Derrick Bell explaining some core tenants of Critical Race Theory

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Prager: It Doesn't Get 'More Radical' Than Obama's Associations: Audio

Vital Records Indicate Obama Not Born In Hawaii Hospital (PART 3)

Obama admin wants more secrecy

Young Obama Wanted to Be Like Sukarno, Says Transgender Nanny: "Lifetime President”

Obama’s last-ditch appointments .....Harry Reid moves to stack the judiciary

General Boykin discusses Panetta, ‘Kony 2012' on radio


Obama Makes 4 Misleading Gas Statements in One Week

Despite high gas prices, White House says energy plan is on track

With Uni-Solar in bankruptcy,Grand Rapids will import roof panels from foreign supplier

Failed ‘Green Tech’ Company Abandons $450M Plant: Evergreen Solar

Obama announces trade case against China, says US workers must have 'fair shot'

CBO: Deficit estimate for 2012 hiked to $1.2T after payroll tax cut, jobless benefits

WH retracts claim that Gingrich 'is lying'

Chu renounces his desire for higher gas prices

Former Shell Oil President: We Won’t Have Enough to Fill Gas Tanks No Matter the Price

Census data: Half of U.S. poor or low income

Obama’s regs cost $46 billion a year

Obama’s New Regulations Cost Billions

Consumers were spending more in February, but a big part of the rise was caused by rising gas prices

US retail sales rose 1.1 percent in February

Obama has a secret plan to deal with a catastrophic U.S. debt crisis:  borrow more

A Mere 80% Say They’re Not Better Off Than Four Years Ago

Exodus: California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama won't rule out faster U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

Obama under fire for being 'proud generally' of troops

Obama: Killing Afghans as serious as killing Americans

Obama: We take Afghan massacre very seriously

Holder Makes the U.S. Less Safe

Obama Administration Undermines Black Education

Queen Michelle

Air Force Sued for Michelle Obama’s 2010 'Whirlwind' Vacation to Spain Records

Michelle Obama to lead US Olympics delegation to London

Michelle Obama admits to 11-year-old reporter: The government shouldn’t tell people what to eat


Obama Says Accusations of Waging War on Religion are "Puzzling"

CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs

HHS weighs accepting men who have sex with men as blood donors

Sebelius Says Congress 'Carefully Weighed Its Authority' in Writing Health Law, But Many Lawmakers Were Confused

State health care exchanges will require enrollees to pay just one dollar for abortion coverage


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Team Obama hires lobbyist again, ethics be damned

Congressmen demand answers on lobbying conducted with stimulus, anti-obesity grants

Eric Holder hails transparency progress

Obama Administration Blocks Law Requiring Texas Residents to Show Photo ID Before Voting

Justice Department bars Texas voter ID law

The Vetting: Obama's Favorite Congressman Hangs With Commies

Cert. of birth no. 32018, of Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya

Obama Hypocrisy Exposed: Obama’s Speech With Maher’s Rhetoric (video)

Obama and Derick Bell

Derrick Bell’s Love for New Black Panther Party Founder, and White House Counsel(Cassandra Butts)

How Derrick Bell Beat Martin Luther King Jr.

Derrick Bell article edited by Elena Kagan in college says U.S. Constitution is the “original sin”

Soledad O’Brien wants people to stop Tweeting her about her interview with Pollack

Wikipedia edits definitions of Critical Race Theory 28 times after Soledad Obrien's exchange with Breitbart's Pollack (Hat tip servo1969 at History of edits right after the exchange

Soledad O’Brien Gives’s Readers A Lesson In Critical Race Theory


ObamaCare Subjects Nearly Every Phone and Computer to Government Control

Medicaid Expansion Stifles Access to Health Care

Specter says Obama ditched him after he provided 60th vote to pass health law


Two more congressmen hit Holder for Fast and Furious, 120 now want resignation

Obama apologizes for Afghan slayings, still ignores Mexican ‘Fast and Furious’ murders


Obama: 'As Long As Gas Prices Are Going Up, People Are Going to Feel Like I'm Not Doing Enough'

Obama: War fears driving gasoline prices higher

Carney: Newt Gingrich “Lying” About $2.50 Gas

Gas prices top $3.80 a gallon

Obama, arming himself against election-year attacks on his energy policies amid painfully high gas prices, welcomed a report on Monday showing a one million barrel-per-day decline in U.S. oil imports in 2011

Obama Makes 4 Misleading Gas Statements In One Week

GAO faults Energy Department loan program

More Taxpayer Largess for Chevy Volt— on Leases

Entrepreneurs scramble as banks call in loans

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama is repeating himself  (video)

Barack Obama’s warm welcome for David Cameron signals revival of 'special relationship’

Massacre makes Obama 'more determined' to exit Afghanistan

Obama calls Afghan shooting 'heartbreaking,' says he's 'generally proud' of troops

Obama Releases Gitmo Prisoners to Taliban

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama defends anti-obesity initiative as 'not about having government tell people what to do'

Slut-Gate Hypocrisy: First Lady to Appear On Letterman

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Targets Breitbart, Palin, Hannity With Heavily-Edited Ad

Unions Plan to Spend $400 Million to Reelect Obama

Hillary Clinton: 'I've Made Women a Cornerstone of American Foreign Policy'

Hillary Clinton: US 'extremists' targeting women


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Four Years Later, Obama Campaign Still Running Against Palin

Obama and Derick Bell

Jeremiah Wright on Derrick Bell, Jesus, and the Jews: A Sermon Obama Could Not Have Missed

Bell, via Kagan, on Critical Race Theory: The Constitution Is the Problem

What Is Critical Race Theory?

Derrick Bell Describes Marxist Foundation of Critical Race Theory

ABC, not PBS, first aired Obama’s 1991 Derrick Bell love-fest

Saving Soledad: CNN Writes Selective History of Derrick Bell


U.S. Still Down 6 Million Jobs

Gas prices up another 12 cents in past two weeks

Gasoline prices jump 9 cents overnight in Houston

Former Obama Economic Adviser Warns Unemployment Could Rise


Cardinal Wuerl to Newsmax: Obama's Birth Control Mandate Unprecedented 'Invasion'

Community Organizer to the World

Media Cover-Up Of Obama Impeachment

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama vows accountability in Afghan

U.S. offers condolences as U.S. service member investigated for alleged killing of Afghan civilians

US Might Not Know If Iran Started Building Nuke

Iranian Military Procurement Continues - "Shaheen Antiaircraft Missile"


Let them eat kale

89th activates 2 EAS squadrons By 89th Airlift Wing Public Affairs... for 'presidential support'

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama in Boston: US stands at a ‘fundamental crossroads’

Obama and Derick Bell

Sowell Destroys 'Totalitarian' Bell; 'Ideological Intolerance' (video)

Bell: Farrakhan 'Great Hero For The People' (video)

The Vetting: Obama's Supreme Court and Critical Race Theory

The Harvard Hug: What Else Are Media Hiding?

Ogletree's I Was Just Kidding Excuse Doesn't Survive Scrutiny

Barack Obama to Khalid Muhammad: Two Degrees of Separation

Obama Ethics Year 4

O’Reilly: Sandra Fluke’s boyfriend son of ‘Democratic stalwart William Mutterperl’


Obama: ‘Trend lines’ of economy are good

Obama is calling for Congress to end $4 billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies, and invest in clean energy instead

Community Organizer to the World

Team Obama returns to campuses

Obama’s Approval Plunges Below Worst-Ever President Carter


Obama's HHS mandate will destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor's ministry to the elderly

Cardinal Dolan: Obama Admin Lectured Bishops to Listen to ‘Enlightened’ Voices in Private Mtg.

It's 3am and nobody's there

US finalises $11.4 billion Saudi order for F-15s

Confirmed: Obama to Release Five Taliban Detainees From Gitmo

Sacrificing Marines for the "Greater Good"?

The U.S. military and the Afghan government sealed an agreement Friday on the gradual transfer of control of the main U.S. prison in the country

Obama and Israel

Obama's Israel Flip-Flops

Obama Seeks to Delegitimize Israeli Concerns over Iran

US asks Palestinians to sit tight


Obama Czars

Obama appoints Chief Technology Officer: Todd Park

Obama Dead Pool

An Eyewitness Speaks Out About Andrew Breitbart’s Death Scene.... Breitbart’s skin color described as bright red.

Obama and Derick Bell

Derrick Bell in 1994: ‘Jewish Neoconservative Racists’

Original Occupier: Bell Blames '1%' for 'Racial Hostility' (video)

Obama's Supreme Court and Critical Race Theory:  Elena Kagan and Derrick Bell

Obama Pal Derrick Bell: “I live to harass white folks” (VIDEO)

Ogletree: I was joking about Obama video clip

Why Derrick Bell is important

The Racist Ravings of Derrick Bell

Obama Ethics Year 4

US Attorney General to investigate monitoring of Muslim student associations

Ogletree- From Dred Scott to Barack Obama- The Ebb and Flow of Race Jurisprudence

Vatican City could be hub for money laundering, says U.S.

Radical Cronyism? Sit-In Leader Nominated as Judge by Pres. Obama

O’Reilly Traces Sandra Fluke to Former White House Adviser

Obama’s campaign gets more USAF aircraft

Obama and the Harvard Law Review Board – 1990... altered photos?

Obama is judge, jury and executioner

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Secret New York Trip, Transparency OFF The Agenda

“Food Justice” Has Arrived


Jobs Recession Now 49 Months: Longest Since WWII

Oops: Stimulus funds used to hire foreign workers over Americans in Oregon

Trade deficit climbs 4.3% in January

Gov't says unemployment still at 8.3%...

Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers

 How Obama Is Choking Off U.S. Oil Production

White House Defends Opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Calling it ‘Ineffectual, Sham Legislation

Community Organizer to the World

White House Organizing Prayer Vigil For Obamacare Outside Supreme Court…

Limbaugh attack boomerangs on the White House

The shortest movie ever? White House releases film highlighting Obama's first-term achievements (and it's narrated by Tom Hanks)

Obama's solidarity with 'marginalized' Muslim enclaves of Europe


The Obama administration’s top spokesperson on health care was unable to defend the president’s health overhaul law during a Senate hearing yesterday when she was confronted with the facts about a string of promises that already have been broken about law

Colonoscopy: Another Example Of ObamaCare’s Wrong-Headed Preventive-Care Policy

Your doctor could be Obama

:Is this why Sandra Fluke went public?

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama’s Alarming View on Who Wills the US Military

Obama and Israel

Obama Promises Bunker Busters To Israel If Netanyahu Delays Iran Invasion Until After US Elections

Cass Sunstein Olympics

Cass Sunstein Predicts Repealing Right To Bear Arms (video)

Document Dump: Obama Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: bhofascism; corruption; democrats; fraud; list; obama; obamatruthfile; office; week
The administration says they have gas. Boy, do they give us gas.

The list for this week. Let me know if you want to be on or off the ping list. The complete list at the link.

1 posted on 03/16/2012 9:09:45 AM PDT by Nachum
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To: Nachum

Thanks for the list. I’ve included the link in my permanent “Obama stuff” gmail draft. :-)

2 posted on 03/16/2012 9:20:07 AM PDT by cuban leaf (Were doomed! Details at eleven.)
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To: Nachum

We have a Marxist President with a radical agenda foreign to our heritage with his finger on the nuclear trigger. His paternity and citizenship are suspect. He takes great pains to hide his background from us. He was educated by Muslims, Communists, and at Harvard. He emerged into the public eye from the cesspool of Chicago politics. As a “community organizer”, he got folks on the dole and squandered taxpayer money in a failed attempt to subvert public schools to an ideological agenda. He attended a Chicago church whose hate-America Pastor is a foul-mouthed servant of Satan. He is close friends with known terrorists. He admires and bows before oil potentates and tin-pot dictators. (We have pictures.) He treats America’s traditional allies with contempt. He hates Jews, Israel, America, and Whitey. He lies so easily and so often it is troubling. Based on his past & current associations, Barack Obama would never even qualify for a DOD Security Clearance; now he is Commander in Chief and fecklessly taking steps to disarm us in the sight of our enemies. Does that make you feel safe at night? Fellow Patriots, Barack Obama is a danger to your Life, Liberty, and Property and a disgrace to American ideals! Barack Obama deserves only our scorn and contempt, not our vote.

3 posted on 03/16/2012 9:21:23 AM PDT by bopdowah ("Unlike King Midas, whatever the Gubmint touches sure don't turn to Gold!')
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To: Nachum
Bump to the Friggin Top.
Good work/well done.
4 posted on 03/16/2012 9:32:37 AM PDT by allmost
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To: bopdowah
We have a Marxist President with a radical agenda foreign to our heritage with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Well said.

5 posted on 03/16/2012 9:56:55 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: cuban leaf
I’ve included the link in my permanent “Obama stuff” gmail

Thank you!

6 posted on 03/16/2012 9:58:53 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: allmost
Bump to the Friggin Top.

Thank you. I need all the bumps I can get :)

7 posted on 03/16/2012 10:00:09 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

I just created a thread about it (with link)on my favorite liberal site with a polite intro. :-)

8 posted on 03/16/2012 10:02:28 AM PDT by cuban leaf (Were doomed! Details at eleven.)
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To: Nachum

You are consistent. ‘Damn straight’, Whatever. It takes a lot of work. I see that.

9 posted on 03/16/2012 10:35:54 AM PDT by allmost
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