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Sen Grassley : New Letter to Holder Today ^

Posted on 07/03/2012 2:15:35 PM PDT by sunmars

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To: GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

Enough already.. We want ACTION,”

That guy reminds me of Louie, the soda fountain owner in the old “Bowery Boys” movies. (Leo Gorcey’s Dad)

41 posted on 07/03/2012 6:42:54 PM PDT by chooseascreennamepat (The response to 1984 is 1776.)
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To: chooseascreennamepat
Review form Amazon Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up [Hardcover]
Katie Pavlich (Author) Everyone must read this book!, April 5, 2012 
By Aeronaut
This review is from: Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up (Hardcover)
Everyone must read this book! It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you believe in more or less gun control, or are conservative or liberal. Government scandals such as this must not be allowed, especially when they cost people their lives. Reading this book will cause you to experience a wide range of emotions. You feel sadness and frustration at the situation surrounding the death of Agent Brian Terry. This is followed by disbelief and outrage as the facts are presented regarding Operation Fast and Furious. Most shocking was seeing proof as to what the administration, at the highest levels, is doing for political purposes. It is frightening to realize, as the book points out, the incompetence, deceit and unlawful behavior with which the current DOJ and other government agencies operate and the great lengths they will go to cover it up. I was appalled to learn of their lack of concern for human lives. I had to ask myself while reading the book, “Could this really have happened?” But the facts and sources are thoroughly documented throughout the book to prove its validity. The introduction by an ATF Special Agent sets the tone for the book in a realistic manner. After finishing the “body” of the book, don’t put it down until you have looked at the appendices. There is a helpful timeline of events and further proof of the administration’s efforts to conceal the truth.
42 posted on 07/03/2012 6:54:48 PM PDT by Hojczyk
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To: Magnatron
I’m getting p***sed at the Republican’s lack of real spine in following through. Get some BALLS dammit

What exactly would you have them do that they haven't already done or initiated?

43 posted on 07/03/2012 7:32:48 PM PDT by hinckley buzzard
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To: driftdiver

Oh, I’m not uniquely talented. You could pick anyone at random out of the phone book, nominate them for political office under the gop ticket, and likely get a better result.

44 posted on 07/03/2012 7:48:38 PM PDT by RKBA Democrat ( We're all Texians now.)
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To: GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

Aw dang, you beat me to it!

45 posted on 07/03/2012 8:08:33 PM PDT by Old Sarge (We are now officially over the precipice, we just havent struck the ground yet)
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To: gaijin
But is it a scandal if the MSM ("American Pravda") ignores it?

46 posted on 07/03/2012 8:23:54 PM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: sunmars
Radio Free NJ

Radio Free New Jersey

Liberty's Eulogy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Fast Jason Weinstein Trip to a Furious Pat Cunningham

I have picked up on a strange report about Jason “Main Justice” Weinstein, whose appearances in subpoenaed documents brackets Department of Justice involvement Fast & Furious. Weinstein first appears in a September 9, 2009 email to Lanny “Deep in the Cheese” Breuer, which discusses ATF and DOJ coordination of gun trafficking investigations. It ends with an analytical review, now claimed to be the subject of executive privilege, ordered by Breuer, sometime after February 4, 2011. On that date, the DOJ provided a letter to Congress, drafted in part by Weinstein, which falsely claimed that ATF made “every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transportation to Mexico.”

The post February 4, 2011 talking points are that the ATF and Patrick Cunningham, the Chief of the Criminal Division for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona, dove into gunwalking as an ill-conceived investigative technique, without the knowledge of Eric Holder or the President. This theme emerged from the highest source as early as March 22, 2011, when Barak Obama declared:

There have been problems, you know. I heard on the news about this story that — Fast and Furious, where allegedly guns were being run into Mexico, and ATF knew about it, but didn’t apprehend those who had sent it. Eric Holder has — the attorney general has been very clear that he knew nothing about this.

We know, you know, this narrative is highly suspect.  Lanny Breuer is the Assistant Attorney General that heads up the DOJ Criminal Division.  He reports directly to Eric Holder. Mr. Breuer met with ATF Deputy Director Billy Hoover and ATF Assistant Director for Field Operations Mark Chait on Jan. 5, 2010, the same day the ATF delivered a report detailing all of the weapons that could be linked to known Fast & Furious straw purchasers, who bought 685 guns in less than two months, many of which were recovered in Mexico. Soon after that, ATF sought and received approval that Fast and Furious was to become an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) case. From that point on, Main Justice was intimately involved with all aspects of the investigation.  

I find a Greta Van Susteren interview with Congressman Jason Chaffetz to be strange, because of something that seemed new. In the interview, Congressman Chaffetz discussed that “both homeland security and the Department of Justice” appeared to scramble after they learned of the death of Brian Terry in December 2010 and the death of Immigration Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata on February 16, 2011. Evidence of the scramble, the congressman states, was:

Jason Weinstein goes down to Phoenix and gives a glowing report of the ATF, but only later then in August to try to rescind all the glowing comments. 
This sparked my interest, because a Weinstein trip to Phoenix does not appear in the 64 page May 12 Committee Memorandum.

On the other hand, the Memorandum states that the Lanny Breuer ordered a Weinstein analytical review, which came to include an interview with Arizona U.S. Attorney Patrick Cunningham. We also know that the Committee first sought a Mr. Cunningham interview in the summer 2011, around the time Weinstein, according to Chaffetz, “rescinded” glowing comments about Fast & Furious. 

When it came time to appear for his committee interview, Cunningham retained his own attorney, rather than rely upon counsel provided by the DOJ.  To me, this means that Cunningham’s legal interests became adverse to the legal interests of the DOJ.  Thereafter, Cunningham asserted his 5th Amendment rights, with a statement from his attorney that, “If as you claim that Department officials have blamed my client, they have blamed him unfairly.” On January 27, 2012, Cunningham left the Department of Justice.

The topics discussed between Weinstein and Cunningham in Phoenix little doubt revolved around the content of Cunningham’s communications with Main Justice, before the DOJ published its false February 4, 2011 letter. It also seems that DOJ changed its tune quite a bit, after Weinstein's trip to Phoenix.  Yet, Mr. Cunningham cannot ethically or legally disclose what he said to Main Justice until, at a minimum, a civil court pierces executive privilege. If executive privilege is Cunningham's only issue, this might be the first thread Congress pulls, to see whether it all unravels.


Update - Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter today to Eric Holder asking for for information about a memo from an ATF special agent that:
  • provided DOJ officials important information about what, in fact, was happening in Operation Fast and Furious;
  • traveled rapidly through the chain of command at ATF and was allegedly forwarded to DOJ headquarters on February 3, 2011, and; 
  • caused such a stir that ATF planned to put a panel together to address the allegations but someone within DOJ suppressed it.
Andy McCarthy has a great piece describing how "Main Justice stays in close contact with with all OCDETF cases  There is a Phoenix office ...

47 posted on 07/03/2012 10:32:56 PM PDT by JerseyHighlander
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To: sunmars

Considering that there is an unknown source, a “deep throat,” providing information to the committee, Holder is trapped. The cover up must be really big.

You go Issa, Grassley. Don’t let go.

48 posted on 07/03/2012 11:31:08 PM PDT by dervish (ABO)
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To: tet68
Nixon was brought down because the press hated him.

Do you think the same situation would bring Obama down? It is outside their worldview. Heck, I expect anti gun legislation or EO any day now because of Fast and Furious.

Never under estimate the power of propaganda.

49 posted on 07/04/2012 12:33:37 AM PDT by redgolum ("God is dead" -- Nietzsche. "Nietzsche is dead" -- God.)
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To: Jeff Head; tet68; HiJinx; Standing Wolf

Bumping to the tippy top!

Great posts!

50 posted on 07/04/2012 12:39:06 AM PDT by dixiechick2000 (This hobbit is looking for her pitchfork...God help the GOP if I find it.)
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To: redgolum; tet68

“Never under estimate the power of propaganda.”

Propaganda worked extremely well when there were only three networks, and Walter Cronkite.

Not so much anymore.

“Heck, I expect anti gun legislation or EO any day now because of Fast and Furious.”

I hope you aren’t holding your breath.

51 posted on 07/04/2012 12:42:15 AM PDT by dixiechick2000 (This hobbit is looking for her pitchfork...God help the GOP if I find it.)
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To: Jeff Head

Take a look at:

You’ll see that the Regime is running guns to gangs in the US resulting in lots of dead US citizens—especially in Chicago (guns were run through Gary Indiana).

52 posted on 07/04/2012 6:57:36 AM PDT by Sal (STAND YOUR GROUND laws are the prosecutor's target--GZ is collateral damage.)
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To: dixiechick2000
Most people still get their news and views from the MSM.

Which is why I don't see F&F getting much traction. The DOJ has given Grassley and Issa the finger, and Obama won't play ball. Without the media putting pressure on them, there isn't much more that Grassley and Issa can do. They can't arrest Holder (the DOJ has said they won't).

NBC has been running pieces on how all the guns that Mexico has are from the US for months. Even with F&F, they are proceeding with the plan,

53 posted on 07/04/2012 7:21:54 AM PDT by redgolum ("God is dead" -- Nietzsche. "Nietzsche is dead" -- God.)
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54 posted on 07/04/2012 7:28:02 AM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: redgolum
NBC has been running pieces on how all the guns that Mexico has are from the US for months. Even with F&F, they are proceeding with the plan,

Let us hope we can find a way to hold them accountable for what is their obvious complicity in this crime of murder of two US agents and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens. The victims' blood is on the hands of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Oh yeah, WRT to the race card--every single one of them clearly doesn't give a rip about butchering innocent brown people.

55 posted on 07/04/2012 7:28:10 AM PDT by Sal (STAND YOUR GROUND laws are the prosecutor's target--GZ is collateral damage.)
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To: JerseyHighlander

Well that’s on clever guy who wrote that!

56 posted on 07/04/2012 9:39:48 PM PDT by frithguild (You can call me Snippy the Anti-Freeper)
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To: nevermorelenore

Infinitely so, every link in this chain of command knew better. A procession of these folks being perp walked would do wonders for US. Follow up with their criminality and disgusting betrayal of “special trust and confidence” with some long time-hard time.

57 posted on 07/05/2012 4:33:27 AM PDT by Huaynero
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To: nevermorelenore
"lock WithHolder up"

In GITMO, where WithHolder's law firm clients are incarcerated.

58 posted on 07/05/2012 6:22:41 PM PDT by uncommonsense (Conservatives believe what they see; Liberals see what they believe.)
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To: Jeff Head

I know this is several days from when you posted on this thread, but I wanted to thank you for the excellent information you provided on your website regarding Fast and Furious. I read through the entire page and it was worth every bit of my time to do so.

I don’t post much even though I’ve been around a long time, but I wanted you to know how grateful I am for wonderful freepers like you that share their talent and time compiling and disseminating information. You opened my eyes many years ago to China’s navy build up with your pictures and writing. I just wanted you to know what a treasure I think you are!

Like you, I am also proud of the whistle blowers that have passed on information to Congress. This group of Chicago thugs tearing our country apart don’t have the class or integrity to protect these patriots so I will definitely keep them in my prayers.

59 posted on 07/09/2012 12:38:12 AM PDT by Reb Raider
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To: Reb Raider
Thank you so much, Reb, for those very kind words. They are too kind.

I wish we had true journaliists these days who spent their full time investigating and digging into these matters. If half the effort that went into Watergate were expended on this Murdergate, this administration would already have fallen, and high officials would be doing time in prison, all the way up into the executive branch I am sure.

As it is, many Americans try and get the messaage out about what we do discover through the internet, talk radio, and the few journalists trying to dig into this.

I have tried to do the same regarding The Red Chinese Naval Buildup which continues unabated.

My own belief is that we citizens have a duty to try and find out as much as we can and share it with our fellow citizens in an effort to educate all so they can make better decisions regarding who we elect to office.

In the end, ther owness is on us to be as informed as we possibly can. In that regard, thank you and God bless you for reading my own efforts, and I am sire, the efforts of many others.

God's speed and blessing to you and yours in these difficult and trying times. Our founders and our forefathers, including our parents and grandparents went through their own trying and very difficult it is our turn to stand for and preserve our rich and blessed heritage of liberty and a God inspired Constitution.

60 posted on 07/09/2012 5:12:30 AM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free, never has been, never will be (
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