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Sunni Muslim 'Extremists' Committed 70% of Terrorist Murders in 2011 ^ | 03AUG12 | By Edwin Mora

Posted on 08/12/2012 10:30:41 AM PDT by bayouranger

( - Sunni Muslim terrorists committed “about 70 percent” of the 12,533 terrorist murders in the world last year, according to a report by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

The information comes from the 2011 NCTC Report on Terrorism, which is based on information available as of March 12, 2012.

“Sunni extremists accounted for the greatest number of terrorist attacks and fatalities for the third consecutive year,” the report says. “More than 5,700 incidents were attributed to Sunni extremists, accounting for nearly 56 percent of all attacks and about 70 percent of all fatalities.”

The report says that in 2011, a total of 10,283 terrorism attacks across the world killed 12,533 people. Terrorism also is blamed for 25,903 injuries and 5,554 kidnappings.

According to NCTC, of the 12,533 terrorism-related deaths worldwide, 8,886 were perpetrated by “Sunni extremists,” 1,926 by “secular/political/anarchist” groups, 1,519 by “unknown” factions, 170 by a category described as “other”, and 77 by “Neo-Nazi/Fascist/White Supremacist” groups. asked NCTC if it could break down the fatality and incident statistics by religious groups other than Sunni Muslims.

Carl Kropf, a spokesman at NCTC, told that the “only portrayal” NCTC has of terrorism perpetrators in 2011 is what is found in the report.

“We don’t break it down any further than that,” he said. “I thought it was a pretty good treatment of how it is not just Sunni extremists, but there are other elements that conduct attacks, and those are captured as best we can.”

The report showed that the number of terrorism-related fatalities “decreased by 5 percent” from 13,193 in 2010 to 12,533 in 2011, while the number of attacks dropped 12 percent from 11,641 in 2010 to 10,283 last year.

“More than half [6,418] of the people killed in 2011 were civilians and 755 were children,” the report noted.

Coming second after civilians were police: NCTC found that terrorism was responsible for the deaths of 2,423 law enforcement officers, followed by military security forces (1,389), and government representatives (768).

“Muslims continued to bear the brunt of terrorism, while attacks targeting Christians dropped nearly 45 percent from a five-year high in 2010,” stated NCTC.

“In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97 percent of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years,” added the report.

Countries with Muslim majorities such as Afghanistan “suffered the largest number of fatalities overall (in 2011) with 3,245 deaths, followed by Iraqis (2,958), Pakistanis (2,038), Somalis (1,013), and Nigerians (590).”

Al-Qaida (AQ) and its affiliates, considered to be Sunni extremists, were “responsible for at least 688 attacks that resulted in almost 2,000 deaths,” the report showed.

The Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, also comprised of Sunni extremists, “conducted over 800 attacks that resulted in nearly 1,900 deaths,” NCTC said.

According to the report, the second largest category of terrorism perpetrators in 2011 after Sunni extremists was “secular, political, and anarchist groups,” which were primarily identified as Marxist, communist sympathizers.

“Secular, political, and anarchist groups were the next largest category of perpetrators, conducting 2,283 attacks with 1,926 fatalities, a drop of 5 percent and 9 percent, respectively, from 2010,” stated NCTC.

The most active of the secular, political, and anarchist groups in 2011 included the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC (377 attacks); the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) (351 attacks); the New People’s Army/Communist Party of the Philippines (NPA-CPP) (102 attacks); and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in Turkey (48 attacks). added the agency.

The U.S. State Department’s 2011 Country Report on Terrorism describes FARC as a fighting “in support of Marxist goals” and being “heavily involved in narcotics production and trafficking.”

The NCTC did not provide the exact number of deaths from FARC-related attacks. Most of the attacks and deaths related to terrorism that occurred across the world in 2011 involved armed conflict and bombings, according to the report.

There were 5,895 terrorism-related armed attacks resulting in 4,290 deaths that year and 6,724 bombings causing 4,150 fatalities.

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) “were the most frequently used and the deadliest weapon employed,” the report said.

The National Counterterrorism Center was created in 2004 to ensure, in part, that U.S. government agencies have appropriate access to and receive the intelligence necessary to accomplish their assigned missions.

There were 6,354 deaths from 3,747 IEDs in 2011.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: filthykoranimals; filthysaudis; islamjihad; jihad; muslimterrorists; sharia; sunnimuslims; terrorists; wot

Discusses the role of Islamic charities in financing terrorism.

Chapters The third pillar of Islam: zakat; Saudi Arabia and its Islamic charities; The banks; Afghanistan beginnings; Islamic charities and the revolutionary Sudan; Islam at war in the Balkans; The Central Asian crescent and Russia; From Afghanistan to Southeast Asia; The Holy Land; The Islamization of Europe; Islamic charities in North America.


In August 2007, the publisher, Cambridge University Press, removed the work from circulation under pressure from a libel action lawsuit filed against them in the British legal system by wealthy Saudi Khalid Salim A. Bin Mahfouz because the book accused him of funding al-Qaeda. Mahfouz had previously also forced the censorship of four other books: June 2006: "The Forbidden Truth" / "La Vérité Interdite" by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié April 2006: Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It, by Rachel Ehrenfeld July 2004: "Terrorism financing: roots and trends of Saudi terrorism financing; prepared by JCB Consulting"

Within hours, Alms for Jihad became one of the 100 most sought after titles on Amazon.Com and eBay in the United States. Cambridge University Press sent a letter to libraries asking them to remove copies from circulation. CUP subsequently sent out copies of an "errata" sheet. The American Library Association issued a recommendation to libraries still holding Alms for Jihad: "Given the intense interest in the book, and the desire of readers to learn about the controversy first hand, we recommend that U.S. libraries keep the book available for their users."

The decision did not have the support of the book's authors and was criticised by some who claimed it was incompatible with freedom of speech and with freedom of the press and that it indicated that English libel laws were excessively strict In a New York Times Book Review (7 October 2007), United States Congressman Frank R. Wolf described Cambridge's settlement as "basically a book burning.

CUP pointed out that, at that time, it had already sold most of its copies of the book. Kevin Taylor, intellectual property director at Cambridge University Press, stated that the book cited sources, "whose falsity had been established to the satisfaction of the English courts" in previous cases.

~~If anyone needs a copy of this tell all tale of how the filthy saudis fund global jihad against us lowly kafirs I have a link to share.

1 posted on 08/12/2012 10:30:50 AM PDT by bayouranger
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To: bayouranger

How many muslims of any sect or stripe have spoken out against any act of terrorism?

2 posted on 08/12/2012 10:36:08 AM PDT by null and void (Day 1301 of our ObamaVacation from reality - Heroes aren't made Frank, they're cornered...)
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To: null and void

CAIR has been pretty vocal about “terrorist” attacks on mosques in the US

3 posted on 08/12/2012 10:56:41 AM PDT by silverleaf (Age Takes a Toll: Please Have Exact Change)
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To: bayouranger

The world needs to be made aware of genocidal acts of
Muslims and Islam against Jews, Hindus, the Ottoman
Greeks, Armenian Christians, and Africans. Tears of Jihad

The world needs to be made aware of the enslavement by
Muslims and Islam of Jews, Hindus, white Christians, and
black Africans.

The Submission of Women and Slaves in Islam

Islam cannot be reformed.

Prophet of Doom

Former Muslims Tell the Truth About Islam

4 posted on 08/12/2012 11:14:09 AM PDT by Jyotishi (Seeking the truth, a fact at a time.)
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To: null and void
Well, there was this event back in 05 that peaceful koranimals: Free Muslims Against Terrorism much hyped DC 'March Against Terror' draws neither marchers nor media attention May 15, 2005 This is fairly indicative of the crowd a couple hours in, although this is just the left front side of the plaza A few Jews showed up and seemed to get along well with the Muslims MIM: Here is an account by photographer Jason Sager who took these pictures: "...I was a bit disappointed when I arrived, having expected to see at least a hundred people. (Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism president Kamal Nawash estimated "12-1200" attendees in his permit application, according to this Post preview story about the rally and Nawash.) My estimate is 50 were there, actually in the plaza and not sitting on the perimeter. (Again, this was 90 minutes after the scheduled start.) A few counter-activists showed up, but as far as I could tell, weren't bothering anyone...for a while (see below). Most of the attendees were white, but not by much. Nawash isn't very popular with the official Muslim leaders in the DC area, but I can't think of anyone they'd support who presses Muslims to unequivocally condemn terrorism, leaving behind the occasional rationalizations and guilt trips..". Few dozen Muslim march vs Million Muslim March MIM: The poster for the March Against Terror reflects the hype and misrepresentation which one has come to associate with the FMAT. This photo of what appears to be 'the Million Man March' was meant to imply that DC was about to experience ' a Million Muslim March'. According to the FMAT website: "...The Free Muslims Coalition (FMC), a national Muslim organization with 13 chapters world wide, is proud to announce that 70 organizations have sponsored the first ever Muslim led March Against Terror. Approximately 20 of the 70 organizations are Muslim, Arab or Middle Eastern..." Nawash should start by cleaning his own house at FMAT which includes board member Ray Hanania, a rabid anti semite and conspiracy theorist, whose most recent article appeared in Al Jazeera, and asserted that; "...In a way, you have to blame Americans like former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and media bigots like Sean Hannity and Daniel Pipes for the moral corruption that drives many of the abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan..." As for Nawash himself, his law office, is housed in the same building as the MSA and WAMY, an Al Qaeda and Hamas funding front, and is nearby the Dar Al Hijrah mosque where he worships and solicits clients. The Dar Al Hirjah mosque was described by Paul Sperry in his book "Infiltration", as being a Wahhabist funded hub of terrorism, which included abetting the 9/11 hijackers. So Nawash's grandiose proclamation that Muslims need to "clean our own house" and we have begun" just another example of his pathological dissembling. MIM: Nawash not only admits by default that most Muslims support the use of terror as a legitmate political weapon, and the fact that less then 30 Muslims showed up on a Saturday afternoon in DC to March against terrorism which garnered supported from mostly non Muslims, speaks for itself .Out of 15 announced speakers, 35 participants, many of whom were non Muslims, answered the call for Muslims to take a public stand against terrorism. The FMAT engaged in deception by publishing two lists of endorsers, and announcing that 70 groups endorsed the event. According to one report, the speakers used the opportunity to rail against CAIR, the Council of American Islamic Relations, with whom they claim to be vying for power as to who is the legitimate voice of the Muslim community in America. (Convienently forgotten was the fact that the opportunistic FMAT did align with CAIR last year to get media mileage by making a show of opposing a radical Saudi textbook at a Wahhabist school). The FMAT March Against Terror, turns out to be more about internicine Muslim strife then about terrorism, which proves, that ex terrorist lawyers, like Nawash, (who lied about his association with convicted terrorist supporter Alamoudi), was being more then 'economical with the truth' about the support he had for his Free Muslims Against Terror march.
5 posted on 08/12/2012 11:22:59 AM PDT by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: bayouranger

Someone please post the picture of Obama bowing to the Saudi King....Prince. Obama says America is not a Christian nation...America was founded on Judeo-Christian roots....Obama’s Islam is a fairly new comer.....who writes that stuff on his tel-prompters? Could be ‘Mr. Cool’ ain’t so Cool.

6 posted on 08/12/2012 11:25:10 AM PDT by yoe (Vote for your Country, not a political party.)
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To: yoe

7 posted on 08/12/2012 11:34:45 AM PDT by null and void (Day 1301 of our ObamaVacation from reality - Heroes aren't made Frank, they're cornered...)
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To: silverleaf

Seems to be the sect of choice for the muslimbrohood. Has “cair” come on both sides or just the sunni side? There should be peace in America now that they have their mosque in Tennessee. n/s

8 posted on 08/12/2012 11:37:02 AM PDT by cameraeye (A happy kaffir!)
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To: bayouranger
"Sunni Muslim 'Extremists' Committed 70% of Terrorist Murders in 2011"

Is the other 30% committed by different Muslims or by "Non-Extremist" Sunnis?

9 posted on 08/12/2012 12:38:01 PM PDT by UnwashedPeasant (Don't nuke me, bro)
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To: UnwashedPeasant
Neither. They're committed by individuals in what's called work place violence. You didn't get the memo?
10 posted on 08/12/2012 2:09:07 PM PDT by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: bayouranger

Wake me when they get to the episode when he cuts off the wives head...

(Re: Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan - Bridges TV

Launched November 2004
Country United States
Language American English
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Buffalo, New York
Website Bridges TV

Bridges TV is a Muslim television network headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Premiering nationally in November 2004, it was the first American Muslim television network to broadcast in the English language.[1][2][3]

Designed to counter* negative stereotypes of Muslims, the network has received attention from publications and media venues such as Variety, NBC News, the Voice of America, Columbus Dispatch, Detroit Free Press, San Jose Mercury News, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle The Buffalo News and Canadian Press.[4]

*Note: The owner chopping of his wives head did NOT help.

11 posted on 08/12/2012 2:45:37 PM PDT by Pikachu_Dad (Impeach Sen Quinn)
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To: bayouranger
The American Library Association issued a recommendation to libraries still holding Alms for Jihad: "Given the intense interest in the book, and the desire of readers to learn about the controversy first hand, we recommend that U.S. libraries keep the book available for their users."

That is surprising. The ALA is pretty liberal. I would have thought they want this book to disappear.

12 posted on 08/13/2012 1:42:22 AM PDT by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: Right Wing Assault

There’s still hope for them yet!

13 posted on 08/13/2012 5:42:07 AM PDT by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: null and void

That’s the one! Thank you.....notice how everyone is looking down at Obama whose people said he wasn’t bowing....please post this where ever it is appropriate. Better yet, private e-mail me lessons! Thanks.

14 posted on 08/13/2012 8:58:15 AM PDT by yoe (Vote for your Country, not a political party. or personal issues.)
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To: yoe
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15 posted on 08/13/2012 9:17:59 AM PDT by null and void (Day 1302 of our ObamaVacation from reality - Heroes aren't made Frank, they're cornered...)
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