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To: G Larry
First: I'm no Obama fan, nor am I a Romney fan, but I'll take a stab at these.

"If he wanted to destroy our Constitution?

Consider what the constitution is and does. It sets up an elected legislative and president and provides for the judiciary as a third check. To destroy our constitution, he'd need to undermine one or more of these. If that was his goal, he's been almost completely ineffective. Obama has used a stalemated congress to expand the power of the presidency. But the legislative side can bring that back under control very quickly.

"If he wanted to destroy the American economy?"

He would have stopped TARP loans to banks and let them fail. He would have pushed more free trade so that our jobs redistributed overseas. He would have encouraged the Federal Reserve to not provide liquidity to the market. He didn't do any of these so I can't believe his goal was to destroy our economy. On the otherhand, his misguided attempts to steer us towards clean energy DID raise energy costs and DID impact the economy. And he largely wasted the stimulus funds he was given.

"If he wanted to destroy America’s standing in the world?"He'd subject us to UN control. And decimate our military. And probably pull completely out of the conflicts. Again, I'd rank him a failure if that was his goal. Our standing is not diminished by one idiot President doing an apology tour.

If he wanted to undermine our Military?

He'd cut funding to the military. As a last resort he'd set up a fiscal cliff for the military sort of like the Republicans did.

"If he hated America?"

He'd have used our military against us. He'd change a lot more than he did. Sorry I don't see it.

"If he were Communist?"

He'd undermine free elections. He'd take over industries and make them property of the state. He'd make sure that government had a majority stake not a minority. He wouldn't ever sell the equities, even to China.

"If he wanted to “Fundamentally Transform America”?"

I think that's covered by the previous questions. Unless you mean that he wanted to teach youth to hate democrats for changing their school food.

Sorry, Obama may be a Muslim Manchurian candidate, but if those were his goals, he's a colossal failure.

8 posted on 10/22/2012 3:31:16 PM PDT by DannyTN
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To: DannyTN

Obama HAS undermined Constitutional checks and balances via his czars and regulators within HHS, EPA, the Justice Dept. negligence, and numerous other abuses.
Saying that “the legislative side can bring this back under control” is simply ignoring the reality of what is actually happening.

Obama is destroying the American economy by expanding our indebtedness, while crushing the private sector.
You demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of the consequences of letting the banks fail, which isn’t surprising given your opposition to free trade.
The Federal Reserve didn’t “provide liquidity to the markets”, they printed money we don’t have and mortgaged our future in the process.
Your “on the other hand” examples are precisely the proof of his ill intent for the economy.

Obama IS setting the stage for UN Control! Did you notice who will monitoring our elections? Are you aware of his current efforts to support a UN tax on all of us? Did you happen to notice Obama’s support for the UN imposing gun control on U.S. citizens?

How is it that you don’t consider cutting the Military budget by $1 Trillion “decimating our military”???
And where did you get the notion that the fiscal cliff was a Republican objective?

How do you suppose he would use our military against us? Do you really think members of the military would just blindly follow orders to attack America citizens?

Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that opposing voter I.D. IS “undermining free elections”?
He HAS taken over industries, or hadn’t you noticed that he won’t allow G.M. to buy back shares from the government, or that he has strong armed the banks to withhold loans. He’s shutting down the coal industry, chasing oil rigs from our coasts, fighting fracking, and any other realistic and productive energy sources.

Obama clearly stated at the close of the last election than his goal was to “Fundamentally Transform America”, which is why I have it in quotes!

9 posted on 10/22/2012 9:39:07 PM PDT by G Larry (Which of Obama's policies do you think I'd support if he were white?)
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