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WND ^ | 11/13/2012 | Bob Unruh

Posted on 11/14/2012 8:31:40 AM PST by SeekAndFind

A Chicago voting-machine tech is sounding the alarm, claiming he witnessed multiple error messages on the voting touch-screens this election – but only in cases where people voted for Mitt Romney.

Steve Pickrum said he worked for Chicago’s election system during the early voting and Election Day voting for the 2012 race.

As an equipment manager for the system, Pickrum said, he responded whenever there was a glitch with a voting machine.

“On early voting, when I did work on the floor when voters needed help using the equipment, I was able to see the preference of the voter, and every time that I saw [a] voter voted for Romney a ‘voter save failure’ message came up on the screen,’” he reported.

Then when he went on Election Day to cast his own vote, he picked Romney and experienced the same error message.

Pickrum said he worked at both the Matteson voting area as well as in Precinct 70, and although he discussed the anomalies with his boss, had not yet filed a formal report.

He said when he voted, he was told by a precinct worker to just go ahead and assume that his vote had been tabulated, despite the error message. But since he knew the operations of the machines, he asked the poll workers to check the vote report, and they found his vote had not been counted.

He insisted on completing his ballot on another machine, he told WND.

Curiously, he reported he never saw the error message when the voter was choosing Barack Obama.

Another poll worker, this one assigned at the University of Michigan, reported a list of irregularities, including that the precinct captain told her at one point, “You go sit down, you're bothering me,” when she was trying to observe the proceedings.

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To: SeekAndFind

Be prepared to hear all about lots of “voters staying home” its..”they came and voted but the vote didn’t register”...the Bipartisan Oligarchy would rather we all stew in that mess..than having us all bothered, and deciding to investigate, about all the voters voting who never voted...

Listening to descriptions of how “Democrats got out their ground game” with “superior ability to bring those to the polls who normally would never go” by the commentators on Fox election night..made me realize..what they actually have done is track names that HAVE NOT VOTED IN MANY, MANY elections cycles....and vote them.

A well-funded project, examine the names signed in at at the polls..and going out to find those’ll find they were never physically at he polls..or they themselves never filled out the absentee ballot....or their names in the death registers.

The very LAST thing the Bipartisan Oligarchy want or need is any semblance of Constitutional Federal Gov’mt or a clean vote.

Both those are up to We the People to cram it down their throats so hard in DC they will, someday, never do otherwise.

Absent a clean vote.....We the People are being taxed without representation..Ask George III how well that worked out!

21 posted on 11/14/2012 9:03:22 AM PST by mo (If you understand, no explanation is needed. If you don't understand, no explanation is possible.)
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To: dforest

Has all noticed how the GOP pissed over our candidates , Sarah, Newt, Col Allen West, the woman who ran against Reid in 2008 and a few others.

Has all noticed how they all had one thing in common?
All of them were not part of the elitist old guard and stood for the average person.

The likes of the Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, Cantor etc are the problems why we have a cowardly group of snotty nosed elitist out of touch party.

Get Sarah, Col, Michelle Bachmann, Jim Demint, NM Gov and other woman Sarah help get elected to stay in power or get pwoer and force these pathetic spineless elitist snotty nosed cowardly only care about themselves fools out of there and lets have a party which can fight lke Pelosi does.

Romney/Ryan, please Ryan was the bone to us like Sarah was but really they wanted Romney and if they coudl fight half the way they fought Newt then we wuld ahve won the rigged election

22 posted on 11/14/2012 9:04:24 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: SeekAndFind

We howl about widespread vote rigging and nothing is done.

Conservatives need a political party that WILL stand up to such skulduggery. We don’t have such a party now.

23 posted on 11/14/2012 9:06:27 AM PST by DNME (It's never over. Never.)
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To: dalebert
"WHERE IS THE GOP???? they were more interested in defeating tea party members and still are"

BINGO..we have a WINNER!

24 posted on 11/14/2012 9:06:41 AM PST by Earthdweller (Harvard won the election what's the problem.......? Embrace a ruler today.)
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To: manc

I think we would not have been able to overcome the rigged election no matter who we had running.

They were not going to let us win, period.

25 posted on 11/14/2012 9:10:18 AM PST by dforest
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To: manc

The time for growing balls is past. We needed them BEFORE all the fraudulent voting took place. Now drunken Boehner wants us to give Obama everything he wants including amnesty. At least with amnesty, the DNC can save a lot of time and money
as they won’t have to rig elections anymore.

26 posted on 11/14/2012 9:10:26 AM PST by stephenjohnbanker ((God, family, country, mom, apple pie, the girl next door and a Ford F250 to pull my boat.))
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To: SeekAndFind

Were there many “Save Failures” around the entire nation? If so, did many voters complain?

And if there were about 3 million “missing” Romney votes, were there at least 3 million touchscreen voting machines?

27 posted on 11/14/2012 9:13:59 AM PST by GoodDay
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To: SeekAndFind

Of course the election was stolen. The dimocrats only need rig 5 or 6 states, if that many.

Even Newsweek magazine said for Barry Obama to “hit the road.”

Forget repackaging of the Republican message. IF the vote fraud issue isn’t dealt with the dims never lose another vote-EVER.

28 posted on 11/14/2012 9:13:59 AM PST by subterfuge (************ Believe Barry Obama's Propaganda At Your Own Peril **************)
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To: all the best

There were several books published about this about fifteen years ago, and numerous discussions on Free Republic. One book “Vote Scam” explained how vulnerable to fraid the machines are. It related how mschines failed tests snd how experts could hack the machines. We conspiracy theorists on Free Republic have known about this for years.
Republican politicians have been disgustingly negligent for years in not informing themselves about the unreliable machines and demanding paper ballots. No excuse for Republican candidates not screaming fraud and demanding paper ballots.
We have a reliable honest system here in Wyoming using paper ballots marked with a black marking pen furnished to the voter and then deposited into a locked counting machine.
If there is any question about the count, the ballots are in the machine and can be taken out and counted by hand.
Diebold and other voting machine manufactures try to sell these machines for elections but the machines are unnecessary. All you need is the ballot counting machine.

29 posted on 11/14/2012 9:14:22 AM PST by tommix2 (,)
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To: SeekAndFind

How hard could it be to get some software expert to place some innocuous sub-routine in the machine’s code to change the voting results.

This election was well within the margin of corruption IMO.

30 posted on 11/14/2012 9:15:51 AM PST by R0CK3T
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To: dalebert

they fought Sarah, newt like there was no tomorrow and now throw the Col under the bus but they can;t even say anything about an election whch was rigged and stolen.

just wait till the RNC, GOP calls me up. I;ve already sent them mail and called them to tell them what Ithink.

31 posted on 11/14/2012 9:19:00 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: dalebert
...why are repubs not raising the roof about it?

Perhaps because the GOPe did not want to win? The fraud was committed in every swing state. Voter fraud of this magnatude takes the cooperation of both parties. Do you really think the Repubs wanted to have to deal with Obamacare? They know we're going over a fiscal cliff and nothing can stop it. We're already past the tipping point. All they care about is looking out for No. 1. To he!! with the rest of us. They're going to need this Nazi regime in place when the SHTF to brutally control the masses. Otherwise, they risk a redo of the French Revolution.

32 posted on 11/14/2012 9:20:30 AM PST by Jess79
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To: manc

Who would be brave enough to put one on their automobile?.............

33 posted on 11/14/2012 9:22:48 AM PST by Red Badger (Lincoln freed the slaves. Obama just got them ALL back......................)
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To: SeekAndFind

a good programmer wouldn’t have even let the error message be seen, just count the romney vote for obama. if the programmer was any good, the tech would never have suspected a thing.

34 posted on 11/14/2012 9:24:42 AM PST by camle (keep an open mind and someone will fill it full of something for you)
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To: tommix2

Ever since the hanging chads of 2000, in CA I’ve voted on the inking cardboard strip and they were pushed into a locked counting machine. Now there is a worker looking on a screen on the other side of this machine to ensure your vote is registered or whatever.

35 posted on 11/14/2012 9:24:51 AM PST by Yaelle
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To: dforest

indeed, and that is why the Dem counties always report last.
They wait for the republican conties to report and then the Dem counties know how many votes they need in order to win.

I watched my states results coming in and Broward woudl not report even though the panhandle was still voting.
They waited and waited and have been doing this ever since they saw the election not got their way in 2000.

I think we all understand that the election was rigged what grates me on top is how a veteran is just pissed on and how the party which is supposed to be for us just pisses over our votes , our money, our efforts, our support etctoo

36 posted on 11/14/2012 9:25:46 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: Loud Mime

“I hope that we correct this tyranny peacefully.”

Once they start rigging elections so that we no longer have the ability to correct it at the ballot box, what box do we have left? What choice will we be forced to make?

The odds of a peaceful solution grow longer every day.

37 posted on 11/14/2012 9:27:39 AM PST by Nik Naym (It's not my fault... I have compulsive smartass disorder.)
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To: Yaelle

What ia the”inking cardboard strip”?

38 posted on 11/14/2012 9:29:38 AM PST by tommix2 (,)
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To: manc
Why is the woman who is in charge of this county not beebn arrested, .Where th ehell is my AG /GOV

39 posted on 11/14/2012 9:29:45 AM PST by Cowman (How can the IRS seize property without a warrant if the 4th amendment still stands?)
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To: stephenjohnbanker

we’re about to see millions of illegals come flooding in now and states like FL, AZ, CO,VA will turn solid blue,
NC,TX will now trend blue and all the elft needs is NY, CA for nearly a 100 and then if they get TX, FL it is game over but alas our side or the cowards anyway say , lets just move on we don;t want to be called a name.

is it any wonder why the GOP fights Sarah, newt, West like mad but wants Hatch etc to stay in.

Thye had their great country, they had their lives in a great place to live but some of us have another 40 to 50 years to go and we have small childfen growing up in this mess

40 posted on 11/14/2012 9:30:03 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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